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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 6 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
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         “I do not understand. Why must you go to Olympus?” Calypso was asking as she cleared the table. “What is wrong?”copyright protection3PENANAIK5hI0ocm1

            “I do not know.” Thanatos admitted. “But in a way, that might be worse.”copyright protection3PENANAQV1AjPP3Gy

            She rested her hand on my shoulder. “The gods are on vacation. Why would they cancel that?”copyright protection3PENANAFPZImW8O54

            “Something must have come up.” I told her. “It can’t be too serious or Kara would have come herself.” Calypso pursed her lips, but she didn’t press the issue anymore.copyright protection3PENANAJNPO4xPsKc

            “We should probably make our return soon.” Thanatos muttered standing up. “Regardless of the seriousness, the gods orders should be followed.”copyright protection3PENANAuA7vbql0t1

            “Very true.” I said. “I order you to give me a few minutes to say goodbye.” I couldn’t help but smirk as Thanatos nodded and headed back towards the beach. I stood up and walked over to Calypso. “I’m sorry I’m leaving.” I told her.copyright protection3PENANAz9QySdv12A

            “It is not your choice, I know that. I understand that you must go.” She wouldn’t meet my eyes. I had a bad feeling about what was on her mind. After spending so much time with her, I had gotten to know Calypso’s mythology pretty well. Back in the day, when the Old Olympians ruled this island, it had been Calypso’s prison. But it hadn’t been solitary confinement. Over the years, the gods had sent Calypso several companions. But these were not gifts. They were curses. Calypso was being punished because her father had betrayed the gods in their war with the Titans. And so the gods decided that Calypso would fall in love with every man they sent her way, but the men would never be able to stay. In the end they would all leave her, heartbroken, alone, and still cursed.copyright protection3PENANA5LoUztspVd

            I put my hands on her waist and kissed her. “I’m coming back.” Her eyes gazed into mine. I knew she trusted me, I knew she believed me, but there was part of her that still remembered this conversation from all the ones before me. She had been conditioned to know that goodbye was permanent.copyright protection3PENANABqNIWY9hZD

            She bit her lip. “I know.”copyright protection3PENANAjzMa8EnEFp

            “I love you.”copyright protection3PENANAfLbDGL68a2

            She couldn’t help but smile. “I know.” I kissed her. “Go,” She gently pushed me away, “the gods are in need of you.”copyright protection3PENANAlLs9up8EG8

            “It feels good to be wanted.” I muttered. And then I turned and headed after Thanatos.copyright protection3PENANAh0H3aQIxuo

            “Are you ready?” he asked me holding out his hand.copyright protection3PENANAXJ98nPTtY3

            I gave Calypso one last smile and wave. “Yes.”copyright protection3PENANAwkPZtkoCY4

            “Close your mouth.” Thanatos warned. I did, and the shadows wrapped around me.copyright protection3PENANAKg5sjfi2NM

            Light returned to the world, and I saw we were in a field. “Oh, this isn’t a good memory.” We were standing in the field that had held the battle I had waged against the gods.copyright protection3PENANAqKwATTqMno

            “I am sorry, but Lady Hera had blocked all teleportation directly to Olympus in the wake of recent events.” Thanatos explained.copyright protection3PENANAQTIGTc1hOZ

            I was starting to worry. If Kara was this worried…maybe something major was going on. I couldn’t help but feel some dread, remembering the last time we had faced a crisis. I had died, like twice. “We’re not walking up the mountain are we?”copyright protection3PENANAmyfr0zGjBt

            “We could just ride with them.” Thanatos pointed. A limo was pulling out of the woods.copyright protection3PENANA62eCD7w3UU

            “There’s no road that way.” I said. “How did they…”copyright protection3PENANArKNarHmsYb

            “God power.”copyright protection3PENANAskJHMKhs3T

            “I guess.” I shook my head. “Let’s go see who it is.” We met the limo at the base of the mountain and two women got out.copyright protection3PENANAWaWbMzijCd

            “Love goddess.” I said. “And Gaia. Nice to see you guys again.”copyright protection3PENANAd4X1fpICRG

            “Death Breath and Shadow Man.” Gaia said smiling. “Ayyyyy what’s happening.”copyright protection3PENANANj1x1Nijgm

            “Hello Blade.” Albany came over and hugged me lightly. “Do you know why Kara summoned us?”copyright protection3PENANAcdw8ojIHCk

            “No idea.” I admitted. “I just hope its not Kronos.” She twitched suddenly, but I couldn’t have been sure. “Do you mind giving us a lift up the mountain?” I pointed to the limo.copyright protection3PENANAUPpSREhzg9

            “Oh no, Baxter isn’t allowed on the mountain. He’s human.” Albany explained. “But you are welcome to ride Gaia’s boulder with me.copyright protection3PENANAg3siBu6TNm

            “Boulder?” I asked. Gaia punched the ground, and a large section of earth underneath her ripped out of the ground and slid up the mountain several feet.copyright protection3PENANAf0AL9Y4RGH

            “I prefer the term earth elevator.” The Titaness muttered. “Hop on gods.” Gaia grinned as we joined her atop the boulder, when we were safely on she grunted and started lifting us upwards. Halfway up Pegasus, the winged horse, swooped by with his rider Bellerophon checking to make sure we weren’t intruders. Realizing who we were he saluted and rose back into the clouds.copyright protection3PENANAcAwCsogKYx

            “Thank you Gaia.” Albany said once we reached the top.copyright protection3PENANATeBmxcQD5E

            “Halt, what is your business here?” Hercules demanded when we stepped foot on New Olympus.copyright protection3PENANA0lFA6OybGe

            “Shut up.” I said.copyright protection3PENANASSPpviNL2L

            “I should probably put this back.” Gaia muttered looking at her boulder. “I’ll catch up with you guys later.”copyright protection3PENANAjW0Uiy69bc

            “I too will leave you here.” Thanatos bowed to me and nodded to Albany.copyright protection3PENANANbxsMEhkQX

            “Where are you going?” I asked confused.copyright protection3PENANAzIQp7lHV7K

            “He’s going to see Nyx.” Albany explained. “You two are dating again, are you not?”copyright protection3PENANAHqGIkYgr7r

            Thanatos looked at her and said. “Lady Aphrodite, you spill all of my secrets.” I could tell he was a little annoyed with her.copyright protection3PENANAEVDcopQFKG

            “Night and Death.” I said smiling. “Good for you buddy.”copyright protection3PENANADkptKxPrsW

            “Thank you Lord Hades.” He bowed to me again, and then melted into shadow.copyright protection3PENANAcanSSIR89Z

            “If you’re not going to halt, shouldn’t you be moving somewhere…else?” Hercules asked eyeing us. Making a face at him the love goddess and I started towards the throne room.copyright protection3PENANAANVe0jDRZo

            “So Nyx and Thanatos,” I said, “didn’t see that coming.”copyright protection3PENANAyCJX6tuVVX

            “You should have.” She told me. “Everyone else did.”copyright protection3PENANAS77f00XS87

            “You can like, sense it though right? So that’s not really fair.” I complained.copyright protection3PENANARJVMXV6BM5

            “Speaking of that how are you can Calypso?” she asked, pushing on.copyright protection3PENANAZkHJhNcMJ8

            “Do you already know or are you actually wanting to find out?” I asked.copyright protection3PENANAKBgSQhSO91

            Albany looked at me and said. “Now I remember why it was so hard to get along with you in the beginning.”copyright protection3PENANAV1KQNHMTiy

            “We’re doing good. I’m happy, I hope she’s happy, and its gonna be four years in a couple of months.” I said. “Oh and she’s pregnant.”copyright protection3PENANAYiSG1ateXc

            “WHAT?” Albany stopped in her tracks.copyright protection3PENANAnIOEAFVtt5

            “I’m kidding.” I laughed seeing her reaction. “I was just trying to see the scope of your powers. You know, preparing for my third invasion of Olympus.”copyright protection3PENANAup6egUW2Of

            “That’s not funny.” Albany said frowning at me. “Neither of those things are funny.”copyright protection3PENANABMxutzEXOC

            “I was just trying to lighten the mood.” I said.copyright protection3PENANAabkYQVDLo7

            “Third invasion?” Albany looked at me confused. “You only invaded once.”copyright protection3PENANAQSwW7NR3PF

            I was a little embarrassed. This topic had come up several times since we had gotten some peace and quiet, usually when Eric tried to beat me up. Most of the other gods knew I didn’t like to talk about it, most of them knew I was different now and that I had made mistakes in the beginning. But even now I was filled with regret and shame when this topic came up. “Well I only ever got on this far once.” I explained. “The second time was a plan of past Hades that, thankfully didn’t work. But I still count it, because it was my fault.”copyright protection3PENANAjqrQUVqzSe

            “What was it?” Albany asked.copyright protection3PENANAc2qx0gsE2Q

            Kronos. I said in my head. But I remembered seeing her react the first time I said his name. I wondered, Albany was the one that went back in time to stop Kronos, maybe she’s not quite over it. I decided to let it be. “Oh some stupid plan about zombie’s destroying the world.”copyright protection3PENANALSJiPQ5GUV

            “You could make a zombie apocalypse?” Albany asked.copyright protection3PENANAldmN4hIuRB

            I hadn’t expected this to interest her so much. “Uhh…only in theory. It didn’t work at all like we planned.”copyright protection3PENANAJ3D9AEq3is

            “What was it like?”copyright protection3PENANAT4lDnautRp

            “The zombies?”copyright protection3PENANAodDL0H3JcU

            “No, going to war with us.” This conversation was just digging up all my sins.copyright protection3PENANAlVYZ5zDwCW

            “Not something I’m ever going to do again.” I muttered.copyright protection3PENANAYw1kaouERm

            “No!” Albany stopped looking horrified. “I didn’t mean to question your loyalty or anything. I just meant…what was it like to be alone. To have everyone against you.”copyright protection3PENANA3gzG1Ao5kA

            Now I was the one getting intrigued. Why would Albany ask a question like that? What was going on in her head? “I was never alone. Thanatos was always by my side. And Persephone and Cerberus were good company too. Plus there were the others that supported me, and then I had you guys.”copyright protection3PENANAZGwYFCxj8a

            “Oh.” Albany nodded. “That makes sense, I just thought…I guess I didn’t think of it like that. To us there was only you. I just assumed you were alone down there…in Hell.”copyright protection3PENANAg7HhrRGWvy

            “I thought I was.” I admitted. “That’s what made me want to do what I did. But it wasn’t true. And when I realized that I was never truly alone, I changed.” I was worried about Albany, she was acting strangely. “None of us are alone anymore. There will always be twelve others who will do anything for you.”copyright protection3PENANAizOSfQtEVO

            “Eleven.” She corrected me. “I would never ask Zack for help.”copyright protection3PENANAfVuLTaortx

            “No twelve.” I insisted. “Just because you will never ask doesn’t mean he will never say yes.” I was being nice here, Zack probably wouldn’t help anyone, except maybe Eric, and only then it would be to help him kill something. You see, Zack wasn’t too happy with the rest of us. We took away his speaking privileges at meetings and Olympus only had a queen now, which he was still sour over. But I think he was coming around to it. I suspect he, like me, feels some regrets from our early godly days. But I can’t be sure with him.copyright protection3PENANACKEj25bI2H

            “Hurry up!” looking up I saw Herman and Hector standing on the steps to the throne room. The curtain was drawn which I thought was weird. “You two are late.”copyright protection3PENANAhlg5ewWHaS

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