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Writer Capt. leon
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The siege preparation
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!y4lpabZmf57zQ2wEmzC0posted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection2PENANA2qBgGQ4CNE

Capítulo 33: The siege preparationcopyright protection2PENANAJlI5KSgKew

A deluge of snow fell over the entire length of the Pinnath Gelin, causing the armies in the vicinity to curse with all their might the onslaught of the elements.copyright protection2PENANAQl5GnCkKbX

As Funbol predicted, when the dwarf kingdoms of the White Mountains and the Druwaith Iaur saw Elrond's army accompany the Funbol forces, all the dwarves decided to join the march and start once and for all with the long-delayed attack on the blockade of the cat girls.copyright protection2PENANALdont4dxH1

Funbol and Elrond were impressed by the vast enemy army, which stood on top of the Green Hills of Gondor, a name that did not match the general appearance of the place at the time. The harsh winter had stripped the whole place of any trace of grass and the sleet had turned the whole area of the land into a slippery mire.copyright protection2PENANAcrmVw7OMS3

The army of cat girls was made up of fifty thousand archers, a reduced army by Famnya standards and considering that it was commanded by two of the four Generals of Urd, but in the eyes of dwarves and elves, it was exorbitant in size.copyright protection2PENANAjIpopN1Kxc

“I think they are the same number of enemies that Sauron brought to Pelenor's fields when he besieged Minas Tirith," observed Funbol, who soured the scowling expression on his face as he calculated the extent of the enemy army.copyright protection2PENANAHjq6GTaUrS

“Between the two of us, we gathered about five thousand soldiers, plus the other twenty thousand from the dwarf kingdoms of the south," said Elrond, who also soured the expression.copyright protection2PENANAWEjizPqnCi

“I don't see how the infantry can climb the slippery slope, not to mention the elf cavalry," said Funbol, who had to admit that the reluctance of the southern dwarf kingdoms to break the blockade was justified.copyright protection2PENANAqW0PkqClaa

“We don't need to go up the Funball Hills. Remember that our objective is not to face the enemy, but to reach Minas Tirith with the caravan of weapons and armor that Aragorn urgently needs.”copyright protection2PENANAySuYYbS95k

“But Elrond, the cat girls won't let us pass so easily, in the end we'll have to fight them!”copyright protection2PENANA12YkkyaLWN

“Because of the reports I received, the enemy prefers to be on high ground in order to have a strategic advantage by sending his forces to lower ground," Elrond explained, "but now that advantage is playing against them, the enemy cavalry will not be able to get down comfortably. We must take advantage of their slow descent to organize our forces and contain them.”copyright protection2PENANA3mJ4c4uPqE

“I understand, when we see the route the enemy takes, the heavy dwarf infantry will come into their way. There will not be much risk as the enemy cavalry will not advance at full speed, however I need the elf cavalry to cover my flanks.”copyright protection2PENANA0YwuXvFQEL

Elrond nodded and, as he agreed with Funbol, let the lord. Dwarf be the commander of the entire military operation. All this with the aim that the dwarf would gain fame among the other dwarf kingdoms and in this way strengthen his position when he claims his right over Moria from Aragorn and Imrahil.copyright protection2PENANAaFN9Z8HaTD

At the top of Pinnath Gelin, both Sora and Mizuki were concerned about how things looked around the hillsides.copyright protection2PENANAXW0G0dKv3a

“I don't like this," said Sora, the demon boy and young general, "our archers can shoot without the need to hold their mares' bridles, but with this muddy terrain they must hold their saddle bridles to prevent both riders and mares from falling into the treacherous terrain.”copyright protection2PENANA939Gy7beXP

“You're right," agreed Mizuki, the wolf girl who was the youngest general in the history of the fourth army. “Also, due to the fast race we had to make to this place, we brought almost no infantry. We are at a disadvantage to the hardened and stubborn heavy infantry of the dwarves.”copyright protection2PENANAZ8uNhuWZEP

“Mizuki, I'm afraid we can't hold the blockade any longer.”copyright protection2PENANACBMDiNQ3iT

“But Urd sama ordered us that no armor and weapons supplies should reach Minas Tirith!”copyright protection2PENANAdsXn8wujKr

“I don't see how we can comply with that order in the present situation. If we attack the dwarves they'll tear us apart, we didn't bring many lancers with us.”copyright protection2PENANA8KADyR7uQM

“What do you propose? I'm telling you because I'm blank at the moment," said the wolf girl, as she wiped her face clean of the snow that fell on her face.copyright protection2PENANAkto66GUWJc

“Our two armies are surrounded by four armies in front of us and one army in our rear. The choice is clear, at first we did the blocking, but now we are the ones who are blocked, we need to get out of this place by breaking the fence somehow," said Sora, who with her two bat wings covered his head as if he were using an umbrella.copyright protection2PENANAQXEOkNkP65

“So, are we going north or south?” Mizuki asked.copyright protection2PENANAhfQRToI0Tz

“I would not like to go north, the enemy may corner us against the White Mountains, but anyway, it is a more favorable option than heading south towards the Amphalas Peninsula, that place is a death trap.”copyright protection2PENANANd2bj8Rd5B

“No matter what decision we take, the blockade is over, we will not be able to prevent the humans from receiving the supplies, the only thing we can do is to harass them during the whole tour, that is, if the Elf cavalry allows it.”copyright protection2PENANAqWy5KTS5IZ

“My vote is to head north, without fighting the dwarves or the elves, then we will head north along the White Mountains to meet Urd sama at Isengard, what do you think?”copyright protection2PENANAbZe1R8qz9j

“I think Urd sama will cut off your head, Sora. I want to fight the enemy... But you're right, it's impossible to maintain the blockade and we risk being cornered against the White Mountains if we harass the enemy. If we lose many troops in such an attempt, then Urd sama will nail our heads to some picks.”copyright protection2PENANA8Wwb7QjZ4p

“It's decided then, let's head north.”copyright protection2PENANAAvl9A63tcL

“I hate to retire like a dog, with my tail between my legs," said Mizuki sadly.copyright protection2PENANAsoLHqCPQcY

“No Mizuki, we withdrew like proud, noble wolves to fight another day," said Sora as he spread one of his black wings and placed it on her friend's head to protect her from the snow water.copyright protection2PENANAalVGw2xQ2B

“Hell, you're too nice for a demon boy, you know that?” A blushing Mizuki said to him.copyright protection2PENANAgC7CMHIPbV

“Yeah, that's my problem.”copyright protection2PENANABDjnlJ0aAc

.copyright protection2PENANA9Ky4r57YVa

.copyright protection2PENANAAcNIOzqwpB

Sleet was not a problem in Mordor, which enjoyed its own microclimate that gave it a comforting warmth unlike the rest of Middle-earth that had to endure the harsh onslaught of the merciless winter.copyright protection2PENANAs0eMnAwoL6

At the base of the dark tower of Cirith Ungol, Kai, the obese dwarf and general of Urd, read the reports that informed him of all the activities taking place in Mordor, when one of the soldiers told him of the arrival of a group of horsemen from the imperial capital.copyright protection2PENANAAUR9Zie7ha

“Hurry and take me out of the tent!” ordered the fat dwarf and a group of sturdy soldiers lifted him up and then placed him on a palanquin which was then taken outside the general command tent.copyright protection2PENANAhSm4AaE0H3

Kai observed the arrival of the riders, who did not ride the steppe mares of the rest of the army, but rode on the tiger loins which flew without the need to use any wings. These riders wore crimson armor with gold and silver coatings, as did their mounts.copyright protection2PENANABa3QWrqsPc

"It's the imperial messengers!" thought Kai, looking attentively at the standard bearer, who was in the vanguard and carrying the imperial standard, whose effigy was a sun and a moon touching each other, the standard proudly waved on a mast attached to the rider's back.copyright protection2PENANAzq6qz6JOe0

The other riders also carried banners of magnificent designs, more intricate and elaborate than the main banner, and carried elaborate broad-leaf spears.copyright protection2PENANAYwSlAtvftd

"Urd sama..." Kai thought as he waited for the standard bearer to communicate the orders he brought from the capital.copyright protection2PENANAi5nmVjNmMD

.copyright protection2PENANAyl4FMEMvs0

.copyright protection2PENANAwrxpM7Shnm

The snowstorm had passed to give way to a gentle, gentle drizzle, which was accompanied by the rays of the sun that fell all over Calenardhon. Upon receiving the shinobis' report regarding Edoras, which was deserted, Urd's army had crossed the Onodle or Entwash river, as it was also called upon to go to the hills of San Gebir, where the army of Rohan was stationed, along with the newly arrived army of Gondor.copyright protection2PENANAvFrS1nbPKY

Due to the haste to carry out the blockade, Urd's army had not taken with it the 600,000 logistics troops that remained in Mordor, which could well be used as a regular army in case of emergency. In addition to the latter, she did not have the troops of Generals Mizuki and Sora, in the southern blockade, nor the soldiers of Chaika, nor the warriors he left behind in Isengard. Even so, Urd's army had the spectacular figure of two hundred thousand cat boys and girls.copyright protection2PENANAtijxY6bLBE

The army was so vast that Urd did not bother to send scout riders as he knew the battle would take place on the slopes of the San Gebir hills.copyright protection2PENANAL75jwRrp9O

After a day Urd arrived near the San Gebir, a slow march by famnyas standards, but fast for the human warriors led by Imrahil.copyright protection2PENANALEtcxvAJkk

“I never thought I would ever see an army that would dwarf the combined armies of Saruman and Sauron," admitted Eomer, who, while swearing to keep his composure, could not help but show a worried face.copyright protection2PENANAHOD1lB7xmI

“Well, everything is going better than expected," said Imrahil, making Eomer look at him exasperatedly.copyright protection2PENANAb8Qhrn9SMi

“You call this going better than expected?”copyright protection2PENANAGyXaLuFld0

“It would have been much worse if Urd had come with the armies stationed at the blockades, and the army descending the Anduin River decided to go east and border the Mirkwood Forest. In addition, according to reports I received from the tall eagles and winged shadows of Faramir, the bulk of the Famnya army is stationed in Mordor and without any prospect of preparing to reinforce their mistress.”copyright protection2PENANAGUOjWaV3Ih

“Rohan and Gondor, along with Harad, Khand and Rhun, as well as the various steppe kingdoms, brought together a force of sixty thousand men," listed Eomer. “We're outnumbered Imrahil.”copyright protection2PENANAMTqDbS0kLN

“It doesn't even reach a four-to-one ratio," Imrahil replied, "not bad for the men in the west, and the steppes are tough fighters now that they are allied.”copyright protection2PENANADslAC65isj

“You are the commander general for the battle that will come Imrahil, how do you plan to divide our forces?”copyright protection2PENANAj8e8raine0

“The best thing to do is to continue on top of the San Gebir, we have three surrounding fences that surround the whole place. At the top of each palisade we have placed the best archers, be they steppe or other allies.”copyright protection2PENANAF0U5D5YEqJ

“But to endure a siege would be useless, sooner or later they will conquer the whole place, not even the abyss of Helm or Minas Tirith could withstand a siege from the massive army opposite. In the previous war against Sauron, both fortresses were pierced in their defenses by the enemy, only Minas Ithil could withstand such a massive siege as we will try to resist.”copyright protection2PENANAr3cNEPUK7n

“You are right about how useless it would be to try to withstand a siege, Éomer, but the enemy is now at a disadvantage, they will have to climb the steep hills and cross the pits full of pikes or burning pits first, too, I do not plan for all our forces to stand still, we will send our cavalry to lighten the load of the enemy siege, which apparently did not bring with it enough infantry to easily bring down our defenses. And most importantly, we will not allow the enemy to surround us, we will concentrate our forces in the south, so we will have the entire waterfall of the Rauros, covering the east flank, the enemy can cross rivers, but not a whole waterfall and less one with the extension of the Rauros.”copyright protection2PENANA3qvhyXsRkG

“That reassures me Imrahil, I don't want the enemy to surround us, do you think they will attack us immediately?”copyright protection2PENANASZGM5kS3Zi

“I don't think so, having such a big army has its disadvantages, they will have to take at least one day to organize themselves, they won't attack at night to take full advantage of the cavalry, the cat girls may have a feline vision but not their horses.”copyright protection2PENANANrmZe1O9LW

As Imrahil predicted, Urd's army had to settle into a makeshift camp awaiting a new day, which seemed to augur well for a calm, cloudless climate.copyright protection2PENANAwPn17WZzNk

“Tomorrow will be a very sunny and clear day for Urd sama," said one of the cats who had come with the army.copyright protection2PENANAfFkWsphltg

“After so many days of constant snowfall, I wonder if this is a sign of victory," said Urd as she watched the sky begin to darken.copyright protection2PENANADhI0gW156N

“If it is a sign of victory, it will involve a lot of sacrifice, the sun is redder than usual, and the waning moon does not want to be seen tonight," said the cat.copyright protection2PENANA1CCpEJlDj9

Urd thanked the cat and then weighed the information she had.copyright protection2PENANAYyOivhHNCa

"Damn humans chose an excellent place to face me, I can't surround them with the Rauros waterfall covering their east flank."copyright protection2PENANA4gsMgIIiOO

Urd frowned and stepped out at the entrance of her personal tent, then ordered Runos and Mara to be told to go before her.copyright protection2PENANA6QrJf5sBJL

“Runos, Mara, you and your brothers and sisters will have to go to San Gebir and go around the entire defensive palisade, take lancers with you," Urd ordered, "I want you to see if there are traps on the hillsides.”copyright protection2PENANAKHkzZQQGDs

“As you command Urd sama,” the two wolves replied at the same time and bowed.copyright protection2PENANARHIjuZ2ciR

“I don't want you to take any risks, the rider you are wearing will go without armor to speed up your pace, he will only go with you to reinforce his work of searching for hidden traps and to stop any projectile that the enemy may throw at you.”copyright protection2PENANA1pHt8XyByi

“Don't you want us to jump over the stockade and see what it's like inside?” Runos asked.copyright protection2PENANAmiZHRZyHGc

“No, that will be taken care of by the few troops who can fly," Urd told them and then dispatched the wolves, then ordered a fox girl to make her a very light snack.copyright protection2PENANAayTTSnTUAb

The fox girl went to fulfill her duties and along with her mistress were the only ones in the tent, Urd's personal guard had stayed in Isengard's blockade to wait for Chaika on the orders of her commander.copyright protection2PENANALCAt6JqFkY

After the appetizer, Urd left her tent and ordered that any soldier that could fly be presented to her.copyright protection2PENANAXHgXp8WXPC

Urd was disappointed that very few troops mastered this magical technique, but she would still use them. In front of her stood a line of about two dozen people who, apart from cat girls, belonged to different races.copyright protection2PENANA90a3T3rMX2

“You will have to fly and observe the internal distribution of the whole place," Urd said. “Fly high, I do not want to alert humans, nor take any risks, if you see the tall eagles or the strange mounts of Minas Ithil, return immediately and without confronting the enemy.”copyright protection2PENANAYJFzdLiDqC

.copyright protection2PENANACojSlI1iGQ

.copyright protection2PENANAVPQ6SK9kw7

Imrahil was happy to read in his tent the reports that his captains had just given him, his army could be considered much better than Urd's, due to the variety of troops, each grouped in battalions specialized in the area they would have to fight.copyright protection2PENANAmuR134MmId

"The cat girls only have archer and lancer riders, at least almost all of their army is of these units. Urd will base her entire strategy on her exorbitant numbers and overwhelming strength... We men of the West are used to fighting at a numerical disadvantage. It is as if the previous war had been a simple warm-up for what lies ahead of us tomorrow. I will soon show Urd what it means to face a real army, no more forces made up of dwarves too old or too young to fight, no more few elves more concerned about going to the white coasts, no more humans separated by greed or their own ambition. This time, she will not only fight against men, but against a desire: the desire to prevail over the enemy."copyright protection2PENANAYkBidX1egH

The crying of a baby forced Imrahil to give up his thoughts and then left his tent.copyright protection2PENANA5bxWhqGrKd

The camp was not only made up of soldiers, but also the families of those who were going to fight. Imrahil knew that he would not be very popular, but considered that this would be the most appropriate way to prevent any warrior from feeling the desire to flee. With their families inside the camp and no chance of escape, he made sure that they would not only fight tomorrow, but also give their all in the battle. Even his sons were present within the camp, so as to show the whole world that if the battle were lost tomorrow, the lord of Dol Amroth and his lineage would also fall along with his other men.copyright protection2PENANAy6Hp8LuU7c

"No, not only will it be the desire to prevail over the enemy, it will also be the feeling of protecting what we love most: our families."copyright protection2PENANA86xKpLIqZY

He barely knitted these thoughts when he was warned of Famnya scouts roaming the outer palisade.copyright protection2PENANA85aG1r6ITR

Imrahil could not help but shiver when he saw the huge white wolves with their riders dressed only in white fur and wearing strange pattern ceramic masks, designed to bring fear into the hearts of men.copyright protection2PENANAVrXDR5om0w

“Only shoot a few arrows if they stand too still in one place," Imrahil ordered, "I suspect we will need every last arrow tomorrow.”copyright protection2PENANAy9C6T1RBsR

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAABWKhXcoG5

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