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Short Story
The Bet
Writer HairyMclarey13
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The Bet
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Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wnKm7XbyGW7mvhMmhMBtposted on PENANA

I woke up half naked next to a half naked Blake. I smiled to myself. It’s been two weeks since Blake and I started sleeping with each other again. We never went exclusive because I didn’t want to. Why you might ask. Because there is something very wrong with me, mostly in the head. I love Blake, I really do, but I couldn’t say that I trusted him.copyright protection4PENANAcHaVOHJh27

I rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. I looked at myself int he mirror and really wished that I didn’t need to get up today. I looked liked shit. There were bags underneath my eyes, I was pale again and I had lost so much weight in my face, that you could see the chaos of my skull. I yelled for Blake to get up before turning not he shower. I didn’t shower long before Blake jumped in and I jumped out. I made myself look whole again and we drove to school.copyright protection4PENANA2zvMVCK7ar

The game was still on apparently, no matter how many times Blake tried to get it to stop. He knew all he had to do was say the magic words and everyone would stop flirting with me. We walked into school together, standing apart. I couldn’t bear being close with him, it did dangerous things to my imagination. Blake said he would stop being a dick but he also said that he didn’t want a relationship with me, so it nothing stopped me from flirting with the boys. I put on my fakes smile and met Fuzzy at her locker, not even saying good bye to Blake.copyright protection4PENANA3iOzABWSnx

“Hey girl, you alright? You don’t look so good”copyright protection4PENANAlzewv2dfjg

“I’m fine”copyright protection4PENANAnmPS9LuUSF

“You’re not relapsing again, are you?”copyright protection4PENANAlWYavyLrq8

“No, I’m not that stupid”copyright protection4PENANAZMIdiefwtz

“You were stupid enough to go there in the first place”copyright protection4PENANANQWDJ5odZg

“I said I’m fine Olive, so drop it”copyright protection4PENANATlcRwIqhaQ

She looked at me with sad eyes but I didn’t feel sorry for snapping at her. I wasn’t relapsing but I just might if everyone keeps suggesting it. We went through our classes, and I made sure I sat with all the boys, except Blake, thought out all of them. When lunch came around, I almost didn’t want to go down tot eh cafeteria, knowing someone would make me eat. But Fuzzy got to me before I could run dn we walked arm in arm in the room. I took my usual seat next to Blake, surprised that Stephanie wasn’t there yet. Billy tried to converse with me but I was distracted in my own head to actually answer him.copyright protection4PENANAq9D9mVnCsR

“Hey you alright?”copyright protection4PENANAbfI8TrdhFc

Blake whispered into my ear but I ignored him. I know he might be worried about me but there is nothing to be worried about.copyright protection4PENANAxyyKq4sQmC

“Soph, please don’t ignore me. I just want to know if you’re alright?”copyright protection4PENANAHMMkV8gjKI

“Will you just leave me alone”copyright protection4PENANAbWYT4Rli90

I might have said it a little bit too loud and the whole table stopped and looked our way.copyright protection4PENANAvHz3rZ7UPu

“Why have you got to butt into my life all the time?”copyright protection4PENANAxxgjRcs7wc

“Soph your making a scene”copyright protection4PENANAQH9PAeHVwQ

“I’m making a scene. Oh I’m sorry your highness, I didn’t mean to trample on your precious little jock image”copyright protection4PENANAW1xv5ZudTk

“What the hell is wrong with you Soph?”copyright protection4PENANAHrRYKJadRH

“I said I was fine, why can’t the either of you just leave it at that”copyright protection4PENANApIozxYNeUk

I stood up and went to turn around, only to bump into Stephanie who had been standing behind me the whole time. My anger had intensified the moment I saw the smirk on her face.copyright protection4PENANA5QmCmrBQFv

“Oh look crazy Sophie might just go crazy this time. Will you be trading the goth for a straight jacket this time?”copyright protection4PENANAbmW3kHNvVE

“You want to know why I went all goth and depressed? I bet everyone is wondering why I disappeared for nearly four years”copyright protection4PENANAclmAUUzI9u

“What did little Blakey reject you and your heart broke into a million pieces?”copyright protection4PENANA2elpRHQtyv

“My dad died”copyright protection4PENANAZJSWNcDAIz

Blake sucked in his breathe and I heard a sob come out of Fuzzy. The smirk was completely wiped from her face.copyright protection4PENANAfUUCvOw4xG

“My father, Adrien Turnar, the loving and kind hearted doctor, that raised money for this school, helped everyone get better, died”copyright protection4PENANAzzUUZMBPf9

“Soph, you don’t have to do this”copyright protection4PENANAleTdaHqOi8

“No I do, Blake, they all were my friends at one point, they deserve to know. That’s right Stephanie, the little daddy’s girl, you all became friends with eleven years ago, got her heart broken into a little pieces when the only man she loved died. Then her heart broke into a billion pieces when the next guy she trusted broke her trust”copyright protection4PENANAnx3hay6GDD

I had tears streaming down my face and I turned to face Blake. He almost had fear in his eyes, fear of what I would say in front of everyone. Right now, I’m at a point where I don’t give a shit anymore.copyright protection4PENANAncdh7c3I2j

“You, Blake Willis, innocent little boy, played with it for so long only to fuck it up even more. You knew I was weak and yet you still played your stupid little game. But what was the point. Last years bet had so much money riding on our little session, that it was almost so juicy not to take part hey. But now the jig is up. Guess what everyone, I deflowered the centre Blake Willis”copyright protection4PENANASoyMBIu2xM

The whole cafeteria was listening at this point now. The tears had stopped and I was no longer angry. Blake was furious and the table was stunned.copyright protection4PENANAaVkeduMjbp

“Soph, was that really necessary?”copyright protection4PENANAXyCaQJnUsp

“You may have been the little innocent player at your old school Blake but here, I run the streets. Next time you need to let off a little steam, you can just go fuck yourself. Please delete my number”copyright protection4PENANAdlOM8pvCs2

And with all that being said, I walked out of the cafeteria with my head held high.copyright protection4PENANAoDXJRadDup

I had gone home after my little stunt and guess what mother dearest wasn’t home. She had left me a message saying that she wouldn’t be in for the next two weeks. Said something about emergency wedding failures that needed to be fixed. I turned off my phone and filled a small bag. Getting into my car, I drove out of town to a facility I had been too many times to count.copyright protection4PENANA3rXFCOoZIR

“Sophie, I was hoping you wouldn’t be back but by the way you look, I should hope its not for a terrible reason”copyright protection4PENANApWceIkDdW6

“I just want to get back on track doc, and you have always managed to make sure I don’t break. I haven’t relapsed if that’s what your worried about. I need to you not to call my mother but rather call the school and let them know I will be here for two weeks or so”copyright protection4PENANAglJe4AoidT

“Are you sure Sophie, you know I hate you being here?”copyright protection4PENANAIhkGWXulXd

“I want to kill myself doc, I need to be here”copyright protection4PENANAcn9pBSKf6H

“Alright you know where our room is”copyright protection4PENANAlm24A7EZqS

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