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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 7 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!h3jfTlieNAc701wBZFhbposted on PENANA

            “What happened to the fire?” Albany asked. She had just walked in accompanied by the lord of Death himself. Their arrival meant the meeting would be ready to start.copyright protection12PENANAPDbtokkC3E

            “Sit down and you might just find out.” Eric said glaring at her. Such anger, packed into so little words. Good to see that the time off did Eric a lot of good, allowed him to really decompress and learn to relax…not.copyright protection12PENANAVkHezAASPn

            I looked to Paul in the throne next to mine. “What do you think?” Kara hadn’t said a word since we got here, just that Deon, Demi, and Adele wouldn’t be joining us and that she would explain everything else later.copyright protection12PENANAs1vt3143Hm

            “I don’t know. The hearth has never not been lit.” He said. “For as long as I can remember.”copyright protection12PENANAewZp0oJk0M

            “Weird right?” I asked. “Wonder what it means.”copyright protection12PENANAZW7GbHhMA6

            “Bet you dinner it has to do with the couple and the kid missing out today.” Paul told me.copyright protection12PENANA928FvbHAfp

            “Can’t be that simple, you’re on.” I shook my head.copyright protection12PENANAWtVVSWkBgk

            “Well we are all here now.” Kara stood and walked to the center of the room, stopping short of the empty hearth.copyright protection12PENANAoghwWtedfO

            “Three aren’t.” someone pointed out.copyright protection12PENANAkpQt4mFMWU

            “Four…actually.” Kara corrected them. There were whispers and murmurs. Four? I could see the others looking around, trying to see who else was missing. “As you can see, the home hearth has burned out.” Kara pointed to the empty pit, and once again we all looked at it. “Hestia was the goddess of the home and the hearth. It was her duty to tend this fire pit and ensure that it burned forever. It was meant to be a symbol of our eternal reign and immortal power.”copyright protection12PENANAbSn7Of38Rk

            Well Hestia was doing a crappy job, I thought to myself.copyright protection12PENANAtgALNwe1Kt

            “This hearth has been cold for two days.” Kara told us. “Hestia has not been seen in three.”copyright protection12PENANAP5TGyY3dKZ

            “What do you mean hasn’t been seen?” Blade asked. “The council was on hiatus. I haven’t seen most of you for at least a couple of months. Some of you its closer to a year.”copyright protection12PENANA7VSu2HK6PC

            “Throughout the hiatus Hestia had always been at my side, helping me to keep the ship righted while you were all away. Until she disappeared, we saw and worked with each other almost every day.”copyright protection12PENANAqjS04FwjGh

            “I’d sneak away too if I had to see you every day.”copyright protection12PENANANwmGcUEf8p

            “Shut up.”copyright protection12PENANAffl8KnPutF

            “Come over here and ask nicely.”copyright protection12PENANA6UZZU3Frnl

            “So what you’re saying is she’s missing and you’re sure of it?” Paul asked pushing ahead.copyright protection12PENANAIaS5R40wk8

            “Yes.” Kara nodded. “Deon, Adele, and Demeter are already out looking for her. I believe they are going to ask the Oracle if she knows anything about Hestia’s location.”copyright protection12PENANAVAogI8EyD8

Albany perked up. “The Oracle?”copyright protection12PENANAdK2cJWgonE

Kara turned to her. “Adele is fully aware of the risks and rituals surrounding the Oracle and her prophecies. But if you have any insight or advice from your dealings with the Oracle please share them. I’ve mandated that they remain in contact with us. I’d be more than willing to pass on anything you wanted to share.”copyright protection12PENANAK6OCbFHcc2

Albany nodded, seemingly in thought. “I’d forgotten she’d visited the Oracle.” I said leaning over to Paul.copyright protection12PENANAk7CJokR2Sv

“If I remember right she did it without the council or any of us. Just up and decided to do it.” He explained.copyright protection12PENANAb6fdjZaAny

“Is it telling that all of our best ideas and actions are formed and carried out without ever being discussed here?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAe8E2LQIt3U

“Most certainly.” Paul grinned as he nodded. “Almost makes me realized how pointless this meeting really is. We won’t decide anything, Eric is going to yell, Zack is going to threaten Blade, and the rest of us will babble over each other until eventually Kara gets frustrated enough to end this whole thing.”copyright protection12PENANAvo277qsZtl

“Then someone will make their own plan afterwards and save the day without telling the rest of us.” I finished the thread for him.copyright protection12PENANAuErKSLJ3l7

Kara began speaking again, technically I started listening again, she had been talking the whole time I think. Oops. “Hestia first brought the three of them here, she practically raised Demi, and Deon and Adele were very close to her as well. If she is to be found, they will see to it. They wouldn’t have it any other way.”copyright protection12PENANABzfgC17kua

“Great, why are we here then? They seem to have it covered. Fill us in on what the Oracle tells them and we can call this mystery cooked.” Herman said clapping his hands together.copyright protection12PENANAfZyi7FIAEc

“It can’t be that simple.” Blade pointed out. “Kara wouldn’t have called all of us here to decide that.”copyright protection12PENANAV9QnTJ8CMt

“Adele brought up a good point before she left.” Kara continued. “We aren’t completely sure that only Hestia is missing.”copyright protection12PENANAKn2ZDE1KZv

“How many people did you lose?” Eric demanded.copyright protection12PENANAUfvtxC8gdN

“There are no further reports.” Kara quickly added. “But Adele and I think it may be prudent to make the rounds and do a head count. It would be two birds with one stone. We could be searching for Hestia while we check that no one else is missing.”copyright protection12PENANAs8WjvP2DsO

“Smart.” Paul muttered.copyright protection12PENANA7cc9cQOdAO

“Duh, it was the wisdom goddess’ idea.” I swatted at him.copyright protection12PENANAJv4eZBR7S4

“Why would Hestia leave?” Hector spoke up.copyright protection12PENANAUkcRDIHGm9

“Full disclosure.” Kara began, “it’s not entirely clear that she did leave.copyright protection12PENANAutmHDyxsM8

            “What are you smoking, hun? She clearly ain’t here.” Eric scoffed.copyright protection12PENANAgvEkJDWAKP

            “What I mean is…maybe Hestia didn’t plan it, maybe it was not a willing disappearance.” Kara stated softly.copyright protection12PENANAFF9RwNzduW

            “Kronos?”copyright protection12PENANAnZpJG2idu4

            “I want to be very clear…there is not evidence of foul play whatsoever.” Kara was blunt. Why would she even bring it up if there was no evidence? How did that make sense?copyright protection12PENANAlLz06jD3Uo

            “It would be an easy explanation.” Blade muttered. “If she disappeared on her own, that’s a mystery. But if someone took it…it would make it easier to understand.”copyright protection12PENANASz32rAQ1Ok

            “We have nothing to go on right now.” Kara explained to us all. “Therefore we need to consider everything a possibility. Hopefully Deon, Demi, and Adele will find some answers soon. But until then I don’t want to worsen the situation by ignoring any aspects or just picking a convenient story.”copyright protection12PENANAXbjmV0pddU

            “Cast a wide net.” Sid muttered. “Catch more fish that way. You can always throw back the little ones and the seaweed later.”copyright protection12PENANAizGSzMbdQ6

            “I hate that his analogy worked.” I muttered.copyright protection12PENANABIFFL6fB73

            “Don’t be petty.” Paul chided me playfully.copyright protection12PENANAW5ffrafRot

            “That’s like half of a god’s existence.”copyright protection12PENANAMG3syDeKQ4

            “If we’re considering everything, are we considering that maybe she’s dead.” Eric added.copyright protection12PENANAQsNw7yDnaL

“She isn’t dead.” I said. “Gods don’t die.”copyright protection12PENANAr6QGmiRBaf

“Gods don’t die easily.” Hector corrected me.copyright protection12PENANA5WW8ovLCfB

            “I don’t know what you want me to say. Hestia not here, sounds like her being dead is as good an explanation as all these other excuses.” Eric was chewing one of his fingernails.copyright protection12PENANAH63vDb4gyf

            “Shut up.” I told him.copyright protection12PENANA1ZlSGHayjk

            “You wanna go goddess?”copyright protection12PENANANpgKxEfjhv

            “Enough.” Kara said. “This is helping no one.”copyright protection12PENANAVZBYveazvJ

            “So…what should we do?” Blade asked. “Do we treat any one of the various theories as more valid? Or do we chase them all simultaneously?”copyright protection12PENANAOwIappSzXc

            “I think we should try everything to learn what happened first.” Paul said. “Maybe she fell down some stairs and is in a coma right now in some dark alley. You said it yourself.” He pointed to Kara. “We don’t know what happened.”copyright protection12PENANAULBaw9PLs7

“I think it would be smart, to go looking for Hestia. Exhaust every lead and trace of her we have. But at the same time, look into the alternatives.” Blade said slowly and calmly. “Assume the best, but be prepared for the worst.”copyright protection12PENANAgn6SmB7wbC

            “Those three are already out there searching.” Paul reminded him. “Adele and the other two.”copyright protection12PENANAf09Yayo28m

            “No, they’re going to the Oracle.” I corrected my twin.copyright protection12PENANAf27QdDZ3pr

            “In order to help their search.” Paul countered. “Either way they are out their looking for her. So I think the rest of us should focus on the other theories.”copyright protection12PENANAaFPhybTGH4

            “It couldn’t hurt to have some more of us out there looking.” Hector said. “Especially if that is our working theory. Maybe go on rounds of some of the minor gods. See if anyone has seen her. And if they haven’t seen her…maybe someone has seen Kronos.”copyright protection12PENANAiX4sWf1ki9

            “Good idea.” Kara nodded. “Any volunteers?”copyright protection12PENANAGxcOoqrntR

            “I got this.” Sid raised his hand.copyright protection12PENANAPDxEV5QOLx

            “Anyone else?” Kara tried to not see his hand.copyright protection12PENANAS4vXxrdyMv

            “Might as well.” Eric joined in. “Nothing to do up here, might get to kill something.copyright protection12PENANAIs3UgrkIPO

            “Please anyone else.” Without a word Zack raised his hand. “Ok. Looks like it going to be Blade leading you three.”copyright protection12PENANAzFs6jnc9bY

            “I didn’t volunteer.” Blade said quickly.copyright protection12PENANAH42d2zFf8r

            “That’s ok.” Kara said. “You should go, you have some connections with minor gods. At least better connections than the rest of us.”copyright protection12PENANALQTOKaf5T5

            “Besides we need someone competent going along.” Albany muttered. “And not a bloodthirsty psycho.” Eric and Zack frowned at her. Sid was just pumped to have plans it looked like.copyright protection12PENANAUsKmz4JMdV

            “Paul, Artemisia.” I looked up as my name was called. “I need you two to make sure no one else disappears without our knowing it. Work with Bellerophon, Hercules, and the guards.”copyright protection12PENANAKV0N92nOiv

            “Yes ma’am.” Paul saluted.copyright protection12PENANAf4l9S6j8cc

            “Just to be safe.” Kara said looking at us. “Herman.”copyright protection12PENANAd6FXsf1c1f

            “Yes.”copyright protection12PENANA7Mb8zlbW9u

            “Messenger god. You will be carrying communication between the two search parties and myself.” Kara ordered. Wow, I thought, she was really becoming our queen. She was settling in nicely to her authority. This meeting was turning out productive, that couldn’t be said a lot about previous councils. Kara was growing up…I guess we all were.copyright protection12PENANAroyNyqTRz5

            “Can’t we just text each other?” Herman complained.copyright protection12PENANA4McKKEZMR0

            “Cell reception isn’t so good in the mythical home of the gods.” Hector reminded him.copyright protection12PENANA2ZMe7mzjiI

            “Can someone get on that?” Herman asked.copyright protection12PENANANK7lxFMrxl

            “Good that’s settled.” Kara nodded. “Albany and Hector, you two should do a final sweep of New Olympus, check Hestia’s house, talk to her friends, just make sure she’s not in a coma in some dark alley. Everyone understand?” We all nodded that we did. “Good. Council is adjourned.”copyright protection12PENANAxC8JmTomFf

            We all got up and filed out through the slit in the curtain. I probably shouldn’t be feeling this way, with everything involving Hestia, but I was kind of proud of how smoothly that went. Only a couple of fights almost broke out and very little of the meeting was off topic. Kara was whipping us into shape, even after the hiatus she was working with no rust. Back in the day those meetings had been more screaming than deciding anything.copyright protection12PENANAnHfaWmwvFP

            “Guard duty huh?” Paul said appearing at my side.copyright protection12PENANAdtzlO71Byy

            “Looks like it.” I said. “We always get the easy jobs.”copyright protection12PENANAW5b5PyYdUD

            “What did you think about all that?” He asked.copyright protection12PENANAthlIrh5YML

            “I thought it went pretty good all things considered. Ever since Zack wasn’t allowed to talk things are starting to go smoothly in those meetings.”copyright protection12PENANAN0enl3umE3

            “Not the meeting you idiot! Hestia disappearing!” Paul knocked me up the side of the head.copyright protection12PENANAVB97GYFEcA

            “Oh yeah.” I said rubbing my temple, it felt swollen already. “It’s weird.”copyright protection12PENANAiGSDojVuiI

            “No really?” Paul tried to hit me again. “Course it’s weird! I have a feeling things are gonna start getting interesting again.”copyright protection12PENANAf6Iut4yXrd

            “Gods not again.” I muttered. “Last time around I died.”copyright protection12PENANA1nOauv8a9k

            “Don’t remind me.” Paul said looking at me, as if to make sure that I was still alive and here. He would never admit it of course…but I knew Paul, for all our differences and fights, at the end of the day he’d rather not be an only child.copyright protection12PENANAKs0C5pW1Uf

            “You don’t think it’s Kronos do you?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAJ9lrEOwcMX

            “How would it be Kronos?” Paul said.copyright protection12PENANApNleXPJ60T

            “I don’t know. Maybe he kidnapped Hestia and is torturing her to find out our weaknesses.” I suggested.copyright protection12PENANAqLlrnrRksL

            “He already knows our weakness.” Paul said rolling his eyes. “If this was Kronos he wouldn’t bother kidnapping us, there would just be another blinding light and two big booms and then we’d never have even existed.”copyright protection12PENANAzbVUDzJ9Mv

            “So you don’t think its Kronos?” I said.copyright protection12PENANA7cjsrgiamj

            “Didn’t Albany kill him? Paul said.copyright protection12PENANA3N4pfsQ7Mi

            “Didn’t he kill me?” I countered. “Death means nothing to a god. Blade’s died like four times already.”copyright protection12PENANASmuNh7n0ha

            “Touché.” Paul muttered. “But its still not Kronos.” He stood firm on his position.copyright protection12PENANAwpnPSO6bZt

            “You can’t know that for sure.” I pointed out.copyright protection12PENANAu3gzsw1iDO

            “I’m the smarter twin.” Paul said. “You’re the one who is never sure of anything.”copyright protection12PENANABwa5jsdHsv

            “You finally admitted we’re twins.” I said.copyright protection12PENANASZVfON4UY3

            “I still came out first.” He said.copyright protection12PENANAot6E2zb3SO

            “I’m taller.”copyright protection12PENANARul2AEuNmX

            “No way in Hades.”copyright protection12PENANAjfWeuL2zG0

            “Stand straight I’ll show you.”copyright protection12PENANAC4uJJwjUAb

            “No way, I know I’m taller.”copyright protection12PENANAJsF4ufJZ36

            “And I’m older.”copyright protection12PENANAXnlUBQGEpm

            “Debatable.”copyright protection12PENANAF2r9MaF55g

            “Obviously, we’re debating it right now.”copyright protection12PENANAhPIXUdcEdg

            “I’m the better archer.”copyright protection12PENANAKaD65fXLUm

            “Debatable and highly controversial at that.”copyright protection12PENANA8zpzIbKogP

            “Ceasefire?”copyright protection12PENANAExFmuzzHdM

            “Only until I can prove all of your assertions wrong.”copyright protection12PENANAYYXC53S2OM

            “Good thing we’re immortal. That’ll take you a minute or two.” Paul laughed.copyright protection12PENANAoWlNw3Zgsg

            I sighed shaking my head. “We should go talk to Chiron.” I said thinking of the centaur. “He’s the captain of the guard now right?copyright protection12PENANA66NLtik30y

“Yeah good idea. By the way, you owe me dinner.” Paul reminded me.copyright protection12PENANAPZwNBBQuDF

            “Why?”copyright protection12PENANAg2CBQ8FPo7

            “The bet. I bet it involved Deon, Demi, and Adele being gone remember?” Paul explained. “I was right, they were out looking for Hestia since she is gone.”copyright protection12PENANA5veTgHcBKd

            “That doesn’t count.” I complained. “It’s Hestia not them.”copyright protection12PENANA9AdGoOieiW

            “The bet was that they were involved and they were!” Paul sang it in an annoyingly off key tune. He started skipping ahead and jumping off of pillars. “You owe me dinner, you owe me dinner.”copyright protection12PENANATzZvbQEQG3

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