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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GtqNuVdvQHW30KxOG8Rhposted on PENANA


“El Escorial?” Mariko asked, looking at the picture of the monastery, “Are you sure it's there?”copyright protection4PENANAfloG9TBmos

“Yes, that must be the place," said Báku, "are you sure you didn't know the stone was there?”copyright protection4PENANA4kv553TLbK

“No, I didn't know," replied angrily Díoo, "I thought Galán put it in a Swiss bank because of the security and confidentiality they give their clients.”copyright protection4PENANA3tq3jIUKSy

“And how did you find out?” Mariko went to Báku, interested to know why they thought that was the place.copyright protection4PENANAF7T3N2Wppk

“Well, the letters Galán wrote were the E and the S, I think he didn't want to give us the name of his killer, but to tell us a place but in the end he wasn't strong enough. You see, the Escorial was built by order of Philip II, a king who ruled Spain in the sixteenth century, it is said that unlike other kings of the time this was a religious fanatic who wanted to impose the Catholic religion throughout the world, which led him to declare war on the Protestants and therefore almost all Europe, as the Protestant movement gained ground everywhere. Now, if you remember, Galán said the white stone was in a sacred forest in Spain, an entire forest that was transplanted from Bolivia to Spain. I assure you that there is no such place, no trees from South America were massively transplanted to Spain to recreate a forest, instead, the kingdom imported a lot of wood from this part of the world and in the reign of Philip II, all these immeasurable exports had two destinies: to create the Spanish Armada and the construction of a gigantic monastery, in which the king himself was confined due to his fanaticism, that monastery was the Escorial.”copyright protection4PENANARtFnyKqswC

“Maybe you're wrong," replied Dío, "all that wood could also have been used in some other construction.”copyright protection4PENANAdz5DDplx9d

“Colonial Spain used huge quantities of South American wood to build a multitude of buildings, I do not dispute that," replied Báku, a bit fed up, "but no other naval construction or project monopolized as much wood as the Escorial or the Spanish Armada. I know that they did not put the stone in the ships of the Spanish Armada because that fleet sank when they tried to invade the kingdom of Elizabeth I of England, who was a Protestant, so it can only be in the Escorial.”copyright protection4PENANA5OlZR92Oyr

"The equivalent amount of an entire forest was moved to lift that thing. Remember that Galán wrote the letters ES, he was referring to the Escorial, as I said, he probably didn't have time to write down the whole name and died.” Báku looked straight into the eyes of his friends. “In addition, El Escorial is dedicated to San Lorenzo, a saint who was condemned to die on the grill.”copyright protection4PENANA8qVNNuydW4

“On the grill! Of course, it all coincides now, the title of the video of the bank robbery is "The Grill Bank Massacre," and the Escorial begins with the letters ES, a monastery that was built in honor of a Catholic martyr condemned to die on the grill!”copyright protection4PENANAP9EVNhl8Ou

“We must go to Spain and visit that monastery," said Dío, looking them in the eye.copyright protection4PENANAmUjIUbRWZp

All exchanged glances bowing their heads in acceptance, they would leave immediately.copyright protection4PENANAo8PjVDOuQK

Mariko went home, reassured Dío and Báku, assuring them that she would manage to get her father's permission to travel to Europe with them. Báku explained that he knew people who owed him favors, and that getting a visa for everyone would take a couple of hours. Dío, for his part, promised to obtain the six thousand dollars needed for each of them until the day after tomorrow at the latest, in order to obtain the health certificate required by Spain for Bolivians.copyright protection4PENANAyGUdCIuYQj

“Dio how wonderful you are!” Mariko said aloud as she walked home. “Eighteen thousand dollars! I wonder where Dio will get that barbaric amount of money! I hope he doesn't rob a bank or something... BUT WHAT THE HELL I'M THINKING!”copyright protection4PENANAsdeMW8XN4W

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