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The white stone
Writer Capt. leon
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The white stone
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Nhk4dGyRPBoAHFBmIL6eposted on PENANA

DREAM NINE: EMPIREcopyright protection3PENANAFISlVSPd65

The three friends arrived at the Escorial and joined the group of visitors that preceded them. The enormity of the monastery impressed them, with seemingly endless corridors that stretched everywhere. They decided to stay at the end of the tour group to talk more comfortably.copyright protection3PENANA5UmpYz5xrV

“I can't imagine how much it would cost to build this place," said Mariko, impressed by the magnificence of the place.copyright protection3PENANA9QvQv7deTj

“Not only must we look at the cost of construction," noted Dío, "but also at the economic cost of all the logistics involved in bringing the building materials from South America to this place, without taking into account the logistics used on Spanish warships to protect the cargo from pirates and the English.”copyright protection3PENANAsy1kUXcKbj

“They were really the same, weren't they?” said Báku, turning his head and looking at Dío, “the pirates who attacked the Spanish ships with their cargoes of gold and silver (and in this case wood) were English, who were hired by Isabel I, and so she gave them the beautiful name of "corsairs for the crown", but in reality they were simple murderers and thieves. Philip II spared no expense for the construction of this super monastery.”copyright protection3PENANAPgebGcLMKd

"However, it was this waste of resources that led the Spanish empire to ruin. The expenses for the construction of this place and the Spanish Armada, diminished the coffers of the empire, and what is worse, its powerful fleet that was going to finish forever with England and its Protestant government, ended up being swept away by a storm and the ships that managed to survive the storm did not have experienced captains and in the end were annihilated by Francis Drake, A pirate in the service of the English queen, who had years of experience in maritime combat thanks to assaulting Spanish cargo ships from the Caribbean to the west coast of South America in Valparaiso," he said, as he advanced and watched a beautiful painting of a Spanish galleon, "he even made it to Canada, and was the first captain to circumnavigate the world as Magellan died in the middle of the journey.”copyright protection3PENANAHT3dKylXMe

“During the French Revolution and Robes Pierre's regime of terror, all the officers of the French imperial navy were executed. Napoleon, like Philip, had enormous resources to build a fleet that would invade England, but the money only graduates pompous officers and does not give them the vital experience required for war.”copyright protection3PENANAgfMizHgMrs

“That was the end for Spain," said Mariko, while everyone was looking at a map of the former Spanish colonies, "it's incredible how big the Spanish empire was, almost the entire American continent: one third of what is now North America, from California to Florida, the entire Caribbean, all of Latin America and everything that is Brazil, since Philip II was later king of Portugal and annexed the Portuguese colonies in South America. Let us not forget also to take into account their colonies in Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea and India. In addition, it also had its own colonies in Africa and then expanded these, annexing the colonies that Portugal had in Africa, in Madagascar and the northwest and south coast of that continent. Nor must we forget the kingdoms that it already had in Europe, from Italy through France to the Netherlands.”copyright protection3PENANA6gIkspwebh

“Unbelievable, simply unbelievable," said Báku, while still looking at the map, "that one man ruled over so much territory, no empire before or after had such an extension.”copyright protection3PENANArSbv6V4rSR

“It is true," said Dío, "the empires of Portugal, France, Austro-Hungary and even the omnipresent and aggressive English empire of the 19th century remain small, and let us not forget that these were formed in generations of kings.”copyright protection3PENANAF96ssF9JsA

“The ancient empires of Persia, Egypt, the Inca Empire and Rome achieved great extensions of territory because of their kings like Xerxes, Ramses, Pachacutec and Julius Caesar," said Mariko, as they walked down the aisle and curiously enough a bust of the immortal Roman dictator stood before them.copyright protection3PENANAbyRUSjjpyu

“Yes, it is true," said Dío-, "they extended their empires in an incredible way, but only to an average of 50 percent, while Alexander the Great and then Charlemagne created them from almost zero, although I agree with Báku, neither can they compare themselves to the savage extension of Philip II's empire, except perhaps the empire that Genghis Khan created from practically zero and which was the largest empire created on the planet.”copyright protection3PENANAG0nSvtNAUG

Finally they came to a sculpture of St. Lawrence. After seeing the statue, the group of tourists turned their attention to the guide's words about the martyr's statue. Báku and Mariko, pretended to listen to the guide's dissertation while they were covering Dío, who was checking the statue for clues, they found out that San Lorenzo was condemned to die roasted on a grill and that the saint was indifferent to the pain, joking with his torturers while they collected the fat that came out of his body.copyright protection3PENANArzQx1idb2G

At the end of the tour, they left the Escorial and quickly moved away from the main group and asked Dío what he could find out.copyright protection3PENANALdeD87Wrwv

“There was a strange inscription on the back of the base of the statue.”copyright protection3PENANAWdvj51MTBH

“What did that inscription say?” asked Mariko, anxious.copyright protection3PENANAz2hpAjIOuL

"To find the princess follow the path of the pink dolphins and the fat sirens"copyright protection3PENANAufZIS7PPzm

“What can that mean?" asked Báku, confused by the cryptic inscription.copyright protection3PENANAlvAQPFRCzt

They all had no idea what it could mean, while behind a window at the Escorial a little girl watched them with a cold, mocking smile on her face.copyright protection3PENANAj8wAy6ThUn

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