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How Donald Trump won
Writer Capt. leon
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How Donald Trump won
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
42 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ves8d7oFmmm9FibEp5v7posted on PENANA

The Bill Clinton Factorcopyright protection2PENANAXxqpHe8q5n

Let's start with an established principle: The Republican party is of the rich, while the Democrat is of the poor. All that changed with Bill Clinton, he transformed the people's party into the party of titled intellectuals.copyright protection2PENANAQBCiKPq8uN

This is not bad, but in the long run it would have consequences. Bill Clinton, while he wanted to professionalize his electoral base, should not have left behind the historical base that always voted for the Democratic Party.copyright protection2PENANAvRWb98Qydm

.copyright protection2PENANAGaT7ABlJ2r

.copyright protection2PENANA7S2JbNyCW3

It already happened oncecopyright protection2PENANAqsUmD4vtCJ

People think that there was only one massive extinction with the dinosaurs, it was about six. It happened once and had to happen again.copyright protection2PENANAQjUKqulMen

People rip off their clothes with Donald Trump, saying that the electorate had never before chosen so badly. Excuse me, but I still remember the headlines from around the world in prestigious newspapers when George Bush (son) was elected for a second term, one said and I quote,"I can't believe Americans are so stupid".copyright protection2PENANAdlgg4s4D50

Donald Trump "won" the elections because already other "pestering" people had won it, he was not the monster that came out of nowhere by driving away potential voters, the man is only part of the electoral system in Washintong DC, a system that is not bad in itself, but should be improved like any democracy in the world.copyright protection2PENANAHvsCS6GoAj

.copyright protection2PENANA7qC1a3wwPL

.copyright protection2PENANAU36akbDoOJ

Arrogancecopyright protection2PENANAoweR87XOvx

6Please respect copyright.PENANAlP1mem1sM6
Donald Trump, is a jerk, nobody denies it, the tragic mistake however, was that everyone was arrogant with him and underestimated him.copyright protection2PENANA8DYKE8ObFE

Ann Coulter, a blonde whose position or profession is now irrelevant, said the orange man was going to be the winner, everyone laughed in her face.copyright protection2PENANAWzH3K1fnq3

The Art of War, that book that everyone believes was written in Japan, but actually it came from China, is very clear in that sense. I have not read such a work so far, but I am sure it has a part in which it says that one should not underestimate the adversary, and another where it says that the main thing is to know oneself.copyright protection2PENANA6PAlGIsExY

They saw Donald Trump as some kind of exotic figure, a joke, a clown, a man with the color of an umpalumpa... and they paid the price, they didn't take measures to stop the guy from the beginning and what had to happen happened: The moral of the hare and the turtle.copyright protection2PENANAcFBaqgjfrY

"Ah, arrogance, causing more defeats than all the abilities of the enemies put together,"I don't remember who said it, but he said it very well.copyright protection2PENANAToxAsiCHG3

.copyright protection2PENANALNSl8z4BdC

.copyright protection2PENANAzpibzJrTYT

.copyright protection2PENANARRipsKH5sn

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is kingcopyright protection2PENANA8ea0zjzEUN

The Republican pre-candidates who accompanied Donald Trump were pathetic. All of them seemed clones not only in appearance, but in their pre-campaign proposals.copyright protection2PENANAhucAFMj7Fi

It was logical that Donald Trump would stand out with his umpalumpa coloration among other things, in addition to his wild and discriminatory campaign politics.copyright protection2PENANA0x9iWC3DHw

So low were the rivals that we take an example, Marco Rubio, was running to face Trump, but years before, the descendant of Latinos, signed a law so that New Orleans would not receive help after Hurricane Katrina. And then they wonder why the orange guy beat their Republican adversaries!copyright protection2PENANA1PKbQkvqZp

.copyright protection2PENANAdgUpRzcaHR

.copyright protection2PENANAsHoC0lf4YW

Advantageous orange guycopyright protection2PENANAA0MkcDFH3E

Donald Trump has been campaigning for over 30 years!!copyright protection2PENANA6gV1GMASXi

He may not have intended to be President, but he promoted his image for decades unlike his rivals in the hope that someday he would bring him benefits with whatever he came up with.copyright protection2PENANAKqZ920uh4t

Hillary Clinton was immersed in politics for 30 years, but her promotion in political campaigns against Obama first and then Donald Trump is not even a year away.copyright protection2PENANAeFt10FEFmI

In politics, not the best wins, but the one that has been on screen for the longest time. The umpalumpa, was in infinity of cameos that gave him a LOT of advantage in the elections against the other Republican candidates and against Hillary.copyright protection2PENANAktYfuF15yY

.copyright protection2PENANAnionrrnWJs

.copyright protection2PENANApY8SZ8yEOU

Anti-Zionismcopyright protection2PENANAm8olnS0pYz

I still remember the TV show: Across the fence. A show many years before the previous election, in it, a lawyer of Jewish origin was running for mayor of the town, but even though he made a great campaign, he still lost.copyright protection2PENANAnlSMJje7gX

The Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton's rival in the primaries, and not for political interests because the old man was rampaging everywhere, no, the thing was racism... since we're talking about a party that led an Afro-descendent to the presidency! Oops, I guess I was wrong.copyright protection2PENANAzFVIxVQ6zF

Then what was it?.... Hum, if it wasn't racism, then there's anti-Zionism, and I don't say it.copyright protection2PENANA1WNphbiiAg

Even Donald Trump said and I quote,"I feel sorry for the way the Democratic Party is treating Bernie Sanders."copyright protection2PENANARYCJKl3Zsj

For all those who believe that there is a Zionist conspiracy that wants to rule the world... so I ask why doesn't Sanders win?copyright protection2PENANAW2ZSKxOBDo

.copyright protection2PENANAgEk43BflUQ

.copyright protection2PENANACMOewzAzy3

If it's a matter of charisma...copyright protection2PENANATv5SnQqcs3

Charisma and physical appearance do not go hand in hand. What is charism? For it is the gift by which a person manages to be admired and followed by others, whether this is a good speaker or a different one from the Halo effect.copyright protection2PENANAAJHUOLw37q

Donald Trump, generates charisma that earned him at least 30% of his final vote. Perhaps his charisma comes from the fact that he resembles an umpalumpa from Willy Wonka's film... or having participated in so many cameos on TV or cinema.copyright protection2PENANATJcIYIhyiQ

Hillary "I turn a blind eye" Clinton, well, how to put it mildly... THAT WOMAN HAVE THE SAME CHARISM THAT TEACHER UMBRIDGE IN THE BOOKS OF HARRY POTTER, or as I prefer to call the saga of books: Hermione Granger and her two loose associates.copyright protection2PENANACclI5IyvV1

Let's not be naive, part of the electorate though tiny, it is based more on the halo effect or charisma, and Hillary Clinton did not have, has and will not have both, at least not enough to defeat Donald Trump.copyright protection2PENANAyvKgpz1VC9

"When you have, you have, when you don't have... what a fucking shit" - said someone, who? It doesn't matter now.copyright protection2PENANAmwSzfQhwpA

.copyright protection2PENANAm1NIKSqinl

.copyright protection2PENANAkWR5dgEfch

Bureaucratic vs. business systemcopyright protection2PENANAoyOg737pAx

There were a lot of campaigners in both the states and counties who warned Hillary Clinton that she was losing voters in places that had always voted for Democrats. the problem was that they could not immediately communicate with Clinton, but that their written complaints had to go through an endless bureaucratic chain. Here it looks like Hillay Clinton's campaign had political logistics.copyright protection2PENANA0XzNFjF6C3

With the Republicans things were different, very different. Donald Trump used to score a goal against himself every time he opened his mouth, however, the bases in charge of carrying out his campaigns in the States and Counties did very well, and if there were complaints, they reached their addressee in a much faster and more efficient way, so that what had to be corrected was corrected in time.copyright protection2PENANAsX0j2dzGsM

Let us remember that the elections in the United States of America are not the same as we have in Latin America. People in the northern country do not vote for the president, they vote instead for a group of people (electoral college) who just voted for the president.copyright protection2PENANAYRlM7sPfSq

Many people supported Hillary Clinton, but her candidates in the states and counties did very badly.copyright protection2PENANANSnmF2Gl8j

Thus, the umpalumpa could say fol things because his vote was in the people of the counties, not himself, at least in a good percentage.copyright protection2PENANApBgpUiDuZ6

.copyright protection2PENANAgXXBK44zkW

.copyright protection2PENANA07PnuvpaQy

The English effectcopyright protection2PENANAuf9KF43iy2

A few months before the U. S. election. the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union, you know, the famous brexit. This fact gave a lot of impetus to the Republican campaigners, who along with Trump were in favor of winning the disconnect of the motherland (for the gringos) from the rest of Europe.copyright protection2PENANAoP0lrLqvlL

The psychology of the masses is interesting, humans are like the mythical suicidal lemmings, with so little time for elections many voted following the trend. And what current was this? The one that defended the orange guy of the impossible hair.copyright protection2PENANAslSiInN8yE

Hillary Clinton and company only lamented the decision taken on the other side of the pond but did not propose a psychological campaign aimed at convincing them that following the same path as the United Kingdom would be catastrophic for the United States.copyright protection2PENANAG2TQMzVPRt

The Netherlands (Holland) and France had more time in their elections so that the English effect did not influence them so much, the moderates won in the end and the right-extremists lost.+copyright protection2PENANASgjTCKE3gZ

.copyright protection2PENANAOJkH124PbD

.copyright protection2PENANAtSFnIsWEiO

Rage votecopyright protection2PENANA7b4r4HbIKs

What is the Rage Vote? For it is a phenomenon by which a person votes for the candidate who gives him the most anger.copyright protection2PENANAIyb3gd5l2h

"My life is shitty so fuck them all up with me": this is the thought of the people who apply the rage vote, what they don't realize is that they believe that only he is voting that way, when the next-door neighbor votes the same way and the subsequent one too, and so on.copyright protection2PENANAYv9ETS6Pwo

This fact was scientifically proven in the United Kingdom with the famous Brexit. After the elections many people confessed that they did not want the United Kingdom to separate from the European Union, but that they voted for Brexit, believing that they would be the only ones to vote in this way and that they were now very sorry.copyright protection2PENANAEEAJ5Eqhnb

The same applied to the United States, many took the rage vote.copyright protection2PENANAJ5KV809elc

.copyright protection2PENANAvkHFYBx4r3

.copyright protection2PENANAt5H3ONIf45

Influencers, suck my ballscopyright protection2PENANAqObaKkaTzw

The print media are experts at putting athletes, singers and others on a pedestal. It was they who created the term: Influencers, which refers to famous people who have millions of followers in social networks and who supposedly influence their followers.copyright protection2PENANA55QNKOohTP

There's no such thing as influencers!copyright protection2PENANAlnV2rJP9YU

In the vote that decided the Brexit, JK Rowling, the writer of the book series: Hermione Granger and her two lazy associates, called for people to vote for the United Kingdom not to separate from the European Union. The same thing happened with several so-called influencers, and in the end the United Kingdom voted in favour of Brexit.copyright protection2PENANAfpIqzsLKmk

In the United States the same thing happened, a lot of influencers campaigned for people not to vote for Donald Trump, but the orange guy "won" the elections (they actually won votes in the electoral college, but I will not analyze that aspect because of its complexity).copyright protection2PENANAhrq7faWEsQ

Democrats fell asleep at the thought that the inluencers' supporters, like sheep, would vote for Hillary Clinton, thanks to the support she had from a multitude of celebrities.copyright protection2PENANAuNdpPE8FO7

There are no influencers, masters of the press or any other media, do not invent things that do not exist, because they cause these people, in the end believe that they seriously influence millions of people, so stupid is the humanity.copyright protection2PENANAz3wiu6KfR7

.copyright protection2PENANAA8y0gOacsC

.copyright protection2PENANA3WpglfVuUJ

Battle horsecopyright protection2PENANACuM9Mgfxv6

Did you know that 63% of Americans want to stop teaching evolutionary theory in schools and return to creationist theory?!copyright protection2PENANAE6fd6v1gIu

I'm not going to discuss which position is right or wrong, that's not the case here, my point is that the society of the northern country is very conservative, in the government of Barack Obama aka. "lots of barack and little bite." a mockery of the motto: much barks and little bites, like never before the issue of abortion was never discussed and Hillary Clinton promised to revise the legislation to pass the abortion issue on ALL of the American union.copyright protection2PENANATLqj1MyWht

Many people, regardless of whether they were Republican or not, were frightened by this and their vote was for Donald Trump. After the election, many Democratic voters confessed that they did not vote for Hillay Clinton because the issue of abortion: either they voted for the orange guy, or they simply did not go to vote, remember that in the USA, voting is NOT mandatory.copyright protection2PENANAGTXs2KJihf

The issue of abortion was always the Republican's battle horse, an aspect that the Democrats did not take into account.copyright protection2PENANApVlE8r9aIR

.copyright protection2PENANAEBD5VERtB9

.copyright protection2PENANAXh2VK5FuoW

Anti Castrocopyright protection2PENANAJNS4s1wBbe

I will not discuss here whether or not you agree with the position of former President Barack Obama aka. "a lot of barack and a little bite", regarding that the US should soften its relations with Cuba.copyright protection2PENANAtQQ7VLLNfn

Miami was a key state for the election, unlike others who always decided their vote beforehand, both Democrats and Republicans had to fight it at that place until the last minute.copyright protection2PENANAWcFZ7q5NUt

Hillary Clinton believed that with so many Latin Americans in that state, her victory was assured. It was that unparalleled posture of arrogance and ignorance that kept her from seeing the danger coming.copyright protection2PENANAKDhCIJDelP

The majority of the Latin American population in Miami are either refugees or descendants of refugees because of Fidel Castro's Communist government, such refugees and descendants would never accept the reopening of negotiations with the Castro family.copyright protection2PENANAtPFjWB4Ioj

Trump won the Latino vote in Miami by promising that he would be tougher with Cuba's communist government.copyright protection2PENANA5lwLkEbpr6

What irony, it was said that Latinos were going to define the election and in the end they did, but not for the candidate that the very wise and learned "experts" political analysts expected. Miami was so important that Donald Trump won 29 voters from the electoral college, while other states like Pennsylvania, one of the most important, barely reached 20 from the electoral college.copyright protection2PENANATbKaOsTsHf

Maybe Hillary Clinton believed that in Miami there were only Hispanic voters of Mexican origin, for her all Central and South America is Mexico, there are no countries like Bolivia or Chile. She should have told Obama to reverse his policy of approaching Cuba, at least until the elections passed.copyright protection2PENANAha4Xt0yyIW

.copyright protection2PENANASOhoAC2M2u

.copyright protection2PENANASVGC6u50WM

She doesn't like to travelcopyright protection2PENANAfeWjcqkKY3

Donald Trump traveled to Mexico to tell the corrupt of Peña Nieto that he was going to build the wall and that he better be quiet... and Peña Nieto in fact, did not say a word!copyright protection2PENANAHQSZfsBieE

We are not going to discuss this aspect of the shameful "seagull" husband's interview with Trump, but I am going to focus on the journey.copyright protection2PENANAM7zsKFXPFU

Irrespective of whether the Trump-Nieto match was a good one or not, Donald Trump was able to get a wide media coverage, you know, as I said in a previous section: not the one who has the best proposal wins, but the one who appears on screen for the longest time.copyright protection2PENANABV9yflYz6W

Hillary Clinton didn't want to travel to Mexico, which was a mistake. I will not discern about the motives that the woman could have had the strange logo of the H with arrows to one side instead of upwards (heavens, not even a fucking good logo could make her), had not to travel to the Aztec country. I'll just say that this decision added to the dislike the voters already had for her.copyright protection2PENANADNNvM2Yokd

Latin America is said to be the backyard of the USA (something some US congressmen say), but Hillary's attitude made Hispanic voters think that for her the Spanish-speaking region would not be even that.copyright protection2PENANA27kCA4iyUY

Donald Trump, on the other hand, showed interest in the region on the subject of drugs, Cuba and Venezuela. It may not be much, but something is something, unlike the woman, rival of the orange guy, who seemed totally unfamiliar to the region.copyright protection2PENANAswTB48X3I3

.copyright protection2PENANA0lQNRDQP2b

.copyright protection2PENANA35jnHTs0sn

Like M. Night Shyamalancopyright protection2PENANAYUTRwY0u2I

M Night Shyamalan is one of the three worst modern filmmakers along with Michael Bay and Uwe Boll. In what characterizes the spawn coming from India, he published a book justifying himself by saying that his films are the best while his detractors are moronic.copyright protection2PENANAx24oQV1HL4

I bring up the above because Hillary Clinton is a very arrogant person according to her own campaign supporters. This is not a mere rumor, since in the middle of the election campaign some people close to her and in charge of making the campaign said it very clearly:"Her decisions are not the most successful".copyright protection2PENANASOaccR5ESx

Hillary didn't see or rather, she didn't want to see her campaign go to waste and didn't pay attention to the reports given by professional people or in contact with the electoral mass in the American union that didn't adjoin the oceans, hell, not even with states that did like Miami or Northern California! The latter voted for Trump.copyright protection2PENANA2QsVIZUItW

Like Shyamalan's grotesque, Hillary Clinton has just published a book "explaining" why she lost the election. Tilds the thick orange guy to be an idiot and incapable, along with other epithets that may or may not be true, yet by attacking the orange guy in this way, is she not insulting herself because she did not win the election against such a pathetic rival according to her?copyright protection2PENANAr0ZvoQrqxc

Oh Hillary, before you see your opponent's mistakes, see your own horns... sorry I say, your own fouls, and kick your husband out of here at once! Last year he went to Argentina and was caught with a "Miss of doubtful origin".copyright protection2PENANAvq0FCdxISp

.copyright protection2PENANAgUgJQYIKHc

.copyright protection2PENANAH8cGEBx524

Internal racismcopyright protection2PENANAiyvjd7wLQo

Donald Trump, who resorted to the issue of racism to gain more voters, wanted this election to be white people versus people of Latin American, Asian or Afro-descendent. copyright protection2PENANAa6irQ8pyT7

It is always advantageous to polarize an election, especially knowing beforehand that the majority of voters are Caucasian. What sure surprised even the orange guy himself was that there were many Latin Americans who voted for Trump, because they themselves are racists against their own people.copyright protection2PENANAKBgXiUzP0C

Believe me, there were many people of Spanish-speaking descent, who no longer want to see more Latin Americans not even in painting. This sector of the population may not be large, but for the previous election in particular, each vote counted.copyright protection2PENANAUiapCow89m

.copyright protection2PENANAwktPLjYbSS

.copyright protection2PENANAiDtzBLuaBu

The Bill Clinton Factor 2copyright protection2PENANANvNXUpmryv

On a previous occasion I spoke about good old Bill, the only president who broke the hegemony of pet dogs in the White House (hip, hip, hooray for Bill). Now I'm going to touch on another subject.copyright protection2PENANAO5QhUBBTNt

Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign was accompanied by the "mischief" of her husband, this was a mistake.copyright protection2PENANAL67fFI09TB

The next most incredible thing is true: Many Democratic women withdrew Hillary's vote for the following reasons.copyright protection2PENANADG7rE1R0sp

First, they felt that Hillary should not have used her husband's figure to promote herself. They said it looked like she was asking them to vote for Bill Clinton's wife, instead of just voting for Hillary Clinton.copyright protection2PENANAwgvmypY9jL

Second, Bill Clinton continues to make his own with other women, going with his wife who apparently turns a blind eye, undermined Hillary's credibility.copyright protection2PENANAD4RLkxtkGm

Third, and here things get weird, they didn't vote for Hillary, because of envy! They can't stand the fact that the woman of the Umbridge teacher-style charisma, with the smile of Jack the killer, married such a handsome man.copyright protection2PENANAWk34MI5DJy

I assure you that this section does not contain any comedy, I have spoken to people who live in the USA, and they confirmed the three previous points. If I think it's right or fair? Of course not, but that's life, sometimes voters aren't guided by logic.copyright protection2PENANA3fOyCnYBxh

.copyright protection2PENANAnamfWGMp1s

.copyright protection2PENANAMYNQ2zy8ch

They´re not Top Cat and his gang.copyright protection2PENANAGgxvPaSNLp

In past decades, the U. S. had lost the war against organized crime, then the authorities got up to speed (put more money in) and cornered the continental mafia.copyright protection2PENANA58Asow9aWb

Then came the attack on the twin towers and the budget had to be reallocated to fight terrorism abroad. This gave an impulse to organized crime, and to a worrying phenomenon: violent gangs from Mexico and Central America entered the United States.copyright protection2PENANADJ9qzcZ8lc

Many Democrats and Latin Americans voted for Donald Trump, as he promised to be tougher on gangs of undocumented immigrants. Believe me, this factor was the most decisive factor along with the abortion issue for Latinos to vote for the orange guy.copyright protection2PENANAp1tXwi7o6T

.copyright protection2PENANAOb2oEqVNAR

.copyright protection2PENANAYeA8EalEiG

Milenians and Dreamerscopyright protection2PENANARIIlFfDNEJ

The current generation is called Milenians and grew up using social networks among other things, while the Dreamers are the children of illegal immigrants who are in college and expect to be U. S. citizens.copyright protection2PENANAGsVIRz8MnJ

Most of these two groups did not vote for Donald Trump, but there was a good percentage who did, and worse, of all eligible voters, about half did not go to the polls because these two groups were very supportive of Bernie Sanders, rather than Hillary Clinton.copyright protection2PENANADmXeuCpQhH

.copyright protection2PENANAx8qft6u7T8

.copyright protection2PENANAQABLislreI

If it's not for the old man, I don't vote.copyright protection2PENANAaS487zKwq1

Bernie Sanders, despite his advanced age, won the vote of countless young people and people from the lower middle class, along with other sectors of the population.copyright protection2PENANAeXaEdELILE

When the Democratic Party sabotaged the old man and made Hillary Clinton win, they lost a lot of votes. It wasn't enough for Sanders himself to ask his followers to vote for Hillary, people didn't vote in the end.copyright protection2PENANAQBfsnxUJZ8

I remember when the Democratic base learned that Sanders lost to Hillary because of the support of top Democratic leaders, one voter said, "The Democratic party lost its way, I will not vote for Hillary."copyright protection2PENANAr91wi852Ev

.copyright protection2PENANA4StexGSioD

.copyright protection2PENANAXffcHDKCmJ

The "experts" suck.copyright protection2PENANALOTMkbUqez

Before and during and even after the primaries in the northern country, no political or statistical analyst gave a penny for Donald Trump.copyright protection2PENANAWjrpxY5qht

They saw him as a joke in the primaries, but what's worse: they saw him as a joke AFTER the primaries.copyright protection2PENANA4eJkqqYb2k

Much of the defeat of the Democrats, it was because of these "experts and educated individuals", they were all confident and when they saw the danger posed by the orange guy, it was difficult to devise new campaign strategies.copyright protection2PENANAUN9NAuZuUe

Now they apologize with a thousand and one apologies or, as in the case of statistical gurus, they excuse themselves by saying: "the three percent error was in our forecasts, so we were wrong, but we were wrong less than anyone else". THEY' LL BE JERKS!!!copyright protection2PENANA3Qxvf4ulvL

.copyright protection2PENANAPA0yUqYSC1

.copyright protection2PENANAdwPmkpRjUM

The showmans are asholescopyright protection2PENANAyXC5tSaXeF

The United States has a lot of entertainment programs, the audience's favorites are from people who make fun of politicians, the entertainment world, whatever.copyright protection2PENANAJ3fJBaaA2M

These individuals brainwashed the people in charge of the Democratic campaign by telling them with their jokes against Donald Trump that the orange guy would never win the primary, at first, and then the election against Hillary.copyright protection2PENANACfirCDRuXL

Democratic campaign leaders and Hillary Clinton believed them, and when they saw the danger of the umpalumpa, it was too late to make citizens change their vote.copyright protection2PENANAgvJTAcMKa0

.copyright protection2PENANApT3FCFPMgS

.copyright protection2PENANAzS8RkLvbfs

Employment vs. relocationcopyright protection2PENANAXvXGpxTbh3

No-one doubts that Donald Trump's speeches had a strong demagogic hue, however, he focused on selling his proposal, which was EMPLOYMENT, which had shrunk in recent years, especially in the center and northeast of the country.copyright protection2PENANAcHWfnzVdmb

Hillary Clinton, for her part, a much more prepared woman, wanted to sell a reality, which consisted of relocating people who had lost their jobs, for which they had to be educated or prepared to aspire to a new source of work outside their former job.copyright protection2PENANA5V3dNoZize

Whether we like it or not, the strategy of selling illusions to Donald Trump worked. Hillary Clinton didn't have to lie, but she and her campaign team must have had another strategy to recruit voters.copyright protection2PENANAKxKHd9f7lx

.copyright protection2PENANAaxe7NCHIP3

.copyright protection2PENANAUUZX8Mm75W

Hungry Heartcopyright protection2PENANAmQt6yHgNOB

No, it's not that football guy's anime title.copyright protection2PENANAkZ8z6VbNE0

Despite his money, power and influence, Donald Trump was never accepted as part of American high society, more specifically, Manhattan's circles of prestige.copyright protection2PENANARyVQw4DSbJ

It is said that the parties offered by the orange guy were dressed in ostentatious but not very good taste, where the garbage of the entertainment world was the only one who attended.copyright protection2PENANAOxziE7ZUVN

For the orange guy, these elections were not another "competition"but rather a personal one. He was responsible for naming the best people to campaign in the counties, key men and women who had to clean up any potential disasters their boss went to, and they did it many times!copyright protection2PENANAvgMEPTA1He

Hillary, on the other hand, no longer had a rival like Barack Obama, saw the road clear and believed that she alone could sustain the entire campaign strategy. Fatal error due to the pride and arrogance that many say that women have.copyright protection2PENANA2yNYpj22cd

.copyright protection2PENANAL1Lljptijp

.copyright protection2PENANA6PFTuvM5xu

From golden toilets to Colonel Sanderscopyright protection2PENANAjz37xsqzvC

Everyone knows that money doesn't buy good taste, a proof of this is Donald Trump, who among the many extravagances that he possesses, is to have a stupendous golden toilet... WTF!copyright protection2PENANANhDyCXY6fi

How is it that a man with a golden toilet has won the vote of the upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class and the poor?copyright protection2PENANAvm8bfCG2He

The orange guy can be accused of many things, but he is not foolish, at least he was not in the next election ploy:copyright protection2PENANAw1Nz8l2zVx

In a flight he made on his private plane, the one that seemed more imposing than the Air Force One (the presidential plane), Donald Trump, was photographed with chicken broaster, as if it were any urban or rural countryman, nothing more or less. Photo he later shared on social networks.copyright protection2PENANAcIOQhrNfx3

At first glance we may feel like tiny things, but in reality it was something that had a lot of impact on voters.copyright protection2PENANAx3pFeEhVHZ

People saw, not an eccentric millionaire, but a human being like them. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, always had such an elitist image and far away from the common American population.copyright protection2PENANA9e1XO9iQJd

.copyright protection2PENANAoVWcLdEysc

.copyright protection2PENANABZf1EuFWpn

Lol, WTF and asdfghjklcopyright protection2PENANAWzBXwp7OfQ

In the primaries it looked how Bernie Sanders smash Hillary Clinton in terms of keeping up with the language and tastes of young people, while Hillary was quite far away from what the American people see, feel and participate.copyright protection2PENANA2DMYQxbv6D

Once with the old man out of the way, she thought it would all be sewing and singing, however, she could not see the tsunami of twitters sent to her by Donald Trump, which kind of orange Poseidon.copyright protection2PENANAHIDXJispfR

Hllary Clinton forgot that it was precisely Obama who won the previous election eight years ago, thanks in large part to the use of social networking and somewhat demagogue discourse. She wanted to make a very technical and professional campaign, so she paid the price.copyright protection2PENANAMbqn8WNgL2

Trump's twitters were too many, and they aimed to keep the press and comedy presenters talking about him all the time. When one twitt went out of fashion, another twitt came in and so on.copyright protection2PENANA6NGTLxqX2x

.                                                                              copyright protection2PENANABKgeIZxapM

.copyright protection2PENANA1bXsz6pmna

Internet vs. ethicscopyright protection2PENANApuY6nKENHG

In a previous section we saw how Trump flooded the electoral campaign with his twitts, but now let's see how he used social networks in an efficient way (which is not necessarily linked to ethics).copyright protection2PENANAljrBy9B5j0

In his twitts, it has been statistically proven that the orange guy used these words much more than others: We won, winner, victory; loser, losers.copyright protection2PENANARlbPNLVd8i

This indicates a higher level of psychological counseling, designed to make people believe that it was best to be with Trump, after all, who doesn't want to be part of the winning team, and who wants to be a loser?copyright protection2PENANAoyMmEa7iXP

Hillary Clinton set up her own channel for Spanish-speaking people to connect with them, while Donald Trump and his platforms were only looking for confrontation with the issue of Latinos. The funny thing is that in real life he had his teams to connect with the minorities: Latinos for Trump, Afroamericans for Trump, etc.copyright protection2PENANAZj8qUGAvLT

The Art of War is a book that can easily be applied to the business world, and Trump, as a businessman, applied the philosophy of this book. The previous paragraph shows what is known in war as: Surrounding Maneuvering.copyright protection2PENANAvDeHs2tofB

On the one hand (flanco), in social networks it appeals to hatred and divisionism; on the other hand (flanco) it appeals to communication and understanding.copyright protection2PENANAHD9t0OE77B

Contradictory ways that have a strong risk of colliding and destroying everything, but to be careful and use them very well, give good results.copyright protection2PENANAW7V4yPK8lw

.copyright protection2PENANA1R9gyBi2Zy

.copyright protection2PENANADGbNacCOjJ

Mark Zuckerberg, you screwed the world.copyright protection2PENANAqfQlkob5xx

The problem of false news on social networks dates back to years before the election in the USA, however, it is only recently studied how to stop this problem after the victory of Donald Trump aka. "I do travel to places where Spanish is spoken."copyright protection2PENANAByoLPXm8Zm

It is scientifically proven that not only young people, but older people no longer know about the news through traditional media such as TV or newspapers, but even radio, instead, trusts what they read on social networks.copyright protection2PENANAGD3Sre433n

Many of these information platforms in cyberspace are neither certified nor regulated, so they are an unreliable source to know the events in today's world or even as a reference to past events.copyright protection2PENANANuDEQY314A

The false news that favored umpalumpa and discredited Hillary was a tsunami that drowned everyone, for example, the news that said that Pope Francis supported Trump because of the abortion issue.copyright protection2PENANAzF9XrYUO6U

.copyright protection2PENANAaNyeFZtJ2w

.copyright protection2PENANA7Q0LuQKxSO

Obama and Immigrationcopyright protection2PENANA8rthpVgjJm

Many Latinos were dissatisfied with the Obama administration regarding immigration.  In his two terms as President, the long-awaited Immigration Reform could not be realized, in fact, in the first four years of Obama's administration, more Latinos were expelled than in the eight years of George Bush's (son) administration.copyright protection2PENANAeUaM8PLBzO

If immigration reform had passed, millions of Latino citizens would have been eligible to vote, and with all this strength Donald Trump might not have won. At least that's what statistical scholars say, or amateur opinion.copyright protection2PENANA8GE8s9ZcGR

For my part, I do not think this would have been feasible and I will use the following analogy:copyright protection2PENANA0Oju6Ipm28

If Japan had destroyed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, won at Midway and triumphed at Guadalcanal, it would have lost the war anyway, it would only have won from six months to a year before losing to the USA. The capacity of the gringos to manufacture various war materials was absurdly colossal.copyright protection2PENANAJg3T3cIOOh

The same goes for the Latino vote, but I will look at that in the next section.copyright protection2PENANADWYi5qr4D7

.copyright protection2PENANAWDWf73XxpZ

.copyright protection2PENANAG8gJ2jVL8J

The myth of the Latino votecopyright protection2PENANA3LG23LtvQ6

Let's start from the following facts:copyright protection2PENANADMJz1RCZo2

First, Obama won by the Latino vote.copyright protection2PENANAY5bfOdyKZH

Second, In Obama's first four years, more Latinos were expelled than in George W. Bush's eight years.copyright protection2PENANAu2sa4wWx1M

Third, Latinos in the USA are fucking conservative about religion.copyright protection2PENANADEyneAfRzE

Fourth, Anti-Castro, anti-immigrant and anti-gang movements on the part of the same LATINS are strong.copyright protection2PENANAUyJ5Oyjmii

Fifth, Africanamericans, Latinos and Asians, ARE the minoritycopyright protection2PENANA4MlwWq3SX5

Sixth - It is NOT mandatory to vote in the USA, which if it is mandatory is to REGISTER to vote, an abysmal difference.copyright protection2PENANAFBKeZZOeRo

Now, suppose the miracle that ALL Latinos were united and not separated, and that the same thing happened with blacks and Asians, and all together voted for Hillary Clinton. Would this have represented Hillary Clinton's victory? The answer is NO.copyright protection2PENANATLXCQLaa8t

But why?! If it was just the Latino vote eight years ago that gave Obama the victory.copyright protection2PENANAscfOJceN5b

Easy, eight years ago, what's more, four years ago, when Obama won for the second time, an important fact happened: The whites did not go to vote en masse.copyright protection2PENANASKNDYNCN1t

 In the last elections, the Caucasian population, who for various reasons ALWAYS register to vote, but who NEVER vote when the time comes, lifted their fat white asses, stopped watching TV while stuffing themselves with chicken, hamburger or pizza, and went to vote.copyright protection2PENANAbVf9x5UIg3

The Latino vote is a myth, for some reason we are MINORITY. Our vote only influences the extent to which the majority of the white population in the USA is ABSENT.copyright protection2PENANAbIgqx0DLNI

.copyright protection2PENANAXGsKjryWeA

.copyright protection2PENANAqpvGz3LuL1

Northeast and educationcopyright protection2PENANAxXKOoiO13B

Barack Obama inherited a country on the brink of economic collapse due to the 2008 stock market crash that brought the entire planet to the brink of a second major depression. Measures that injected capital into the economy, financial bailouts, nationalizations and others in the last months of George W. Bush's administration, saved the world at a price that is not yet very clear to analyze.copyright protection2PENANAJ0icLCDjzR

Obama managed to reduce unemployment caused by the 2008 Wall Street debacle, however, throughout his term in charge this would be increased especially in the central USA and the northeast that bordered the great lakes. He knew that things were not going well and therefore he even ordered quite controversial action at the level of international diplomacy by ordering the death of Osama bin Laden.copyright protection2PENANATZhoFQrrkd

When Donald Trump ran for primary candidate had the advantage of seducing sections of the population that Obama had defrauded.copyright protection2PENANAtSaeGywvAA

The orange guy promised education to the northeast, where schools for Afro-descendants had been closed, with the excuse that these places and those students were not worth investing money in! You can believe it! A government that was presided over by an Afrodescendant said such a shit!copyright protection2PENANA7jApvm18FA

I don't think Donald Trump cares much about the black population in the northeast of the great lakes, but his speech focused on that population's discontent with Obama.copyright protection2PENANA0zAhYg8qIt

.copyright protection2PENANADcmOr3nXyX

.copyright protection2PENANAyFg84Mv6Vb

Steel and northeastcopyright protection2PENANAHVKhdJym9g

Many steel smelting companies in the center of the American Union closed their doors because they were no longer profitable, leaving millions of people living directly and indirectly from those smelting centers unemployed.copyright protection2PENANAPNtbBUeYSN

Not only did the level of unemployment soar, but there was a very strong displacement in an important sector of the population, which was formerly middle class, they had their own house and barbecue in the garden; then they became poor and lived in trailers and no longer shared with friends.copyright protection2PENANAWqsczxZ4DU

As for the Great Lakes region, where the U. S. automotive industry is centered, the factories closed down. Cities like Detroit, Chicago and others felt the coup like no other major city group.copyright protection2PENANAflQ0D3JbqT

Hillary's answer was already stated in a previous section: the relocation based on a labor education policy so that they can opt (be careful, not to get) a different labor source from the one they had in other regions of the country, that is, the states and cities that were already in economic crisis, would continue in economic crisis.copyright protection2PENANAsfGVriQGhI

While Trump's was: shutting down American companies in China and abroad to bring them back home, that is, they would return to work.copyright protection2PENANAtd8VpItpM7

The funny thing is that Trump has with his daughter Ivanka, manufactures in China, even, despite his hate speech towards China, his own granddaughter is a viral phenomenon on social networks when singing a song! in Mandarin!copyright protection2PENANAj2s925dMgD

That's why Trump won so many votes: people trusted Trump's promises instead of Hillary's plan, and those who knew about the orange guy's double talk still voted for the man, because he was the only lifesaver there was!copyright protection2PENANAFJTlFkEv0V

.copyright protection2PENANAdt8mpy4SXR

.copyright protection2PENANA0gTsqVxEHO

Deep Americacopyright protection2PENANAhmxaIcvmIw

It is curious to note one fact: the only superhero that came from a state in the center of the American Union is Superman, all the others come from big cities like New York.copyright protection2PENANAiV0qipYniW

Like the previous data, there are others where technology, fashion, music and others have their sources in coastal cities. People living in "deep America" felt like the Obama administration set them aside and the policies proposed by Hillary Clinton did not set out strategies to connect all those regions not only with the work, but also with the cultural contribution to the country where they lived.copyright protection2PENANAeid7LD3jhL

"Make America Great Again," is not only a slogan applicable to improving the macro and micro national economy, but also involved taking into account the potential of regions forgotten by both Democratic and Republican governments. That was at least what Trump's candidates for the polling station in each of the states and counties of the United States were proposing.copyright protection2PENANA7z8FKQSfdA

The resentment of the people of deep America along with other forgotten sectors of North America such as Northern California was exploited by Donald Trump.copyright protection2PENANALvwLWPbVcu

.copyright protection2PENANARrN4zyICR0

.copyright protection2PENANAnZzvFkmxzA

More papist than the Popecopyright protection2PENANA8l6F72viXI

Obama always wanted to be above Donald Trump, considered himself a better man and politician, so he didn't want to participate in the Hillary Clinton campaign because he considered it unethical.copyright protection2PENANANP9ATI8Cl0

However, now that the campaign process was about to end and just days before the vote, Obama decided to speak in favor of Hillary, saying: "No one in the history of this country has been better prepared to govern us, neither Bill Clinton, nor me, nor anyone else."copyright protection2PENANACJZceEwBc5

This help came at a very untimely time, not succeeding in getting much of the electorate, especially Afro-descendants, to vote for Hillary.copyright protection2PENANAclri1ykwRi

.copyright protection2PENANAfE7oe17nDt

.copyright protection2PENANAnfcnrr1X3e

Anti nerdscopyright protection2PENANA3fAuxB3S8U

Believe it or not, Americans don't like nerds, people who live in "deep America," don't like people with college degrees such as lawyers, engineers, doctors and so on.copyright protection2PENANAanzhMNjUbW

Hillary Clinton did not know how to get away from the image of "titled" that she had, she never stopped projecting that image of elitism throughout her campaign.copyright protection2PENANAnybAVD1XA4

This is not a bad thing, but her campaign advisors should have advised her to also show other aspects that would link her more to the common denominator of people.copyright protection2PENANAcEjM8RocJw

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is known more as a wrestling showman, various cameos and reality shows than someone with college education.copyright protection2PENANA6TUGbGuuBF

This part may sound like a bad vibe to us, but it is the idiosyncrasy of the gringo, something that favored Trump to Clinton's detriment.copyright protection2PENANArYdCz9fA7Q

.copyright protection2PENANAFjvY6DPuQz

.copyright protection2PENANA1XsVDEC79d

Idiosyncracycopyright protection2PENANAMAc0dLatmh

In Latin America, people with wealth and powerful businessmen are poorly viewed, associated with corruption and others. This appreciation is greater or lesser depending on each country.copyright protection2PENANAk1BP0HtQcj

In the USA, there is the opposite figure, businessmen of wealth and power, are seen as capable people, intelligent, enterprising, able to carry out any project in which they are put in charge.copyright protection2PENANApdgS9TwL1G

 Hillary Clinton had a campaign policy aimed at publicizing her government's plan, while Donald Trump only said he was going to bring back jobs, without being very specific on this point, except to tax American products that return to the country as consumer products.copyright protection2PENANAZNgcOuYZXk

Donald Trump never had a government plan except for protectionism and isolationism, but people for the idiosyncrasy they have preferred to rely on the slogans the man sent.copyright protection2PENANAhhmS7mAAcN

.copyright protection2PENANATB0at940V5

.copyright protection2PENANAGVTX7Is6Hq

American Pridecopyright protection2PENANArYHNQParpn

Americans are proud, and that feeling was hurt when they saw their country no longer had an international preponderance in the Pacific and Middle East.copyright protection2PENANAejZftspytk

The Arab Spring, which ended in the overthrow of several dictators until the death of Gaddafi, was not capitalized by the USA, but rather by Russia especially in Syria.copyright protection2PENANADafx8nfAtW

The same thing happened with China, its influence spread to the Pacific and nearby countries.copyright protection2PENANA0VVIIMxTdX

Donald Trump, with his slogan of Make America great again, proposed that the USA should once again gain international prominence and revise certain international treaties that did not favor the country, such as the nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Iran.copyright protection2PENANAgsgfHKI6ib

Hillary, on the other hand, only focused on his attacks on Vladimir Putin, leaving much of American foreign policy aside.copyright protection2PENANArWmGtu4J5y

.copyright protection2PENANAG5tBOcnl5B

.copyright protection2PENANAim3zBKjkRC

30 years vs. 1 yearcopyright protection2PENANAwiySZ2m3Mr

When Hillary competed against Obama for the presidency, she underlined the fact that she had been in politics for decades, while Obama was an upstart.copyright protection2PENANACsx53lhrHn

Eight years later and the woman didn't learn from her mistakes, again highlighting her more than thirty years of experience in Washington DC, while Trump had not a year in politics.copyright protection2PENANA20J6zlRTFI

Both in one election and the other, people preferred to vote for a man that did not come from the establishment. Politics is very discredited in the USA, so Hillary's strategy of promoting herself due to her long political career was not the most successful, in fact, even went against her.copyright protection2PENANAvc14407r4T

.copyright protection2PENANATGlqLpM3Rt

.copyright protection2PENANAqUta03wRWc

The excusecopyright protection2PENANAAroBwsCDUG

Past elections were a roller coaster, both opponents had their good and bad. Hillary lost a lot of points when she vanished because of a cold, but then went way beyond Trump when he made his misogyny statements known, that time the woman was six points ahead of him and just days after the end of the campaign, it seemed that everything was decided.copyright protection2PENANAwNnSe9i1c9

So why did people decide to vote for the orange guy?copyright protection2PENANAuD4YO42kWY

People didn't want to publicly admit that they liked Trump, needed an excuse (not a reason) to vote for him, and the excuse was Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal. Something that wasn't so bad compared to Trump's scandals.copyright protection2PENANAwwpV8VoLzi

.copyright protection2PENANAr55PYkYgla

.copyright protection2PENANAqQOuPCzRXv

Statistics x 2copyright protection2PENANAPu2fpbbNWK

Despite what the statistics gurus said in the last election, they did not tell anyone about certain statistics that are public information. They kept insisting that the woman would win and that the orange guy wouldn't be popular.copyright protection2PENANA6oQcdOwb5S

I'm not going to go into this further, I'll just mention them:copyright protection2PENANAmwIb1xOApL

For decades, no party, whether Democratic or Republican, has won for a third consecutive period.copyright protection2PENANA6eg8uFkFtg

Second: Also for decades, the winner was always the one who caused most sympathy in the electorate, that is to say, voted for the clown.copyright protection2PENANApzEgLS5i4a

The good thing about math is, they don't lie. Hillary was running against it from the start.copyright protection2PENANAarHSCIqqjP

.copyright protection2PENANAcp4syy8SdC

.copyright protection2PENANA9DbOTXGYfK

Health and Omabacarecopyright protection2PENANA9qbQiOzJeS

One of the great disappointments of both Democrats and Republicans with the Obama administration was the health issue and the so-called Obamacare, which is a kind of universal health insurance for its citizens.copyright protection2PENANAyriDURb2Ko

Obama said, "The main reason a middle-class family enters the poor is because of the expenses it incurs when one of its members gets sick." Health in the USA is too expensive, Obamacare tried to solve this, but to the detriment of those who already had insurance who were forced to pay more.copyright protection2PENANAFT2QHWOoU4

Donald Trump never had a plan to replace Obamacare, he just said he would replace it with something better. His intention from the beginning was to polarize the choice using this theme.copyright protection2PENANA84ukUN8uwn

Hillary Clinton should have said she would make amendments to Obama's health insurance (not take it down), so she would even things out, but she didn't do it. Obamacare was an important factor in the defeat of that woman.copyright protection2PENANAn5PFIJwUMh

.copyright protection2PENANAjraliSh7gc

.copyright protection2PENANAbogGJbtSF0

Taxescopyright protection2PENANAg265IOPfIC

Hillary proposed raising taxes to the richest, while Donald Trump proposed lowering them, but not only that, he also proposed a new restructuring of all taxes in the American Union, that is, it would make them less complicated.copyright protection2PENANAw13GnmyEtO

If you think that filling out a monthly or annual tax form is complicated in your country, you should see how gringos suffer to do the same, in the U. S., the subject of taxes is very complicated, so much so that people must hire accountants to do this job, and the worst thing is that if you make a mistake not only run with the fines, but you are liable to go to jail. The tax issue is very strict in the northern country.copyright protection2PENANAQEd7lXiOQY

Of course the orange guy did not have a plan to do this, but the demagogue speech endures everything and many voted in favour of the orange guy.copyright protection2PENANAP60VcJJ2Ys

.                                                                copyright protection2PENANAEvuHbS3Kwx

.copyright protection2PENANAznbNuxLNlB

From Russia with lovecopyright protection2PENANALaIM5VvPXu

No, it's not the title of the acclaimed James Bond movie. I am referring to the most powerful man in the world for the fourth consecutive year according to Forbes Magazine: Vladimir Putin.copyright protection2PENANAiBZNjbFnVc

The Kremlin's interference in the US elections is an open secret, but the curious thing was that Putin himself made previous statements, announcing that he was indifferent to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.copyright protection2PENANAUvz6j4D4RZ

Then why did Putin support the orange guy?copyright protection2PENANAFDaopgjV6g

The answer was found in the Arab Spring, the old allies of the USA fell and Putin was positioned as a strategic player in the region. Hillary Clinton attacked Putin, telling him that he was also a dictator and even that, and I quote, "he had no soul because he was a former KGB agent."copyright protection2PENANApoSpccARAw

Some say that such statements not only disturbed Putin, but frightened him, he believed that the woman was threatening him with overthrow as it happened in the form of dominoes throughout the Middle East.copyright protection2PENANA3v2DClIgpA

The Russian government hacked into American servers and helped expose the scandal of Hillary Clinton and her electronic emails, which served as an excuse to vote for Trump, as I said in a previous paragraph.copyright protection2PENANAf5dquDGNzN

There was no challenge in this from the Kremlin, American protection systems are laughable and furthermore, Russia had already made a computer "invasion" of Latvia. Something that the rest of the world  cared about a shit and had no news coverage.copyright protection2PENANA4ZcXoo9YfK

It's easy to check Russian attacks on the USA, as in the anime Death Note, just follow the hacking schedule and check that these were done in government office hours. And the idiots in Congress are still investigating whether it was really Russia who intervened in the USA through servers in Macedonia! They're morons!copyright protection2PENANAvjfxXRTF7j

+                                                         copyright protection2PENANAgnptOT7vHG

.copyright protection2PENANAiLFuI3SS28

.copyright protection2PENANACysS6qJZ6R

Too big to fallcopyright protection2PENANAimfIP4BXzi

"Too big to fall" was a phrase coined in 2008 when the New York wallstreet fell and threatened the whole world with a new Great Depression like the one that occurred in the 1930s.copyright protection2PENANADR4jmNneFp

In the thirties, the consequences were felt all over the planet, and when I want to say ALL OF THE PLANET, I mean just that. The economy plummeted as in Chile and the copper market, creating unemployment as never seen before and were the trigger of several wars around the globe as Bolivia and Paraguay had, until the end of World War II.copyright protection2PENANAniYQa4gU4m

Those responsible for the disaster were rescued with more than 700 BILLION dollars (during the George Bush Jr. government) and to date not only maintained their positions, but became richer, much richer. In eight years of the Obama administration, these guys were untouchable.copyright protection2PENANAMnI25y6GvF

Americans' discontent with the Democrats, Wall Street and the big banks is very evident.copyright protection2PENANAZ9x3sTRP8w

Both candidates spoke out against those responsible who could have led us to an economic apocalypse, but it was the orange guy, who pronounced the strongest, most forcefully and promised severe actions against these individuals.copyright protection2PENANAfwPdm0iCVm

Of course this speech was strange coming from a party that always listened to the Wall Street lobby, but they still believed it. Hillary should have made more emphasis on this point, as the MILLION Americans who lost their homes demanded sanctions from those responsible. Hillary was always very soft in this regard.copyright protection2PENANAZHJHKOgQvL

.copyright protection2PENANAwuV4ynXqd6

.copyright protection2PENANAXsCMGZNYCI

Weapons controlcopyright protection2PENANAkBp4i9Sz0n

Donald Trump always defended the possession of firearms (whether personal or assault) by the American population, unlike Hillary Clinton, who promised to review it.copyright protection2PENANAkwSfBrDyRR

The massacres using assault weapons and their problematic regarding their easy acquisition, comes since the Columbine Massacre in 1999, is a problem that comes dragging legislatures both Democrats and Republicans, and for a good reason: No one wants to address this problem that would result in regulating the possession of weapons, which is an aberration from the American point of view, who LOVE weapons.copyright protection2PENANAFOkiB0hoZU

Before the massacre in Las Vegas, I remember that there was a very serious one in a cinema made by a subject dressed as Batman, that time I remember that both Democratic and Republican congressmen said and I quote: "the massacre would have been avoided if everyone in the cinema had carried weapons".copyright protection2PENANA6kvwoOGhnG

The American's mentality is very different from that of the Latin American, they repudiate the massacres with firearms, but they would never tolerate the government to meddle with their precious weapons. Firearms in the USA are part of the essence of being American, period.copyright protection2PENANAFIdxYOZCnR

We see them as crazy for so many deaths produced by weapons, but they see us as crazy for not having weapons to defend ourselves against dictatorial democratic governments. I personally believe that people should not have weapons, but I am not going to discuss that here.copyright protection2PENANAt3FNlhNDFN

When Hillary Clinton proposed regulating the weapons issue, she lost a lot of votes in "deep America" and important states like Texas.copyright protection2PENANAyL73ivSYMf

.copyright protection2PENANAFrXSZWHZy5

.copyright protection2PENANAQ18wOuNC8s

Climate Changecopyright protection2PENANApGewJw2CvO

Throughout the election campaign, the media always made fun of the orange guy and his attitude of scepticism about Climate Change, which he calls "Chinese tales".copyright protection2PENANARagP3gLLfj

Attempts were made to point out that Donald Trump was a kind of madman who was the only person in the whole world who did not believe what environmental scientists said.copyright protection2PENANAQ5kZB9toLC

If you travel to "Deep America,"you will see that people do not believe in climate change. The scene of the simpsons (the film) where Lisa S. gets shut in the face when she tries to talk about climate change, is no exaggeration.copyright protection2PENANARbi5H2CJE7

In the documentary The Five Phases of Climate Change (Bill Nye's Global Meltdown), with scientist Bill Nye, we see how he explains to the American population about deforestation on American soil and its effects such as sandstorms and so on. No one believes him, all the villagers say that disasters are caused and I quote: "Jesus, he is the one who brings all these things, but he does it thinking of a later plan". Look, I do believe in climate change, but here I'm not going to debate whether the previous religious position is correct or not, I just note that millions of people in the USA shared the same view as Donald Trump.copyright protection2PENANAywiPll576l

.copyright protection2PENANAqXqLW2VqqH

.copyright protection2PENANA2iSloAo0k2

Butts, vaginas and pocketscopyright protection2PENANA8SzrIUNO1T

Trump's worst moment was undoubtedly just a short time before the election was over. The media leaked a private conversation of his where he said and I quote: "When you're famous, women let you do anything to them, you can touch their vagina...".copyright protection2PENANA9sRzeOB9e2

Overnight the orange guy lost six points to Hillary, but in the end it was the misogynist man who won the game and not Clinton.copyright protection2PENANAQhlJCJj1KD

So the Americans are misogynistic? Don't women have unity? The results of the elections could indicate some strong ones: Yes and Yes, but the answer is not so easy.copyright protection2PENANA4TwDkex73z

Neither Americans are misogynistic, nor women have no unity, the answer is focused on one aspect: microeconomics.copyright protection2PENANA1c2SMgGoqV

Life is difficult, you have to pay bills, take the kids to school and make sure that the pay lasts until the end of the month. That's why America voted for the orange guy, Donald Trump, promised economic security and microeconomic sovereignty, Clinton on the other hand promised relocation and training.copyright protection2PENANArhcM0PvjRf

I couldn't express it better than a certain woman who said she was going to vote for Trump, and I quote, "I don't care if Trump touches butts, as long as he doesn't touch my pocket.copyright protection2PENANAXV9tytI6BL

.copyright protection2PENANAFCYIvKZc9p

.copyright protection2PENANA8AHlmHbS12

The Trump that time forgotcopyright protection2PENANA8YXhsvLaBm

Not all old people are the same, Bernie Sanders won the hearts of young people by sharing his aspirations and hobbies. Trump, however, is on the other side of the spectrum (yes, the orange guy is old, don't be fooled by his hairstyle that is so wonderful).copyright protection2PENANAVhZT0vEZIN

Donald Trump is a man who is nostalgic for the U. S. of the 1950s, and for that reason his country ideal is one in which there are no following things.copyright protection2PENANApQo6bLOmEP

First, he wants no more immigrants because they bring about cultural change. He misses the times when women didn't leave the kitchen and warm the bed... and they were very grateful for it with the typical smile of the housewives of the 50s!copyright protection2PENANAoMOm4gSQqu

Second, strong opposition to the legalization of marijuana. Let's remember that the drug problem only shot up in the' 90s. Neither in the 1960s with LSD nor in the 1980s with cocaine, there was an increase in the number of dependents and non-dependents who used an absurd variety of synthetic drugs or not, Nixon and Reagan, who believed that in their times the drug problem was overwhelmed, would surely faint when they saw how badly things are at present.copyright protection2PENANAcmMcgMIVLq

Third, ignorance of the rights of the LGTB community. A stance not only of Trump, but of the Republican party itself.copyright protection2PENANAIbg7hsS5Px

"Make America Great Again," that means, back to the idealized past. A psychologist would conclude that Trump is nothing more than a crying child who fears change, pathetic.copyright protection2PENANAVdjJAoZseq

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Well, that concludes my "How Donald Trump won?!" series.", at first I thought that I would only expose a couple of things, never thought that I would list so many, but beware, that tomorrow I will put a kind of extra or plus.copyright protection2PENANAeKyyu8XtBb

What will the orange guy government be like?copyright protection2PENANAUxDHfhKKDI

will he run for another four years?copyright protection2PENANA1qpsuec0W1

Will he win again?copyright protection2PENANAkaLTJf2GJD

These and other disturbing questions will be answered in the next section. copyright protection2PENANASDbvkrM4cq

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Buruju's kitten predicts...copyright protection2PENANAhQislCU8H6

I remember an old film with Charlos Heston, the pope comes to Rome and his bootlicker throw coins at the population and they throw themselves on them. The pontifice, seeing such a pitiful scene, tells his lackey to stop doing that, which is in very bad taste. Surely Trump didn't see that film, since when he arrived in Puerto Rico, he threw people not money, but toilet paper!copyright protection2PENANAyvjqIZLaR7

I have already said that money does not buy good taste, or in his case, common sense politeness rules, such as not throwing toilet paper at people, but in short. What will the government of the orange guy be like? The government of Oz the mighty?copyright protection2PENANAxLN6qonl1l

Donald Trump is a man who will be in permanent campaign these four years. Man is not a politician, he will not make politics or government management, he will only campaign for the whole of the American Union. He will continue to twit and keep talking nonsense that his spokespeople tried to justify with the classic: "what he really meant..." or the one I like best: "journalists misinterpreted the president.copyright protection2PENANAZibhLxUFFC

Now, will Trump run for a second term? Will he win again?copyright protection2PENANALe75EP4p0W

The answer, whether we like it or not, is a resounding YES and YES. Trump is a man used to taking advantage of the system, he's not going to miss an opportunity like this.copyright protection2PENANAxyHkE8J2tK

The economy that Trump inherited, while not among the best, is in full recovery (more because of private than government incentives), as long as the orange guy doesn't do something like regulate firearms or legalize abortion, it will win a second term. In addition, he will have the advantage of four years of uninterrupted campaigning, unlike any opponents who come forward. Even George W Bush won a second period when no one gave a penny for him.copyright protection2PENANAot3AKO7EtM

Which party will win the third election? What will that candidate be like?copyright protection2PENANAhf0olFep5e

I don't think Republicans will win the presidency for the third time in a row, I don't know who they could put as a candidate after Trump's two terms, but they won't win anyway. This is because this man or woman will go against historical statistics, which tell us that no party, whether Democrat or Republican, won three times in a row, that was for decades and I don't think the situation will change. Sociologically speaking, people get tired of a government and prefer alternation.copyright protection2PENANAmCM4XrcGtG

The Democratic candidate who wins the election will be a man or woman who belongs to the LGBT congregation, i. e. will be gay or lesbian, etc. This is because of the harsh policies against this segment of the population and voters will choose on the basis of a stance contrary to the ideology of the orange guy government.copyright protection2PENANAqR9trTiyyM

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