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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pfKUUG6bxFzPQQbZGiPGposted on PENANA


They sailed slowly along the river in the motorboat they rented in Puerto Wood, the river dolphins played near the boat and the manatees floated lazily in front of them, very unconcerned about the damage that could be caused by the engine propellers, however, Báku steered the boat with caution making many zigzag movements to avoid doing any damage to them.copyright protection3PENANAtyBdtwUAHr

“Try not to hit the manatees," said Mariko, a little worried.copyright protection3PENANAfhh67s5OLU

“I know, but these creatures are very tame and do not stop standing in front of the boat, maybe it is because nobody arrives here and they are not used to seeing human beings, they are not afraid of us at all," said Báku, increasingly annoyed at having to sail so slowly.copyright protection3PENANAvavyIvR320

“I don't think that's the reason," said Dio, "in the United States, in Florida's coastal waters, manatees also live in areas with a relative human population and are killed every day by the speedboats that sail there, they are very meek creatures for their own good.”copyright protection3PENANApwz1K3yEDf

“It's incredible that the Spanish conquerors confused these creatures with the mythological mermaids," said Mariko, who stretched out on the edge of the boat and touched the back of a manatee.copyright protection3PENANA6TxnZFP4tA

“The Spanish conquerors went into the jungles in their search for El Dorado, the mythical golden city of the Incas, they found the manatees and confused them with the mermaids because of the long breasts the females had and that they showed when they turned around on the surface," explained Báku, "I don't see the connection anyway, since it is impossible to confuse these huge creatures with the mythological mermaids, who had attractive blond hair, human torsos and fish tails. I guess with the terrible heat in here, they must have had hallucinations when they saw these things.”copyright protection3PENANAZYLvxt0ow3

“I don't know," Mariko interrupted, "in the church of San Salvador de Salinas, in the Potosí town of Yocalla, there are two ambidextrous mermaids carved on the Baroque front of the entrance to the church, each one playing a charango, and that town is considered the cradle of the charango.”copyright protection3PENANAoWzYYk1wYF

“Really?” asked Báku.copyright protection3PENANAL4yjryYhDs

“It's true," said the girl, "the village is surrounded by reddish or pink hills, a spectacular spectacle. Of course, at present the place is very abandoned and the temple is about to collapse and that was declared a national monument in 1967 to preserve it from deterioration.”copyright protection3PENANASDqD8Y78mE

“You Bolivians are not very fond of your national identity," said Dío as a reproach.copyright protection3PENANAcLAMJz6L55

Mariko looked at the boy grimly but could not complain to him about this point, and that is that Dío was right.copyright protection3PENANAqRaZaCy9Tb

“Why is the village almost abandoned?” wanted to know Báku.copyright protection3PENANABMO1pW0x5m

“There was an earthquake and people left the place a long time ago, there is no news about this fact," Mariko explained. “Now that I remember, there is not much information either, I would say almost nothing about why they built such an imposing church on the site, maybe there was a pre-colonial sacred site and the Catholic Church covered the site with the Christian temple.”copyright protection3PENANAbh8M4SlaDq

“As you may see, that is the reason," said Báku, "that is a well-known hallmark of the Roman Catholic Church.”copyright protection3PENANAg4hq3s2CBW

“Anyway," Mariko continued, "on the baroque stone doorway, there are two sirens, both of which have a very chubby, practically obese appearance. Perhaps the Spanish conquerors did see sirens in the rivers of Bolivia, not just manatees.”copyright protection3PENANANcICe8yeFE

“You said that the town was abandoned by an earthquake?"” said Dío surprisingly, "it's strange, why would they put sirens on the doorway of the church, as far as I know, Poseidon in Greek mythology was not only the king of the seas, and lord of the mermaids, he was also the god of earthquakes and is related to the sinking of Atlantis. It is curious that the village was abandoned just because of an earthquake.”copyright protection3PENANABQWJD0BYbf

“However, in Greek mythology, sirens were creatures with the body of a bird and the head of a woman," said Dío "I wonder how the modern image of the siren that we have today came about?”copyright protection3PENANAprjHRn9TZL

“I don't know about that," admitted Báku, "if we hadn't received those clues in Spain I don't think we'd have made it this far.”copyright protection3PENANAPMYypcGXrl

Mariko was also intrigued by the help they received anonymously and wondered about the whereabouts of the person and the true nature of his help.copyright protection3PENANAC2cyMPyoOJ

“My God, I think the mosquitoes will eat us alive! How long till we get there?" asked Mariko suffocated.copyright protection3PENANADdaWU1k4Vj

“It's hard to say," said Báku, "the place is between Port Wood and Port Bush.”copyright protection3PENANAPL6Njv0Zts

“It's really a very secluded place," said Dio, wiping the sweat from his brow.copyright protection3PENANAl5uyDhncFb

“It's true, the triangle of southeastern Bolivia (a small region between the mato grosso of southern Brazil and Upper Paraguay), is at the end of the country, nobody is interested in this land except the moon sect," explained Báku, "I heard that they wanted to buy this land to create their own state, but after the last elections in which the right-wing candidate of their confidence (Manfred Reyes Villa) lost, his attempt was frustrated.”copyright protection3PENANAVip6fj8Ao4

Finally they reached their destination, the vegetation was now denser and the numerous branches of the surrounding vegetation threatened to stop the boat. They came down from this and went to the kind of cave in front of them.copyright protection3PENANATeP029w29Z

It was partially covered by vegetation that fell from two trees that had twisted centuries ago over the cave to form a kind of swastika.copyright protection3PENANAuu5Z2JhqWW

Mariko advanced with some fear, because of the piranhas that might be around that place, she knew that they were as large as sixty centimeters.copyright protection3PENANACSf1Yvl65J

“Do not worry about the piranhas, they will not attack you,” she was calmed by Báku, who apparently had read the worry on her friend's face.copyright protection3PENANAbZY0009w3j

“Why do you say that I should not worry about Báku?”copyright protection3PENANAwyNCxQlOgi

Because piranhas are only found in still waters and we are now in a constant stream, and piranhas have an undeserved reputation because of Hollywood, because they are more scavengers than anything else, in fact, they like to eat the small fruits and seeds that fall from the trees.copyright protection3PENANALTa1U8xffC

“Wow, what a relief," said the girl, although her jaw was still stiff.copyright protection3PENANAZqCXrCYB91

“It's true," said Dío, "what we should be concerned about is the candiru.”copyright protection3PENANAUFzIi7yEWP

“Candiru? What is that?” asked Báku and Mariko at the same time, certain they would not like the answer.copyright protection3PENANAWHI6JDfgTu

“It's a sort of tiny little vampire catfish," said Dio to their horror, "it feeds on blood as it enters the gills of the fish and once it's safe from other predators, it prepares to suck the blood of its host.”copyright protection3PENANATTVvRn8PYh

“But if it feeds on the blood of other fish, why...? (What are you asking Mariko, I'm sure you don't want to know!)” a voice said in her head.copyright protection3PENANAQTXqBfxaTt

“Sometimes It gets confused, the candiru is attracted to the heat of his victim and gets into the men's penis, if that happens it is impossible to get out, the only way is to cut the penis around it, as if one wanted to make a loop for the hair if he does not want to amputate the penis. I guess it gets into women, too, so it's better if all three of us don't pee.”copyright protection3PENANA0PbJVUmabg

Mariko's face was getting bluer and bluer... “YIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”copyright protection3PENANAF49Bz0YIQX

.copyright protection3PENANAZGQW7sbFD5

.copyright protection3PENANA8DUkmQfJ0q

They crossed the entrance and lit the lanterns, the floor of the cave was raised in the form of a rough ramp, so that the water from the river did not flood the entrance, when directing the light from the lanterns they saw that in front of them the ground disappeared, indicating that it was descending again. They looked at each other and decided to move forward.copyright protection3PENANAZGv8h49gNZ

“Báku... are you sure you're all right?" Mariko asked, her voice dropping, "look, you gave a good cry a moment ago.”copyright protection3PENANAeMG4JNxVsa

“Of course I'm all right!" he shouted. "It was just an accident, really!”copyright protection3PENANA0BNUWaKbTL

“Well, you screamed like a cheap actress," said Dío, her face bowed and her eyes closed as if he were making fun.copyright protection3PENANACTs72Kcb1Z

“You jerk!”copyright protection3PENANAafMRkvFRq7

It seemed that Báku was on his way to Dío to strike him, but he only grabbed his backpack full of survival gear and headed for the depths of the cave disappearing from sight as he passed the ramp.copyright protection3PENANA2qJPlF06RU


They heard how Báku stumbled and complained. Mariko and Dio looked at each other, closing their eyes resignedly, then ran to help their friend with their eyes wide open so as not to stumble like he did.copyright protection3PENANAOclA3F6Ixw

They went down through the cave and saw that Báku was holding the foot with both hands.copyright protection3PENANAQzXzpjfpq7

“Are you all right?” Mariko asked.copyright protection3PENANAkiC7DeXI3Y

“Wow, you were lucky," said Dio, pointing to Báku's right.copyright protection3PENANAORaasdPyWn

There was a narrow pit but large enough for a person to fall down and get lost inside, and when they illuminated it they sensed that it must have been very deep as they did not see the bottom.copyright protection3PENANA5MW2mlmCLM

Once Báku was recovered, they went to the depths of the cave, it seemed to have been excavated by man and in various stretches it had slight curves that coincided with pits similar to the one they found at the beginning.copyright protection3PENANAJ54mdIAaqD

“Surely," said Mariko, "these pits have the function of swallowing all the water from the river when it overflows, although I don't understand how they could have dug them the same way as this tunnel, we have been walking for three hours now and we still haven't found anything.”copyright protection3PENANA9fvjpXxfwu

“The heat is incredible, but thank God it's a dry heat," groaned Báku, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, "it must have taken a long time to dig this tunnel with tools from the Bronze Age, maybe Erich Von Daniken was right.”copyright protection3PENANACBgzEDV0fG

“Von Daniken, the astro-archaeologist?" asked Dío, "his theory says that it was the aliens who helped the humans build the pyramids of Egypt and Central America.”copyright protection3PENANANZMRlZAVa0

“Not only that," added Báku, "he believes that these entities helped to build very long tunnels that cross from one end of South America to the other as well as Central America.”copyright protection3PENANAzkg4EG2bWy

“Daniken's theory is not at all orthodox," Mariko added in a tired voice, "although certain things are inexplicable: as if within the stone blocks of the great pyramid of Giza there were human hair and nails, those rocks were formed before the dinosaurs, how could they find nails there, it is said that the ancient Egyptians and other cultures knew the secret of softening the stone.”copyright protection3PENANAGzaW8Oz3PP

“Surely," said Báku, increasingly tired, "entities from space gave the guidelines for the development of certain abilities to the ancient humans and they developed them with their ingenuity until they could build their buildings. This technique developed by them was lost due first to the secrecy imposed by their religious leaders and secondly, the warlords of those ancient civilizations ended up destroying everything.”copyright protection3PENANAKCOxu9x45I

“But in the epic tale of the Gilmanesh, the alien gods give direct help to humans," said the girl.copyright protection3PENANA5E2lJG2LSY

“Perhaps, when they saw what those hypocritical priests and cruel warlords did, they left the Earth at different times, because the same story was repeated with humans in different parts of the planet, they surely thought they did more harm than good by helping humans," said God.”copyright protection3PENANAkyxvvGk5Ka

“You mean, the earth was some kind of faraway space west that they were all headed for?” asked Báku.copyright protection3PENANAUvMI2hRzlW

“Not only that, but they were also fighting to take over the planet, all the mythical stories tell of how the gods fight each other to take over the world: from the ancient Nordic and Greek stories in Europe to the epic poems of ancient India," explained Dío, "there is also talk of the struggle between strange gods to take over the planet, in Howard Lovecraft's work...”copyright protection3PENANAhrBkNk0P6S

“Don't mention Lovecraft! I'm scared enough about this tunnel that you now mention Lovecraft's macabre narratives," Mariko shouted, "how much more do we have to walk," she asked, staring severely at Dío and Báku, who from that moment on decided to shut up and save their breath and energy by going through the tunnel.copyright protection3PENANANqqlWV1g0M

More than four hours had gone by and they felt the road descend, at the end of another bend and passing through a couple of ditches, they saw a kind of green glow.copyright protection3PENANAqUhdDjuvTQ

“We seem to be here now," Mariko exclaimed hopefully.copyright protection3PENANAsbh3v4ovUu

They entered a cavern whose natural dome was not very high, yet the floor area was a respectable size. The green glow they saw at the entrance to the cavern was more intense and seemed to come from all sides.copyright protection3PENANAoIVO3RK57L

The cavern seemed empty, save for a small stone altar like a rough sacrificial table, which was in the center of the place and above it...copyright protection3PENANARyG9LjtgPm

“A body!” Mariko shouted, pointing to the center of the cavern, “There's someone above that altar, let's go and see.”copyright protection3PENANA6hyol4tJAn

They hurried to the center of the cavern to the stone table, where the body of a young woman of about fourteen was resting, dressed in delicate and strange garments, as well as gold bracelets inlaid with immense violet gems and a strange gold crown consisting of three golden plates that stretched backwards following the curvature of the forehead as if they formed the stylized figure of a three-legged bird.copyright protection3PENANAdY58N90xf8

“She's beautiful!" Mariko exclaimed.copyright protection3PENANAj6GZgsjJJ8

The young woman's features were delicate and harmonious in appearance, there was no trace of makeup on her face or her eyelids closed, and she did not need them as her face was a healthy and attractive light cinnamon color. The lips were fleshy and somewhat rosy, the delicate face was thin and elongated but not long enough to conceal its youth, the neck was long and beautiful like that of a serval, adorned with a kind of gold necklace inlaid with navy blue gems.copyright protection3PENANA6PqEeLIHvi

Her arms were long and slender, as were her hands, which had fine, elegant fingers. The rest of the body seemed to reveal some very developed shapes for her age under a white robe that looked more delicate than silk but not made of that material, it seemed to be made of vicuña wool, but worked in a way they had never seen before, they really could not understand it.copyright protection3PENANA5IhbR4kRCz

“Is she dead?" asked Báku.    copyright protection3PENANA0VGHVW9fFS

“It seems so," replied Dío, looking at the figure in front of him with a frown, "because of the clothes she wears she must be in this place for hundreds if not thousands of years.”copyright protection3PENANAoMIOqWA9E5

“But how can that be possible?" asked Mariko intrigued, "if it looks like she only slept.”copyright protection3PENANAsKOJVGNfyp

“I also ask myself the same question," added Báku, "this climate does not allow for the proper conservation of a body and that I know no people develop such advanced techniques of preservation of the body after death.”copyright protection3PENANAPylwfhspw8

“She looks like the princess of The Jewel of the Seven Stars," Dio muttered to himself.copyright protection3PENANAhUU0JlXjuB

“Who?" asked Mariko, as she exchanged glances with Báku, who apparently did not understand what Dío meant either.copyright protection3PENANApWleFhUtws

“A work by Bram Stocker.”copyright protection3PENANATm1fSgwlG2

“Bram Stocker, the same one who wrote Dracula?” Báku asked.copyright protection3PENANAuXXoYGKV0f

“In his work The Jewel of the Seven Stars, some occult archaeologists find in a secret chamber that was lost in the desert, the body of an ancient Egyptian ruler, who is in a perfect state of preservation, as well as the woman before us," Dío said, "of course, in Stocker's work, the woman is covered in bandages as if she were a mummy, unlike here.”copyright protection3PENANAxpbTERaylH

They stared silently at the body of the young woman lying before them. After a couple of minutes, Dio suggested that they look for the white stone.copyright protection3PENANA1e33tWkZh0

They were started up and new batteries were placed in the lanterns. Actually, there was enough light due to the green glow that seemed to come from all sides of the cavern, but it made it difficult to see the foggy ground more clearly.copyright protection3PENANA2LYZaWGVSG

There seemed to be no other object in the cavern apart from the stone table where the strange princess was standing, but they kept searching hard to find any clues as to where the white stone might be found. Their hunger was suppressed by the frustration of finding nothing at all, yet they decided to continue the search.copyright protection3PENANAap6ljKdtjy

After an arduous search, they gathered again in front of the body of the princess.copyright protection3PENANAblNfohbIht

“Maybe we should check the altar," suggested Báku, "maybe it is hollow inside.”copyright protection3PENANAJjfHjqEZlw

They set about the task of chiselling the rock but there seemed to be no compartment inside.copyright protection3PENANAFvWMRfw5JQ

“We should lift the woman's body," said Dío, "maybe there's a little compartment underneath.”copyright protection3PENANAEUbs9zJli0

“Move the body?” Mariko said, somewhat apprehensive. “I don't know, maybe it'll disintegrate if we touch it.”copyright protection3PENANAP1k4IEvnDQ

“I don't think so," replied Dío, "the body seems to be very well preserved.”copyright protection3PENANATjmP5d5CjO

“Well preserved? Dió, she seems only asleep, as if she had died a second ago, and we don't know if she is the same inside," said the girl with her eyes wide open.copyright protection3PENANAsXJDpTd9fw

“The only way to know is to move it, right?”copyright protection3PENANA94xu9g8EDM

“He is right," said Báku, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder to reassure her, "Don't worry, Dío and I will pick her up carefully and you will check if there is a compartment underneath.”copyright protection3PENANAvx5Rnb5sOo

“Okay," Mariko nodded, "but please be very careful when lifting her.”copyright protection3PENANAhhm0VMT8V8

Dío and Báku, held the woman's body at the ends, carefully lifting her up and then Mariko saw how they looked at each other in amazement.copyright protection3PENANAF5dczmtI17

“I can't believe it! Mariko was right," exclaimed Báku, "it seems that she was only asleep.”copyright protection3PENANAuwEAo1MtuA

As she was lifted it became clear to her amazement that the body retained all its flexibility. They put it back on the altar and exchanged nervous looks.copyright protection3PENANASLRfLM2FVX

Both men looked at her friend and she nodded her head and proceeded to lift her up again.copyright protection3PENANAOA21NCohkp

Mariko set about chiselling the surface of the altar but could find nothing, not even an inscription or anything of the sort. They put the princess back on the altar as she had been before, but Mariko, taking the princess's hands, intertwined them as if she were praying.copyright protection3PENANAoOW3ok4aOz

Hunger at that time made friends fall prey to it and they decided to eat something. According to the clock, it was too late and they decided to resume the search in the morning, hoping that perhaps something had slipped through their fingers. They prepared their sleeping bags at the entrance of the cave, as they did not want to stay inside, as the green light of the place was unsettling.copyright protection3PENANALHkDW5qZLl

“This place is fine," said Báku, "the glow of the cave gives enough light without us having to go inside, and this part of the tunnel extends into the distance so that we can see some predators beforehand, and the water pits are far away.”copyright protection3PENANAWzWZAKBY1W

They ate their rations and drank from their canteens, perhaps because they were tired but remained silent all the time. Then they decided to sleep and although it didn't seem necessary to do any guarding, the boys decided to take turns and Mariko plunged into a deep sleep from which she didn't get any memories.copyright protection3PENANAopLktaEyks

.copyright protection3PENANA76arJ7w96i

.copyright protection3PENANAv2Rr2rcEqd

The next morning, they decided to resume the search for the white stone, although as they knew beforehand, that would lead them nowhere. After a moment they stopped looking for a clue and took one last look at the princess before leaving that place and returning to the boat in silence.copyright protection3PENANAAODm96wNER

As they emerged from the tunnel, the radiant sunlight and the clear sound of the birds lifted the spirits of their friends, despite not having found the white stone, and they got into the boat and left the cave.copyright protection3PENANAgLXqcHxJQE

“Do you think it was a Tiwanaku princess in the cave?" Mariko asked, as they were climbing up the river.copyright protection3PENANA1mHTNJl0nL

“It is most likely because of the clothes she was wearing," explained Báku.copyright protection3PENANAdYAQkJXQxB

“But I've never seen such clothes.”copyright protection3PENANAHNnFeAmMjd

“That's why," continued Báku, "remember that nothing is known about the people who built Tiwanacu, even though Bolivian or foreign archaeologists have written much about them. When the Spanish conquerors asked the natives about whom they built Tiwanacu, neither the Quechua nor the Aymara knew about it. As for the dress of the princess, it is different from the current indigenous costumes, of course that is not surprising since the supposed autochthonous folkloric costumes of both Quechua and Aymara are not such, but are crude imitations of the costumes of the European conquerors of that time, take for example the folkloric costume of the Tinkus, actually its design is an adaptation of the armor worn by the Spaniards of that time.”copyright protection3PENANAqlz7enRzne

“You mean the indigenous people didn't preserve any of their culture?” asked Dío.copyright protection3PENANAlAdWryFooc

“Yes, that is true," Báku sighed, "the Spaniards took everything from them, the only thing they could keep was the technique of building totora rafts and their sad melodies with the quena. Even the famous wipala is said to be actually an invention, an adaptation of an ancient Flemish medieval flag, although of course, this is debatable since it is said that in the ancient Inca empire there was a wipala design for each of the four Huyos or regions that made up the empire, perhaps the wipalas that belonged to the Suyos found in Peru are original, But the one that belonged to Bolivia, that is to say, the wipala of Collasuyo, disappeared at the time of the colony and was not shown again until the roadblocks that were made throughout the country and the fences to the city of La Paz in the government of Banzer Suarez before the death of the latter from cancer, as I said the issue of the wipala is still under debate.”copyright protection3PENANA060oLfY71i

“The clothes are very strange," said Dío, "they belong more to a warm climate than to the highlands.”copyright protection3PENANAksDTAShrsE

“Well," Mariko added, "we found her in the jungle, so it's logical that she had light clothes.”copyright protection3PENANAGNeUJGsp5Q

“I don't think that's the reason," said Dío. “If she was royalty, she'd wear the same kind of clothes no matter where.”copyright protection3PENANAC5XDtISrQU

“I think I know where you are going with this," said Báku.copyright protection3PENANAKbnn4XgmpI

“What do you mean?” Mariko asked.copyright protection3PENANA06ve0fVsF0

“It refers to the theory that the plateau in ancient times was a fertile valley at sea level and then suddenly rose to its present height.”copyright protection3PENANAjh5gVzYO1O

“Wow, I've never heard of that theory.”copyright protection3PENANAILZ6944prt

“No wonder," said Báku, "no academic accepts it, although there are curious facts that confirm this theory, as for example: constructions that look like landing ports for ships that crossed the ocean, the elevation of the high plateau shown by natural terraces, not the artificial ones built by the Incas to plant their crops on the slopes of the mountains, which indicate that the land at some time in the past was also raised violently, also there is the fact of the large salt deposits in the Uyuni salt flats, which indicate that seawater evaporated there and speaking of that, in Lake Titicaca even if we do not notice it, there are high salt levels compared to other lakes in the world only surpassed by the dead sea in Israel, not to mention the only species of freshwater seahorse that lives in the world.”copyright protection3PENANA7rADGATB3y

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