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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
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I HATE THE MIDDLE AGEScopyright protection2PENANAqISbivkwK4

Chapter 13: Victorycopyright protection2PENANAvV1UJnUXnR

(The return of the King)copyright protection2PENANAICCyuh9Gfj

               The day of the attack came and the girl saw with horror that the number of orcs dwarfed Saruman's army.copyright protection2PENANAUG2NSlicS3

               “I better attack immediately Gandalf.”copyright protection2PENANAhoZijIGdG4

               “I thank you for the value of your long distance spells Hermione.”copyright protection2PENANA4pGHYbY8Re

               The witch went up to the second level of the city and began bombarding the army with the spell Bombarda Maxima, not even bothered to aim, and that was that there were so many orcs in the distance resembling a black tide.copyright protection2PENANAsMUuzMQSZJ

               As soon as the assault towers appeared and the catapults, Hermione gave account of them, however, the orcs rushed the march and already arrived at the defensive wall erected by order of Hermione.copyright protection2PENANAWg7VzqEfEl

               Unlike Saruman's army which was commanded by cruel foremen, Sauron's multitudinous army was commanded by the leader of the nazgul and other experienced captains. They stopped the advance of the assault towers and catapults, and ordered the orcs to first tear down the weak wooden and rock wall.copyright protection2PENANAjJK0rJbqR3

               “Gandalf, they became smart and no longer send siege machines," Hermione informed the magician.copyright protection2PENANAEjPzOpmEil

               “That I fear, they will surely remove every last rock to pass later.”copyright protection2PENANAoeBvabWPrA

               Hermione continued to attack, but that did not stop the orc from clearing all the way.copyright protection2PENANAaKjVLKEWaw

               Once the orcs were able to pass, they tried to exterminate the guards of the outer wall, but thanks to Hermione's magic, no archer was injured.copyright protection2PENANA0PPQoEfKjy

               The siege machines advanced and Hermione began to attack them, but then the enemy commanders commanded the orcs to go to the outer wall of the city and climb the walls using ladders which once they reached their destination were tied to each other to lengthen their size and thus be able to take the first line of defense.copyright protection2PENANA5HNHcXT9Nk

               The orcs suffered many casualties due to boilers with molten lead or boiling oil, but possessed by an insane fury they were still trying to climb. Hermione, who went with Gandalf in grey shadow, barely managed to increase the amount of lethal liquid in each cauldron.copyright protection2PENANAKX53TQOxNZ

               “It's not working, Gandalf! They don't need assault towers to climb up the wall and I can't be behind every cauldron at the same time.”copyright protection2PENANA4NOTDcyTXR

               “Chestnut lstari, assault towers and catapults are advancing again!” one of the captains informed him. The magician looked at the girl in a worried way.copyright protection2PENANAr2yfKLdDU0

               “Let's leave the guards to protect the wall and concentrate on the siege machines," Gandalf suggested.copyright protection2PENANAXEY3IRTxoG

               Hermione went with Gandalf from one end of the wall to the other and began to destroy the siege machines.copyright protection2PENANAwstkm6xUZv

               “The catapults are shooting at us!” Hermione had to go to another section of the wall to destroy them, but as soon as she destroyed them, they informed her that other catapults were firing at the other end of the wall.copyright protection2PENANALrxkGi5TW0

               “Hermione can't do it all alone!” Shouted Gandalf, “shoot the catapults of the city," he commanded, and massive catapults threw huge pieces of walls at the orcs. However, the catapults and their endowment of men were immobile and were destroyed by the nazgul in their winged mounts.copyright protection2PENANATUFRXoJQV8

               One of the nazgul passed near Hermione and she covered her ears tightly as she screamed.copyright protection2PENANAwsB0MX6kS6

               “Try to calm down, Hermione!” Gandalf said to him.copyright protection2PENANAPEynZeG48C

               “Gandalf, that was that," the girl moaned.copyright protection2PENANA52wLUtaDj5

               “The nazgul impregnate the hearts of men with fear with their attacks," said the magician, Hermione did not remember that before they had this power.copyright protection2PENANALQxmQkkXFc

               "Aura of fear? That's cheating!” Hermione thought.copyright protection2PENANA4vRCSQRzVZ

               At last all the catapults were destroyed, but the assault towers were advancing ever more, and all the debris that gathered the men at the edge of the walls to keep the towers from approaching was cleared by the orcs.copyright protection2PENANAb11HMWbWzv

               “Gandalf, we will not succeed," said the witch.copyright protection2PENANA2klAGcU0aA

               “Hermione's courage, we must resist," said the magician when Hermione had just destroyed the assault tower that threatened that sector.copyright protection2PENANAde54QYUHxQ

               “Chestnut istari, a raiding tower reached the other side of the wall and the orcs began to attack us!”copyright protection2PENANAHIRJqDFCAe

               Hermione and Gandalf hurried to repel the orcs, and in that they saw a particularly brutal orc approaching Pipin.copyright protection2PENANA7CztcfG7gQ

               “Avada Kedavra," Hermione shouted and the orc fell down.copyright protection2PENANAHu4NyVLtDj

               Gandalf sent Pipin to a safe place and both magicians continued the attack.copyright protection2PENANAjl1a4sOK5o

               “Cover Hermione, so she can destroy this tower!” Gandalf and Hermione shouted and destroyed the assault tower, the girl could not give a break because she had to go to another side of the wall to destroy the other towers that were approaching.copyright protection2PENANAYc1yGeNmm4

.copyright protection2PENANAd3yhR7dCAQ

.copyright protection2PENANAVUbX4gqS0v

               At night the battle continued, fortunately all the assault towers were destroyed, but he saw a giant battering ram in the shape of a wolf's head approaching.copyright protection2PENANAhZIjxoxlLT

               “It is the last siege machine, we can achieve it Gandalf," said an exhausted Hermione. And she proceeded with the archers of the wall to destroy the infernal machine.copyright protection2PENANApYXYgP5tsG

               The orcs, seeing all their siege machines destroyed, did not stop in their attack and decided to continue with the plan of using small stairs to climb the wall. The attack was so massive that Hermione could not contain it with her spells or the cauldrons, and the orcs attacked the first level without breaking down the front door.copyright protection2PENANAknAvlFMMyM

               “This place is lost! Back to level two!” Gandalf commanded.copyright protection2PENANAiPL09ipGEa

               “Hermione, Faramir was wounded by an orc and now they are taking him to the healing houses!” Pipin informed her.copyright protection2PENANAA39y2pn8SP

               “I understand Pipin, stay close to Faramir and Boromir's side," he pointed out, and the hobbit ran back to the healing houses.copyright protection2PENANAOddpJz4vlD

               The cauldrons of the second wall caused many casualties, but Hermione could not fill them as quickly as necessary and the orcs had gathered a lot of wood next to the doors and began to set fire to it.copyright protection2PENANAhEs3ECm3j0

               “Aqua Eructo," conjured the witch and put out the fire, but the orcs were already climbing up the other end of the second wall.copyright protection2PENANAeT4ns7MQfF

               the orcs would have come in like a wave if it hadn't been for Hermione, but she had to return to the gates as the orcs renewed their attack against it.copyright protection2PENANAG4SUtCty7P

               So the battle for Hermione was going, going and coming from one side to the other, thankfully she was in gray shadow and Gandalf held the reins.copyright protection2PENANAbptEt8hPbA

               “Hermione, Gandalf!” cried Pipin, "Denethor took Boromir and Faramir to the house of kings and try to immolate himself with his sons, you must do something.”copyright protection2PENANAQquVNW2ANh

               “I will go Hermione, you stay and protect the second door," commanded Gandalf.copyright protection2PENANAgtm9nQLRoS

               Hermione obeyed and defended the doors.copyright protection2PENANAGAiafLiwBu

               “In case this place falls, I will tear down the adjacent buildings," she told the men so that they would not remain unawares.copyright protection2PENANA7sUBnIypil

.copyright protection2PENANAGyO2IcTt3h

.copyright protection2PENANAmKSFU8qdF2

               In fact, the gates gave way at dawn and brutal-looking trolls (or ogres) dressed in armor, in addition to carrying huge and brutal mallets, made their way through the door. The presence of the monsters was so intimidating that the soldiers took several steps backwards.copyright protection2PENANAHMuCnRkVgD

               Hermione decided in milliseconds that using the Bombarda Maxima would be a waste of effort and decided to use the Avada Kedavra, because the monsters were huge. The first three monsters fell in a jiffy and were followed by another six trolls, but then a whole wave of orcs entered the place.copyright protection2PENANAhXb60TiTnl

               Hermione thought she would not count it, but then the sound of several horns of war rang in the place, and the orcs fled in haste.copyright protection2PENANAbJ64o1cPeS

               “King Théoden, come to our aid!” Gandalf shouted.copyright protection2PENANARWEmy2dSXu

               “We cannot stay here, we must help them!” Hermione shouted.copyright protection2PENANAvfsHltBDmY

               “You're right, between the anvil and the hammer we'll kill those beasts," said the magician and they all went to fight the orcs in the open field.copyright protection2PENANAZyI5C76PXl

               The orcs seeing that they were attacked on two fronts fled everywhere, Hermione believed that everything was over, when she heard the sound of other horns of war, they were the Harads, with their olifants.copyright protection2PENANAHPhlbPnpIl

               Hermione opened her mouth of impression, never before had she seen such large animals in his life.copyright protection2PENANAUdBmVWPxzc

               “They're not elephants, they're not mammoths, what the hell are they?” The girl said as she saw the colossal beasts and on each one of them an endowment of archers.copyright protection2PENANAvzKeFnmLcj

               All the men stared at the beasts in fear and Hermione made a decision.copyright protection2PENANA7U8ofkdDJV

               “Gandalf, you take the right and I'll take the left.”copyright protection2PENANAZE9A05xPC7

               “What are you trying to do, Hermione?”copyright protection2PENANA28GMnlaJ7m

               “I will blind them with the Conjunctivitis, you will blind them as you blinded them with the nazgul.”copyright protection2PENANA3egcCwwQag

               “I cannot blind the olifant Hermione.”copyright protection2PENANAMaUWLV1iLD

               “I don't need you to blind them, I just need you to stun them until I put the curse on them.”copyright protection2PENANApNM5A9rKTy

               Gandalf nodded and went away in gray shadow, while King Théoden himself led Hermione.copyright protection2PENANA6WNn8qUEg4

               “Lord, I am sorry for all the trouble I cause," Hermione said to the king.copyright protection2PENANAV2fQY0L0iw

               “Don't worry Hermione, now let's attack those beasts.”copyright protection2PENANAEIjqOTAfDt

               The olifants formed a uniform row that facilitated the work of the two magicians and Hermione blinded the remaining group of olifants, while immobilizing them with the Incarcerous pointing at their legs.copyright protection2PENANAOKpB8x22ci

               The men began to shout with joy when the lord of the Nazgul attacked Hermione, fortunately the witch realized in time.copyright protection2PENANA68llYjmJkF

               “Crucius!” Hermione shouted, pointing to the head of the monster and the monster tumbled to the nazgul, moving away from the place.copyright protection2PENANAfYnypbsZr6

               The nazgul stood up and raised a brutal and huge weapon, the king's horse stepped up and threw the king and Hermione to the ground.copyright protection2PENANAsgQSRYqT1C

               “You have already meddled several times in the way of the dark lord, prepare yourself to know death," said the nazgul with a supernatural voice.copyright protection2PENANAc8KxtIRQsb

               The men around him, including the king, did not bear the "aura of fear" that the nazgul unfolded and did not dare attack him. But Hermione, taking her courage out of Gryffindor, overcame fear and faced horror.copyright protection2PENANAvHaSgz4Jyv

               “Expelliarmus!” She shouted, but the weapon was haunted to repel magic, apparently the nazgul had learned his lesson.copyright protection2PENANAP1LGTDFkxG

               The nazgul attacked Hermione on one side, fortunately the girl cast a spell on her clothes with Protego, but she could still feel the bones of her arm breaking.copyright protection2PENANAWKOHhiq98S

               Hermione was on the floor and pointed her wand at her arm.copyright protection2PENANAkEAuwQ4BzC

               “Braquiam Emendo” said, and her bones healed.copyright protection2PENANA7pET5yxLS4

               “It's a good thing I do know the right wand movement," Hermione thought as she remembered Lockhart. The nazgul was impressed.copyright protection2PENANArPPgw7yXgH

               Hermione took advantage of the distraction of his enemy and grasping the dagger Galadriel gave her, she stabbed in what would be the nazgul's stomach.copyright protection2PENANAQBlq5SgatQ

               “No.... No man or woman can kill me,” said the nazgul when he first experienced the pain of steel.copyright protection2PENANANAfrtl006S

               “Perhaps not from this planet, but I come from the stars," Hermione told him and plunged the dagger deeper into his adversary.copyright protection2PENANA5yHVOe2nci

               "This is what it feels like to die!” Hermione shouted, and the nazgul hurled a huge cry that was heard throughout the battlefield.copyright protection2PENANA42TqsZiJ9L

               The nazgul was not yet defeated and turned around to flee, even though he was already imploding, when Hermione jumped and climbed up on his back, stabbing the specter over and over again.copyright protection2PENANAzWmPoQaoRh

               “Fucking bastard! You have to die!” She shouted, taking out all the frustration she had been carrying since she arrived in the Middle Earth, and the nazgul giving other thunderous cries imploded completely.copyright protection2PENANAhXPYSDdU0p

               The orcs and other green skins fled from the place prey of demoralization when they saw their leader down, only the humans beside Sauron followed the struggle, but they were overwhelmed by the combined forces of the men of Rohan, Gondor, and the spectral army that arrived at that time along with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.copyright protection2PENANAd5r6vU6NDf

               The men shouted victory and the comrades of the fellowship embraced Hermione as they saw her again. Hermione was very happy to see them and headed back to Minas Tirith.copyright protection2PENANAzccW2AMdZE

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection2PENANAugBkfuXtpY

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