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On Break
Midnight and High Noon
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Writer berserker823
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Midnight and High Noon
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Chapter 5: Don’t Get Too Close, It’s Dark Inside
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xCd0V0CMOVnd3mHR8HQPposted on PENANA

The winding, uphill path was devoid of light aside from the moon. I had lost track of the young woman whose strange actions had dragged me away from the battle in the first place, but I assumed she was just up ahead of me on the trail. I kept trekking along in the dark and I finally reached the top of the trail where a rickety bridge stretched across a precarious precipice. A waterfall cascaded adjacent to the bridge and I wished Violet was with me at this point. It was beautiful.copyright protection24PENANAa0zUqOR6gf

            The young blonde woman was there as well and now the bag she shouldered started to flail against her. There was something alive in the bag! I wondered to myself whether it was a Pokémon or possibly, as the dark writer side of me thought, a baby. The bag burst open and my sudden fears were quelled as a Pokémon I have never seen before floated out of it, squealing with delight. It had a gaseous body and was colored like a nebula with two wisp-like appendages that seemed to serve as arms.copyright protection24PENANAlNRzONzqzn

“Nebby, you need to get back in the bag,” the young woman spoke softly, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”copyright protection24PENANAmWBqjjhr17

            The Pokémon hadn’t a care in the world and traversed the rope bridge.copyright protection24PENANAhb7R6yFXFV

“Nebby, come back!” the young woman called out.copyright protection24PENANAd1J5AxS9Yr

            A sudden flurry of caws grabbed our attention and some nesting Murkrow from across the precipice launched into attack. That Pokémon, Nebby as the young woman had called it, was unknowingly intruding upon their territory. The Murkrow quickly surrounded Nebby and swooped in to peck at it.copyright protection24PENANAxlo9LIs29t

“Nebby!” the young woman screamed.copyright protection24PENANA9rFhiLQYJv

            Despite only having been released from the hospital earlier today, I leaped into action. I rushed to the beginning of the bridge and it immediately swayed beneath my weight.copyright protection24PENANAUXwD26bUf9

“W-What’re you doing here? Did you follow me from Iki Town?” the young woman asked.copyright protection24PENANAmNuLWftoiD

“Be glad I did,” I responded, taking my first nervous step onto the bridge.copyright protection24PENANARs4wKniAl2

            It creaked and swayed and I started to regret my innate desire to help people. I took in a deep breath and hurried to where Nebby was, gently laying over it similar to how I laid over Litten earlier. The Murkrow now saw me as an intruder and started pecking at me. My pained grunts must have scared Nebby, because it let out an awful squeal before a burst of energy disintegrated the bridge beneath us. The air rushed past me as we fell. The Murkrow remained in the air above us. I heard the young woman scream.copyright protection24PENANA5fZBT2I4XY

Then I stopped falling. I felt a slight electrical charge surging over me as I was flown back to the side where Nebby’s Trainer stood. I dared a glance and saw something holding me. I was then dropped and landed rather hard on my butt. Nebby immediately floated away from me to the blonde standing nearby.copyright protection24PENANAdjLI4HYy5g

            I stared up at the Pokémon. It had a black head and upper body, orange bottom that resembled a Flying-type’s tail feathers, a massive orange crest that doubled its height, and it held two massive portions of what I could guess was a mask. The Pokémon eyed me for a moment longer and then dashed off into the night sky, leaving a trail of electricity in its wake.copyright protection24PENANAbXJgttEM30

“Damon!” Violet’s voice suddenly broke the moment of silence.copyright protection24PENANAO9gOL9RtdO

            I turned and she ran toward me with an accusing glare on her face. Professor Kukui and Hala were behind her.copyright protection24PENANArr7cacT8LZ

“Lillie? What are you doing up here?” Professor Kukui asked.copyright protection24PENANApWW8dqCRcG

“Nebby wanted to visit the Ruins of Conflict. I tried telling them no, but they were not so easily convinced,” the blonde explained.copyright protection24PENANAR1P8QAhH4v

“What were you doing up here?” Violet asked me.copyright protection24PENANAvwWDJ6QCfB

“Yes. I would like to know that as well. I am appreciative of your help, but concerned as to why you followed me,” Lillie added.copyright protection24PENANACEyyNMZqEb

“I uh… I saw you leave the festival. I found it strange, so I uh… followed you,” I admitted, hanging my head in shame.copyright protection24PENANA6wdVE3wVLB

“You missed my battle you a-hole,” Violet snarled, grabbing me by the ear.copyright protection24PENANAqg7nUQuKtJ

“Ow! OW!” I cried out in pain.copyright protection24PENANAm6oVEcHECl

“Professor, I believe Tapu Koko saved Nebby and him,” Lillie revealed.copyright protection24PENANAQIR3Ew7brS

“Ms. Cassidy, please release Mr. Pierce,” Hala instructed.copyright protection24PENANAMS9Uf3LKOe

            Violet actually released her grip on my ear and I was more than shocked at Hala’s ability to get her to do this. I wanted to know how to do this! I rubbed my ear and took a few steps away from Violet.copyright protection24PENANAtbkS6Z5NDI

“So that was Tapu Koko?” I asked.copyright protection24PENANA9uq1x5xFgZ

“Lillie, are you positive it was Tapu Koko?” Hala questioned.copyright protection24PENANAx3RHX7LJRz

“Yes. I have read enough books to know what it looks like,” Lillie responded, “Nebby was being attacked by some Murkrow and he went to help. Nebby became frightened and their power destroyed the bridge. Tapu Koko then swooped in and rescued both.”copyright protection24PENANAXlLieRijFW

“Interesting… very interesting,” Hala muttered under his breath as he stroked his chin.copyright protection24PENANA1PqsQXxoCO

            Something gleaming beneath the moonlight caught his attention and he knelt down. He picked up some strange stone and admired it.copyright protection24PENANAnaSfSQnDze

“Mr. Pierce… I need you to visit my home tomorrow morning,” Hala told me.copyright protection24PENANAdxAYPOP78v

“Why?” I questioned.copyright protection24PENANA3aktCbraz4

“It will be easier to show you tomorrow than to explain to you tonight,” Hala responded.copyright protection24PENANAZXfRd7HAKh

            Cryptic old men. I simply nodded and watched as Hala left with the strange stone in hand. Professor Kukui then led Lillie away after she fought to get Nebby back in the bag. Only Violet and I were left on the cliff’s edge, the waterfall continuing its cascade behind us.copyright protection24PENANAOXOpWDdLLl

“So… did you beat Hala?” I asked to break the silence.copyright protection24PENANAgPwBj8MKjm

“No. We heard screams from up here and had to postpone our battle,” Violet responded, narrowing her eyes at me.copyright protection24PENANAPij4awbS7W

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you,” I apologized.copyright protection24PENANA9VUXkQByBm

“It’s okay. I just got worried and when I saw that you had followed some strange girl into the woods at night…,” Violet responded before trailing off.copyright protection24PENANAUScqtvzgfS

            I snickered a little and inched closer to her. Violet shot me an annoyed look, but I still dared to pull her into a hug.copyright protection24PENANAC4bV9lslez

“We’ve been together for so many years…,” I told her.copyright protection24PENANAhnvblQ1WoD

“I will push you over that cliff if you say I was jealous,” Violet threatened.copyright protection24PENANAjjwvJ00jgg

            Seriously. Her parents definitely forgot to put the n in between the e and the t in her name. I kept my arm around her waist and led her back down the trail toward Iki Town.copyright protection24PENANAbSlnOuJhPX

“Do you wanna stay at Iki Town a bit longer or should we head back to the hotel where I can show you that you don’t have to worry about me “following some strange girl into the woods at night”?” I questioned, waggling my eyebrows at her.copyright protection24PENANAQ7lmjGckCB

“Is sex all you ever think about, Damon?” Violet asked me.copyright protection24PENANAYWVvrFvrYM

“When I can have it with someone as beautiful as you are? Yes. Every damn second of the day,” I responded.copyright protection24PENANAIaF3xtxgKn

            Violet laughed at my response and I did a little mental yippee. The festival in Iki Town had started to die down and the locals who were of age were beginning to drink, so I definitely did not want to hang around any longer.copyright protection24PENANAeBvzYOfa9S

~Flashback~copyright protection24PENANAM7OHDfm9Hk

            I was sixteen-years old and I was standing outside a restaurant where Violet and I had our first date. My mother was going to pick us up and I was trying to fight off my embarrassment over the matter. What guy wants his mom to even be involved in his first date? I saw that familiar van pull into the parking lot and my heart sank when I saw it swerve. copyright protection24PENANAVpuAs240jP

“Whoa,” Violet remarked, “Someone is definitely too drunk to drive.”copyright protection24PENANAoxqT6oHlzQ

“That’s my Mom,” I revealed.copyright protection24PENANAelY23BipKZ

            She looked at me in shock and I grimaced as the van pulled up to us lopsidedly. The passenger window rolled down and my mother stared out at us.copyright protection24PENANAKFpfgShkSA

“Wow she is so pretty, Damon,” she told me, “You’re so pretty. Hi, I’m Damon’s Mommy… I… I can show you his baby pictures if ya… if ya want?”copyright protection24PENANA9h8AaeYRAy

“Give us a moment?” I asked Violet, pleading with her with my eyes. copyright protection24PENANAIOUGQXh9n2

            She nodded and offered a sympathetic smile. I approached the passenger window and leaned into the van.copyright protection24PENANA87IynYqFjj

“What the hell, Mom? You’re drinking again?” I asked. copyright protection24PENANAfsAn3KC2Cc

“No. You’re drinking again,” she responded.copyright protection24PENANAAk1u0Rri1P

            I groaned and immediately took the keys out of the ignition. I pulled out of the van and drew my cell phone so I could call my father. Violet still remained nearby and I felt blessed she did not run away yet. copyright protection24PENANAlaW3Ik28Zl

“Dad… Mom’s drunk and she drove out to where I had my date,” I told him.copyright protection24PENANArfO1DRMfTo

“H-Hey,” my mother said, getting out of the van, “Don’t tell your father.” copyright protection24PENANArtIsYJkq2l

“Too late, Mom. I can’t let you drive like this,” I said. copyright protection24PENANAfnwcqewsnv

            My mother then reached for the keys, but I stepped out of the way, and she stumbled by me. copyright protection24PENANAOOKCQnuCDn

“Damn it, Mom! Just… take a seat,” I ordered her, pointing at a table. copyright protection24PENANA05RJxQsSgu

“I am… your mother. Don’t… y-yell at me,” she responded.copyright protection24PENANAevRKIiZeLm

            I did not say anything else to her and hung up the phone with my dad after he told me he was on his way. My mother did not go over to the table; however, and instead kept clinging to me and messing with my hair.copyright protection24PENANAKzavc1SGDv

“Stop,” I told her.copyright protection24PENANA4EAWo8MQ12

“I’m your mother…,” she tried responded, but my irritation over the whole ordeal finally boiled over. copyright protection24PENANAlgyd1gw0vh

“You’re hardly a mother when you drink like this!” I shouted at her, grabbing the attention of quite a few people passing by. copyright protection24PENANAmfRxK3zDKd

            My mother sobered up enough to scowl at me and then she slapped me across the face. I was shocked. I wanted to cry. I was sixteen and I wanted to cry because my intoxicated mother just hit me in public. My face tingled a bit and I looked away from my mother, who looked just as shocked as I was. She covered her mouth, gasped into her hands, and then reached toward me, but I ran off. copyright protection24PENANA9ORKKfTx6U

            I kept running. I was so tired of it. She had been sober for two years, but good things never last. I found a park nearby that was mostly empty, so I took a seat on one of the swings and idly moved back and forth. copyright protection24PENANAAsb8GcpccU

“You okay, Damon?” Violet asked me.copyright protection24PENANAtzak7VoGz8

            I looked up at her. She had run after me. I laughed a little bit. Then I cried, so she sat on the swing next to me and planted a hand on my shoulder for the longest time. I knew we had only gone on one date, but I honestly felt I had already found the one. Sometimes it is remarkable how foolish you think when you are sixteen, but sometimes… you’re just right.copyright protection24PENANATIXLsI1lf8

~End Flashback~copyright protection24PENANAgPArYgDntQ

            Violet and I were back at our hotel and in the hall outside the room. I had her pinned against the door, her legs around me, and her tongue fighting mine inside my mouth. As she was doing this to me, I was trying to unlock the damn door. I finally did and I carried her into the room, slamming the door behind us. We broke apart and winced, laughing a little bit at the slammed door, and then resumed kissing. I carried her over to the bed and lay her down on it. I descended upon her and traced both hands against the sides of her voluptuous form. I hooked her suspenders with my thumbs and pulled them away from her shoulders. They fell slack against the bed and then I was on my back before I even realized it.copyright protection24PENANAiWqthxpGeY

            Violet straddled my lap and grabbed my wrist. She pulled my hand to her breast and I squeezed with a carnal grin on my face. Violet then pinned my hand down and used her other to remove her top, revealing the black lace bra she wore underneath. She tossed the white v-neck aside and descended upon me. Her lips against mine, her chest against mine, and my free hand smacking her on the ass. It was pure euphoria. Then I felt Violet’s free hand tease at the zipper to my jeans as she dominated me with her tongue.copyright protection24PENANAP7GMT9vUuK

            She then paused, sat up, and stared down at me with those icy blue eyes. I was about to question her, but then I was blinded by that aforementioned lacy black bra.copyright protection24PENANA2LADczTQXm

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