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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 8 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YrSLpj4q4MmtK4YsPTPFposted on PENANA

            Hector and I had agreed to wait until tomorrow to start our job. He wanted to finish something he had been working on, and I just wasn’t in the mood.copyright protection13PENANAoaGLzqrDLz

            My walk to the throne room with Blade had been weird for me. Some feelings came up that I hadn’t even known I was feeling. It was almost as if someone had hit a switch in my brain, causing a flood of feelings and emotions that shouldn’t have been there. I had felt lonely, and scared, and I didn’t know why.copyright protection13PENANAnK0fvpzAPD

            Well I had an idea of where the fear had come from. It had been four years since I went back to save Zeus at his birth. Four years since I fought Kronos at the dawn of time. But I every time I forgot, every time I moved on, he visited me in my dreams. And it sent me right back. It was a viscous cycle, one I refused to let the others know about. For them, Kronos didn’t exist anymore. He was just a faint memory of times long gone and things long forgotten.  At times it seemed like I was the only one who remembered he had nearly wiped us out. Sometimes it seemed like I was the only one that lived through it.copyright protection13PENANAmc67h5z7Yp

            At least it was until all this business with Hestia disappearing. Now everyone remembered. Now everyone thought he was back. But for the strangest reason they weren’t terrified. They seemed merely annoyed by the supposed return of the worst being in the universe. I felt alone, alone in my fear of him, alone in my sheer dread and terror at the very prospect…the slightly hint…the he had returned.copyright protection13PENANAMmzt89UzNF

            It was frustrating at times. I couldn’t understand how they would say his name so calmly. Or the ones that he had killed would act as if nothing had ever happened. I don’t know why I thought that way either. And that’s what scared me. I know I should have let it go a long time ago, I can see that I’m anchoring myself to my worst memory and it’s hurting me. But I can’t seem to change it, it’s almost like it is out of my hands. And all of this made me feel even more isolated in the throne room. As Blade had said, twelve of my closest friends surrounded me, but I felt as it Kronos was the only one that saw me. But let’s try to push him out of my mind.copyright protection13PENANA8ap9qVzZwo

            It felt good to be back on New Olympus. During the hiatus, I had tried to see as much of the world as I could, but nothing compared to where I was going now. As nimble as the first time I had done it, I climbed to the roof of the shrine to Aphrodite, my shrine. I lay gently back resting on top of the roof and looked up at the stars. It must have been some kind of magic because they were visible all the time, day or night, rain or shine. But they were at their best, in my opinion, on a clear night. Which hopefully was what I was in store for this time the moon came out.copyright protection13PENANACTBJ0TOA0M

            I watched the sunset, before closing my eyes and letting Helios’ last warmth soak into me. In the growing dark, my dots really started to pop, welcoming me back to my perch where I could watch over them.copyright protection13PENANA0N9zgiJbRw

            “Which one is your favorite?” I turned to see Kara standing across the street looking up.copyright protection13PENANAQ0Gg96cI5I

            “I’ve always liked the big dipper.” I said. “But honestly, that’s because it’s the only constellation I remember.”copyright protection13PENANA7IBJrCCfdC

            Kara nodded and looked down at me. “I know Orion’s Belt.” She said. “It’s supposed to be three bright stars in a line, but I can’t really find it tonight.”copyright protection13PENANA2dqcNGuwSl

            “Come on up.” I patted the ground next to me. “View’s better from up here.” Kara smiled and joined me. “Three stars in a row?”copyright protection13PENANA2ImIZvPceU

            “Yeah,” she said looking upwards again, “big bright ones.” The two of us didn’t talk as we searched the heavens.copyright protection13PENANAVlCx44aGjn

            “Is that it?” I asked pointing. Kara followed my finger with her eyes.copyright protection13PENANAjmAJynq3Ti

            “Yeah I think so. Good eyes.” She said. “If only finding Hestia would be that easy.”copyright protection13PENANApW1LF0gudu

            There would be other nights to look at the stars, I internally sighed as I pulled my gaze down and fixed in on my queen. “Are you worried?”copyright protection13PENANAp9Q2GU6QBq

            Kara was fixated on Orion’s Belt for a while thinking. “Is it bad…if I’m more worried about what her disappearance means, than I am about her actually being gone?”copyright protection13PENANAeUMODlb3o5

            “No.” I said. “I don’t think so.” I stared at her, she seemed deep in thought. “You are Queen of the gods. Queen of everything we can see from up here, except the stars.  Your job is to worry about the big picture. Hestia is one person, one goddess. You are in charge of us all. I would say it is bad if you cared more for her than the rest as a whole.”copyright protection13PENANAlO2mzHnQbB

            “You really think so?” she asked. This is why I didn’t tell the others about my problems, because they needed me to help with theirs more than I needed help with mine.copyright protection13PENANAlBKbDr6JiH

            “I do.” I said. “You’ve become a good Queen my Lady Hera. Very much improved from when you first arrived.”copyright protection13PENANAawCXlfixjH

            Kara scoffed. “I don’t even want to talk about those days.”copyright protection13PENANACFvF25mqVy

            “You were soooo in love with him, I didn’t even need my powers to sense it.” I said playfully.copyright protection13PENANA1g9MsMeywx

            Kara hid her face in her hands. “Gods…I don’t know how I ever was. That was a train wreck.”copyright protection13PENANAgH4SEp7XWr

            “He was a train wreck.” I agreed.copyright protection13PENANAEz6ae9gBzb

            “And I wasn’t in love.” She tried to say. “I would say more of an extreme crush.”copyright protection13PENANA9BsioV5CtC

            “Crushes are love.” I reminded her. “At least in my book, and my book is kind of the only book on the subject.”copyright protection13PENANAaKjeCXDKUA

            “Well love or not, I’m over that.” Kara said. “And good riddance.” I laughed and shook my head at her. “What about you love goddess? Any crushes you regret, huh?”copyright protection13PENANAbz9iKor0Z1

            My smile went away. “No, I can honestly say I never crushed on any of them.”copyright protection13PENANAc8CFr1AxD4

            “Well you’re lucky.” She said. Was I though? My godly powers let me feel the love in everyone else’s heart. I also could feel that no one loved me. My fellow gods cared for me, and I had always known that Baxter had held a special place in his heart for me. But when I felt Adele’s bliss when she saw Deon, how Calypso’s body went numb when she kissed Blade, or even how Nyx and Death were happy only when they were together. I realized I had nothing to match that. Nothing in my life even held a candle to anything those couples had.copyright protection13PENANA9OPt2rrFbm

            I shook my head. Where had all that come from?copyright protection13PENANAgnVpGGN8HM

            “Are you ok?” Kara was looking at me strangely.copyright protection13PENANA9UVMzmNaUr

            “What happened?” I asked.copyright protection13PENANAf3f4xhwYXI

            “You zoned out.” Kara looked worried. I realized my face was wet. Tears, there were tears on my face. Had I been crying? “Albany?”copyright protection13PENANAkd5gDMXqUE

            “I’m sorry.” I slid off the roof and jumped down. “I’ve forgotten something.” I ran away.copyright protection13PENANAd3y9P8wDjq

            “ALBANY!” Kara called after me. I ran, darting down alleys and through courtyards. I ran into a fountain and nearly toppled over it. I clasped the rim gasping for breath.copyright protection13PENANA4ytkD1B9Zz

            “What’s happening?” I asked out loud. I looked down into the water and saw my reflection.copyright protection13PENANARjMXApJxQD

            “Sweet dreams Albany.” My reflection smiled as I leaned away in horror.copyright protection13PENANAc4HKdxTKac

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