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Short Story
The Bet
Writer HairyMclarey13
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The Bet
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Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2cvWujHVJAKM2bTI4K78posted on PENANA

I stared at the group of boys in front of me. I was way too drunk for this type of shit. I looked down at my phone and it was only two am.copyright protection3PENANAZfBy6NMVnC

“I’m sorry what?”copyright protection3PENANAmqORmja4eT

“Come on Soph your not that drunk. We all want to take turns in taking you out”copyright protection3PENANAFZGHazqfky

“Is the because of that stupid bet?”copyright protection3PENANAnkNZSTNEPa

“Of course not”copyright protection3PENANAgbB52Xoc2C

“Than why on earth would you want to date me? I probably would have just slept with you if you had just asked”copyright protection3PENANA6ICNqMmQ2H

“Really?”copyright protection3PENANApp1cpT6cyV

“No, now piss off. I wish to wallow in my own self pity by myself”copyright protection3PENANAnP6YU9WjmY

The soccer boys scurried off, bumping into each other, obviously they were a lot drunker than I was. I don’t even know why I was even here. Steph said her brother was in town but this party was a complete dud. There were no college boys or no other school guys either. I just want someone underneath me to forget about Blake and the stupid glare he has been giving me all night. I finished my drink and went outside, rolling a joint and lighting it up went I reached the back of Steph’s backyard.copyright protection3PENANAWtGyg6lDXn

“What’s with the hair?”copyright protection3PENANAkmNlzcfFpN

I turned to see Simon, Steph’s older brother standing behind me. He sat down beside me and I handed the joint to him. Simon was only a year older and he was off study something in the community college. He moved to the campus though, their family was never in the best situation.copyright protection3PENANABMCHKxRGQd

“I just went back to normal”copyright protection3PENANAFMGmkXtFAr

“Purple suited you”copyright protection3PENANA3VOQhn3w3s

“I thought you weren’t coming? I was hoping to meet some of your cute friends”copyright protection3PENANAkEfXmZueGl

“Nah, everyone has other things, like exams this weekend, so it’s just me”copyright protection3PENANArm78Js5d8G

“Your a bit late though”copyright protection3PENANAEbBs2SQ5pU

“Yeah”copyright protection3PENANAyKzNHVNc9u

He turned his attention back up the sky and I knew he didn’t want to talk about it. I looked back at the house and saw Blake’s figure on the end of the porch facing our way. Sighing I took the joint back from Simon and finished it off.copyright protection3PENANAxBQFKA8PNh

“I know exactly how you feel. I’m gonna head off. This party was lame anyway. Walk me out”copyright protection3PENANAwrt7Uv0LBq

“Sure”copyright protection3PENANAFaaeXRaK4k

Simon stood up, put his hand out for me and helped me off the grass. Brushing myself down I texted for an uber and we went through into the house, so I could say goodbye to Steph. Someone said she had gone upstairs with someone, which didn’t surprise me. Must be Billy, they are too on and off again it makes me motion sick. We were however stopped by Blake by the front door.copyright protection3PENANAfBW5hGFqwt

“You going home already? That’s a bit unlike you”copyright protection3PENANAH2UaaPGaBh

He was stupid drunk and his words were starting to slur together but I could hear the jealousy in his voice. I gave him a short smile and moved to go past him but he gripped onto my arm.copyright protection3PENANABgrLvpDGaH

“Let go of me Blake”copyright protection3PENANA1pjXuBDa1a

“Taking another guy home Soph so close after we break up. Always knew you were a slut”copyright protection3PENANADJcyTmozxZ

“Blake, you hurting me, let go”copyright protection3PENANAR8giUMHytR

“Dude you need to let go of her”copyright protection3PENANAgugArLb5Wd

“Shut the hell up. Don’t tell me how to handle my woman”copyright protection3PENANAfAWr9POxpl

“I’m sorry Soph”copyright protection3PENANAxguOzpBgX4

Before I knew it, Simon and hit Blake, knocking him out. People were already to drunk to care about our fight and we went to the uber with no troubles. The car pulled up and Simon opened my door, sliding in with me.copyright protection3PENANA8eypOZbZ47

“What are you doing? I’m fine Simon”copyright protection3PENANAcjI9LRZzpo

“I’m not staying here when that all unravels in the morning. Plus I know for a fact that your house will be empty”copyright protection3PENANAVXFqLeQnuO

I shut up and the ride back to my house was quiet. When we pulled up, I saw that my mother was still not home from the office. I swear she must have a spare bed in her office were she sends nights instead of coming home. After I changed, I sat in the kitchen watching Simon make me a midnight snack.copyright protection3PENANArD2Z2QZeQ3

“What happened Sophie? I thought you and Blake were meant to be forever”copyright protection3PENANAm3n4c9WbJl

“I relapsed, well almost anyway”copyright protection3PENANAAFif64tWrY

“Why? You went so long without any incidents. Catch me up”copyright protection3PENANALTBNSEERSu

He slid the plate of bacon and eggs towards me and sat in front of me. In between bites I told Simon everything that had happened over the passed year. By the end of my long ass tale, we had migrated the couch, my feet on his legs.copyright protection3PENANAVexjjKtfVd

“Why didn’t you call? You know I would have dropped everything to help you out. I know you haven’t gotten along with my sister for a long time but you went a whole year without talking to me”copyright protection3PENANABwSULZYfVq

“Blake didn’t like the fact I was talking to you or the fact that we would Skype for each others company”copyright protection3PENANAdHjPuct84m

“But you two weren’t even together”copyright protection3PENANAD0BbkUVNaR

“Doesn’t mean it stopped him from controlling my life”copyright protection3PENANA0LnTF9SEoO

A loud banging from the front door bought me out of my ugly dream. I nudged Simon who groaned but rolled out of my bed. I turned over but shot straight up in bed when I hear shouting coming from downstairs. Yawning I jumped out of bed and sluggishly went down stairs. When I reached the front door. I saw a half angry Simon standing in front of a black eyed Blake. When I stood next to Simon, it looked like his temper spiked. I looked down and saw I was in Simon's shirt from last night and Simon was only in his boxes. Well I can see how this might look to someone who wasn’t here last night.copyright protection3PENANA5Bvpq0BU9G

“I knew you were a slut. I thought we could work out our problems and go back to normal, but I guess I was wrong. You better watch you back slut”copyright protection3PENANAhMGSY1NTPX

“You better leave know before I knock you out again”copyright protection3PENANAKPJ7JohC2F

Blake hissed before scrambling back to the car that was dangerously parked on my driveway. The cock head was still drunk. We watched him swerve out of the driveway and zoom off.copyright protection3PENANAq8gWxHX8C6

“Well that was a pleasant way to start the morning. Have a shower Simon and I’ll drop you home”copyright protection3PENANAPTTwMRxzKm

“Are you sure? Where’s your mum?”copyright protection3PENANAxvcgDVEUyH

“I’ll be fine Simon, you’ve done enough for the weekend”copyright protection3PENANAzYPQVnySva

I gave him a weak smile and he frowned at me before walking back upstairs. I changed into my pyjamas, giving him his shirt back and we drove silently back to Steph’s place.copyright protection3PENANAZl3SRQKppv

“Just remember Sophie, I’m only a phone call away”copyright protection3PENANALW0XcDTRyr

Monday rolled around and I was not looking forward to going to back to school. God knows what Blake has done. When I walked through the front doors, nothing happened. When I got to my locker, yet again nothing happened. I hadn’t bumped into the soccer boys. I hadn’t bumped into Blake and no one was giving me any weird looks.copyright protection3PENANAz8qpYmMxfi

“What happened between you and my brother over the weekend?”copyright protection3PENANAHeDL7vBRU1

“Nothing”copyright protection3PENANAmFXnDa1x2z

“Hmmmm, than why was there a nasty rumour being spread around?”copyright protection3PENANAZCHq1GMNd1

“I fucking knew it. That bastard. But why hasn’t anyone reacted to it?”copyright protection3PENANA6VgJHnfje9

“Because the boys got to Blake before it could properly spread. They gave him a black eye to match his first one. Mind telling me what happened there?”copyright protection3PENANAkBPiYtsZ0v

“Simon hit him when we left your stupid party, which was shit but the way. Where were my college boys at?”copyright protection3PENANAz07gq9XdXb

“I thought Simon would have made his move by now”copyright protection3PENANAf36vNOS276

She said it so quietly, I probably wouldn’t have heard it but unfortunately I did. What was she hiding from me? What was Simon hiding from me?copyright protection3PENANAcrI1JGvcFw

“What did you say?”copyright protection3PENANAHewPvXZtaW

“Nothing. Come on bell’s about to ring”copyright protection3PENANAEpZKVNzNPG

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