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Short Story
[ literally anything ]
Writer shay
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[ literally anything ]
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By shay
Sep 15, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ngksHRrHQ0Gfqfofpwuiposted on PENANA

valuecopyright protection5PENANAAbFcwlwUNZ

ˈvaljuː/copyright protection5PENANApbfJDXB5Er

nouncopyright protection5PENANA6kHwA5MZCh

noun: value; plural noun: valuescopyright protection5PENANAhcsXpYjWS6

1.the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.copyright protection5PENANAVhia1V7C0M

[Google]copyright protection5PENANA476LEHRrHt

As the teacher chatters on, lecturing of the importance of the food groups, he sneaks his phone under the desk, absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram without a care in the world. He moves on to text his friend in another classroom, cracking jokes and exchanging stories of today. copyright protection5PENANAIZGaW69f21

"Hello miss! I was just wondering if you could spare a bit of change. You see, I'm trying to save up for school, miss, it would really help, even just a few dollars!" his eyes light up with hope on his thin face, enthusiastic and upbeat, compared to his dirt-caked nails and tattered clothes.copyright protection5PENANAmXjE8kAfXB

The woman glances around, embarrassed with dread as she felt herself being cornered by the innocent child. "Er- I'm sorry, little guy- I've got no- that is to say--"copyright protection5PENANA11I8NmQEOx

His smile falters as he hears the repeated lies, but he convinces himself it is the truth. He shapes a smile on his pure face. "Oh, that's quite alright ma'am, have a nice day!"copyright protection5PENANA8wwOHsUQIX

He's not the slightest bit surprised nor, shockingly, resentful, when he spots her buying herself a coffee a few minutes later.copyright protection5PENANAS5UcK2xkiu

On the other side of the room, a girl rolls her eyes, shaking her shiny brown hair out of her face, staring out the window. She plays with her hair, wondering who on earth could pay attention to the bore of a woman. She thinks of the amazing things she could be doing right now, perhaps a manicure would be nice, and she could possibly meet the new boy that just arrived.copyright protection5PENANAVkwEtj1jYP

Glancing at the teacher for the slightest of seconds, she hastily pops a chewing gum into her mouth, and continues ignoring the teacher's words. The watermelon flavour spreads across her tongue and she lets out a sigh of boredom.copyright protection5PENANAQ6lnU2QPTy

She takes a deep breath as she approaches the older men, who stare at her hungrily, not an ounce of second thoughts for her pure heart and clean mind. The leader, it seems as if, gives a crooked smile.copyright protection5PENANAMLEHXoKuI2

"Back already, princess?" he coos, and she winces. "Aren't you a little whore?"copyright protection5PENANAZEnviQPk9N

When she doesn't reply, he grabs her by the hair and she gasps of pain, the tension on her scalp making her eyes water. He spits on her face and throws her to the dirt-covered ground, knocking over several empty beer bottles.copyright protection5PENANA90TvnOyeEr

"Double the price, sir," she whispered through choked breaths, tears streaming down her face. The men sneer at this, but they would agree.copyright protection5PENANANqcr8aPSEy

They would always agree.copyright protection5PENANAVDdi9w9YQj

The boy at the back gives a small snore before he jerks awake at the teacher's tone, rubbing his tired eyes, hastily glancing at his neighbour's book before flipping over the pages of his own. He runs a hand through his messy hair. Despite his lack of attentiveness, he doesn't regret the games he spent playing late last night, up until four A.M. He probably will continue play into and past the devil's hour today as well, and tomorrow, and the night after that and the night after thatcopyright protection5PENANALZjFvHt3W7

"Take out your homework, everyone!" the teacher smiles. The boy groans in frustration. He didn't even remember what the homework was about, much less completed it. Were they still learning about obtaining minerals and water, or did they jump ahead to start the circulatory system? Were they even doing Biology?copyright protection5PENANAuJyHaHR0zw

"What are you still up for, little one?" the older man asks kindly, worried for his young coworker. The younger boy looks up with tired but smiling eyes, his fingers red and covered in blisters, but he doesn't seem affected when he continues packaging the food.copyright protection5PENANAyv9MOjiXh8

"I offered to take another shift, since, you know, Mr Medley is sick."copyright protection5PENANAh38BIDjcGf

"My boy, you've already taken your night shift yesterday! How long did you manage to sleep for in the morning? I saw you here at eight in the morning as well!"copyright protection5PENANAkbYTS8AJ8a

An exhausted chuckle left his lips, and he looked about ten years older than he actually was. The wrinkles on his face etched for what seemed permanently.copyright protection5PENANAgHFqtuJLs0

"I need the money, Mr Jones," he coughed, and the older man clapped his back worriedly. The small boy's smile dropped completely, now set with fierce determination, and passion burned in his eyes. "I want a chance."copyright protection5PENANAUJ32kMGDYn

"Time for the previous topic's test, you didn't think I'd forgotten, did you all?" the teacher chuckles as the kids groaned and facepalmed collectively. Grumbling as they took out their notepads, the teacher started writing the numerous questions on the board.copyright protection5PENANASiyQbrZLb8

The young girl that sat in the far corner chewed on her pencil as she stared at the questions in front of her. State how plants and human obtain their minerals. Describe the process of which water travels from the soil to the air through plants. What is active transport?copyright protection5PENANAWrPCRj6A4y

Needless to say, she didn't bother studying. Well, she knew she should've, but calling her friends seemed more exciting and that one boy simply had to start texting her yesterday out of all days. She just couldn't pass that opportunity.copyright protection5PENANABZiF1CrIgq

With a deep breath, she subtly peeked at her neighbour's paper, and her hand started writing.copyright protection5PENANA58IEZU6ZFh

She hated doing this, but she absolutely had to. She saw the student, in her ironed uniform and neat hair, toss her bag near on the bench as she followed her friends to order their food. She snuck over, her eyes darting over the places in paranoia, when she finally reached the bag. With one last eyeful of the clean, carefree girl who giggled with her friends, she opened the flap of the bag and grabbed two random books before taking off.copyright protection5PENANA7CIWeAgkbk

She darted pass her sleeping mother and curled up in her tissue-stuffed mattress. Pulling the bundle of stitched clothing that acted as a blanket for her over her head, she grabbed the flashlight she found at the dumpster and with a few nicked batteries, she turned it on, its dim light barely shining on the glossy pages of the book.copyright protection5PENANATNkbsmOU44

And throughout the night, she read.copyright protection5PENANAkad3OcXUcD

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