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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EUemBzxZ4imBGmyzpRDEposted on PENANA

Translation done with DeepL and myself, forgive any grammatical or punctuation errors, thank you.copyright protection3PENANA2deFLKZhLu

.copyright protection3PENANAlpoAL09jZe

.copyright protection3PENANABmQhJoR8gu

FIRST DREAM: DEATHcopyright protection3PENANANjI2YuMXLx

The bank was in full swing that afternoon, and the threat of rain forced customers to rush their transactions, so attendance was higher than usual. A light drizzle was beginning to fall and inside the bank a storm would soon break out.copyright protection3PENANAs7WRHIRR1R

A group of guys armed with semi-automation and covered faces burst in, reducing police surveillance and forcing customers to lie on the floor face down. The men don't look like the common group of assailants since they wear brown clothes and very shiny morello cherry shoes, but in the eyes of Mariko, a girl on the bench, the unusual situation is due to something else.... one of the assailants lowers the neck of the beetle sweater that covers her lower face and goes to one of the reduced policemen on the floor, she can hear them clearly, but the armed man doesn't move his lips!copyright protection3PENANA5DdVVXkM6B

“Why? Why do you want to take that thing? Do you want to call for horror? They'll destroy us all!” Mariko heard the policeman even though she couldn't see him.copyright protection3PENANAhUUZWStIQe

“We don't try that, just tell us where the stone is," replied the assailant.copyright protection3PENANAgild93V1UX

“I won't let you use it.... Look, the police just arrived, I set off the alarm system without you noticing.”copyright protection3PENANAS0A6Ww4hia

Indeed, the police sirens sounded thunderous in a rain that increased in intensity. Officers would tell the thieves to surrender and they would stare at their leader with their faces uncovered.copyright protection3PENANASz4Nz1G2Kw

“You lost... I won't give you the luxury of surrendering, in fact none of us can afford that luxury," cried the wounded policeman, "an interrogation would be problematic, wouldn't it?”copyright protection3PENANAh0PDdZG90B

The policeman stood up and with a terrible expression on his face, headed toward the armed group with the clear intention of receiving the deadly barrage.copyright protection3PENANA6TCHZzd3Qw

The girl listened in terror to the shrapnel blasts that blinded the policeman's life along with the screams of the other people who sounded horrible, she felt her mother covering her with her body.copyright protection3PENANAeJ6jwFkdI4

“Cursed!” said the leader, “he did it so that the police would come in and kill us all.”copyright protection3PENANAK05zDizkrz

“What are we going to do, boss!” said one of the robbers.copyright protection3PENANAWytygt7uwY

“He was supposed to meet that man (he muttered to himself), kill them all!” said the leader.copyright protection3PENANA1LI74fNpsw

Mariko witnessed the world around her slowing down as the sound seemed to fade away. The resulting massacre was worse than the most violent films represented. The assailants shot at the bank's customers at will with automatic discharges of their weapons, stood in a circle and killed the poor wretches around them, prostrated in a fatalistic attitude, screaming in despair. Meanwhile, the policemen outside the bank shot the murderers, blinding them to death and wounding them, but they dismissed the idea of safeguarding their own safety, and ignoring death and pain, they devoted themselves to carrying out their execrable butchery.copyright protection3PENANAucwzL9Sluk

The noise was deafening, but Mariko heard almost nothing, mute and motionless from fear, she could feel her mother's body trying to cover her, as well as the rales of pain she felt when she was hit by a bullet.copyright protection3PENANAVqToZaR7Eo

All I could see was one of the robbers running to the back of the bank, and then she passed out.copyright protection3PENANA6G9OOe3BDv

“Check the people, there must be someone alive," a man with a dry voice ordered.copyright protection3PENANA78HEHtOAOi

A police officer dressed in a bulletproof vest and with his face covered with a gas mask, looked at Mariko but could not see the girl even though she was standing in front of him. The policeman scanned the scene with his gaze but he could not see the girl, at the end, he looked to the left and stopped in his tracks and then looked directly at the young woman, there was something alarming in the policeman's gaze, his eyes were wide with surprise.copyright protection3PENANAUJJN8IXZQC

Mariko, who woke up at that moment, saw the policeman but her image was not reflected in the man's pupils.copyright protection3PENANAoWjyK7MNIq

“Sir, there is someone alive.... It is a girl," said the policeman, as he removed his mask, revealing a strong face with a narrow forehead and small, beetle-like black eyes, short military style hair and a thick, muscular neck holding a large, square jaw. Mariko, who was held by the muscular arms of the policeman, could finally see her image reflected in the eyes of the man who still looked at her with surprise...copyright protection3PENANAjQy0ugujRj

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANABL3kzb3xbT

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