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Chapter 1: Risers
Jul 20, 2018
32 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SbXgESihYdp5JRkPbegAposted on PENANA
The midday sun rose bright over the sprawling city of Sphinx. Great shining skyscrapers shot into the sky in a cascading circular pattern radiating from the centre. The central structure stood high over the city acting as a landmark for lost travellers. A great beam of green energy constantly pulsed from in between two giant spiral cobras facing the beam with jaws open, it was simply known as Apis. A flock of Ibis flew over the city in a southward direction passing over structures of various architectural designs.  Underneath them, vast highways spanned to and fro within the massive framework laden with heavy traffic and airways filled with automated drones. The flock dove low into the air over a dilapidated section, aptly named the scar, of the city where blackened ruins scattered across the desert sands jutted out of the flowing dunes. A thick man made canal flowed past this section acting as a barrier between the past and present. It still bustled with merchants and fishing ships and acted as an important artery for the city flowing from the Nile into it's centre.
 A large ship with odd angular designs pulsing in a faint red pattern powered through the water at nearly breakneck speed. The waves pushed up from its stern, where a symbol of a snakes head in the shape of an s was visible, rocked the small beat up speed boat in pursuit. Two stood upon its deck in wait for the right moment to strike. A father and son in the depths of a journey to avenge the death of their matron. They found themselves chasing the home of the data they sought.
"Alri' son, are ya ready?" an old grizzled man well into his fifties said in a gruff foreign accent down to the last of his family. Both have been chasers since soon after the boy could walk and talk. Everything the man knew he instilled in his son. He couldn’t be any prouder to see those skills blossoming at the most important time of their lives.
"I have to be pa, these bastards took momma," the family’s matron was slaughtered for information she had on a rival corporation.  The boy resented and despised both companies for their involvement and wanted nothing but revenge against them for what has been pushed upon them,  "they're gunna pay for it today!"
"Good, then as soon as we reach that ship, ya jump with all yur might." The two spent all night and day chasing this group down, getting into fight after fight and using their knowledge of backstreets and alleys to keep up with the advanced movement speeds of these "Risers", as they've come to be called. Though they've only dreamt of setting foot in the great city of Sphinx city designs were all alike save for a few quirks. The backstreets always ended in the same ways and wound around the city like unused Veins. The Risers have been a thorn in societies side since before world war broke out thirty years ago and conspiracies state they were involved in starting it. Most experts have come to agree it would have ended in almost certain doom for civilised society-and still might due to the weakened state the world is in-if not for the rival coalition of companies that rose up to stamp down the superpowers of the world before nuclear war spread. 
It's one of the members of this coalition that his mother had info on.  She didn't give it willingly, so the Risers killed her and extracted the information from her brain. A gruesome process-the skull cracked open to reveal the brain and a needle injected into the portion that stores memory to pull out RNA from it to turn into viable data-that left both of them scarred due to it being done as they lay bound and helpless. 
The pilot of the little boat came quickly upon the stern of the Riser ship. The father yelled out a quick "thank you!" before they both jumped onto the aft of the ship. The captain of the small boat, a small time fishermen who decided to help the two, drifted away from the altercation before he could be identified. The two landed on the deck with a loud thud and rolled each to a different side. The crew of the Riser ship turned upon them the instant they landed.  Black and red security suits overlaid by ceramic plating of various shapes made them an intimidating force. Yet even their advanced visors, with situational awareness, were no match for a father and son seeking revenge.  
The struggle happened quickly, and ended nearly as fast, as the son rolled into the first member of the crew, knocking him flat on his back. His father stepped down onto the visor, cracking glass directly into the man's eyes. The second came up swinging an electric shamshir-shaped baton of moderate length. The father ducked and swung a hard fist into his gut cracking the ceramics and causing the man to keel over. 
"Go below deck and find the server son, go! " The boy ran off without so much as a word. With fighting still heard up above, he crept down into the belly of the ship.  Odd wires and tubes hung from the ceiling in random directions and an effulgent glow of red permeated from fibre optics running along the floor. The inside of the ship was a tangled mess of a maze of electricity and panels. The boy followed the wires deeper inside past a couple of monitors displaying vitals of crew and an interface of some sort. At least four crew members were displayed as incapacitated. The boy eventually, with much trial and error, came to a large doorway with a huge box-like structure in the next room. Glowing patterns and lights blinked in random orders on its surface and it hummed with an uneasy tone that seemed to creep into the boys mind. 
Without much hesitation, the boy lunged past the guard that sat beside the inner doorway and stuck a driver into the server.  The guard immediately stood and rushed at the boy. "Hey you little brat, come here!" The boy dodged his fist and ducked under a small pipe sticking out of the server. He turned to face his adversary and saw the pipe was labelled "coolant". With a smile the boy stepped back with his hands up. "Hey, I don't have trouble with you man, just who you work for". 
"I don't care squirt." he charged over the pipe towards him and the boy kicked it as hard as he could.  The pipe exploded upwards in a spraying mist of freezing cold chemicals. The body of the guard fell to the floor locked up and frozen. The boy jumped back and ran around the machine to get back to the drive. It finished downloading what it needed to, in exchange for a quick working virus that began to shut the ships automated systems down. The result of a chase they were hired on to do a long time ago. He pulled it out and began the escape back to the surface.  Dodging pipes and wires spurting electricity and flames...the boy made it back to the top deck. The only thing he noticed among the vast towers and other civilian boats was a dozen Riser airships flying towards them as his father was running towards the helm. Easily ten men lie dead or seriously injured on the deck of the ship.
"dad we have to move now! "The boy began to rush after his father to the helm.
"I know son hold on tight now," the ship lurched forward as he pushed on the control stick causing his son to stumble back before catching a large pole that would've been a mast on older ships.  This seemed to be a transmitter instead. Water began to slosh onto the deck as his father dodged boats and lane dividers rushing headlong into oncoming shipping traffic.  A sleek airship passed in front of them and maintained distance ahead of them as it began spurting out loud soundwaves and others began launching torpedoes into the water around them. The boy knelt down and began holding his ears against the onslaught before noticing one of the knocked out men at his feet. 
He quickly rushed to take the helmet off of the man and put over his own head.  The sound quickly dissipated and at the same instant the man woke and began screaming and rolling in pain. The boy snatched another and ran up to his father handing it to him. The pain that was visible vanished with his shoulders relaxing, control of the ship regained. A Riser dropship flew overhead quickly dropping several assault droids onto the deck.  They're getting serious now. Up to this point they've only been dealing with this one crew of Riser employs but now full on assault droids equipped with carbonization beams and individual virtual intelligence have been brought in.  This info his Mom had must be highly valuable. 
A droid aimed towards the boy and readied to fire. The boy scooped up a Riser lying on the floor and blocked himself. The mans chest disappeared in a puff of smoke to the boys amazement. He pulled a pistol of the dead mans hip and fired at the droid. The bullet ripped through the robots chest straight through its nav computer. It walked right off the side of the boat before much longer and a second stood from its fall and leapt at the clear and present threat.
It pinned him down to the metal plating underneath him and raised a large titanium fist. Red lights blinked from inside its eye sockets the light bouncing off of the pole beside them. The boy saw a panel loose with sparking wires sticking out and a wisp of smoke rising from behind its casing. The grip of the bot was far too strong to wrestle away from so the boy decided to slam his fist into its arm as it barrelled downward at his face.
It caused the metal fist to slam into the viral wires of the ship and electrocute the thing. His fist stung with pain as a faint pang of fear crept into the boys chest before it was relieved by the droid releasing its grip before the electricity crept down to the boys chest. The bot then stood and attacked one of its allies. The two grappled with each other before falling into the rushing waters.
"damn son, i'm heading for that dock hold on tight and be ready to run! " the father exclaimed before lurching the craft to the left directly towards a civilian fishery. 
"what?  Dad no! " the boy thought he must have been crazy they'll die for sure.  There was no convincing him before the craft pounded into the side of the building launching them both forward through the windshield of the ship. The remaining droids disappeared into the building at the same time. Everything went black as the boy slammed into the ground beside his father. The last thing heard was the humming from dropships outside and screams from workers of the fishery as footsteps rushed inward towards them. 
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There he stood, the sunlight inching up toward high noon, on the banks of the Nile canal. The great city of sphinx at his back and the ruins of the past ahead of him. He always felt an odd inkling towards the scar. It pulled on him like an itch. Never letting go even when he’s in other countries. Almost as if there’s something he has to do there. Or someone perpetually in trouble. 
The solid six foot tall man stood staring up at the walls built to keep the old locked away from the new. A feeble attempt at burying the past. His eyes darted about the facade looking for any protrusions. He finally glimpsed one and began a quick nimble climb over its surface. He landed softly on the other side. Immediately an air of unease washed away the falsehood of safety. It was always here, no matter how many expeditions he made into the scar.
Drexx turned and found he now stood below a 10 foot crumbled wall with ivy and moss creeping up it's surface. The scar stretched far into the southern reaches of the city of sphinx. With his wedding in just a few hours Drexx felt adventurous and decided to try and map out a small section of it.  He made a small time living on mapping out old sectors of the sprawling city or lost ruins jutting out far into the desert and selling them off to companies looking to stake a claim in these dilapidated buildings. He brushed aside his shoulder length brown hair and reached up for a hand hold in the crumbling facade. The noise of the city behind him disappeared as he concentrated on climbing the pile of rubble to peer over into the scar itself. 
It didn't take long for him to reach the top of the weak wall and see over the edge. Deep shadows cascaded along rocky crags and broken pillars. Old cars lay scattered in heaps and destruction still lay the inners of the buildings bare. Looters and scavengers have long since cleaned the structures out of valuables and scrap. This particular structure he was looking up at seemed to be some sort of parking garage. Wind blew up from the scar and brought a thick foul smell with it. Something like rotting death. Slight movement caught his eye to the left inside the structure proper. Nothing lived inside the scar except mutated unfortunates and vagrants.  A very dangerous area for a single man to be wandering on his own.  But Drexx wasn't an ordinary cartographer he was battle ready equipped with stolen and modded Riser tech. 
A full heads up display showing vitals, situational awareness and structural integrity statistics. Health readings pulsed on his forearm displaying oxygen levels and  blood counts. Body armour casing wrapped his body with environmental protection from low degree fires or concentrations of gasses. The suit itself strong enough to withstand most weapons used by the risers themselves who often patrol the scar for reasons unknown. He put his hand up to his ear and a visor shot over his face and pulsed a scan of the structure revealing the inside with clarity.  Not only did human vagrants and mutants reside in the upper levels but also strange creatures in the darkest reaches.  Townsfolk in the outer circles of Sphinx often regale each other with tales of unnatural beings and monsters lurking within the scar. These tales were only just that mostly tales to the city dwellers.  Drexx knew all too well that they were true. He tangled with more than a few of the ghastly creatures in his time exploring the scar. 
A light flashed on his wrist with a quiet ping. An alarm he set for being almost late to his wedding.  "damn" a rolling Coptic accent mixed with a touch of modern finesse. Quickly turning around he leaped off the small wall and landed with a light burst of air from his soft fall boots. Deciding to head back towards his wedding, held in the third circle of sphinx not too far from the scar, he turned toward the street and stepped in the general direction he had to go. Not far from where he was a bridge ran across the river to the outter most circle of the city.  Addresses were set up in a spiral pattern emanating from Apis being 1 all the way to the last hone built being somewhere in the tens of thousands. On this side where the scar sat nothing existed except barren desert far into the Egyptian countryside.  Several farms and towns dotted the landscape reaching towards what was once lower Egypt. The desert itself has seemed to have changed from the barren wasteland that elders always talk about. The new Pharaonic dynasty has aided in ushering in anew golden age world wide.
Before he reached too far towards the bridge he noticed a chase across the river from where he was.  Two figures, one barely a teen,  ran from Risers through a thick crowd of people.  Knowing the Risen that crowd could be hurt. Espwcially seeing the force the two fled from. A full assault fleet hovered overhead dropping troops in their way and even assault droids.  Drexx’s distrust and abhorrence for the Risen drove him to choose helping the two rather than ignoring it.  He also felt as if another force called upon him to act.  Something in his conscious wouldn't let him walk away this time. He scanned the river for any other avenue of crossing and his visor lit up several ships that would align perfectly in just a few seconds. 
He quickly shot forward with a boost of speed from his suit and reached the shore just in time to jump onto a civilian cruiser passing in front of him.  He pushed through several men and women probably on a tour of the city "excuse me,  coming through, look out." before air pushed out from his suits propulsion jets pushing him slightly into the air as he jumped towards the next vessel. A ship with green and orange designs running along its bow with a large blue symbol shining from its stern. He didn’t get a great look at it but it was probably a United Corporations vessel.  These are in opposition to the Risers who have been largely toying with the populace.  The U. C built and owns most of Sphinx but as long as no dirt is dredged up about the Risers operations nothing can be done. 
An operative on the ship attempts to stop Drexx who just stepped onto restricted territory, " stop there sir! " his hand brushed Drexx's shoulder before he let it drop. The man had a small air of authority about him.
Drexx waved him off passing in between him and a wall to the cabin of the ship before launching himself towards a fishing metal felucca. He could hear the man behind him talking to a superior through his headset something about him being odd and describing the Riser activity on the far bank. Likely that company was going to follow the commotion as well. The man on the felucca immediately jumped up on the deck swinging a baton at Drexx. He dodged it and did a side flip towards the water where just in time a large drone flying low passed under him. He landed on it and used his weight to drive the drone into the right direction directly over the crowd the chase was going to reach in no time. 
As he leaped into the crowd several saw him and cleared a landing area. He grunted as he landed and looked towards the pair running at him.  The crowd quickly grew aware that they were in danger and began scrambling out of the way. He stood and flipped on the battle suite in the suits mods.  Instantly highlighting possible innocents and enemies in green to red respectively.  The two individuals stopped short as they saw him standing in their way. He motioned them to move behind him. They were hesitant at first but the younger urged the older to follow the order. He was definitely distant from the idea due to Drexx having on a Riser suit only with different colours. 
The Risers giving chase stopped in their tracks and began to close off avenues of escape. "hand them over chaser.  We have no quarrel with you." The one speaking stepped forward from the rest with a carbonizing rifle in his hands. Drexx was no Chaser and being assumed so aggravated him. These two must have been Chasers then. He disliked the group as vagrants that hindered progress but regardless what the Risers had in store was nothing he wished upon others. Especially a kid. 
Drexx looked behind him to the pair.  They were clearly tired. And beaten. They both had bruises all over them amd their clothes were tattered into naught but rags.  He motioned towards them then shook his head back at the leader. "they're not going anywhere but to safety with me." The leader acts agitated and raises his gun toward Drexx. 
"then all three of you are going to die here. " He pulled the trigger and immediately a puff of smoke wafted off of Drexxs chest without so much as a sound from the rifle. "what? "
"Heh you should be more well informed about your enemies Riser. " At that the man holstered his gun to his back and charged at Drexx.  The awareness in his suite notified him of a weakened plate on the man's left side. Drexx utilized that opening and blocked the man's first hook punch and wrapped his arm around his back and kicked hard into the man's side shattering the plating there and driving several chunks into his flesh. The Riser fell to his knees in pain and yelled out a command to take the three down. Clearly outnumbered and surrounded Drexx jumped to one side whip kicking another in the face shattering his visor and creating an opening.  Without hesitation the pair bolts through the opening and Drexx drops a smoke bomb onto the ground.  Even though these guys have tech to see through the dense fog it still takes a moment to register giving the trio vital escape time. 
"follow me I know the area well" Drexx yelled back to the two as he dodged into an alleyway lined with restaurant signs and automated grocery stores. It was ragged and dirty but the three didn’t care. The other two immediately followed suit feeling comfort at finding an ally. Drexx ducked into a small tavern off to one side and barged through the back to reach an exit
A burly woman with her hair bunched up in a bun and an apron covered in butchered blood blocked his way and turned to him. "ah so now ya thinkin yur good enuf to barge through n pummel me tavern eh Drexx?! "
"Bella calm down these two are bein chased by the Risers.  Im helpin em out to safety. " Drexx stood anxious knowing the Risers were close by. 
"Oi wot's that then?  These scrawny pipsqueaks wanted by the Isers eh?  Well any enemy o thems a freind o mine go on through.  But Drexx ya still owe me lad!"
"ill make that up to ya Bella. Thanks again" He motioned for the others to follow as a commotion rose up in the bar behind them.  Seems the girls were keeping the Risers busy for now. They exited into another back alley and made their way to an undercropping of fences and grasses. His wedding and hired security lay just beyond that.  "Right through here guys. " He held open a small cut in the fencing for them to pass through.
As the trio passed into a fenced enclosure the wind picked up around them as a Riser dropship hovered overhead. Several men in more advanced armours dropped down and aimed their weapons at them.  Their visors already lit the smoke wont buy any time. Drexx stood between the two and the Risers in a standoff.  The Risers seemed to be waiting for him to make the first move.  The hum of the dropship over them created a deafening din. As the silence grew and the pair behind him became noticeably antsy his situational awareness noticed something else overhead.  A second ship drawing near. The Risers didn't seem to take note of the approaching visitor. "get ready to run. That way there's a small opening between the fences. " He motioned to a couple of fences jumbled together underneath a large building's support struts.
Before long the Riser ship got slammed against the lower portion of a building causing the ground units to look towards it.  It was a dropship with the same designs as the U. C boat that Drexx passed across. The three took this opportunity to slip away from  the Risers again. This time they didn't  give chase due to several troops dropping down and a loud firefight ensued behind them. They could hear explosions and gunfire ring through the area. Fighting had broken out in many areas around them as if they were caught in the middle of a war. Drexx's wedding was being held in a lavish atrium just above them a few stories up. Hopefully safe from harm. Somehow he felt as if he was too late. If there was heated fighting down below there must be something important to have prompted it. An elevator sat not too far from them but was only meant for secure access.  He used his suit to get down here so they needed to find another way up.  Looking around there was nothing but support structures and fences all around. "damn.  Allright we’re at a loss here. That elevator wont work without specific access permissions.  You guys got any ideas?"
"if I member correctly thataway there's a maintenance shaft we might be able ta use" the older one said.  The younger stayed quite. It must be far. When Drexx looked in the direction he spoke he couldn't  see the shaft he spoke of. Footsteps stomped towards them.  Only a couple now when there were at least a dozen Risers back there.  That other troup must have handled them pretty well. Several bullets hailed past the group from behind two Riser soldiers. An explosion rang out from somewhere above them and rubble slammed into to the ground not far from them "looks like we're still bein' followed sir! We move now!" the three immediately ran in the direction of the shaft. 
Before long the fences closed in on their route. Only a small opening lay before them through the twelve foot tall fence. Immediately the younger dodged through and almost kept running before turning to see the elder standing with the man in armour on the other side. "dad come on! Come through! " his eyes lit up with expectation and a touch of fear. Drexx turned to look at the man whose face was turned away and lowered to the ground looking at his closed fist. He was lost in thought.
"I can't fit through there son,” Tears streamed down his hard cheeks as he looked through the thin barrier to his son. The boy grabbed the fence and shook it screaming that he can make it. “Looks like this is it," he turned toward Drexx. Who could feel an air of sorrow wash over the scene. “I'm sure that fancy suit can getcha through somehow," He held out a small flash drive. "Me n ma wife died for this data. Put it to good use against..." He was cut off as a thick circle appeared through his shoulder. He screamed in pain as Drexx grabbed the drive. "get outta here!” he turned and charged toward the Risers shooting at him. Drexx fought back the urge to chase him down but knew his suit couldn’t handle that mans weight. He slipped the drive into a slot on his armour and looked to the boy who was distraught and struggling to get through the fence as he cried out for his father. Drexx air-jumped over the fence scooped up the kid who was clinging to the fence yelling at his father.
"no let me go! We have to help him please!" the boy fought with Drexx all the way to the shaft where his father fighting off the Risers was out of sight. The boy kicked and screamed against Drexx's hold. The shaft consisted of a series of ladders and platforms. Easily scalable for Drexx but the boy would have to get up on his own.  The air-jump wasn’t powerful enough for both.  Drexx set the boy down and pushed the visor off.  The boy sat distraught in the brown grass and falling dust.
"hey kid. That was your dad huh? " The boy didn't answer "hey talk to me.  My name is Drexx what's yours?"
"everyone calls me Tutor." The boy responded reluctantly. Clearly he didn’t want to talk about the situation. Both parents were gone now.
"Is that because your smart? You must be to be able to take this from the Risers." He held up the flash drive. Small sleek and with designs that seemed familiar to him.
"y-yeah," tears started streaming down his cheeks. "why did he...why? " He looked down and covered his face in his hands.
"so you could live on Tutor. I know I don't seem trustworthy wearing the same suit as those guys but don't you worry. I hate those bastard corporations probably more than you do." The boy looked up at him an odd twinkle in his eyes. "now lets get up this shaft.  It'll take some work and skill are you up for it? "
Tutor stood up and looked up the shaft.  It was a mangled mess of loose panels old ladders and broken railings. Perhaps the scar wasn't the only mark left by the war. Despite how scary it looked to him the boy nodded toward Drexx. "I have to trust you.  Dad seemed to have." He wiped his tears away and contained his sadness behind a quivering lip.
"good now I have greater reach than you let me scan this thing and find your best route ok?" Tutor nodded as Drexx stood putting the visor back across his face. He looked up and scanned for the boys route.  A calming voice echoed out from inside his head. 
"all routes seem perilous yet the outlined blue path is with the lowest probability of failure given the boys stature Drexx" it chimed off with a ding as always.  Drexx never knew what that voice was. He always received it. At least since he was very young and still had a family.  His parents raised him catholic and only after his baptism,  late as it was and in the very canal he had crossed not too long ago,  at 10 did he start receiving it.  They told him it was the voice of the great Keter.  No matter how much prodding he gave to the voice only the name he would get back. 
"I don't see any blue sir. " Drexx looked down to him wondering at the statement.
"Keter is an amazing thing would you like to see? " Something inside him compelled him to say that to the boy even he was dumbstruck by what the boy implied. That he could hear what he thought only he could.
The voice chimed in again,  "I can bless him with my knowledge as you have been if need be Drexx. " Blessed? That was new.
"blessed? " the boy seemed confused.  A newer age of people seemed to forget or abandon religion. They bieved far more in fact and reason. The world that revolved around them was their god.
“wait you heard that?” Drexx looked down to the child finally past the small shock. The voice chimed in again almost lifelike and smooth if a bit ragged. “The boy already has the blessed blood. It only needs to be activated.” 
The thought of someone else hearing Keter left Drexx stunned. Before too long a faint hum could be heard in the distance along with the sounds of gunfire. Some explosion over head pusged hot aor down the shaft. “damn they’re on their way. Ok Keter do it if it’ll help.”
Almost immediately the boys eyes began to glow a light green. “what is? I feel,” He paused momentarily before looking up at the shaft reacting to something up there “warm. Ok Keter I see the blue path. It looks scary how do I? Ask Drexx?” The boy looked up to Drexx with an air of wonder and amazement in his eyes.
“you start after me I’m going to lower that ladder than stay parallel with you all the way up. If you fall ill catch you don’t worry.” Tutor positioned himself near the ladder in question. Drexx jumped with surprising alacrity into the air reaching the lever to lower the ladder within a few bounds. It shot down as a cloud of dust puffed into the air when it slammed into the ground with a screeching halt. The ladder rattled as it hit the ground with a hard clang.
Tutor grabbed a hold of the first rung of the rickety bent out of shape metal and began to climb. The ladder barely held his weight as he ascended. As he placed his feet on the platform it was attached to the bolts holding it in place rolled out and the ladder fell to the ground. The rest of the way up was far simpler than Tutor anticipated. He leapt and climbed with a new vigour and strength he didn’t know possible. Was this some result of that “blessing”? Or was he simply having fun doing this. He couldn’t be thinking of fun at a time like this could he? He knew that he has just been orphaned and his entire life left in shambles. A pang of guilt struck him in the chest as he reached up for a highlighted outcropping.
Gunfire sprayed upwards from Risers momentarily before they were again occupied by the other troops. His hand slipped and he fell down and passed a flight of stairs before catching himself on its lowermost banister. Drexx soon showed up below him standing on a platform ready to catch him. “can you pull yourself up Tutor?” The boy looked below him to see that he was nearly a hundred metres off the ground. He had no idea he made such a climb so quickly. The area below him was barely holding itself together let alone his weight bounding off of it and climbing over it. All that coupled with fires and explosions he now noticed he would have never made it half way to here before.
He then looked up to see light flooding in from a doorway that the blue highlights ran right into. That had to be the way up onto the highways that crisscrossed the city skyline. “yeah. I think.” He finally replied as he pulled himself up. His arms didn’t even feel tired. They felt refreshed even. How did he get such endurance out of nowhere? Pushing the question from his mind he grabbed the railing and leaped into the air towards stairs opposite him, almost to test himself and the newfound strength. He hit the railing on the other side, ten whole feet up and across the gap. That had to be impossible.
Just at that thought Keter chimed in again. “this is just a basic change in your body from my blessing young one. Much more is capable if you show strength and the will to change what is around you.” He was holding onto a bar not far from the doorway where Drexx now stood. Drexx was unbelievably quick as well. He had the blessing too from what Tutor could gather but was it really this powerful? To turn a young Chaser into a champion of the run?
“Come on my people are through here. We'll take care of you. If you'll accept the offer.” The boy immediately thought about avenging his parents. That he couldn’t take on an entire organization alone. Even if he got more powerful. He h as to trust this man that came to their rescue. Without him the data would be lost and both him and his dad dead. He made one final leap and landed in Drexx's arms. He trembled as he felt tears stream from his eyes. “hey its ok. I hate those bastards too. Together, and with my connections, we'll take em down if its the last thing we do.” For a moment Tutor buried his face in Drexx's chest and continued with Drexx petting his head and comforting him just like mom used to.
Tutor remembered something from a long time ago. Twice had him and mom gotten into trouble and nearly died when he was a toddler. He remembered one long day where he sat curled in his mom's arms crying trapped in an underwater resort that they were staying in. The sunlight stretched down through the water above them and peeped into the atrium they were left alone with a few others in. The moment was terrifying and lonely. Even though his mother sat with him the entire time. Even the general that had been keeping them alive until then had been distraught and clearly showing fatigue. It ended with a group of rescue operatives barging in and beginning to hand out survival supplies. The same woman had saved him twice. The light shining down sparkled on her face. She was a beautiful battered darker skinned woman in combat armour coloured black and yellow with an odd twinkle in her eyes and a strange calming aura about her. She came right up into the atrium. The moment he saw her he sprang up crying and rushed into her arms like they were family. Just like he had done now to Drexx. 
After reliving that Tutor felt the truth in Drexx’s arms. He remembered what his mom had told him that day. Her voice echoed in his mind, “there will always be trouble and some day you’ll be needed to rise up and save someone. Don't hesitate son be the man i know your destined to be.” He wondered if he would ever meet the stoic woman again. He steeled his emotions and looked up to Drexx, the light from the doorway shown on his face young yet it seemed eternally older and strong, and together they stepped into the light on the other side of the broken doorway. Tutor looked out onto a part of the city he only dreamt about seeing. Being the third circle of the city, just past multiple embassy and manufacturing buildings, there sat taller skyscrapers reaching upwards into the sky. Their glass panes shining brilliant in the sunlight. They stood just on the edge of a huge highway suspended in the air just above the tops of some of the shortest buildings lying on the outer edge of the city. Cars and automatic delivery drones whizzed by in hair raising speeds darting off in both directions.
The flock of ibis flew overhead past the cascading buildings off into the beige Qattara depression. The buildings before them rose in various shapes and stonework facades shot outward from their surfaces creating a refreshing mix of modern and ancient techniques that accented the sky above them brilliantly. A great screen sat across the highway from them. A female face rose on the screen talking about current events.
“The united corporations today announced their plans to move their H.Q.  Vimana over the city proper. Pharaoh Menes has released a statement about what that means for the citizens of our great city,”  The broadcast stated “here is what he had to say. ‘citizens of Egypt! Our great city is at risk from a rivalry heavily rooted in the companies of the world. The United Corporations have announced they are moving their main Vimana carrier over the city to better defend against unforseen threats. They believe forces are at work against us and state that they will defend us as they have since before the great war those many years ago!’” The station continued on speaking of how the populace should not be afraid and should continue their daily lives in earnest. 
Just above and behind it rose odd shaped curved buildings that shone with a light blue tint. A great gigantic structure hovered overhead flying towards the central structure Apis. An odd smooth craft with almost alien like features embossed with many patterns and rolling shapes. Three colours made the bulk of the craft. Its main body a shining metallic green with bright orange metallic structures creating highlights across it’s surface. The same light blue as the building ahead of them lie embossed in a strange symbol glowing brightly off its side. Spade shaped in design yet with the tip being open and a sideways crescent capping it off. Two ends curved outward from within the crescent towards two more points at the mid section of the spade, two more wavy lines travelled inwards pointing at its base with a sphere in between. A corcle sat above the sphere with a triangular parallel arch pointing upwards from around the circle. A thick teardrop fell from the sphere at the bootom. The universal symbol of a new age religion cropping up in recent decades. Drexx also recognised it from the shoulder of that other companies troops. The Vimana rose almost menacingly over the ever rising buildings and casted a long thick shadow over the city.
Many smaller craft were pouring out from within the shell of the great craft. Several flew directly towards the light blue structures ahead of them. Drexx immediately ran frantically towards a bridge crossing the river of speeding vehicles. Tutor followed soon after yelling after him to wait. A small fire fight erupted from where they stood just moments ago between the opposing companies. The Risers must have forgotten about the pair for now.
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