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Locked Away
Writer HairyMclarey13
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Locked Away
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Sep 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lLhniYs2VahJnVeDdpwKposted on PENANA

I knew without a doubt that this was a stupid idea but no one seemed to stop me from grabbing the car keys and heading out the door. Or so I thought. I have no idea how he managed to get downstairs before me but the look on his face disturbed me. He kind of looked proud but disappointed. I must be slowly returning to my normal self.copyright protection4PENANALX3tq5fz9k

“Where are you going?”copyright protection4PENANAHv6YToWlrS

“Umm, no where. Just for a drive, to calm my nerves”copyright protection4PENANAvJCTFQxSf4

“Then take a walk. Give me the keys Olivia”copyright protection4PENANAD11GurLK1V

“Why should I?”copyright protection4PENANA5IrbHkAEF2

“We have spent way too long on this plan and I certainly don’t want to see you messing this up”copyright protection4PENANAwbL85qYCje

“I don’t care. I'm pumped with gods know’s what and all I want to do is wrap my hands around someones neck, suffocating the life out of them”copyright protection4PENANAGWfICK9ovb

Growling, I pushed him off the car but he grabbed me, flipping me onto he ground. Groaning, I swung my legs but I was a little slow and he jumped over them. He sat on top of me, pinning his knees painfully into my thighs.  With one hand he pinned both of my hands above my head and pulled the car keys out of my hand. I knew they sliced my hand open but neither of us cared.copyright protection4PENANAkAULMB5ngL

“You promised me I would be the one to slit his throat”copyright protection4PENANApMXbU2BTFU

I stopped struggling and looked up at Nathan. There was on point a couple of months ago, days into that stupid kill order mission, that I truly wanted to kill him. I’m so glad I decided against it, I would have fucked up everything if it wasn’t for him.copyright protection4PENANA8lRn3u8dSD

“I think it’s best you tie me up for now. I think I will end up killing you eventually, just like Jackson wants me to do”copyright protection4PENANApdejY1V3ob

Without saying anything, he hopped off me, twisting my arms behind my back, making walking back up to the room painful. Jeremy obviously objected when he saw the state I was in when we returned to my room. Melanie took his side as well, repeating that it was stupid to treat me like this. Nathan pulled out the iron chair and chained me down. I sat in the lounge room facing the window, watching the night roll into day. There was no way I was going to sleep. I needed blood on my hands before I will be able to sleep properly again.copyright protection4PENANAPOXMZSPBMu

But even then I don’t think it will stop. I wouldn’t call them nightmares but whatever they were, they made me not want to close my eyes. They were like dreams or even memories at some points. Happy dreams of a little girl smiling and laughing. They were impossible to memories because I have never smiled before. Growing up the way I did, did make me envious of the other program kids. They had real life before they went through the drugs. They were normal kids before there lives got destroyed. copyright protection4PENANAwUQniTSq7L

The only reason the Cobra’s even shut down the program was because of the killing spree I went through when I was sixteen. By that time, the program had a total of fifty kids. I don’t exactly remember what had tipped me off. Maybe I was being bullied again or maybe Mr Neale had said something I didn’t like, but I do remember what it was like to slice through he first kid, then the second and then the next. I slaughtered everyone and Mr Neale was mortified and afraid of me. I mean everyone was, that’s why I was transferred over to the Red Hawks. They called it being a double agent but they didn’t want me there, a constant reminder of everyone I killed.copyright protection4PENANA4wYiQWjL0I

I was surprised when I did get transferred. The Hawks had the same program but much more advanced. Nathan was the first person I had met and the first person I had turned. It didn’t take me long since he was also like me, drugged from birth. Everything was wrong in that company and I will make sure I will do everything to make sure Jackson and his program go down. copyright protection4PENANAWPwUCwNs8z

“Have you even slept?”copyright protection4PENANAWEuN2MGVdO

“I watched the sun rise and I used that time to think. Has someone been able to contact the Cobra team leader?”copyright protection4PENANAGilEBbAUWA

“He’s here now. Should I untie you?”copyright protection4PENANADTqaO3GBvP

“Just turn me around”copyright protection4PENANAbstGfwtWrG

Nathan sighed before turned the chair around until I faced a scrawny boy. My resistance wasn’t large but I was large enough for me not to know who anyone was, well not anymore. He seemed shocked to see that I was the one chained to the ‘Question and Answer’ chair. He eyed Nathan and I could see the distrust in his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAL7Z6MAhmve

“It’s fine Ryan. She’s being cleansed. Just tell her what you told me”copyright protection4PENANAX87oiWrZxX

“We have a mole”copyright protection4PENANAOJpipFPTBh

“Where?”copyright protection4PENANAAmpztb9KyE

“Here”copyright protection4PENANAYvN5U62m6z

I knew it. This is how Jackson has managed to stay on top. Looks like I have finally gotten an idea on what to do with my little resistance group.copyright protection4PENANAjUjJdJo3C0

“What about Jonathan?”copyright protection4PENANAkcnJLQUVBs

“He’s in Canada but that’s only what the Cobra’s are told. We actually have no idea where he is”copyright protection4PENANAAzYnFSuHfA

“Anything else?”copyright protection4PENANAhyvBiIkHLX

“That’s all for now”copyright protection4PENANAI696PVWKRy

Nathan escorted him out and I wriggled in the chair. I was getting more and more restless. Jackson has always been smart but I didn’t realise he was this smart. When Nathan came back, I made him unchain me and I met with the small resistance team. They seemed glad to see me out of the chair.copyright protection4PENANAdr7bPN4kuj

“What’s going to happen to us now?”copyright protection4PENANAULSpmb8HSU

“I’m relocating you. It seems that my resistance has holes. I’m going to need your help”copyright protection4PENANAEA1OGQKDAC

@@@@@copyright protection4PENANAbO3jZT64dA

“What exactly are we doing here? Are you planning on getting rid of us?”copyright protection4PENANAo8mgxJrGrk

“We are squatting for now. I don’t have anywhere else that isn’t already bugged. The warehouse has rooms, beds and supplies. We will hide here for the moment being until I can figure out another plan”copyright protection4PENANAB6UCVBtFf4

“What’s happening?”copyright protection4PENANAhrSlKSfRWs

A loud knock echoed through the warehouse, making me tense around the gun in my back pocket. I checked heads and made eye contact with Nathan. Everyone was here. He shook his head and also pulled out his gun. We inched our way towards the door, as the knocking came again. I couldn’t see who was standing there through the cracks and I nodded to Nathan. The knocking came again and Nathan pulled the door open, and I rushed towards the knocked, placing my gun again the back of his head. Slowly he turned around to face me and I instantly dropped the gun. I saw Nathan still had his gun raised and questions ran through my head. How did he know I was here? I pulled the gun back up and it seemed to shock him.copyright protection4PENANArkAOB8y2PZ

“Are we really going to play this game Oli?”copyright protection4PENANAnr6i31TxH9

“How did you know I was here?”copyright protection4PENANABZAullmAci

“It’s not that hard to find you when I know you better than anyone else”copyright protection4PENANA3EDEteN1hC

“Don’t make me question your loyalty Jonathan. Where have you been?”copyright protection4PENANA1E47W78QFQ

“Lying low. I was in Canada for a couple of days to get the Cobra’s off my back. It’s getting worse there now”copyright protection4PENANAZgPAKaV7K8

“I know that already. Tell me something that will make me trust you Jonathan”copyright protection4PENANApNM2sghfhy

“I found out what the Hawks were using in their drug”copyright protection4PENANASidWq94zZJ

Both Nathan and I dropped out guns and I looked at him in surprise. I had never asked him to do that. It was Nathan’s job and he said that there never any written down evidence of what the drug compound was. I pushed Jonathan aside and pointed my gun at Nathan. He didn’t even bother raising his to defend himself. Maybe this is my rat. It always turns out to be someone you love or the closet person to you. I know for a fact that my mother or father don’t have the guts to stand up to me or Neale. So the only other logical person was Nathan.copyright protection4PENANApZ0ezLovS9

“This was your job”copyright protection4PENANAEhXrkpHBFY

“I know”copyright protection4PENANAaxhntIwxhw

“Is there nothing you want to say to defend yourself? Why you sold me out?”copyright protection4PENANAgGwgV61kCT

“I’m not the mole Oli but I did keep the drug compound from you”copyright protection4PENANAugbrHwRo8w

“Why?”copyright protection4PENANAni3FGwnd4F

“You don’t want to know what’s in it. I certainty didn’t want to know when I found out. They were giving this to newborns. In the state that you were, I knew everything would just go down the drain if I were to hand you that file. You would have killed him earlier than we planned”copyright protection4PENANAJkmgBhmDCY

“But that is the whole plan Nathan. We eliminate the leader and disband the agencies. We plan to give these people back their lives and their freedom. So what if I killed Jackson earlier than you would have liked. This could have all stopped long before I was injected again myself”copyright protection4PENANAw6eIyWepln

“I’m not going to apologise”copyright protection4PENANAVIFZomwLzA

“Neither will I”copyright protection4PENANArjUNzw4V9G

He looked at me as if he didn’t understand what I was saying. I have sacrificed too much for this man to stand in my way. I lowered my gun and shot. The ring echoed through the air as he fell to his knees. He didn’t scream out, just like he was trained not too. Everyone rushed out to see Nathan’s leg pulsing wiht blood. They moved to help him but. Raised my hand and shook my head.copyright protection4PENANAUGN9ol5DKq

“You’re on your own now and if you try to stop me from killing Jackson, I will aim a lot higher. Do you understand me?”copyright protection4PENANA0G9GGy2ckC

“Yes ma’am”copyright protection4PENANAMLVHyvdDrn

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