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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 9 Deon
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8nEGJPOJOYPjnH6gKat8posted on PENANA

            I’m not sure why Hestia would leave without telling anyone. All I was sure of is that she did leave. She didn’t disappear and she wasn’t kidnapped. I wouldn’t believe that, I couldn’t believe that. She was all right. She was just not where we thought she should be.copyright protection14PENANAyggYzUzoKK

            “Demi where else could we look?” I asked, we had been roaming the city, Demi was taking me to all of Hestia’s favorite spots. We had found no trace of her still.copyright protection14PENANAHT8mzScoB0

            “Demeter.” She corrected me. “And she liked to walk through the western gardens.”copyright protection14PENANAmrjK9p1Tzu

            “No, we already checked the gardens.” I said impatiently. We would never find her like this. We needed a large and coordinated sweep of the city. We also needed Kara to give us the resources to do so. Her stubbornness and insistence on relying on the council was forcing us to do this search with one hand tied behind our back. It was frustrating to say the least.copyright protection14PENANA27Ki6jdGIY

            “No.” Demeter shouted. “Idiot, we checked the Gardens of Persephone. Now we’re going to check the gardens to the west. They are different gardens.”copyright protection14PENANArpRzMqrYO3

“Ok, where’s that at?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAYbvhVFGWyg

“To the west.” Demi grunted. “Come on, I’ll show you. Like I’ve showed you everything so far. I swear…did you ever even live up here?”copyright protection14PENANAqBobUvu7bd

“Guys!” Adele rounded a corner and spotted us. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I have an idea, come on.”copyright protection14PENANA5CCWcpnEnc

“Thank the gods…”copyright protection14PENANAHlodCkSjgr

“You’re welcome.” Demi said smugly.copyright protection14PENANAAH2YTXun4F

“…What’s the bright idea?” I asked. Wisdom goddess to the rescue. I couldn’t help but smile at Adele we would be lost without here. And I don’t just me Demi and I, I would really be lost without her.copyright protection14PENANAAaid7vCv9Z

“Babe.” She grabbed my hands in her and spread her arms wide, forcing me to step closer to her. She brought her arms down again and hugged me. “I know you’re worried, we all are. Hestia is just as important to us. We will find her, but this will take time. If she hasn’t been found yet then there must be a reason.”copyright protection14PENANAHQl63YqVhH

            I took a deep breath. “I know.” I said forcing myself to slow my breathing. I had lost control when I found out Hestia had disappeared. I had been mad, first that it had been three days before Kara called us and then that she thought she and the others would be able to fix it. I couldn’t help but feel that this was my duty. Hestia had been a second mother to me. Basically she was my mother in the godly realm. I so desperately wanted to find her, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, and I needed Adele and Demeter with me as much as they wanted to be here just as much if not more than me. Together we would see Hestia returned home safely, I just knew it.copyright protection14PENANAmSopRhnlFr

            “Ok.” Adele said locking eyes with me. “Then why don’t we go and ask the Oracle?”copyright protection14PENANA1gCjuKO7fX

            “Oracle?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANA6XOs3SqtOI

            “Like, in Greece?” Demeter asked. “The fortune teller?”copyright protection14PENANAabAzAsRXNw

            “I think she would be able to help us. Think about it, the Oracle knows things no one else does. She has to know why Hestia is gone.” Adele told us. “At the very least it’s a goal we can work towards and always brainstorm on the way. If the Oracle doesn’t know anything at least we’ll be in Greece. Hestia could always be spending time in her old home. I could be worth checking over there anyway.”copyright protection14PENANApPN28hMXo2

            “That’s a good idea.” I nodded.copyright protection14PENANAVvZKX2Cnwq

            “Tell me something I don’t know.” Adele smiled sheepishly.copyright protection14PENANA5HBGgc97aW

            “That’s literally impossible.” Demi muttered hugging Adele. “I think I’m going to start calling you Brain Power. It’s like a superhero name, you’re secret identity.”copyright protection14PENANAEALrDUIpS7

            “Adele is fine I think.” She hugged the little girl back. “Athena already is my secret identity.”copyright protection14PENANArOCryzubX0

            “Do you guys want to have Nyx shadow us there, or see if Bellerophon will let us borrow some pegasi?” I asked. I wanted to get the ball moving. Hestia had already been gone for three days, and nothing had been done. I would feel better when I knew that we at least would be out there and working towards finding her.copyright protection14PENANAB3HdKYqT6B

            “I have better idea.” Adele grinned. “Rainbows.”copyright protection14PENANAQKcCcPxUfp

            “Rainbows?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANA1HdE8MdCXb

            “Rainbows.” Adele confirmed. “As in Iris the goddess of rainbows.”copyright protection14PENANADzelNYjeRq

            “How would rainbows help us?” Demeter asked. “Are we looking for a pot of gold now?”copyright protection14PENANAQIa2kmSRh7

            “Rainbow miles are different than real miles.” Adele explained. “We could be there almost instantly. We just have to find Iris.”copyright protection14PENANAhjOuXXhbAe

            “Instantly is faster than almost instantly.” I said. “Shadows would be faster.”copyright protection14PENANAmdOByBzSQr

            “Personally I don’t know where Nyx or Thanatos is. But Demi, aren’t you and Iris still friends?” Demi’s eyes got wide and she pulled out her phone and walked away putting it to her ear.copyright protection14PENANAiG9tIuPAl7

            “Rainbows?” I arched my eyebrows.copyright protection14PENANAICrx7ouoA5

            “Shadows make me feel gross.” Adele shivered. “Iris is much, much more fun.”copyright protection14PENANADXisyR37JU

            “How does it work?”copyright protection14PENANAz2AJvjdlTy

            “Haven’t you done this before?”copyright protection14PENANAtCbUaijEHT

            “I’d remember walking on a rainbow.” I was sure of it.copyright protection14PENANAKlQ2NoTRwD

            “Huh, well you’ve been missing out.” Adele nodded. “Iris will be able to make a rainbow that we can walk across and it will deposit us wherever she wants. Its fast and easy.”copyright protection14PENANAL6FlPbE3wy

            “What’s it like?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANACZbNTl6c0N

            “It’s weird. Albany told me that she took two steps and went from the Caribbean to Brazil.” Adele said.copyright protection14PENANA6K8WMVlGNR

            “Albany told you? Weren’t you there?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAjyYZTNayQG

            “I was.” Adele nodded. “But I didn’t look down.” She wouldn’t meet my eye.copyright protection14PENANA7sGigzDmMD

            “Why?” I was confused. I feel like watching yourself zoom over the earth would be the best part.copyright protection14PENANAaSniO9eaQ1

            “It was a little too high for me.” Adele muttered.copyright protection14PENANA1aAZ9uNj2E

            “You’re scared of heights?” I asked, cracking a small smile.copyright protection14PENANA097Grng4K2

            “Not scared of them, I just don’t like them.” She corrected me.copyright protection14PENANAIUV5dKfsU5

            “Adele we live on a mountain.” I pointed out. “How come I never knew before now?” I was kind of impressed.copyright protection14PENANAuVf4VpyJIB

            “This is different.” She said. “We’re in the middle of a city. It’s easy to forget how high we are. Besides you can’t really fall off of this place. So it doesn’t bother me lot. But the rainbow is different. It’s basically a sidewalk in the sky. No railings or anything, and the winds are constantly buffeting you.”copyright protection14PENANAnJKuqcSGhC

            “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” I said. The way she described it, I almost didn’t want to go.copyright protection14PENANAJZwE5Kpkcj

            “I have to.” She said. “Hestia needs me, and besides leaving you alone with Demeter would probably drive you insane.” She smiled. “Plus, if I didn’t go who would talk to the Oracle?”copyright protection14PENANAqGfGLb5jUO

            “I would.” I nodded. “I can talk to people.”copyright protection14PENANAUhxFMYSFE9

            “I know you can.” She grabbed my hand. “But with the Oracle things are different. You have to be careful what you say and even more careful what you ask. Albany told me the Oracle knows everything and will answer anything. It’s dangerous knowing the future. I think it would be safest if I did the talking.”copyright protection14PENANAhn9O2ezrzL

            I nodded. Her logic made sense, per usual. “You’re brave.” I told her.copyright protection14PENANAL0s0GdbMw5

            “And beautiful?” she asked raising her chin and eyeing me.copyright protection14PENANABrn87a7ZPL

            “I thought that went without saying.” I smiled and kissed her.copyright protection14PENANA979iWcxvE7

            “You can never say it too much.” Adele whispered in my ear before continuing our kiss.copyright protection14PENANAgp7JpOWAAt

            “For real?” We broke apart to see Demeter was back. “Yuck. I seriously wasn’t gone a minute. What would two have got up to if I came back in five…eww.” Both of us started blushing and we separated.copyright protection14PENANAGcV3l2es13

            “Where’d you go anyway?” I said trying to not linger on in the awkward silence.copyright protection14PENANAdabnt7z1Cd

            “To make a phone call?” Demi reminded me. “To Khione. We’re like bffs.”copyright protection14PENANA8TCgC24zCF

            “Oh gods.” I muttered. Anyone who wanted to be friends with Demi was probably going to make it on my do not like list.copyright protection14PENANA2jRXnc0BE1

            “I tried to call her.” Demeter continued. “Since she is also kinda close with that Iris lady and since we need to find her we should do it through Khione.”copyright protection14PENANAFScQfGXOHA

            “Well what did she say?” Adele asked.copyright protection14PENANA2QuF67HaGj

            “The call didn’t go through.” Demeter explained. “For real someone needs to put a cell tower on this mountain, urgh.” Demi popped her gum and was looking at something on her phone.copyright protection14PENANAQJDIH0VHBz

            “So should we go and get signal for you somewhere?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAJgsV6HC4wj

            “That would probably help with my no signal problem Deonamite.” She sassed me.copyright protection14PENANAEy98dfgUqW

            “Well does Khione live here?” Adele asked. “Do we even need to call her? Can’t we just find her and talk to her? Wait a minute, why do we even need to call Khione? We’re looking for Iris, can’t you call Iris directly?”copyright protection14PENANAehFRZmSU4t

            “Nice thought A deli sandwich but Iris doesn’t do phones.”copyright protection14PENANAuNKWJRDlVa

“Why?” I asked. “Why am I even asking, its just going to make me mad?”copyright protection14PENANAEAJOJW4ZRv

“My girl, Khione, is probably in the Big A.” Demi ignored me.copyright protection14PENANAV6MBYMYQG2

“Atlanta?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAkbQ47zVLUR

“No, bigger. Antarctica. The Penguin Grand Prix is going on right about now.”copyright protection14PENANAVzrEnaBrat

            “The what?” I asked.copyright protection14PENANAW6zJHxvGnc

            “Penguin Grand Prix?” Demi said. “Its basically the World Cup for penguins.”copyright protection14PENANAJInzMu8If2

            “Well why didn’t we get tickets?” Adele asked making a face at me.copyright protection14PENANAzbB1QZcrqm

            “My first thought was that’s stupid.” I admitted. “But it’s growing on me. If we didn’t have to find Hestia I would definitely want to check that out.”copyright protection14PENANAUnsu7a1CQp

            “Wait a minute.” Adele said. “Does Antarctica get cell service?”copyright protection14PENANAOz7b9UGhCW

            “My girl Khione has special connection. She got it just so we could text all day.” Demeter boasted.copyright protection14PENANAkc7VdYUqpl

            “Except when you’re here.” I pointed out.copyright protection14PENANANkJfOQqQsg

            “Your negativity is messing with my chakra.” She popped her gum at me.copyright protection14PENANAfhQnsZh8hT

            “I hate you.” I whispered. Demi glared at me and snapped her fingers.copyright protection14PENANA4B6cxkarKA

            “Literally I’m ok with that.” Demi spat at me.copyright protection14PENANANxVxNJndAQ

            “Things are getting really negative here and I don’t like it.” Adele stepped between us. “We are a team, we are family. We need to stay together or else Hestia is just going to stay lost. Now, can you two quit being children long enough to work together?”copyright protection14PENANAuQ8kdAkvJC

            “Yes.” I said.copyright protection14PENANApOdv1KPbcz

            “I am a child.” Demeter complained. “You want me to not be myself?”copyright protection14PENANAM07HxUrV71

            “I want you to act like the Olympian god you claim you are. I want you to grow up and get your act together. This is real now. Hestia is missing. You aren’t playing your pranks on us right now. Demi, so help me Hera, if you don’t stop sowing dissent here I will make you read the dictionary.”copyright protection14PENANAMBSUW5vhAf

            “But sowing is what I do!” She muttered. “I’m the goddess of the harvest.”copyright protection14PENANATZ47v5Rkh4

            “Sowing is the opposite of harvesting.”copyright protection14PENANAU341LBVcx3

            “Ever heard of reap what you sow? Well I can reaper you real quick Grape Juice Boy.”copyright protection14PENANAejF6dCcJUM

            “Demi…I just said to not do that.” Adele repeated herself firmly. “We are a team, we will act like one.”copyright protection14PENANAYNM2Vh7MCp

            “I know I’m sorry.” Demi shook her head. “It’s just…look at him! And when he talks, GODS! It’s very hard to not want to just ridicule and mock him.”copyright protection14PENANAQwsVxdwtq4

            “Trust me, I know.” Adele grinned and looked at me.copyright protection14PENANAwEncLBOXkI

            “Wait, what?”copyright protection14PENANAKjwxmrOudq

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