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Short Story
The Bet
Writer HairyMclarey13
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The Bet
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Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ecXfB0JNRT5SPg2MY0p6posted on PENANA

Rolling over I pressed snooze on my alarm. Groaning I got out of bed. I got ready and met mum downstairs where she was halfway through breakfast.copyright protection4PENANAo9PKc6hekQ

"Morning honey. You got any plans for this weekend?"copyright protection4PENANATy2ROESxrJ

"Honestly mother it's only Tuesday but yes I may or may not have plans for this weekend. What's up?"copyright protection4PENANArwCgNE3LFs

"Just don't forget about your father. I have to rush, I have three bridezillas to deal with today. Just remember honey"copyright protection4PENANAR4CHPOO728

I nodded and watched her leave. I can't believe I almost forgot about this weekend. It's been five years now. We usually go down to his grave but it's hard sometimes. Though no one actually knew about his death but maybe Blake. I haven't even told Fuzzy or Geo. I never liked to talk about and neither did mum. We would just sit and stare at his tombstone for an hour before we left a bunch of flowers and went home. Mum went through it the hardest because she had to deal with me at the same time. I just want her to be happy. Shoving a banana into my mouth I drove off to school, still in a daze, that when I stopped and got out, I didn't realize I bumped into somebody.copyright protection4PENANAXWGZNuEG15

"Sorry Soph"copyright protection4PENANApsC2JqHMcm

"No I'm sorry Blake"copyright protection4PENANAe3rQLgFznH

"It's all good. Are you sure you want a party? Even though what's happening this weekend"copyright protection4PENANAIkDokrTY7V

"Yeah it will take my mind off it until I actually need to go. Does this mean your parents have forgiven me? Does this mean you have forgiven me?"copyright protection4PENANA3xoGz76gUi

Obviously there was more to meet the eye with Blake and I. This isn't the first time I have been picked for this game. I was picked last year. Did I sleep with Blake? Well technically I did but apparently it never happened. The money was lost because Blake kept his mouth shut. He's knows some personal stuff about me and I do him. I may or may not have done some embarrassing things in front of his family and he never talked to me again. I was hoping he would just see past it but eventually I just gave up trying to talk to him and then became an outcast. I could never hurt Blake, he knows too many things about me that could hurt me and my mother's good images. But I've had enough of his cold shoulder bullshit. If it wasn't for this stupid game, he may have never talked to me again. I mean we deflowered each other, I just don't want to loose him to a girl like Stephanie.copyright protection4PENANAD9m408kFIH

"Well I don't know Soph"copyright protection4PENANAmq20PmrIkz

"Oh come on Blake, there's eight hundred bucks out there and you could just say those magic words you didn't last year and pay for....."copyright protection4PENANADo624F9bW4

"Hey guys what you two talking about?"copyright protection4PENANAuzdQEdZYTH

I look around Blake and smile at Billy and Dean. I pointed my eyes at Blake but he just shrugged before looking down at the ground.copyright protection4PENANAGf7IgW5HFq

"If you don't tell them Blake, one day I may just open my mouth and there is nothing you can do to stop me"copyright protection4PENANAhjOnlT3v4Z

He opened his mouth to protest but I was already halfway to the front door. This year I will difintly break Blake. If its the last thing I do.copyright protection4PENANAAzzNpd1pcU

****copyright protection4PENANA6TaeBqbH8Q

When lunched rolled around, I ran into Fuzzy waiting by my locker. She almost looked shocked to see me and I almost looked shocked to see her.copyright protection4PENANA7qaWNvPQ1U

"You almost look like your old self except more depressed. What happened today?"copyright protection4PENANAQBtqoTEqiQ

"I'm not going to go through with it anymore"copyright protection4PENANAloJwDlXO35

"What??? It's only been one day"copyright protection4PENANAEawO6jkWal

"A lot can happen in one day Olive. I'm not going through with it and there is nothing that you can say or do that will change my mind"copyright protection4PENANAQ0Xjrmc5Mv

"There's something your not telling me isn't there?"copyright protection4PENANAW7UFDx1Bl4

"There are a lot of things I haven't told you but I promise once I've done what I need to do, I will catch you up on everything"copyright protection4PENANAG0fcPlwahG

"You promise?"copyright protection4PENANAw8Htr8PEeC

"Yes of course. Now lets hurry up and eat. I'm starving"copyright protection4PENANAaaK4QoBSZX

"Of course you are"copyright protection4PENANAWGXbSNxpXP

I laughed and we linked arms, making our way down to the cafeteria. Fuzzy changed as well, I have no idea what for though. She went back to her brown hair and normal clothes. We looked the exactly the same way we did three years ago. We grabbed our food and I whispered part of my current plan to her. We made our way to the middle table and I plopped down next to Blake giving him a tiny kiss on his cheek. The table went silent and I could feel Stephanie fume from halfway down the table. Fuz laughed and sat down next to Slade who threw his arm around her shoulder, which she took off with a look of disgust on her face. Blake didn't even bother looking up from his salad.copyright protection4PENANA6tXNWpWM4b

"Hey babe, mum wants you over for dinner tonight"copyright protection4PENANAoel8icwU4v

"What? What for?"copyright protection4PENANAS1bQd4DLtB

"To talk to you"copyright protection4PENANAAz4yn1XkO1

"Eh, I hate talking to your mum, she makes every conversation awkward"copyright protection4PENANAvcgRky3Rt8

"Well its not that bad"copyright protection4PENANAml9ybnCP86

"Well no I could be talking to her mum"copyright protection4PENANAqIGvg3xenl

Everyone's heads turned to Fuz whom Blake was pointing at. They all had very confused looks on their faces. I think the one who was most confused was Billy. Suddenly a light seemed to turn on in his head.copyright protection4PENANAgSxwKS5NJy

"It's like talking to the queen to be honest. My mother can be very snobby."copyright protection4PENANAV6U5E6sgVA

"Holy shit"copyright protection4PENANAmlj2RA6oOu

Blake looked from me to Billy to Fuz back to Billy again and rolled his eyes. But I had no idea what the hell was even wrong with him.copyright protection4PENANAJ5nhB7aGVT

"You're Olive Fountain, the majors daughter"copyright protection4PENANAfR09WEfpVb

"Wow, seven years we've been going to school together Billy and now you only take notice. Seriously Soph I had no idea the boys in the soccer team we completely brainless"copyright protection4PENANA0iwjlnUrMJ

"Hey"copyright protection4PENANAWvOjNqqX6l

"Sorry Dean. I think you're the only exception"copyright protection4PENANARmcRv9vLyr

The whole table laughed and began their own conversations. When the bell rang we all went our separate ways but I was stopped by Stephanie, who looked incredibly mad with me. If only she knew.copyright protection4PENANAWzJtS4RNwD

"You need to stay away from Blake. I want him all to myself"copyright protection4PENANAws9lLXLcUS

"Too bad I already had him to myself. Better luck next time"copyright protection4PENANAxLeKDKT9vs

I moved around her and went to my next class. Once the final bell rang, I was already in my car ready to go home. Blake had practice this afternoon and I knew he would be by later for dinner. When I got home mum was in the kitchen trying to read a cook book.copyright protection4PENANAAs1jVUoNHU

"Mum what are you doing?"copyright protection4PENANArenAz9xlls

"I'm trying to be an actual mother"copyright protection4PENANAeSesDRcw0I

"Mum it's only Blake he would be very happy with just pizza"copyright protection4PENANAYAbZU7TiUB

"Are you sure?"copyright protection4PENANAdlPBWpKuK5

I was interrupted when the door bell rang. I frowned at mum and she just shrugged shoving the cook book back in it's dusty place, where it rightfully belongs. Mum has never cooked. It was always dads job. She has tried before but it has already ended with us ordering take out. I have requested many times that we just hire a cook but she will have none of it. She just thinks it will be a waste of money considering niether of us are home at the same time to eat together, like a normal family. I opened the front door and frowned at Blake, who was standing on my porch.copyright protection4PENANAXYYbrB2E72

"Practice was canceled. She won't mind if I'm early"copyright protection4PENANAn6Dz5xGZQB

"Your lucky she had the cook book open just before"copyright protection4PENANAA4XpFTOpoz

"Eww"copyright protection4PENANAulysw04zFb

"Don't worry, we are ordering pizza"copyright protection4PENANAC2hgBnNimE

"Is that you Blake?"copyright protection4PENANATWIQmnKbN9

"Yes Ms Turnar"copyright protection4PENANALhukK1kOBZ

"Seriously, how many times to I have to tell you to stop calling me that? Elanor is just fine. I'm ordering pizza right now"copyright protection4PENANA0d2itDGhV3

I closed the door behind Blake and he dumped his bag on the couch, before making his way into the kitchen. I stayed by the loungeroom, hoping I was close enough to hear their conversation.copyright protection4PENANAVP0EGm2qxP

"It's good to see you back here. Sophie has been more depressed since you stopped coming around. What happened?"copyright protection4PENANAAj75DR7YGI

"We just had a large falling out"copyright protection4PENANAXHV00pDGHz

"Who's fault was that?"copyright protection4PENANAJDpJh56kwE

"Mostly mine, some of it hers. She's a hard girl to love"copyright protection4PENANA96XgcB8jzP

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