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Midnight and High Noon
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Writer berserker823
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Midnight and High Noon
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Chapter 3: Please Just Don’t Give Up On Me
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TUMfz2YW8ROVq99x0RcXposted on PENANA

That night, I sat on the beach just outside my mother’s trailer listening to the symphony of ocean waves ebbing and flowing against the shore. The moon hung low that night, her lunar rays reflecting off the midnight blue ocean, and the stars shined brightly around her. The bastards behind the universe taunted me with such a beautiful night. Damn them.copyright protection9PENANApf3l6CGazc

“Damon,” Violet’s voice yet again broke me from my thoughts.copyright protection9PENANACt6pJFrICA

            I lay back on the sand and stared at her. She stood nearby and she was obviously concerned. My eyes were no longer as red as they were hours beforehand, but it still did not allow the fact I had just spent hours sobbing escape from Violet’s memory. No, she cared too much to allow that to happen.copyright protection9PENANAzrv0BExCvK

“It’s getting late. We should get back to the hotel,” she suggested.copyright protection9PENANAzV0Dg7gXhQ

            I pretended not to hear her. I do not know why I did that, but I continued to lay there in the sand. Violet must have known I was ignoring her because she approached and plopped down on the sand beside me.copyright protection9PENANA9Ujfj2VLLy

“Or we could strip naked and go for a dip in the ocean,” she suggested.copyright protection9PENANAllZRlAvTc1

            My ‘it’s a trap’ radar went off and even though Violet seductively started to lift her crop top up, I refused to budge, so she stopped.copyright protection9PENANADMWEqdLGa2

“Fine, I’ll just stay out here with you and when we both get colds, you get to suffer more because you’ll have to take care of me,” Violet responded, lying beside me on the beach.copyright protection9PENANAwjXQzhTv2E

“I already feel like crap,” I pointed out, glancing at my girlfriend out the corner of my eye.copyright protection9PENANA3nZ2ekDKeQ

Well I’m gonna make sure you don’t get sick or hurt even if I have to send in Arcanine to drag your butt off this beach,” Violet countered.copyright protection9PENANAMSDJw3WhK7

            I shot to my feet so fast, I felt a bit light-hearted afterwards. I staggered a bit, but caught myself with ease. Violet stood and gave me an approving glance before offering her hand to me.copyright protection9PENANAkgqh60y0vA

“The beach leads all the way to Hau’oli City and it is a beautiful night,” she pointed out.copyright protection9PENANAEyYDBdYeYc

“It is,” I muttered my response.copyright protection9PENANA4K4HuALrRv

            I took Violet’s hand in my own and kicked my shoes off. I grabbed those with my spare hand and trekked across the sand with the love of my life. Briefly, I glanced over my shoulder at my mother’s trailer as Violet and I turned a corner. I watched it disappear from view and then turned my attention back to the stretch of white-sand beach ahead of us.copyright protection9PENANAycMZtT02Tv

            The next morning, I stood on the edge of the beach outside my hotel in Hau’oli City. A coffee in one hand, I stared at my shadow on the sand. I did not sleep much last night and I crept out of my hotel room at about four o’clock in the morning. I grabbed a coffee from a bakery up the road and had spent the past hour and a half waiting for the sun to rise. Now that he had risen from his slumber, allowing the moon to sleep herself, I had no idea what to do with myself. Violet would not be awake for another two or three hours.copyright protection9PENANADx3BaEP8TN

“Yo! Yo! Yo!” a loud yell grabbed my attention to a pair of hoodlums in black tank tops.copyright protection9PENANAlYypF3ZruR

            Their dyed blue hair, piercings, and odor of cheap spray-on deodorant already gave me a bad impression. I put on my best ‘leave me alone’ face and took a sip of my coffee. The one who had called me out scoffed and knocked my coffee from my hand.copyright protection9PENANAW33I3xB3zv

“Who you think you are, disrespectin’ us like that?” he questioned.copyright protection9PENANAzc2COdhDmb

“Someone who should feed you your own testicles for knocking his coffee out of his hand,” I countered.copyright protection9PENANArH906P35gy

            The skinnier one seemed taken aback by my response, but his friend was not so easily convinced.copyright protection9PENANAXdB1WFyyI7

“Ooh, talk a big game there, bud. There’s two of us and only one of you,” the heavier one responded.copyright protection9PENANA3hk5U8icME

“Good. You can count. I was worried for a moment,” I told him.copyright protection9PENANAndmxesmhyD

“Yo! Why you gotta be like that? I know my ABC’s and One-Two-Three’s!” the skinner man complained.copyright protection9PENANAPvQrwM65kP

            I closed my eyes, rubbing my temples in irritation, and then turned my back to the ne’er-do-wells to leave the situation entirely.copyright protection9PENANAcn7xt1FMes

“Whoa now! You ain’t just walkin’ away from us!” the heavier hoodlum snapped, grabbing my shoulder.copyright protection9PENANArCGN9UfvbN

            He stopped me and brandished a Pokéball; a sly grin growing across his face.copyright protection9PENANA81jZsQLzV6

“We gotta battle now after all that disrespect you threw at me and my homeboy,” he told me.copyright protection9PENANAo8tvFXxlJL

“One, it’s my homeboy and I. Two, I’m not a Trainer so it looks like you’re shit out of luck,” I responded.copyright protection9PENANANbntYwoe2A

“Nah bud. Looks like you shit outta luck, ‘cause now that we know you ain’t packin’ heat; we just gonna take your wallet and bounce!” the heavyset man announced.  copyright protection9PENANA2bBla4cVD7

            Shit. I shrugged his hand off and put some distance between the thugs and me.copyright protection9PENANA21gvxVt4gc

“Go Yungoos!” the skinnier hoodlum suddenly called out.copyright protection9PENANAP4ndymKWAN

            A skinny Pokémon with blonde fur and sharp teeth appeared, snarling at me.copyright protection9PENANAxCY8Y9da5Q

“Salandit, let’s show the a-hole what Team Skull’s all about!” the heavier hoodlum added in.copyright protection9PENANAh7SxCpt6tK

            A reptilian Pokémon with dark gray scales and a bright orange line going down its back to the tip of its tail appeared next, hissing at me.copyright protection9PENANAijOGxn3hjD

            That whole façade I was giving the two disappeared when Pokémon were brought into the occasion. My eyes darted between the two threats and then I ran.copyright protection9PENANA5Qf3Zeccoh

“Poison Gas!” the heavier Team Skull grunt called out.copyright protection9PENANA3GoVe1lH7P

            Salandit unleashed a cloud of purple mist that cut my escape off. I shielded my mouth with the crook of my arm and turned back to the advancing thugs.copyright protection9PENANArq9g7GDaYX

“Yungoos use Tackle!” the skinnier grunt shouted.copyright protection9PENANAN3O36Nhj0G

            The other Pokémon leapt and headbutted me in the gut. I dropped to my knees, holding my stomach, and the heavier man pushed me onto my back with his foot.copyright protection9PENANAA4mZ0A1li8

“You done disrespected the wrong mofos,” the heavier grunt explained.copyright protection9PENANAaKyj0G0EQY

            He tried robbing me, but a sudden burst of fire shot between his hand and my person. We all looked up at the sidewalk parallel to the beach and a feline Pokémon with black and red fur stood there.copyright protection9PENANABE1qH8eZsf

“What the…?” the heavier grunt questioned before a second Ember cut him off.copyright protection9PENANAF3j12jC3EU

            The shot of fire hit the ground by his feet and sent him stumbling back.copyright protection9PENANAcPFL8Fr8kh

“Salandit, use Poison Gas!” he shouted.copyright protection9PENANA7WV9mDhADJ

            Salandit unleashed another cloud of poison, but the Pokémon dashed to the side to avoid it.copyright protection9PENANAQjM9lPsXT7

“Tackle!” the skinnier grunt called out.copyright protection9PENANAS5WxQ5dhex

            Yungoos leapt at the Pokémon rescuing me and slammed into it, opening it up for another volley of Poison Gas from Salandit. The Pokémon cringed in pain, but Salandit kept the attack up.copyright protection9PENANAzmuuvQ8NrL

“H-Hey!” I shouted, knowing when enough was enough.copyright protection9PENANAxh4krp9Tn3

            I dove over the top of the Pokémon and accidentally breathed in a bit of the gas as well. I coughed violently, but kept shielding the Pokémon from any further contact to the Poison Gas. My eyes, throat, and lungs burned.copyright protection9PENANA1f8YNY40gi

“Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!” an angelic voice shouted.copyright protection9PENANAyPF2kaTtXl

            I felt the thud of the massive Pokémon landing beside me, the Poison Gas dissipating in his wake. Two cannons protruded out from the Water-type’s shell and unleashed twin jets of water that hit the two grunts and their Pokémon, launching them out into the ocean almost fifty yards away from where we were at. A satisfactory splash resulted and I stared up at Violet with tears in my reddened eyes.copyright protection9PENANAfvDkP4KYY7

“Oh my Arceus, Damon!” she called out, “We need to get you to the Pokémon Center, now!”copyright protection9PENANA20naYa92bp

“N-Not just… me,” I responded weakly, moving to show the poisoned Pokémon beneath me.copyright protection9PENANAlJf1MAbG39

            I then passed out and the world went black around me.copyright protection9PENANA1iEFCtKmsI

~Flashback~copyright protection9PENANAuuJSFH3OKe

            I was sitting on an old cushioned chair with one leg shorter than the other three in the basement of a community center in Celadon City. I was about fourteen-years old and I was accompanying my mother to one of her alcoholic’s anonymous meetings. The room was musky and warm and I really did not want to be there, but I remained nevertheless because my mother needed me.copyright protection9PENANAe6Yu7L4jr7

“My name is Ophelia Pierce and I am an alcoholic,” my mother’s voice seemed to echo from her seat at the circular table just a few feet away from where I sat. copyright protection9PENANAstq783ASq3

~End Flashback~copyright protection9PENANABUykNd1Q2M

            I awoke in a brightly lit room on a cold cot. Violet hovered over me, relief straining against her beautiful features. I smiled a little bit at her and gently rubbed my forehead.copyright protection9PENANA4gS3KZOOjf

“Did I live?” I asked, “I mean you’re so damn angelic… I can’t really be sure.”copyright protection9PENANAWLImSQqtJQ

            I chuckled as Violet rolled her eyes and sat on the cot beside me.copyright protection9PENANAxkL5EyiGol

“I take my eyes off you for one moment and you go pick fights with gang members,” she accused.copyright protection9PENANAstBkwmklaD

“In my defense… they did knock my coffee out of my hand. Those are fighting words in any Region,” I countered.copyright protection9PENANAA7pjuiaULT

“You’re lucky I woke up early,” Violet pointed out.copyright protection9PENANAKidvoS4Hys

“Is that Pokémon okay?” I asked.copyright protection9PENANA20VDlsZGNa

“Y-Yeah… tell me what exactly happened,” Violet responded.copyright protection9PENANAkoiJHM2RGO

“Those guys came up to me, picking a fight. I tried to leave, but they sent out their Pokémon to attack me. That Pokémon I was shielding; it protected me, but it was outnumbered. I had to protect it, Vi. I had to,” I explained.copyright protection9PENANALr7ZXvR1cp

            She smiled softly and then draped her body over mine, ticking me with her snow white hair. Light blue eyes stared lovingly into me and she kissed me lightly.copyright protection9PENANAtfqpTLSTsF

“The nurse told me about those thugs. They’re grunts for a gang called Team Skull. They’re rarely ever dangerous unless they get brave,” Violet explained, pulling herself away from me.copyright protection9PENANA3M3lwL8yDO

“Where’s the Pokémon at?” I questioned.copyright protection9PENANAmogundZefc

“In the next room. Professor Kukui is coming to pick it up,” Violet revealed.copyright protection9PENANAEJr48lQ1ei

“Why him?” I asked.copyright protection9PENANAGi4KEBwMa9

“That Pokémon is a Starter for fledgling Trainers to choose when they’re beginning their journey in the Alola Region. Like Blastoise was for me all those years ago,” Violet explained.copyright protection9PENANABxxR1V50ak

            I nodded and then started to stand, but Violet rushed to intervene.copyright protection9PENANAdO3FSc0Jdf

“Whoa now. You need to rest,” she told me.copyright protection9PENANA1Ux6FbHbYR

“Nah. I’m fine. I’m tougher than I look,” I countered, waving away her concerns.copyright protection9PENANAlzoTrpOwqY

            I stood up and immediately felt a rush of pain come over my head. I cringed visibly and Violet crossed her arms over her chest.copyright protection9PENANARDNVjG7jpk

“Say… nothing,” I grumbled, fighting off the pain.copyright protection9PENANAyqf6wUie6g

            I moved slowly out of the room and Violet followed me closely. I stopped by a room with a window where I saw the Pokémon who had rescued me. It was sitting on a table, grooming itself. It saw me and stopped. We locked eyes for a long moment until a throat clearing broke me away. Professor Kukui had arrived and he had a warm smile on his face.copyright protection9PENANA5rPukhU9Ok

“So you’re the one who rescued Litten?” he asked.copyright protection9PENANA8FYVBhCIB1

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