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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
52 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HKtVQBYzrw3ovm9E0dNcposted on PENANA


After receiving the phone call, the friends waited at the right café for their anonymous informant to show up, were rambling on about who might be the person who gave them the clues, when suddenly a girl approached the table.copyright protection2PENANAx8I04zC383

“What do you want?” Mariko asked her nicely.copyright protection2PENANAzcr4zBIzOv

The girl only gave her a scrutinizing look that gave her a bad feeling, then she looked at Báku and then at Dío, and in doing so she opened her eyes and opened her mouth as if to say something but closed her lips as if she was angry with herself.copyright protection2PENANALAar08IwM8

“Excuse me," said Mariko, "are you lost?”copyright protection2PENANAtkhckmLWpU

“Not as much as you must be at this moment," replied the little girl in a cold voice, the same cold voice Mariko heard on the phone that very morning.copyright protection2PENANA0Y6r2F2LeR

“It was you who called and asked us to meet you here!” She exclaimed, “I imagined someone older because of the tone of voice I heard on the phone.”copyright protection2PENANAh0rsssBaZn

The girl was dressed like an antique doll, her old-fashioned suit was a very dark blue, her skin was very white and contrasted sharply with her long, wavy black hair, she was very pretty but her face was severe. She brought with her a very large teddy bear, that only to see it gave chills, because it had buttons sewn crudely instead of eyes and a huge zipper was placed all along the abdomen of the doll giving it a sinister look.copyright protection2PENANAjtHBF2XrZm

“You were the one who told us that information in Spain, weren't you?” Dio asked her.copyright protection2PENANAlZkrrn7u9l

“Yes, it's true," she said laconicly, calling the waitress and asking for a cup of tea.copyright protection2PENANAlqmMSPftZe

“For your information was of no use to us," said Báku, "we could not find the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANAQjHyUnAROA

“Well, I would say that to find a sleeping beauty that is thousands of years old is not to find nothing," said the girl looking at them severely.copyright protection2PENANAeazzC1WJv5

It was an uncomfortable situation and they remained silent and watched each other with interest. The tense situation was interrupted by the waitress who arrived bringing tea for the strange companion.copyright protection2PENANA5QwrDogTRg

“You could tell us why you wanted us to come to this place," said Mariko, returning the stern look she gave them.copyright protection2PENANA7IzPgtdRl2

“I had to know if you were reliable people," she said, staring at the cup of tea and stirring the contents with a spoon.copyright protection2PENANAszc28O35yy

“Trustworthy?” Mariko asked strangely. “What do you mean?”copyright protection2PENANAbDoH425lVX

“I see that you are not the list of the group," she said without hesitation, as she took the tea and drank it with her eyes closed.copyright protection2PENANAC3FbTWF6O1

“How dare you tell me that!" she scolded her. “And we don't even know what the hell your name is.”copyright protection2PENANA8gAliJalOI

“My name is Mariela, Mariela Galán.... and I'm afraid we are cousins.”copyright protection2PENANAUZljGqlMMg

It was as if a fist hit Mariko's stomach and the same seemed to happen to the others who looked at her with wide eyes.copyright protection2PENANAJojoAclfj9

“Are you the daughter of Galán?" asked Báku in amazement. “Well, what do you mean, you're cousin sisters?”copyright protection2PENANAgsqRNIAY4p

“I'd better say I was her daughter," she said calmly, causing a cold current to flow through Mariko's body. “Yes, your father and mine were brothers even if you didn't know it.”copyright protection2PENANAGZp2i6sDSe

Mariela looked at her and then the little girl added “you don't have to look at me like that after all, I never get along with my father, so you don't have to worry about me.”copyright protection2PENANAUCDd1dqmtJ

“We're not worried about that, Gothic Lolita," said Dio, and Mariela glared at him, "so explain that you and Mariko are cousins.”copyright protection2PENANAwKcWBZFcYK

“Well, that's how I told you," said Mariela, "it's not strange to you that seven years ago in the bank you thought you saw your father, the truth was my father whom you saw.”copyright protection2PENANABEJ0H179FZ

“But that's impossible," said Mariko, "your father and mine don't look alike.”copyright protection2PENANAozB2NCfeZI

“That's because my father mastered a secret technique that allowed him to change his appearance, of course that technique only allowed him to copy the aspect of blood relatives.”copyright protection2PENANAYvsar4a6g8

“Change the appearance? That's ridiculous!” exclaimed Báku.copyright protection2PENANAQSMATtB0Dh

“After seeing the cave and the princess with your own eyes, I thought you would be more open-minded," she said as she took another sip of tea.copyright protection2PENANA02QC4EfkSe

“Is that why you sent us there, so we could explain all this and not take you for a crazy person?”copyright protection2PENANA3QJv1bAbiQ

“Partly, yes, I must admit it," she said, "but the main reason, as I told you, was to make sure you were trustworthy people, if you were not, you would have taken the jewels or the body of the princess to hide it forever.”copyright protection2PENANAj9J6JCAlCe

“Who would do such a thing," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANACDgtfl7uG0

“The same people who ordered your mother's murder," she replied, looking at Mariko penetratingly and with her pupils contracted, "the same people who want to destroy everything using the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANAIJQsfRDP3W

Mariela looked at them normally again, although her face was stern, and asked for another cup of tea and then softened her features by telling them:copyright protection2PENANAGm5psO13aE

“Look, I will explain everything about this matter, but you must keep an open mind, what you will hear will seem incredible to you but I swear it is true, now that my father is dead, I have no one to protect me, my guardians sacrificed their lives so that I could come here and I have no one to turn to.” she said this with an impassive face but her eyes betrayed her.copyright protection2PENANAhMhygwUo0A

Mariko took her by the hand, Mariela's eyes flushed but she seemed to calm down.copyright protection2PENANAoJjfby7Poa

“Don't worry," she said, "we'll protect you. I think it's best if you explain everything about the white stone to us," Mariko concluded, knowing that if Mariela began to tell her story she would certainly take an overwhelming weight off her shoulders, and indeed, the girl breathed relaxed (now she seemed really pretty without the severe gesture she had when she came forward).copyright protection2PENANAL4wQtZFu2P

“Where to start... I guess it all started in this country thousands of years ago, nobody could tell you exactly how many. What you know as the plateau at one time was an immeasurable valley, an entire orchard blessed by the goddesses as it was surrounded by high mountains so that their enemies could not penetrate it. There was a matriarchal society there, a society that was based more on agriculture than livestock, and its success in the harvest was due to a gift from the goddesses themselves: the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANA8kCqSSWMgW

“The white stone?” Mariko asked anxiously. “The one we are looking for?”copyright protection2PENANAmFGGURf1HD

“Yes, it has the power to generate rain and make springs of water sprout," said Mariela. "I don't know much about how to invoke the powers of the stone, I've heard that it has other powers, but I think it's more speculation.”copyright protection2PENANAbsIIibHYGK

“Other powers?" asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANANP4qfWjbJA

“Yes, in fact, several legends that speak of the horn of plenty and others like it are based on the white stone, including the legend of the Holy Grail.”copyright protection2PENANA85fOM9G1an

“Doesn't the holy grail deal with the legend of the descendants of Jesus?”copyright protection2PENANAFlPn38zL7f

“That's an invention," Mariela explained, "before Henry Lincoln's book, 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail', from which the'Da Vinci Code' was based, no one connected the grail to an alleged offspring of Jesus.”copyright protection2PENANAvU4zljwEuf

“That is true," said Báku, "in reality the Grail is the cup in which the blood of Christ was collected and then kept by Joseph of Arimathea.”copyright protection2PENANAeDltr8C89N

“This is false," said Mariela, "Grail comes from the Celtic word 'Gar-El' which means stone of God. I don't know if these theories are true about the white stone, but I heard that it can generate "manna" and cure disease and even defeat death, but those are guesswork.”copyright protection2PENANAvP8lccuMXB

“Manna?" Mariko asked.copyright protection2PENANA1tw53RpzvU

“A kind of edible substance that is mentioned in the Old Testament and other stories around the world," explained Báku, "is a common word in various parts of the planet that indicates that there was once a universal civilization that imposed a common language.”copyright protection2PENANAPKxbdZjQ7t

The waitress brought another cold tea, Mariela drank it in style and then continued.copyright protection2PENANADDiMYvZshX

“That civilization achieved much prosperity thanks to the white stone and extended its area of influence throughout almost the entire continent, except for the Amazon jungles where vast hordes of savages made sporadic excursions trying to penetrate the barrier of mountains that surrounded the fertile plains. To counter these incursions, the matriarchal society of that civilization resorted to the warlords of men who were outside the margins of the sacred plain due to the scarce local male population and shared the bed with them.”copyright protection2PENANA4jqAourO4X

"In time they decided to build a capital, they decided to place it on a low mountain, it would be surrounded by concentric circles of land and water, and a canal that would connect the capital with the sea.”copyright protection2PENANAITHg5VfoMn

“Wait a moment," interrupted Báku, "that is the legend of Atlantis.”copyright protection2PENANASq1acZGcsY

“Isn't Atlantis supposed to have sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?” Mariko asked.copyright protection2PENANA9whA7G4yu8

“Not so," Mariela replied, "the underwater maps show the impossibility of any island or continent sinking into the Atlantic.”copyright protection2PENANAvc2dt79IwV

“So Jim Allen was right, Allen," continued Báku as he saw the puzzled faces of his friends, "he is a researcher who made numerous expeditions to Lake Poopó and developed the theory that Atlantis was on the shores of that lake.”copyright protection2PENANA6ol7zy7gKA

“That man was right," Mariela continued, "the Atlantean capital was on the shores of Lake Poopó, but please discard the image of Hollywood of lavish Greek-style buildings topped with gold and silver walls.”copyright protection2PENANAeU7wueczMG

“But according to Plato...”copyright protection2PENANAHiTJwmRG5n

“No Dio," interrupted Mariela, "Plato wrote the story of Atlantis as told by the philosopher Solon and he heard it from the Egyptian priests, you will see when a civilization reaches a high technical and military level, its inhabitants tend to be arrogant, for example, take the case of the Romans, the foundation of Rome was a humble fact, but after generations adorned history. The famous statue of Romulus and Remus suckling from the wolf is a farce, the wolf is actually of Etruscan origin, and the twins were added more than a century later. In this case the Egyptian priests greatly adorned the story when they told it to Solon. The constructions of the Atlantean capital were made with clay adobes.”copyright protection2PENANABbMXjlwqCh

“All they used was adobe?” asked Dío.copyright protection2PENANA1Qb8mGmyf9

“Yes, only adobe, they were simple people," continued Mariela, "the first human civilizations used mud in their constructions, for example, the Sumerian civilization, which is older than the Egyptian civilization, used mud bricks and rudimentary bricks for their constructions before the stone, which was used massively by later civilizations. Only the Oricalco was used as Plato says.”copyright protection2PENANAfWs9GZwxFB

“That is the mythical metal that is said to be in abundance in Atlantis and was used to build its walls," explained Báku, "according to Allen, the oricalco is a mixture of gold and copper, which is only found naturally in the real and western mountain ranges of the Andes throughout the planet.”copyright protection2PENANAVhNHe73LyF

“Of course they didn't build walls with the oricalco, but they covered the mud bricks with sparks of that metal," said Mariela. "It is said that at dusk, when the sunlight was reflected on their walls, they offered a sublime visual spectacle, the whole city had a scarlet appearance, much more beautiful than the red-pink city of Petra.”copyright protection2PENANA2zweHSU4r9

"They prospered a lot and traded with distant tribes, proof of which can be found in various shell-based manufactures found hundreds of kilometers outside their natural territory, as well as in organic waste from llamas in places as far away as the Amazon, which indicate that before the Aymara or Toltec, there was a civilization that encompassed the entire American continent. Their progress was such that they even circumvented the globe and traded with ancient civilizations lost in India and Japan, and civilizations that would later be located in what would later become ancient Egypt.”copyright protection2PENANAeH6HRNGnkm

“You mean the mythical empires of Rama in India and Ra on the Nile River," said Báku, "but what is that ancient civilization that was in Japan?”copyright protection2PENANAZgDNXSU1Ds

“Surely it refers to those submerged buildings off the coast of Japan," said Dío “although it is not yet known whether they are natural or man-made.”copyright protection2PENANAHF1dTJ6OOy

“They are man-made constructions," said Mariela, "but all these names are inventions given to them by astro-archaeologists. I don't know the real names of these civilizations, since the ancestors of the Hittites didn't know those places personally.”copyright protection2PENANAY2g4K7Srvc

“The Hittites?” Mariko asked.copyright protection2PENANANutrhrjcsW

“I'm sorry, I'm getting way ahead of my story," said Mariela, "I'll get to that point. For the Atlanteans everything was going well until after thousands of years of greatness they became arrogant and ambitious for power like few others and desired even more power from the gods.”copyright protection2PENANAE9CGnwqule

Mariela paused and took another sip of tea.copyright protection2PENANA2jhio1qgtV

“Their mercantile empire," she continued, "became a military one and they subjugated the entire continent from the southern tip of America to the northern tip of Mexico, carried out extermination raids to what is now North America and southern Canada, taking as slaves most of the natives of those places who were reluctant to belong to the Atlantean empire. The lucky ones died on the long way back and the unfortunate ones died sacrificed or much worse, they were mutated into pathetic creatures in their magical practices, the signs of these horrors can be seen today in the nailed heads of the semi-subterranean temple of Tiwanacu that represent human and at the same time non-human faces.”copyright protection2PENANAtgqWHHn1UQ

"Their ambition extended beyond the oceans and they tried to conquer the ancient empires with which they traded before. It seemed that they would conquer the whole world until disaster struck...”copyright protection2PENANAYzZBfn7GRt

“You mean the sinking," said Mariko.copyright protection2PENANAUUMcdaeDrH

“No, that was much later," Mariela continued. “As I told you, they tried to have more power, for this they built a portal with its respective golden disk as a key to open the portal. Through this portal, they would pass to a parallel land that according to their stories, was from which they came and in which their divinities dwelt. This portal, now known as Aramu Maru, was located in Peru, more than thirty kilometers from Puno, and as a result of its success, another one was built in Copacabana, in what is now known as the Cerro del Calvario. Finally, based on their most modern cities that modern archaeologists call the Chiripa culture, they surrounded the semi-subterranean temple with a whole ceremonial city that had dozens of these portals in what is now called Tiwanacu, the same system was used in the ruins of Puma Punku.”copyright protection2PENANAzUYZQGHeHB

"What must have happened for sure was horrible because it was forbidden to even mention the names of the places where the portals were located, and for this reason I do not know what those places were called (Tiwanacu is a term invented by the pre-Columbian Aymara and Quechua people and the real name of the ruins is unknown, the same happens with Puma Punku). The stories speak very little of the disaster that devastated the Atlantean empire, they simply say that they misused the portals and called to horror... that a shadow fell over the cities and people began to die... Their armies were decimated and fortunately, all the portals were destroyed thanks to the Raijū…, the cats of lightning, or inactivated by the priestesses before the damage was greater. The portal of Puma Punku exploded, destroying the whole place and the city of Tiwanacu was abandoned forever, all but two of its portals disappeared: the gate of the sun and the moon as they are now called. They were not calendars as people think and their names if they had them were forgotten.”copyright protection2PENANA4Fa4gqro6j

"The magnitude of the disaster was great and they could no longer continue their wars of conquest around the world; in fact, in a few generations, the extension of the empire receded to its original size: the rectangular valley surrounded by mountains, which protected the empire from the wild hordes of the Amazon jungles. The Atlantean women, who could no longer count on the help of men living outside their empire, found it more difficult to contain the multiple invasions with the local male population. To make matters worse, the once scattered tribes that made up the enemy hordes united under one purpose: to destroy the ancient empire.”copyright protection2PENANAS1dEdqPs4g

Mariela hastened her cup of tea and went on.copyright protection2PENANA9Db8C2Okgw

“As the centuries passed, it became clear to the next rulers of the empire that peace had to be negotiated, they swallowed their pride and proposed to the gigantic horde to become part of their own empire. The warlords accepted the proposal despite their savage subjects' thirst for blood, because they could not despise the gift that the ruling ladies of the Atlanteans offered them: a much longer life extension than they normally had.”copyright protection2PENANAVkb5oswQRC

"A thousand years of peace followed thanks to the agreement, the Atlanteans managed to make their empire survive and the natives of the Amazon, now members of the empire, benefited by learning some construction techniques that were used to build the long forgotten city of Tiwanacu, they also learned magical techniques that their new ladies taught them. They built very extensive fields of cultivation in the Amazon and elaborated exquisite pottery and amulets representing their batrachian gods of fertility. They also carved and transported gigantic cubic and rectangular monoliths of colossal dimensions to the northeast of what is now Brazil, between the states of Roraima and Bahia. Their numbers were enough to defend the empire from the attacks of other warrior tribes on the continent and even the old rival empires beyond the oceans, which were now in decline because the valuable link in world trade that was Atlantis no longer existed, because the Atlanteans were engaged in self-sufficiency and refused to be the connecting bridge between other world cultures.”copyright protection2PENANA9JDnoRNejS

"Centuries passed and the lack of wars (especially with Rama) due to the definitive collapse of the ancient empires beyond the seas, turned the Atlantean conformists, happy to lead a simple existence. I wonder how different the story would be if they had continued things like this, but it is a natural law that no matter how much a civilization develops, as long as men exist, no definitive solution to war will ever be found.”copyright protection2PENANAutvGC8IqsY

"In Atlantis from its origins, there was an ancient custom: the queen had to obey the wishes of the man she loved, which for thousands of years was not a problem, but in the end this played against her, since a ruler of the Amazon wished to have the white stone and place it in his monolithic city that they built more than a thousand years ago and to which they gave nothing more than a ceremonial use.”copyright protection2PENANAWoj8uHB0ys

"At first this did not cause any difficulties and for a thousand years the white stone remained in that place, but then an Atlantean prince of the Amazon wanted to form a military empire again, the Atlanteans who became pacifists did not want to take part in it and tried to convince him that he could not do it, asking him to return the white stone. He refused, moreover, because he possessed enormous knowledge and magical power, he rebuilt the ancient destroyed portal of Copacabana, which was on the top of the hill and crossed it, penetrating into the sacred land. The Atlanteans followed him and wanted to fight against him but they were massacred by the superior power of this man, almost nobody managed to escape and those who did gave faith in the Atlantean capital of the cruelty with which he victimized his innocent prey and saw him as the God of death and destruction, forbidding to say his name.”copyright protection2PENANACIcg5A7TOr

“Were they forbidden to say his name?” Mariko said.copyright protection2PENANALjUh0wqIXS

“Yes, that's right," said Mariela, "no one knows what his name was, but it is known that he was depicted in phallic form. In the cyclopean ruins of Brazil, it is more specifically depicted as a snake with a man's head and a male member at the other end.”copyright protection2PENANAHTg02LIDLg

"That man," explained Mariela, "was promised to the Atlantean princess heiress of the empire, so as to become absolute sovereign, but when his entry into the capital was denied, he believed that the gods would grant him the legitimacy to rule Atlantis and he went back to the portal he had rebuilt, But the gods despised him, and as he was about to go through the gate, the cat of fire, the Titi, who was on the other side, enraged, changed his crimson flames to blue and threw them at the traitorous prince, who was torn apart and consumed by the fire, as the gate exploded. Anyone else would have perished, but he was no longer an ordinary man, the powers he had learned from the Atlanteans saved him and prepared his revenge.”copyright protection2PENANA6nYiD4TLXI

"On both sides of the protective mountain range there were monumental armies that had not been seen for thousands of years, yet the armies of the Atlanteans and their allies (the other tribes of the continent, joined the struggle, understanding the horror that was about to befall not only their kingdoms or the entire continent, but the world), were a shadow of what they were when they tried to conquer Rama, while the hordes of the Amazon seemed infinite in the eyes of the Atlantean commanders.”copyright protection2PENANAcJ2702EqKB

"Several battles followed one another, and in the end, the determination to know that they were protecting their home and the whole world made the victory lean to the side of the Atlanteans. The man responsible for the war was still alive because he extended his life in an unnatural, desperate way, he tried to use the white stone to destroy everything, if he could not conquer Atlantis, he would destroy it.”copyright protection2PENANAjsvAsxlbb6

"With the help of the white stone, he summoned monstrous rains and made the fountains of water flow from the depths of the earth at a brutal speed, this caused earthquakes of such violence that they seemed to be caused by Supay himself, the feline god with ram's horns, to shake Atlantis, and in the midst of tremors and floods the Atlantean capital disappeared forever.”copyright protection2PENANAshurz8vsTt

"Not content with this, he even altered the physical and natural laws and forced the mighty Amazon River and each and every one of its tributaries upstream to flood the empire with water. The mighty mountain range that protected the empire gave way to pressure and water penetrated either above or below, destroying the once powerful rock protectors.”copyright protection2PENANAb6cdddfRD0

"They no longer faced conquest, but faced the horrible reality of extermination. The decision, which was fatal, was accepted without hesitation despite the fact that they knew what the disastrous consequences would be. The main priestesses, using their magical powers, contacted the cat goddess Kay Pacha, the mother earth goddess, and she forced the continental shelf to rise. Titanic earthquakes swept through the empire, mountain uniforms broke and turned into uneven mountain ranges and the fertile plain rose to its present height. The white stone could not stand it any longer and had the opposite effect: the rains, springs and rivers of the continent now flooded the forests. The rain that washes and purifies everything, touched the cursed body of the warlord, and he shuddered, uttering a cry of agony that echoed throughout the jungle and into the hearts and minds of his brave subjects, his body was torn apart by the crystalline rivers of the mountains that brought the oxygen into his body and sent him into the emptiness from which he should never have come.”copyright protection2PENANAtXsYyVwT7H

"The princess you found in the cave was the only survivor of the group of priestess sisters who by their power helped raise the Andes, her sisters sacrificed themselves so that she could survive. Their vital energy was devoured by the third eye of the Nekomatas, and their souls were kidnapped by the Kashas, who took them to where the feline god Simpira, the deer-horned god, and there in the Panshin Nete, would keep the seal that would contain the warlord.”copyright protection2PENANA0zYv0yDv1x

“Panshin Nete?, and what is that supposed to be," asked Dío.copyright protection2PENANAYcDbqQoFI2

“It's hell, or rather a kind of hell," replied Mariela, who saw the confused faces of the three friends and went on.copyright protection2PENANAGbZ9ay4Gsc

“You see, hell does not really exist, since there is no entity that is dedicated to punishing those who misbehave. Justice and truth must be applied in this life. Simpira is not a powerful deity who is omnipotent, omnipresent or omniscient, as you Westerners understand God. Instead, he is a powerful kami, who claims only people who call his attention to his particular hell, and yet he cannot see all evil men or all their deeds.”copyright protection2PENANAosLnYMVChX

After this, Mariela continued her story.copyright protection2PENANA9gaNsADQgm

“Many of the warriors died and the Atlantean princess went to recover the white stone, but her enemies had already fled to the Atlantic Ocean with their giant totora rafts, a technique they learned from their Atlantean ladies. These boats, despite their fragile appearance, were unsinkable because they could be covered by gigantic waves, but then they would come to the surface when the water drained through the reeds. The warriors took the white stone and never, ever returned to the Atlantean empire.”copyright protection2PENANATWxT5HraoT

“Wow," Marko exclaimed, "I didn't know that was the story of Atlantis, and what happened to the white stone?”copyright protection2PENANAmMm7akT5Xb

The rest of the story I know is from the point of view of those who fled, I don't know what happened to Atlantis after the war.copyright protection2PENANA36sdTVNxL4

Mariela sighed and continued with her story.copyright protection2PENANATF0ry59Zgy

“Those who fled, especially Prince Maconem, blamed his defeat on his leader and also forbade his name. The God-man of death and destruction, the one who desecrated the sacred green leaf that the goddesses gave to the Atlanteans to mitigate hunger, pain and tiredness, turning it into a horrible drug to appease the pain of the ever-bleeding wounds of his body; the God always howling with pain, rage and rancor; the God always on drugs... His name was never pronounced again, so it lost it in history. It is from this story that comes the story of the universal flood that is not only the heritage of the Hebrews but of various cultures before them from Iraq with the Sumerian Empire, to the Mediterranean with Deucalion, from Brazil with Maconem to North America.”copyright protection2PENANATClfKvAEBx

"The survivors first went to the Canary Islands, where they settled for several generations, then passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and headed for the island of Malta, where they established a new settlement for a couple of centuries. Some returned to northwest Africa, but most stayed on the island of Malta. They tried to find the ancient empire of Ra, but this one disappeared centuries ago, their descendants however, formed what is now known as the predynastic Egypt, from which the first manifestations of what would later be known as the empire of the pharaohs emerged.”copyright protection2PENANAQEEjSxeG50

"At first, they couldn't explain what happened to Ra's empire, they didn't know that when the continental shelf was raised by raising the Andes, violent earthquakes also shook and opened the oceanic abysses of the Pacific Ocean, releasing millions of tons of methane gas, which, when it reached the atmosphere, warmed the temperature of the planet and made the "El niño" more violent and had a wider radius of destruction, affecting almost the entire planet from Brazil to Iraq and from Peru to India and Kashmir, and even beyond. This was the shot of grace that the ancient mythical empires that were already in decline suffered and disappeared without leaving any trace.”copyright protection2PENANAKZFKrdQBd6

"Seeing that the old empire disappeared, they tried to conquer these new people but were defeated, thanks to the intervention of the goddesses Bast and Sekhmet, who then ordered the villagers to unify the high and low empire, with which the ancient Egyptian empire was born. The invading hordes moved north of Turkey to the region known as Cappadocia and settled there.”copyright protection2PENANA96Jumt0W8B

"The invaders, unable to cope with their new enemies and fearing the fury of the gods, took refuge underground, digging and building the underground cities of Cappadocia that could hold thousands of people, all thanks to the absorbed knowledge of the Atlantean empire. After centuries, the warriors emerged from their underground cities around 1900 BC, they were what history calls the Hittites.”copyright protection2PENANAuYg8i8GwOM

"Three centuries later they were strong enough to found an empire and since then it was an aggressive kingdom, maintaining wars with other great ancient empires, especially Egypt. The Egyptians, through a thief, managed to get hold of the white stone, but they did not know how to use its powers.”copyright protection2PENANAwzLckdpaOD

"In the time of Queen Nefertititi, she influenced Pharaoh Akhenaten to subdue his own people and brutally suppress the creed to the other gods and only allow the creed of Aton to be the God of the sun, so he is known as the heretic pharaoh and the first to create the monotheism in the world from which the Hebrews were influenced centuries later. Akhenaton, who was weak in body and was also going blind, did not have to be the ruler of Egypt, since he was raised from childhood to be a priest, but with the death of his older brother whom he walled up, he became ruler and thus wanted to impose his religious viewpoint, declared that Aton, a lesser god would be the absolute god and would be abandoned to others, this was not for a divine revelation, but on the contrary, was due to a physiological need, since the sunlight allowed the almost blind pharaoh to see clearly. The time of Akhenaton is known as the "dark period", since he enslaved his own people for the sole purpose of leaving the former capital of Thebes, and building another one in the middle of the desert that would bear his name and later be known as Amarna, in which he sought to erect a black pyramid. The Egyptian people suffered a lot, the life expectancy of the population was dramatically shortened and malnutrition was constant, all in order to build the new capital in the half of the time that the great pyramids of Giza were built. Meritate, who history does not remember, was one of the six sisters of the queen, in 1346 B.C. she dethroned Nefertititi, again implanting polytheism, showed the white stone to the gathered population in the city of Per-Bastet and remained there until 525 B.C. with the Persian invasion of the city, when she disappeared from history until the end of the Egyptian empire.”copyright protection2PENANAhXJ0s5ut2C

“The Hittites did nothing to recover the white stone?” asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANA4xBlFTtmpi

“Well," said Mariela, "there were many battles, but in the Battle of Qades in 1296 BC, which decided the future of the two empires, Egypt won thanks to Ramses II.”copyright protection2PENANA8WSU8c8ymW

"The story goes round and round, proof of this, is that the now weakened Hittites decided to make a pact of friendship with their former enemies and decided to ally themselves with the warrior ruler of Egypt: Ramses II, offering him in marriage to the princess of the kingdom. Ramses refused to ask for any dowry, he did not even ask for the Syrian territories he won in the great battle years ago, he only asked that Egypt keep the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANAcDUVDn18Q4

“The Hittites agreed to Ramses' request?” asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANAKVBlgheKDE

“Yes, they did," said Mariela, "as with the peace agreement between Atlantis and the Horde of the Amazon, the princess who was forced to adopt the Egyptian name of Maathornefrura (who was the first guardian of the stone), went to the city of Per-Bastet and in a symbolic ceremony, gave the white stone to her fiancé, which sealed the end of the Hittite empire that disappeared in less than a century later, although Egypt almost suffered the same fate.”copyright protection2PENANA3MAVHJ7Piu

"You see, all historians and archaeologists recognize that Ramses II, the greatest of all Egyptian pharaohs, son of the great Seti I, ruled Egypt for more than sixty years, something never seen before or after, because the average was fifteen years for each Egyptian pharaoh, throughout his long reign there were never droughts, The Nile regenerated the land with each flood and on all its banks its subjects tilled the land and obtained fabulous harvests for which they paid up to twenty percent in taxes, however, this did not matter to them since food was abundant for everyone, and in the seasons when it was not harvested, the subjects could choose between paying other taxes or being exempt from this by dedicating themselves to the construction of temples for Ramses. It was the golden age of Egypt, of course all that would not have been possible without the white stone, which prevented droughts from reaching the empire, as promised by the goddess Tefnut, and also gave a long life to Ramses II and the Atlantean knowledge facilitated the construction of their temples.”copyright protection2PENANAMu7GqL3sTU

"But in the end, the last years of his rule were disastrous, the generosity of the white stone was wasted due to the incomparable megalomania of the pharaoh, who squandered the imperial coffers in countless and titanic constructions of temples and statues, moreover, his megalomania went to the extreme of usurping the achievements of other pharaohs who preceded him and even divinized himself in life, something that was only allowed after the death of the pharaoh. No one protested this, not only because of fear of going against Ramses, but few remembered that things were different, because the elderly population who could attest to the achievements of their former pharaohs had already died. Ramses was a nonagenarian and it was expected that he would continue to govern for another ninety years, so his closest friends decided to poison him and a conspiracy carried out such an end. They wanted to obtain the white stone but it remained safe in the city of Per-Bastet along with several scrolls containing the techniques or magical powers of the Hittites, until the fall of the city at the hands of the Persians. His successor Ramses III ruled for only about twenty years and his death was followed by centuries of weakness and foreign domination.”copyright protection2PENANAwEP7Z6odR2

"The stone appears centuries later in the reign of Arsinoe.”copyright protection2PENANASUPsPwcXmu

“Who?” Dio asked, “there were many Egyptian queens with that name.”copyright protection2PENANAr8ZzPplTRf

“I'm talking about Cleopatra's younger sister," said Mariela, who for some strange reason always avoided looking directly at Dio, "it's no wonder you don't know about her, Cleopatra's figure is so big that it overshadows her sister's.”copyright protection2PENANANnTDvSKT6B

"Arsinoe was the true protector of Egypt. Forget the image of Hollywood, with a Cleopatra lover of her people, in fact, like Akhenaton, Cleopatra was a tyrant who only wanted to seize power, tried to murder her twelve-year-old brother Ptolemy XIII who banished her, but Cleopatra convinced Julius Caesar to support her cause and in the end Ptolemy XIII died in combat.”copyright protection2PENANAWYwLrliDjF

"The people were outraged, Cleopatra had given most of the crops of Egypt to Rome in exchange for Julius Caesar's support in the war of usurpation of the throne. Cleopatra then married her eleven-year-old brother Ptolemy XIV, whom she later murdered.”copyright protection2PENANA8KO7kDwFwo

"Arsinoe at the age of fourteen, opposed her sister and after the death of Ptolemy XIII, formed an army to overthrow Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. The entire population that hated Cleopatra, who had divinized in life as Ramses II had more than a thousand years ago, supported Arsinoe who tried to stop the abuse by her sister's army and the Roman army, who were defeated and fled to Alexandria where the fighting continued street by street. Cleopatra, seeing that she had the odds to lose, fled in a boat abandoning Caesar, just as she would later with Mark Antony. The Egyptian and Roman soldiers, already depleted, were now being massacred on the docks, both by Arsinoe's army and by the people who rose up in arms against the usurper and the Roman overwhelmers, even Caesar himself nearly drowned, but once safe on a ship he ordered the Great Library of Alexandria to be burned to distract Arsinoe as her fleet approached.”copyright protection2PENANAVkLOYhHIbO

“Then it was Caesar who ordered the burning of the library.”copyright protection2PENANAk7NQTeccSv

“Yes, he did," said Mariela, "he knew how the righteous people behaved and he was not mistaken, because Arsinoe, who was horrified, sent for her troops to calm the fire and even though the villagers were furious, she reassured them with her charisma and they joined the army to try to save the library.”copyright protection2PENANAR0gF8AjEgQ

"Cleopatra and Caesar were saved but the Great Library of Alexandria, the world's largest reservoir of knowledge, was lost forever. All the works of the Greek philosophers and countless scientific and technical treatises, as well as those on medicine, were destroyed.”copyright protection2PENANA3baP096HSh

"According to Ganymede, the eunuch tutor of Arsinoe, she wept tears of blood and although she was devoted to the gentle goddess Bast, she begged Sekhmet, the terrible goddess of war and revenge, to punish Caesar. Arsinoe cursed him, shouting that he would lose everything when he was about to open the doors that would allow him to achieve all his ambitions.”copyright protection2PENANAvcoj2iyfuq

“We saw in Europe the painting by Tintoretto depicting Ganymede helping Arsinoe escape, although his tutor more like a medieval Spanish knight.”copyright protection2PENANAKmr12zBmeS

“Eventually," Mariella continued, "Arsinoe was defeated and taken to Rome in 47 B.C.. Caesar organized a great feast that would last forty days and forty nights to celebrate before the people of Rome his victories in Gaul, Egypt, Pontus and Africa. First, he exhibited Vercingetorix, the former Gaulish king who was now in chains for the amusement of the Romans, as a war trophy. Caesar had kept him alive for this occasion for six years and then ordered his public execution, the Roman people were delighted, as was Caesar, who believed his popularity was assured, then ordered the chained Arsinoe to be brought in.”copyright protection2PENANAch4n64wcLo

"Arsinoe, who was fifteen years old, was exhibited as a war trophy before the Roman citizens, but instead of hearing the acclamations to Caesar, something very different happened...”  Mariela paused here, and her eyes got wet. “She was all ragged, and her meager rags showed her ribs as the princess was malnourished and exhausted. Chains heavier than those of Vercingetorix cruelly girded her neck and limbs, she walked trembling with weakness, but her face tried to stand upright, not out of pride or arrogance in belonging to royalty, but to try to show her dignity as a human being and a woman, although at the time her eyes were empty and lost, not focusing on anything in particular. Pulling her by her chains, they forced her to turn around and look at Caesar, she was breathing with difficulty and a couple of tears plowed her face, dragged her down the street again and, making superhuman use of her strength, she began to shuffle her feet.”copyright protection2PENANAthBSAEb8TG

"It is impossible for me to describe the sudden silence of thousands of people crowding the place, the cheers for the exhibition and then the murder of Vercingetorix, ceased and were replaced by thousands of glances with faces covered in tears and shame. Several people broke the ranks of the Roman centurions and approached Arsinoe, trying to cover her with clothes, trying to give her some food, trying to give her something to drink, trying to hold her arms and relieve the weight of her chains or remove these, wiped her face, wiped her tears while they shed theirs, poured perfumed water on her hair and feet...”copyright protection2PENANAzD20F5AhrP

"Caesar tried to call to order and saw how the faces of the entire population looked at him with intense hatred, these people saw their own situation reflected in the pathetic figure of Arsinoe, in which their freedoms were subjugated by the dictator. They made threatening gestures with their fists and shouted terrible insults at him and his Egyptian concubine. They brought back Arsinoe, now free of chains before the dictator, and the population threw flower petals before the princess, petals that were destined for Caesar for the march at the end of the day.”copyright protection2PENANA9D6d1dhxp3

"According to the Roman chronicler Cassius Dio, the proud Caesar, trembled like a child on the top of his great tribune. And then he understood it... He was afraid of Arsinoe, he had him before the little princess when he arrived in Egypt, he had fear before the warrior in Alexandria, and now he had fear before the fragile woman down at his feet... he was very afraid of her. He ordered Arsinoe to be released, trembling with body and voice (even though the people had already done so) and ordered the festivities to be cancelled.”copyright protection2PENANAWTkxMVcY45

"Caesar ordered Arsinoe to be taken to the island of Ephesus where she would be cared for, not by soldiers but by the priests who were in charge of the worship of the cat goddess Libertas, as well as the care of the cats that the Roman legions carried to their military campaigns, since for the Romans, the cats were the symbol of victory. The priests treated Arsinoe like a real queen even though she came from a country with different beliefs. Caesar told Arsinoe that if she wanted she could have her royal garments or jewels brought from Egypt, but Arsinoe asked him for only one thing... the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANAEEJHFoMfFe

“The white stone, so she had it!” Mariko exclaimed.copyright protection2PENANA4PRb2TokrO

“Yes," said Mariela, "she wrote precise instructions as to where the white stone was located because its guardians had been killed by order of his sister. Cleopatra was furious, didn't mind not having discovered the white stone because she didn't believe in the existence of the stone (she had the guardians of the stone tortured and killed for pure pleasure), her fury was due to the fact that her younger sister was not killed as Cesar promised.”copyright protection2PENANAonIJVvE7tJ

"Arsinoe lived in peace with the priests, until the death of Caesar, who was killed when he was about to open the doors of the Roman Senate, which was waiting for him to name him the first emperor of Rome, as the princess said long ago. Arsinoe was not in danger with Octavian, but Cleopatra, convinced Mark Antony to kill her, this disguised as a hunter, along with his trusted men went where the princess was to fulfill the execrable wish of his Egyptian lover.”copyright protection2PENANAd7nWP2lBi1

“Then Arsinoe was killed in the end by the Romans," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANAPmQHyTAWd1

“No," said Mariela, "history says she was murdered, and even in the last century it is said that her skull was found before it disappeared. The truth is quite different, the priests who worshipped Arsinoe warned her of the danger she was in and escaped with her. Mark Antony, fearful of Cleopatra's wrath, told her that he had murdered her, and as proof he brought her the heart of a wild boar that he passed off as that of Arsinoe. That's when the white stone disappears from history.”copyright protection2PENANAKBptklYZtr

"This one would be sure it wasn't for those who discovered her secret.”copyright protection2PENANAJGz6Do8YZr

“Who do you mean?" asked Mariko.copyright protection2PENANAZPNQxlJ8iX

“I'm talking about the Vatican," said Mariela, looking at Mariko's mother's cross. “Everyone thinks that Christianity originated in Israel and spread to the world from there, but while Christ was born in what we now call Israel, His message and doctrine of a faith not only applicable to the Hebrews but to the whole world, it originated in Turkey and spread from there to the rest of the world.”copyright protection2PENANA93yzwTVuTo

"You see, the Roman emperors ordered the suppression of the ancient Christians and they took refuge in the ancient underground cities of Cappadocia, which were once occupied by the ancient Amazonian hordes. There they discovered some secrets that once belonged to the Atlanteans, as well as part of the history of white stone.”copyright protection2PENANAVC5vIITRHT

"As the persecutions subsided, they came out of the underground shelters in the same way as the Hittites, and just as they adopted a vision of suppression and conquest, they adopted the ancient symbol of the Amazonian hordes, which was the cross.”copyright protection2PENANAiHI6xgshoK

“The cross?” Mariko said strangely.copyright protection2PENANAeyON8kG3OA

“It's true," said Mariela, pointing to the cross, "the original symbol of Christianity was the fish, don't you wonder why the fish was exchanged for the cross?”copyright protection2PENANArKcwfVf9NX

“Well," said Marko, "Jesus was crucified on the cross, so...”copyright protection2PENANA26FLdc1Guq

“You are wrong," Mariella interrupted, "it is true that Jesus died on the cross, but that was not the reason for the cross being instituted as the official symbol of Christianity.”copyright protection2PENANArIYfv6zc9o

"The symbol of the ancient Atlanteans was the swastika, which was found in the capital of the Atlantean empire in an omnipresent manner and in the ruins of Tiwanacu. This is not a sign of Nazism, but a universal sign found in both America and Asia. It represents the spiral of the Milky Way, it also represents a kind of whirlwind of water and air that turns continuously, it is the movement, the change, although with cyclical repetitions that represent the ironic side of destiny, the life that seems to turn around throughout history, the historical parallelism of which Himmler was a faithful follower. The Amazonian hordes, when they joined the Atlantean empire, adopted this symbol, but their warmongering nature made them change the sacred symbol, stopping the continuous turning of the cross, thus forming a still cross with its extremes of the same size, which represented immobility, since the Amazonian hordes felt at ease with the knowledge and benefits that their alliance with Atlantis gave them and feared change.”copyright protection2PENANAMB9Z8oVoyI

"Hitler, adopted the swastika with the false belief that this symbol would grant him the favor of the gods, a contradiction since he was running for a government that would last a thousand years without changing his doctrine, when the Atlantean swastika implies change.”copyright protection2PENANAlAP0m3doJH

"The Christians took the Hittite symbol found in Turkey, but they also modified it, lengthening the lower end to take the present form that you now know. It does not mean the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, but a higher hierarchy, represented by the three upper extremities of the cross, which commands over the lower one represented by the lower end of the symbol.”copyright protection2PENANAOapNpVTZ73

"The knowledge they discovered of the Hittites, was carved into the rock walls of Ozkonak and Goreme, this was torn out and now such stone slabs rest in the secret vaults of the Vatican, it was because of this that, although Constantine declared Christianity as the religion of the empire and ended the persecutions, the Christians continued to occupy the underground caves of Cappadocia. The church has since longed for the white stone and fought for it against the Valois dynasty in France.”copyright protection2PENANAnTEwSNVObt

“The white stone was in France then," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANAww4mxqpKP9

“That's right, the stone was taken by Arsinoe and the priests of Ephesus to that country. The priests selected people from that place and after a thousand years they came to form the Valois dynasty that occupied the throne of France," explained Mariela. “The church, which somehow found out the whereabouts of the white stone, commissioned its warlord Philip II, who was a fanatical Catholic, to take it over.”copyright protection2PENANAsDjSqINkHU

"The battle for possession of the white stone was on the walls of the fortress of San Quentin in 1557. It is said that it was the bloodiest battle of the entire Middle Ages and the Renaissance, men fought with unusual savagery throughout the battle and at the end of the whole wasteland was turned into a red swamp due to bloodshed, over which were countless Dantesque scenes of mutilation and death.”copyright protection2PENANAn5O2BHPwv1

"The violence was such that it would be remembered for centuries to this day, in fact, the expression "se armó la de San Quintín" is still used to refer to a terrible fight or confrontation. No battle was equaled in savagery except the battle of Lepanto against the all-powerful Ottoman Empire which was also carried out by Philip II, in which it is said that the beaches were dyed red for several days. Bloody battles like these were not seen since the takeover of Jerusalem in 1099 in the first crusade, when Catholic crusaders massacred men, women, children and the elderly, whether they were Muslims, Jews or Christians. The Crusaders' frenzy of blood was such that they even killed all the animals they found there, and it is said that the blood spilled reached the sides of the horses.”copyright protection2PENANA02x4p5vPQk

“I think so," said Báku, "it must have been true because of the steep and narrow streets of Jerusalem," he said, "Jesus said, 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,' he was referring not to the sewing needles we used, but to the very narrow streets of Jerusalem which were so named at that time.”copyright protection2PENANAYiYhbo0YJI

“The horror generated by men who claim to be followers of Catholic values is incredible," said Dió, bowing his head and closing his eyes in a mocking gesture.copyright protection2PENANAT7NI9ppZWV

“And what happened to the white stone?" Mariko asked, looking sadly at her mother's cross.copyright protection2PENANA0WYy1nDwct

“It was secretly taken to England by mysterious monks away from Philip II, it is said, in broad daylight and without any soldiers noticing them, even though they walked among the enemy soldiers after the battle.”copyright protection2PENANARaMPsXesWX

“Monks?” Said Báku strangely, “I thought the Vatican wanted the stone.”copyright protection2PENANAaP4YyeoXek

“The stone has guardians who protect it," said Mariela, "but in extremely serious situations unknown monks arise who have nothing to do with the usual guardians of the stone, these mysterious monks keep it until they give it to a new generation of guardians, I don't know much about these strange monks, in fact, nobody knows much about them, not even my father. I waited for such monks to show up but they never showed up.”copyright protection2PENANATfhROiesPr

"The later guardians of the stone, who came from England, relate that their parents saw how these mysterious monks summoned the power of the white stone to provoke storms that sunk the Spanish Armada of Philip II, but these accounts are not confirmed because they did not come first hand from the English guardians, but from later generations, but if they were true, it would be the first time that the power of the white stone was summoned since Ramses II.”copyright protection2PENANAWHBJw3GLwC

“And where did the stone go?" asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANAJGsNF123Yh

“It ended up in the hands of Maria Teresa I of Austria," said Mariela, "although she belonged to the Habsburg dynasty like Philip II, the Austrian Hapsburg branch was less fanatical than the Spanish branch, and it had been two hundred years since the time of Philip II.”copyright protection2PENANAoSxFJlYYOO

"Mary Theresa I ruled according to her, according to God's will, but she was a very pragmatic woman in her heart, skilful and cunning, and she even got her husband the title of emperor of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire. When the Vatican learned that she was the new guardian of the white stone, it made the most powerful kings of Europe declare war on her under the pretext that they had greater rights to the throne than she did. Bavaria, Saxony, Poland, Spain, Prussia, France and Sardinia clashed against Austria. They were convinced that they would defeat a kingdom ruled by a woman, but in the end, it was Maria Theresa, a woman, who saved a dynasty of men.”copyright protection2PENANApKv0t24aNA

"The queen, after the bloody battles, invited the ambassadors of the enemy kingdoms to negotiate peace, who, upon arriving at the queen's palace, saw a kingdom that, far from being bankrupt, seemed rather capable of prolonging the war indefinitely, of course, this was only a façade since the situation in Austria was urgent. The queen gathered them in a special room so that they could talk to each other without noticing that the monarch was spying on them. The sovereign was attentive to each of the ambassadors' words, so, with her advantage, she negotiated a peace that favored her.”copyright protection2PENANANwhgkXhn0g

"Mary Theresa wisely ruled her kingdom, but she made a terrible mistake... She loved her daughter Marie Antoinette very much.”copyright protection2PENANAFp8c4Sy3Qm

"I told you that history is going round and round, and that happened in this case, Maria Teresa wanted to forge an alliance with her former French enemy and agreed with Louis XV that her heirs would marry. Thus, Louis XV's successor married Marie Antoinette, who gave him the white stone to the King of France as a sign of good will.”copyright protection2PENANARg7nhBplMd

"The church that at first believed that the white stone would be given to them were disappointed by the arrogant attitude of the French king, who had apparently inherited the same arrogant character as his predecessor Louis XIV, who imposed absolutism on Europe; the phrase: "the state is me" of Louis XIV not only referred to his handling of the state, but also implied the bad relationship he had with the Catholic church, Louis XIV himself believed himself Apollo, the sun God.”copyright protection2PENANAWzJdQ4a7rb

"When Louis XV died, the Vatican asked the new king Louis XVI to give him the white stone, but the young king, who had a weak character, paid more attention to his wife and refused. This was Marie Antoinette's only positive point as guardian of the white stone, since her later life, both public and private, was a disaster, not that she was evil, but that she lived in her own fantasy world, and refused to accept the reality of a people starving to death as she squandered the kingdom's coffers on jewels, dresses, dances and card games, not to mention the extravagant sums of money she gave to her favorites. She believed that the people would support her excesses because she wanted her queen to be happy.”copyright protection2PENANAn6AwjFpRJg

"Sovereign Maria Theresa should have been more strict with her daughter, but she only sent ambassadors to give her gentle suggestions as to how she should behave and not upset the morale of her French subjects. Perhaps if he had shown more aplomb with her daughter, the history not only of France but also of Europe and America would be different.”copyright protection2PENANAeAwmXNYn9K

"The church, seeing the popular discontent, tried in 1785 to involve Marie Antoinette in the purchase of jewellery at an exorbitant surcharge, knowing that this would be the perfect catalyst to promote the revolution. The purchase of the jewellery, which involved one of the Queen's supposed favourites by the name of Jeanne de Valois and a high ranking member of the church, the French prince and cardinal Louis de Rohan, splashed the queen and was the perfect reason for the wealthy French citizens to take away the little support she had.”copyright protection2PENANAA5kkjaotiQ

"At first the church tried to deceive the former King Louis XV by buying the jewels for his favourite Madam Du Barry, but the king's recalcitrant attitude towards the church forced them to plan the assassination of Louis XV, who had reinforced measures to tax the church because of the church's insistence on demanding the white stone and the Vatican would not allow that. Seeing that the successor to the French throne was of a weak character, it was decided to execute the assassination making it look like an accident and indeed Louis XV, after falling from the horse in one of his royal hunts, died of smallpox in 1774 without anyone suspecting anything.”copyright protection2PENANAFGXfdgVC8E

"When Queen Marie-Antoinette imposed herself on her husband's fainthearted respect for the delivery of the white stone, the church resumed the plan to buy the jewels. Jeanne de Valois (who curiously was the last descendant of the dynasty to protect the white stone), like Du Barry, had been taught in her youth by priests and was later recruited as a Vatican agent. The plan was that Jeanne de Valois would proclaim herself Countess de la Motte and thus enter the circle of Marie Antoinette's favourites, or at least that would be seen in appearances, since Marie Antoinette never met Jeanne in person. Cardinal Rohan would pretend to have been the victim of a group of skilful swindlers, to reaffirm this alibi they would use the figure of Alessandro Cagliostro, a self-proclaimed count and master occultist well known in Europe as an agitator of multitudes and reporter of dubious events carried out by his person with the aim of duping the European nobility.”copyright protection2PENANASnfpKdcIAm

"In the trial of the queen's jewelry scandal, the French people and history believed the following: that Jeanne had found a young prostitute named Nicole Leguay, who had an amazing resemblance to the queen, whom she had convinced to cheat along with Cagliostro and others the poor Cardinal Rohan, that all she wanted was to improve the strained relationship she had with Marie Antoinette. To this end, he bought some jewels for the queen with the money of the people and gave them to the queen, not directly to the queen but to her favourite, the Countess de la Motte, so that the people would not learn of this whim, the latest in a long series of economic squandering by the nobility and especially by the queen, which led France and its citizens into the catastrophic situation of poverty they had to endure.”copyright protection2PENANAtbrOvLYTeh

"In the end, Rohan and Nicole were exonerated of all charges, Cagliostro was banished as well as other minor con men except those who had already escaped. Jeanne was sentenced to Salpetriere prison for life, although she knew they would soon help her escape.”copyright protection2PENANAJTXG9bX5N5

"As you can see," continued Mariela, "they had it all well planned. It is absurd to believe that Cardinal Rohan was a victim of simple tricksters. First, it was impossible for Cardinal Rohan not to recognize the false queen because the Cardinal was known for the libertine life he had; second, the Cardinal who was also known for his luxurious and opulent life could not declare that he was deceived by the false countess because he knew perfectly well who belonged to the queen's circle of favorites and who did not; And thirdly, being one of the highest hierarchies of the Catholic Church, he could not say that he trusted the word of Cagliostro, who was a practitioner of occultism, a practice forbidden by the Vatican. But of course, the anger of the French people did not make them see these facts. It is true that Rohan had tense relations with the queen, but it was not because he was against the alliance of France and Austria, and that is why he spread false rumors about Marie Antoinette, as everyone believes. The real reason was that he insolently and arrogantly demanded that Maria Theresa of Austria and then Marie Antoinette deliver the white stone to the Vatican.”copyright protection2PENANAJGtZ5dciVN

"The church achieved its goal, the middle class of France and especially of Paris, took away the support of the queen and that was the determining factor that provoked the revolution, the lower classes and the peasants alone would not have deposed the French monarchs.”copyright protection2PENANAEpY6dtRcm6

"The French Revolution of 1789 brought the queen to reality, but it was too late. The church's plan was to ensure the continuation of the French monarchy in exchange for the white stone, but things got out of control. First, Danton, with his effusive speeches, had mobilized all of France to the battlefield against the neighbouring kingdoms that were seeking to annex French territories instigated by the Vatican so that Louis XVI could hand over the white stone; second, the fanatic of Marat, with his newspaper against the nobility and the clergy, prevented any member of the Catholic Church from stepping on French soil under penalty of dying on the guillotine. Marat, with his newspaper, was the true essence of the radicalism and brutality of the revolution, which demanded the daily execution of an astonishing number of people, that's why the church had him killed by Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday, who was also taught by religious in her youth and then recruited to murder Marat, although this was counterproductive, since Marat was elevated to the status of martyr-God by the Committee of Twelve that governed Paris, especially by Robespierre, who imposed the Regime of Terror and then the Great Regime of Terror, which made contact between any member of the church and the French kings unviable. In 1791 the kings and their son tried to flee, but were captured and condemned to die on the guillotine later... Or so the story goes.”copyright protection2PENANAt60rN9CKeq

“That is what history believes?” Mariko said, “Did events happen differently?”copyright protection2PENANAPY6jXbwaur

“That's right," said Mariela, "like Arsinoe, Marie Antoinette faked her death. The French queen was famous for her splendid blonde hair, but the woman they brought back to Paris had damaged, ash-white hair.”copyright protection2PENANAX8QWf4p7gM

“A double?" asked Dio.copyright protection2PENANAdJSeaFnNpC

“Yes," said Mariela, "although her mother, Empress Maria Theresa, had long since died, the other Austrian guardians made sure that her daughter and the white stone did not fall into the hands of the Vatican. The crowd, who had never seen the queen and the fury that clouded their senses, accepted without question that the woman was in fact the French queen and the other members of the French committee were deceived by the impostor's resemblance to the real queen. The double took the place of the queen and assumed her role even until she was guillotined in 1793, looking defiantly at the crowd and showing the poise of royalty, something that no doubt the real Marie Antoinette would not have done.”copyright protection2PENANAdfBjzzv5JZ

“What happened to the conspirators?” Mariko asked.copyright protection2PENANAxH8nDnr3vI

“Jeanne, initially helped to escape from the prison to which she was sent, thanks to members of the church as she was promised before the Great Terror Regime came into being, but when she was abandoned by the Vatican and faced serious economic difficulties abroad, she decided to give away the whole plot and was killed, being thrown out of the window of the hotel where she was staying in 1791. Du Barry, believing that the Vatican had decided to get rid of all those involved in the conspiracy, decided to return to France and reveal everything, but the Regime of Terror stopped her and condemned her to die on the guillotine in 1792. Cagliostro, was arrested by the Inquisition and sentenced to death, but then commuted from death to life imprisonment to be taken to the castle of San Angelo, in exchange for silencing everything he knew forever, but after an attempted escape he was transferred to the fortress of San Leo, where he was also killed shortly thereafter. Nicole Leguay, the prostitute who supplanted the queen in the jewelry scandal, disappeared in history but I think she died in misery just like the other minor conspirators like Villette. As for Cardinal de Rohan, after the deaths of Jeanne, Du Barry and Cagliostro, he decided to keep a low profile, abandoned his life of debauchery and opulence, gave up his goods to the Vatican by means of "white sticks", which were poor clerics who fled France and renounced his title of bishop of Strasbourg, one of the most important in Europe.”copyright protection2PENANAPJrIXColpO

“And where did the stone go?" asked Báku.copyright protection2PENANAXD4zWD8sIS

“The guardians took her to a safe place," said Mariela, "centuries ago the atrocities committed by Philip II were behind us, and it was decided to keep the white stone in the last place where the church would look for it, and there it remained safe to this day.”copyright protection2PENANArfAzDeX5ht

“El Escorial," said Dío, "which looked like fun.”copyright protection2PENANAN7cfQ9Reuh

“The stone remained safe," Mariella continued, "but seven years ago we received reports that the Vatican was desperately looking for the stone. The guardians argued about moving the stone to South America. My father, who owned a bank in Europe, bought a bank in this country, although the Spanish shareholders held more than ninety percent of the shares, the Bolivian bank kept its name in order to deceive anyone who was looking for clues and interested in taking over the white stone.”copyright protection2PENANA3sU72RKajt

“Then they moved the stone to Bolivia," said Báku.copyright protection2PENANA3LJDkmSisa

“No, in the end a spy of ours reported that somehow the Vatican learned that they would move the white stone from an unknown place in Europe to a bank in Bolivia, and it was decided not to make any transfer.”copyright protection2PENANALfhXu87mnC

“And who has the stone?” Mariko asked.copyright protection2PENANADq4yy6pjhI

“I have it," replied Mariela, as she placed the rare teddy bear she had on the table and unzipped the zipper and pulled the white stone out.copyright protection2PENANAMltvYOSQ7k

It resembled a white egg about thirty centimeters high, its base was somewhat porous but as it ascended to the tip it took on a more polished appearance, until it ended in a tip that had two straight and polished sides, in a way reminiscent of the papal cap worn by the popes in the Vatican.copyright protection2PENANA1SAiQ5rYsO

“My father ordered research on the stone," said Mariela, as they passed the white stone from one to the other. “It is composed of a kind of unknown metal," said Mariela, "or rather, the white stone is the accumulation of thousands of metal spheres that are strongly joined together to form the whole. Those at the base are perfect spheres, while as they approach the tip, they take on a more polygonal appearance.”copyright protection2PENANAA5fFENM374

“So, did you find out that this thing is really a machine or something natural?”copyright protection2PENANAMTpgpo5ifc

“Not much could be discovered," said Mariela, "you see, as soon as one of the microscopic spheres for her research could be torn off, the results were unsuccessful.”copyright protection2PENANACg5dzWi0UK

“You don't think it's dangerous for you to show us the stone in this place," Mariko said to him, as she glanced around.copyright protection2PENANAPvQ4buSXyZ

“Don't worry," said Mariela, "I sent false information to those who were looking for the stone, and this is the safest place to talk since it is very busy.”copyright protection2PENANA2kTrAjPFB4

“Ha, you're very good," Báku flattered her, "this coffee is very popular and since it's outdoors, everyone is in the business.”copyright protection2PENANASekXrTUKUO

“It's true," said Divo, "we could be talking about the stone screaming and nobody would be interested in it in the least.”copyright protection2PENANAvJkmOvQHtp

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