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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!y490FIfUATYwGRR4qg2Wposted on PENANA


“I can't stand still," said Mariela; "the pride of my name impels me to fight too.”copyright protection3PENANAZWI8WoRcjs

Saying this, the girl threw herself forward as she wielded the staff like a foil.copyright protection3PENANA5hZM8QQz7S

Mariko was terrified, however, she forced herself to open her eyes and look around. Her friends including Mariela fought the men who had ambushed them in the sheds. Mariko bit her lips, grabbed an iron bar in front of her and rose shakily, gave a faint cry to encourage herself and threw herself into the fight to help others.copyright protection3PENANAwKGZ7ZsmmP

Báku and Dío were doing very well, but they were far away from Mariela who fought skillfully, the idea that she was a woman, prompted the cowardly attackers to go against the girl. Mariela was attacking two guys at once but couldn't see a third one approaching from behind her.copyright protection3PENANA1lLKuI8lUr

A rumbling sound was heard and then a subject fell next to the brave girl.copyright protection3PENANAO0JNMREDrL

“Thank you!” shouted Mariela, as Mariko stood beside her, the iron bar held in her hands.copyright protection3PENANAwXwcWEcp0y

“Don't worry, I'm here to help too.”copyright protection3PENANAf1U1MoJUKE

She blocked an enemy's strike just in time. Mariko's eyes were wide open and her teeth were clenched, her eyebrows were arched back in fear, but she kept defending herself and attacked from time to time. Finally she and Mariela ended up with the last of their attackers.copyright protection3PENANAmzF5msX16o

Mariko was breathing agitated, and now a little relieved to see her friend.copyright protection3PENANAMCljPiX1IX

A shot echoed through the place, Mariko turned her head and saw Mariela collapsing as if in slow motion, her hand dropped the cane and her back touched the floor before her feet as if she had fallen from an elevated place. The cane emitted a dry sound when it hit the floor, while Mariela's body emitted no noise at all.copyright protection3PENANAAXZuYLTIGE

Mariko shouted as she bent down with her friend and saw that Mariela's face was stiff in a gesture of surprise.copyright protection3PENANAn3d38zv6AB

A large stain of blood covered the girl's chest and a thin line of blood ran down the left corner of her lips.copyright protection3PENANAuneQH39E4R

It seemed that all the noise around her had become blurred, Mariko didn't know what to do, she wanted to press her hand against her friend's wound to somehow stop the bleeding but she was also afraid of hurting her more.copyright protection3PENANACEPC9On2w4

“Mariela, Mariela but what...!” Mariko whimpered, trying to understand what had happened and how she should act, but it seemed that both her brain and her body refused to respond. She turned her head as she looked for her friends. Her eyes stopped at a figure in a raised corridor, it was her father.copyright protection3PENANAGU7TYgttm4

The man was holding a revolver whose barrel was still smoking, his face was still stiff and the reflection of his glasses hid his eyes. Suddenly, his father turned to his right and made a quick turn towards the door that led to the outside, closing it as soon as he crossed it. Báku and Dío tried to open the door but apparently it had been somehow locked from the outside, they were about to try to break it down by force when they heard the screams of their friend calling out for them.copyright protection3PENANA5RsjH9nROr

“Mariela resists, you can't die!” Mariela said to her, her face was red, as was her tear-stained eyes.copyright protection3PENANAIq6y2gmqjT

Mariela raised her arm and caressed Mariko's face to comfort her.copyright protection3PENANAuZOCTMSnge

“Do not be saddened, although it was for a short time, I like to be with you all... Now I will enter Sumerland... Please take my body where the Atlantean princess, do not worry... my body... will not be corrupted in that place...”copyright protection3PENANAsl5UFN42ES

“Do not say that, I am sure that Dío and Báku will come with help!”copyright protection3PENANAunjBWmRiMa

Mariela's eyes widened and her pupils contracted, as she coughed up blood.copyright protection3PENANAbhaZT4MLs2

“No, you can't be with Dio.... you can't do "Handfasting" with him.”copyright protection3PENANAZUn5P3ST6x

“What? What do you mean, why can't I be with him?” Mariko asked strangely.copyright protection3PENANAMBV5cRr4ae

“He... he's your brother...”copyright protection3PENANAfmvqlpv8aX

It seemed that all the surrounding colors were replaced by a dark blue shade. Mariko noticed the blood leaving her head.copyright protection3PENANAaaRyfGB8AI

“I'm sorry...”copyright protection3PENANAGmjCswtTBD

“What do you say?” Mariko replied, recovering when she heard her friend's voice, but suddenly she felt Mariela's arms relax as she held her.copyright protection3PENANA8RZDhl2Ntd

Báku and Dío went to the girls but they couldn't do anything anymore. Mariko cried in grief over her friend's body. They tried to comfort her but she looked up at Dío, a look that neither he nor Báku could understand.copyright protection3PENANAKEnCcDjNMT

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