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Locked Away
Writer HairyMclarey13
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Locked Away
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Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iBqMfZBWF7rD87L3DLwAposted on PENANA

Olivia’s POVcopyright protection4PENANAJFzP1kXvMt

“Fuck, Jason just gave me this. He’s going to be so mad at me”copyright protection4PENANAJ549Rk8shO

“Is everything alright?”copyright protection4PENANAzIrHQdKtYh

“I don’t know. When was the last time I saw your face?”copyright protection4PENANA3IWCyYWvtJ

“A couple of months ago, before you left on your assignment”copyright protection4PENANAZdO4nGow8G

“Have I always known what you looked like?”copyright protection4PENANAkIpLqfYaIX

“Why are you asking me stupid questions?”copyright protection4PENANAsLGpoenkKR

“Just answer them please J”copyright protection4PENANA3J4SOrycYH

“You saw my face, when we first met about six or seven years ago. But we always just talked on the phone. You saw it again two years ago”copyright protection4PENANASiph4Pw20f

What was the purpose of having my memories wiped? They would have had it a lot easier if they had just killed me. Knowing Jackson though, something must have come up, that required me to resurface. It was really up to him, then I would have died in the that hospital bed. Who else do I know that is no longer in my head? I really hope Melanie is alright. I really hope mum and dad are not affected by this. copyright protection4PENANA0s0GRoVfJF

“What’s going on with you? You said if there was no contact by the end of the week, to send reinforcements but when I returned, you were sitting right in front of me. You look so much different. I almost can’t believe that its you. What happened to you?”copyright protection4PENANA6NpaFdCeqA

“I got injected again, with more than just the drug”copyright protection4PENANAVjTkBXa80a

“Shit. But we flushed your system with our drug. How?”copyright protection4PENANAn0CoHuMCJw

I just simply shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t have the answer for him. I know for a fact that when the cobra drug and the memory drug finally lose there effectiveness, I will be a mess, an angry, over the top mess. It was bad when I was younger but since I have been clean, I know I will be worse this time round. I don’t know what to do anymore. Do I stay here with my family or do I go back? I sunk down to my knees, the tears rolling down my face. So much has happened, and so much has been forgotten. I felt Jeremy’s arms go around me body and I tensed up. I wanted to feel safe in them but I couldn’t think straight. I pushed him off me and stormed away from the house. Later I found myself at the top of the house, sitting in the greenhouse. Thomas has sat beside me a while ago but he still hasn’t spoken yet.copyright protection4PENANAiPjI0ZWDen

“I guess you’ve spoken to Jeremy then?”copyright protection4PENANAe9G7uh5Ep5

“Yeah”copyright protection4PENANAON6rbOVYqF

“What’s up with you? Can you explain to me what happened with the mafia?”copyright protection4PENANAuJvOsvOo92

“I went in and I was fine for about two months. But something happened. Unknown intel came in and I was found out. I ran and without even realising it, I was home. I believe Jackson got to me first but I think his plan derailed. I think thats why he injected me again”copyright protection4PENANALncsvGJAl9

“But I thought the boys pumped our drug through your system. Shouldn’t it be out by now?”copyright protection4PENANAG9WNB8Bx62

“Mr Neale was smart but he wasn’t Jackson smart. Whatever he made, I believe he made to be a little bit more permanent than the last one. Or I was the first test subject”copyright protection4PENANAcALHpddeCm

“Well, we will wait to see what to do with you when Melanie gets here”copyright protection4PENANAgoKtQf9AQv

“What? Melanie is part of this too?”copyright protection4PENANAJwEGjfOVMU

@@@@@copyright protection4PENANAXZvIHVWU9y

Melanie’s POVcopyright protection4PENANAhqW1TNh3n7

“Yeah…….. I understand……….. Don’t worry I will find somewhere to stay…….. Night Sir”copyright protection4PENANAy6EdNYtBTg

I threw my phone in the back of the car. I can’t believe they were shutting me out for the night. I didn’t want to sit in awkward silence with Nathan anymore. I can’t believe I actually kissed him. What will Oli think of me? I mean she hates this guys guts. Fuck why did I have to bring him with me. I should have ignored my heart and killed him when we were back in Cobra territory. But even with the death hit on his head, I still couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid kiss. His lips were softer than I expected. The way he kissed me back, bought a tingle to my stomach. Fuck, I was a princess for gods shake. I needed to have some sort of self control.copyright protection4PENANAwQf2zWXwR7

“We have to stop for the night”copyright protection4PENANA58x2arPrvc

“I thought you said this was a day’s trip”copyright protection4PENANAy3jdh6bKI5

“Somethings happened at the HQ and I will need to rest for a couple of hours anyway”copyright protection4PENANA1eWghwdf25

“Is everything okay? Is Oli okay?”copyright protection4PENANAm7dU9nmZPR

“Yeah she’s fine. Don’t worry about her, she’s a fighter anyway, she’s capable of looking after herself"copyright protection4PENANAbnVuBcAMXj

“Yeah I know”copyright protection4PENANASYyOfPkt4n

It was only a whisper but I still heard it. God, how can a man this hot love a woman who can’t love. Having been given the drug from birth, it really messed up her system. Even though she was off it for those six years, she was still so badly damaged. Jeremy copped the most of it. He would only ever talk to her over the phone but when dragged her to Resistance, it got better than worse. She would love him one day and then nothing for weeks on end. It killed both of them mentally. She eventually needed to get out of the house and was sent on a mission. Little did we know that the first mission was going to be her last with us. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.copyright protection4PENANAyruMlE9HDZ

I started up the car again and searched for a cheap motel for the night. We came across this sleazy one beside the highway, that almost made me want to sleep in the car. But my back pain said no and we managed to get the last room. I flopped onto the bed as soon as the door opened. Nathan groaned and sat in the chair beside the bed.copyright protection4PENANAzPmujYHULE

“I will take the chair”copyright protection4PENANAdDDLrSBMmF

“Take the bed and sleep. I may seem tired but I won’t sleep until I see she’s alright”copyright protection4PENANA9U6EGsjQaX

“It’s alright, you’ve driving all day. Sleep”copyright protection4PENANAPJMce6bV0W

“Only if you sleep next to me”copyright protection4PENANAzezcZ15ANr

“I don’t think that’s a good idea”copyright protection4PENANAgWmnB3QUU0

“Why not?”copyright protection4PENANASKKEWZL7UL

I raised off the bed and faced Nathan. I could see the lust written in his eyes. It seems my little present got more of a rise out of him then I was expecting. I mean he was a good looking man but he was too brainwashed into thinking that a girl who doesn’t love him, will one day turn around and return his love. I guess that must have been a tactic Jackson used to make sure Nathan stayed off his back. It defiantly worked, considering Nathan has never questioned anything that Jackson did. Maybe this little rebellion streak he is starting, will do him some good when we meet my boss. copyright protection4PENANA4uZDHZEMAr

I wondered what more I could get out of him. I crawled towards him and he fidgeted in the armchair. Placing my hands on the sides of the chair, I crawled din closer until our faces were mere inches apart. His breathing was started to deepen and I could see the sweat drip down his forehead. He opened his mouth, probably to tell me to get off him but he just shut it, not trusting his voice. I ran my tongue my lips and watched his struggle to keep a moan inside. He bit lips, trying to move away from me, but he was already squashed up against the back of the armchair.copyright protection4PENANAeRoBe0E4Vy

“I don’t think this is a good idea”copyright protection4PENANA5NiQsfPdnK

I almost let out a moan, just from hearing his deep voice. I could tell he was keeping it all in but I wanted to see him lose control, I wanted to see what it looked like when he was no longer in control of his feelings. Maybe the brainwashing was keeping him from me. copyright protection4PENANAZreZ5VZJIz

“Don’t think what is a good idea?”copyright protection4PENANAbXqAyFAdKv

“Please move away, before I lose control”copyright protection4PENANAMPj4GLkwZI

“I don’t see the downside in that”copyright protection4PENANAgZauYfqXY8

His eyes jumped to mine and I bit my lip. I moved a finger slowly down the side of his face and his breathing started to quicken. I slowly went down his neck and started to trace his abs through his shirt.copyright protection4PENANAxa6XKFCkSm

“Fuck it”copyright protection4PENANAQEcaJTW4pV

My eyes went wide with surprise when he grabbed the back of my neck, pushing our lips together. I let out a deep moan as he started to kiss me. It was even better than the first one. It was rushed but his lips were soft. Nathan wrapped an arm mourned my waist, pulling me from the bed onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling our bodies closer together. God this felt amazing. Being a ripeness defiantly had its downfalls, considering no one ever dared to touch me. I moved my hips against his and started to grind myself over him. He groaned into the kiss before suddenly pushing me off him, making me fall back into the bed.copyright protection4PENANAMFUWaTcARa

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I’m going to take a shower. You should sleep”copyright protection4PENANAJolPm5uZqn

I watched him walk into the bathroom with a frown on my face. He was one messed up man. What I would kill to know what was going on in his messed up head. Sighing, I pushed myself under the covers, dosing off to sleep, just as I heard the shower starting.copyright protection4PENANAmg1yrLsnPR

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