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The Domestic Life of a Retired Pokemon Trainer
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Writer berserker823
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The Domestic Life of a Retired Pokemon Trainer
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Issue #1: Mornings
Aug 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mSoqttJ3RsCEqktrjeQYposted on PENANA

Hello awesome readers of the internet; my name is Owen Decker, and I used to be a Pokémon Trainer. Now I’ve been deemed too old to compete in Leagues so newer Trainers could have a better chance. It was a cruel law, but a law it remains, so now I have holed myself up in a large home in the middle of nowhere sitting dead center within a square mile of property. I had to have a large place to live, because I have fifty-four Pokémon living with me, and mornings here usually begin something like this.copyright protection4PENANA1XmYnc9ohp

            My alarm clock rang at around five-thirty in the morning, waking me up alongside a Houndoom to my left, a Stoutland on my right, and a Lycanroc between my feet. All three canine-like Pokémon howled at the sound of my alarm clock.copyright protection4PENANA7Eiw5MZOPR

“Okay, okay!” I told them, shutting the alarm clock off.copyright protection4PENANAhsvHNY86dZ

            Immediately, the three Pokémon stopped howling and vacated my bed as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. They left through an open door and I immediately tried falling back asleep. My pillow was then jerked out from beneath my head and I stared at Gardevoir in the doorway, her red eyes rimmed with a glowing blue aura.copyright protection4PENANA5fXsdkEmIW

“Five more minutes? Please?” I begged.copyright protection4PENANAMQB5mGRlvH

            Gardevoir telekinetically hit me with the pillow.copyright protection4PENANAdMaItXHC4V

“Come on! I have to share a bedroom with at least three others and you get your own room because you’re scary when you’re mad!” I complained.copyright protection4PENANACabzCoThLC

            Gardevoir hit me again with the pillow, but this time I grabbed it. Gardevoir smirked and then telekinetically lifted me out of my bed.copyright protection4PENANAexsPDPwua1

“Not fair!” I shouted as she dropped me onto the floor.copyright protection4PENANAcnNm6hkOUo

            I shot to my feet and grumbled as I passed by the silent, but still smirking Psychic-and-Fairy-type Pokémon. In my hallway, I passed by Mismagius scaring Lopunny into a corner.copyright protection4PENANAJwzV6cjZt4

“Gengar, control Mismagius before Lopunny starts…,” I ordered, but was then cut off by Lopunny crying.copyright protection4PENANACIC5yfU4K5

            I sighed and felt a chill as Gengar raced over to break it up. Gardevoir floated gracefully behind me as I descended the staircase. Downstairs I noticed Hitmonchan, Infernape, Lucario, Scrafty, and Hawlucha sparring in the living room.copyright protection4PENANA5XtSjzaEo4

“Hey!” I snapped just as they were about to begin.copyright protection4PENANA38BC3HOmHi

            All five Pokémon stopped and glanced at me with shame.copyright protection4PENANArk14pzkkD4

“You lot can spar outside,” I told them.copyright protection4PENANApI2TBltM0R

            I watched as they all departed out into the yard and sighed, rubbing my temples. Clefable then appeared beside me and a green aura surrounded her body. It spread to me and my morning headache dissipated almost immediately.copyright protection4PENANAR3ZsG2avpS

“Thanks Clefable. Have I told you you’re my favorite Fairy-type?” I told her, making her giggle.copyright protection4PENANAORcPWCogW2

            Gardevoir took offense to that and immediately formed a Moonblast before launching it at me. Luckily the ever-trusty Aegislash appeared and used King’s Shield to block the attack. I stuck my tongue at Gardevoir from behind the protection of the Steel-and-Ghost-type Pokémon. She rolled her eyes at my immaturity and stalked off to another part of the house.copyright protection4PENANAlmKnfmJI9K

“Gardevoir, wait!” I called out to her, “Who’s gonna help me disperse all of the breakfast!”copyright protection4PENANAA0NzsuCCZ2

            I cringed the moment I said the dreaded b-word, because it echoed across a suddenly silent house. In the span of a blink, my Pokémon were on me. If they could fit through the door, they were inside the house, and crowding around me. The ones who could not fit through the door or were strictly forbidden from being inside for a variety of reasons remained outside. A nine-foot ghost golem and a dragon with a fire-tipped tail were not inside Pokémon.copyright protection4PENANAvOTHDQk26h

“Clear a path!” I ordered, maneuvering my way through the sea of hungry Pokémon, “Clear a path!”copyright protection4PENANA4sDPQTczCl

            I was suddenly attacked from above by the smallest Pokémon in the group, Sableye. He clung to my head and pulled at my hair as if to usher me forward and for the love Arceus, it worked to move me faster.copyright protection4PENANAjcl7MNBpqB

            I reached the kitchen and the Pokémon crammed into the doorway. I pulled Sableye off my head and set him down on the granite countertops. I heard wood crackling and looked over to see several of my Pokémon crammed into the doorway leading into the kitchen. Their forms were straining the doorframe to the point where noticeable cracks were forming across the wood.copyright protection4PENANArVplD3bX5i

“Hey! Back it up!” I barked, standing firm before the Pokémon.copyright protection4PENANAfaKSZAMbap

            They immediately backed down and I nodded.copyright protection4PENANAxuBSBoGdN7

“Sit,” I ordered and they sat, “Stay.”copyright protection4PENANAPe3fAGiLEo

            A Moonblast was sent in my direction and I had to duck. I glared at Gardevoir, who smirked like the little brat she tended to be.copyright protection4PENANA4TyPMxqzJA

“Are you going to hurl attacks at me or help?” I asked her.copyright protection4PENANAYh5A9HYQUL

            Gardevoir sighed and floated on into the kitchen where she telekinetically brought out a multitude of bowls and Pokémon food for all of the various types of Pokémon I have. Gardevoir prepared the bowls and dispersed them to the majority of my Pokémon, but I balanced three bowls of food between my two arms. I approached Umbreon first and set the bowl down in front of her. She happily ate and allowed me to pet the top of her head.copyright protection4PENANAXK00ZAHimm

            Behind me was a loud purr and I glanced over my shoulder to Luxray, who sat on his haunches, and stared at me intently. I slid the bowl of his food over to him and scratched behind his ear. Finally, I found the third Pokémon I personally deliver their meal to and set the last bowl on the counter for Decidueye. The Grass-and-Ghost-type cooed softly.copyright protection4PENANAGrgeg3MHCw

            Gardevoir telekinetically floated out of the kitchen with even more bowls floating beside her. She gave me an impatient look and I sighed.copyright protection4PENANAhANnbX49NZ

“I’m coming. Don’t twist your horn,” I remarked.copyright protection4PENANAVLJVMIwu1T

            Gardevoir huffed at me and led the way out back where the rest of my Pokémon waited. Obviously the b-word spread across the land, because I found everyone there. Gardevoir handed me two other bowls to personally deliver to my Pokémon and she dispersed to rest to everyone else.copyright protection4PENANAQHk7VBaIiM

            I found the two Pokémon puffing their chests out at one another as they typically do. Charizard and Garchomp were bitter rivals and their usual arguments contain some petty insults which I roughly translate into, “I can actually fly” and “At least I’m an actual Dragon-type.” The two Pokémon snarled at one another and I noticed the flame on Charizard’s tail flicker as Garchomp spread his arms out into his typical fighting pose.copyright protection4PENANAeAn1XyZ1IM

“Hey! You two will lose breakfast if I see a single attack,” I scolded them.copyright protection4PENANA1DyKzkt6Ou

            Charizard and Garchomp calmed down and lowered their heads in shame. They both sat down pathetically and I set their bowls down between their legs where they bitterly ate while shooting the other the occasional dirty look.copyright protection4PENANAZEbkL7VWPe

“You two aren’t children nor are you pets, so… quit making me feel like I’m a Dad or a pet owner,” I told them in an exasperated tone.copyright protection4PENANAI4O66MF5On

            Charizard and Garchomp both point out the bowls they have to eat from and I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly.copyright protection4PENANASP1qAAK3Gy

“Eh… in my defense, they were like a Pokédollar each,” I told them.copyright protection4PENANAyGdJ0ZRWVH

            They then pointed out Gardevoir, my only Pokémon who did not eat out of the food bowls.copyright protection4PENANAbELZLRMqWA

“Gardevoir is a spoiled little princess and you know this,” I told them, “But hey… if you wanna complain about her special treatment, she’s right there.”copyright protection4PENANANOqOf0pZ46

            Charizard and Garchomp look to each other for confirmation and then shook their heads rapidly before resuming eating. I smirked.copyright protection4PENANAyCMLmNLdJH

“Didn’t think so,” I commented.copyright protection4PENANAUUmGU7xGyt

            I turned and ascended the steps to my deck where I could see my entire property. Gardevoir floated up to my side and stared out at the expanse of land as well.copyright protection4PENANAhmiIbxIAxM

“I wish… I wish I could understand you better,” I muttered, “All of you. It can feel a little lonely since I feel like I’m talking to myself the entire time.”copyright protection4PENANAG5otRLgDY0

            Gardevoir smiled at me and put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I smirked and nodded a quick thank you to the Psychic-and-Fairy-type Pokémon. My stomach started to growl and I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly.copyright protection4PENANAkTVHzPO7wm

“Come on. Let’s go get ourselves breakfast,” I spoke up.copyright protection4PENANABOITwUrfuY

            I led Gardevoir back inside where my Pokémon noisily consumed their food. Gardevoir telekinetically brought down her favorite plate as well as some Berries as opposed to the Pokémon food the rest of the Pokémon ate. As I said, she is a spoiled princess. I brought down a bowl and poured in some cereal, but then I discovered the greatest travesty known to mankind and Pokémon alike. I was out of milk.copyright protection4PENANA1b4qEVbUya

            Possibly in an overdramatic manner, I fell to my knees with the dry as a Groudon’s butthole bowl of cereal in one hand, and wailed in dismay. I glanced up to Gardevoir for sympathy, but she simply watched with disinterest as she telekinetically peeled the Berries.copyright protection4PENANAVT4QADGoKc

“I’m gonna go take a shower and then you’re going to be going with me to the store,” I told her, picking myself up off the ground, “I refuse to let this bowl of Hoothoot Loops go to waste!”copyright protection4PENANALl1ufyoGNT

            I set the bowl of cereal in the fridge for safe keeping and ran upstairs. I had my mission and I would be damned if I did not complete it.copyright protection4PENANAFP4JgJErEd

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