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Short Story
The Bet
Writer HairyMclarey13
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The Bet
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Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LuCmfmrclJHl2xEBUsVAposted on PENANA

"Well did you find out which one they picked this year?"copyright protection5PENANADHqfhbtDqN

"They picked all of us"copyright protection5PENANA9chMyw8ZJu

"What?"copyright protection5PENANAJrQLYunTWj

"Hailey you have Sean. Holly has Dean. Jane has Slade. Simone has Ryan. Kylie has Blake. Jamie has Dylan. And I get Billy"copyright protection5PENANAtA1UQi6jWw

"Oh good luck girl and thanks for the information. We will see you later"copyright protection5PENANA65JoRhV0hE

I waved goodbye and went down to the back of the school, picking Fuzzy up from the cafeteria. She was puzzled that I dared to disturb her alone time with food. Fuzzy unlike most of the girls in our grade, had a rather unhealthy obsession for food, but she was still as thin as a stick. I was jealous. If I even dared to stare at a piece of cake, I could feel my thighs expanding. But damn I could eat though. Mum likes to call me a bottomless pit. But I also have to work out to keep my figure skinny and healthy.copyright protection5PENANAv05lM4QaXN

"What's wrong?"copyright protection5PENANAurnvleOrxK

"I got Billy this year"copyright protection5PENANAYEPH2HZYHg

"Oh shit"copyright protection5PENANACdhIy4NpfK

"What do I do?"copyright protection5PENANAcJcAexO2Zl

"How about you make him fall in love with you and then stab his heart to death, metaphorically of course"copyright protection5PENANAMY0CF2kF02

"That seems a bit cruel"copyright protection5PENANAWDfdmOi9dx

"Says the one who is always stuck in their pitiful game. You should get done up real nice and go back to being crazy Sophie. To be honest I've missed crazy Sophie a little bit"copyright protection5PENANAUpg60vEOxD

"Sad but I've also missed her. Don't be surprised when you don't recognise who I am when we come to school on Monday. I gotta go, mums picking me up early today"copyright protection5PENANAakCaXidhXe

After getting permission from mum to upgrade my allowance I got to work to returning my goth self into my normal gross self. When I returned home with the car filled with shoppings bags, mum looked non plussed but when I stepped through the front door, my hair back to being blonde she almost cried.copyright protection5PENANAjTSz7enpoA

"See I knew it was a phase. What's with the change?"copyright protection5PENANAWi0do0I3Pg

"Just change mum. I had a big lunch today, so I'm going to go for a run. I'll be back in time for dinner"copyright protection5PENANAHZAjayBnPy

She waved me off and I changed into my running gear. Shoving my headphones in, I pushed play on my running playlist and headed towards the park that was a good twenty minute job from my place. Arriving there in record time, I paused at one of the back benches.copyright protection5PENANAB9rtIyI5Y6

"Soph?"copyright protection5PENANAGVoH8NHQRx

I turned to see Blake standing behind me in his running gear as well. He seemed surprised to see me but then I remembered that my hair was no longer purple.copyright protection5PENANA7ywIRHgs46

"Hey"copyright protection5PENANA1GftaY1S40

"On your afternoon run? What's with the hair?"copyright protection5PENANAZKVor3c9U3

"I've always liked change"copyright protection5PENANAG1BdJsUZVY

I gave him a tight smile and he sat down next to me. He seemed jittery, his legs bouncy up and down. I knew he wanted to ask me something but it being Blake I knew he would never ask it.copyright protection5PENANA5WFlpQjrJn

"I thought you weren't talking to me"copyright protection5PENANArI8n6AqiJl

"I've got something to ask"copyright protection5PENANAmpmXD6qx6l

"Don't bother Blake. You've spent the last six months not talking to me, I think you can survive a whole year doing it again. I have apologized for what high and drunk me have done but that hasn't stopped you from being an ass. See you in school"copyright protection5PENANAwcicyI2S9L

I put my headphones back in and ran back home before he had a chance to say something he was going to regret.copyright protection5PENANAgBtoYAYpTI

*****copyright protection5PENANAKf87dLeDik

The next day I walked through school in my brand new wedges mini skirt and low cut shirt. People looked my way and I smiled at their shocked faces. I mean my hair was blonde again, who could blame them. They must have thought that I was a new girl. I saw the soccer boys at the end of the hall and noticed they were watching me. I smiled brighter and made my way down to them, considering they were standing in front of my locker.copyright protection5PENANAYPxh15Z3Y9

"Morning boys"copyright protection5PENANAOeLiCJTB9M

"Are you new?"copyright protection5PENANAjT2r1fdfSv

"Ha your so funny Billy. Now move out my way, your standing in front of my locker"copyright protection5PENANAARl88md7pc

They shuffled down a bit and I opened my locker.copyright protection5PENANAgeq1w2LpEU

"Dude she looks a bit like crazy Sophie"copyright protection5PENANAcXOepPuC5m

Dean whispered a little to loudly to Blake, making me laugh. Closing my locker I look out my phone, getting a message from Fuzzy saying she was home sick and wished she could be there for my giant reveal. Great my first day back as my old self and I was alone.copyright protection5PENANA8GdtOmQ2tf

"See you around Billy"copyright protection5PENANAeKuEM1Hyrl

I brushed my hand against his arm, eyeing Blake before walking through their group. I went around the corner, still in ear shot.copyright protection5PENANAtDjhSI7mld

"What the hell just happened? Does that mean Billy is out of the running?"copyright protection5PENANAJuTXYHjOJN

"What do you mean I'm out of the running? Look at that fine piece of ass"copyright protection5PENANA3XxyCkzjS0

"She's not goth Sophie anymore. Thats makes the game not fun anymore"copyright protection5PENANAEmEXExGLU2

"Nah this makes it more fun for me"copyright protection5PENANAZDwSBuAUik

"What why?"copyright protection5PENANAHmifVUAudt

"No one has ever gotten laid out of this game but I bet another two hundred bucks I can sleep with her in the next month"copyright protection5PENANAvRPaPtHwfB

"Nah no way. She's change this game way to much now. Eight hundred bucks to whoever can sleep with her by the end of the year"copyright protection5PENANAyef57QAHLS

Well that definitely wasn't meant to happen but I was glad I got the other girls out of it this year. Sending a message though the group chat, I headed down to homeroom, smiling to myself. I am so glad my little plan worked. But with the stakes so much higher, I don’t know if I want to go through with my little plan anymore. But if they are all in the game now, maybe just maybe I can try and win Blake back. copyright protection5PENANA1tfkJaejFr

Lunch time rolled around and I arrived to the cafeteria. Normally I would sit with Fuzzy and Geo but whenever Fuzzy called in sick, Geo would fuck off to god knows where and stare at rocks. I spotted the popular table, that seated our soccer team and their slutty as cheerleaders. I swear our principal is perverted because the cheerleader costumes are getting shorter and shorter every year. Making my way down to the table I notice Stephanie Beaker give me the stink eye. We haven’t been on the same page for a while now, but that is an entirely different story. Placing my hand on Billy's shoulder I smile too sweetly down at the boys.copyright protection5PENANAMajCl952Fk

"You guys don't mind if I re take me seat at the table?"copyright protection5PENANAEezUkGLUox

Dean and Slade, fanatically push Stephanie and her bff down a bit so I can sit in between them. But I ignored their efforts and pushed Stephanie down more to sit next to Blake instead. Stephanie growled next me and Blake gave me a raised look. I shrugged and smiled picking a few chips off his tray. Everyone else went back to their original conversations but Stephanie was having none of it.copyright protection5PENANAMq02KJdY3S

"What's with the look Sophie?"copyright protection5PENANAqQ3KsoUyrA

"What in heavens do you mean Steph? I've always looked like this"copyright protection5PENANAS5Os088L2x

She huffed and turned her attention to Billy, who was having none of her arm touching shit.copyright protection5PENANAiPXjSI35H6

"So boys, any parties going on this weekend that I should know about. It's felt like ages since I've actually had a good drink"copyright protection5PENANAY8X1SpqMXR

They kind of shook there heads and I was almost disappointed. Mum literally gave me permission to jump back on the party wagon. I pouted and squished up next to Blake, making sure he got a good look down my top. They have grown since the last time he had saw them. Another detail of my pathetic story, I will tell in due time.copyright protection5PENANAmQXbiYkrJn

"What about you Blaky? You have heaps of room in that big house of yours. We have such good memories of that place"copyright protection5PENANAZ2cXm5Fpan

Now half the table's attention was on me including Stephanie's. She was and still is the biggest slut in school. The one boy she hasn't managed to snag was Blake and that's because I used to hear the boys tell him constantly not to do it. She's still trying no matter how many times he turns her down. It's quite hilarious to watch her get turned down almost every week at school. Even though everyone was thought it was funny no one except me dared to laugh at her.copyright protection5PENANAv9vtboSBaQ

"I don't know Soph. My parent's are still kind of mad about the last time"copyright protection5PENANAtxHqJ0o3r8

"Honestly they love me. It was only one time"copyright protection5PENANAqqbDoxI3WT

"Seriously, three times Soph, three times. My poor little sister. She is scarred for life"copyright protection5PENANAqs2WVdkOPv

"No your just being a shit head. Your being a party pooper"copyright protection5PENANAFi3mIMm7QO

"Now I'm intrigued. What did she do?"copyright protection5PENANAghfrUDYDGV

"That's for Blake to tell you. But you guys may never find out. He thinks he traumatized for the rest of his life. My mother still loves you after the last time, so I don't understand why your family hates me. Think about it Blake, I know you could use a break. Text me and let me know. Laters guys"copyright protection5PENANAw7nz3jNo7C

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