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Writer Capt. leon
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Tears of rain
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZfHlcseskwEBdg0M0mOEposted on PENANA

This is a nonprofit fanfic that does not intend to infringe the rights of anyone who owns the Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D franchises. Forgive any grammar or punctuation errors.copyright protection4PENANAB2NzOBcjvd

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection4PENANA2vsJRFc68x

Chapter 1: Tears of rain copyright protection4PENANACN8Q38C4vr

Two teenagers, not very neatly dressed, kicked the garbage cans of an alley, carried sharp, serrated kitchen knives in their hands, and blood ran down their mouths. Even in the distance you could see the vampire fangs.copyright protection4PENANAI7twHh8TAE

Checked four three, they're newborns. Change," said a sniper covered by a waterproof poncho as the rain rained down from the sky.copyright protection4PENANA7Dazn1fA8n

It was difficult for her to aim at the two targets with one arm, but she had no choice, she had to be able to "neutralize" the targets as she did before she lost her arm.copyright protection4PENANA7KagBepeiU

It was cold and unpleasant and could lead to pneumonia if she didn't wear the poncho, but she didn't really need the cover, she was a vampire, Seras Victoria.copyright protection4PENANAF129yJrGC2

She sighed a small sigh of frustration or perhaps melancholy. Her body couldn't feel the cold because she herself was colder than the prevailing climate, her body temperature was actually icy. She tried to vaporize her breath but did not produce any.copyright protection4PENANAlKFvj2wzCE

At first, the feeling of not needing shelter from any heat was disconcerting to her, but since a baby ultimately accepts that it is natural to wear warm clothes, she became accustomed to the new state of her body.copyright protection4PENANAWJp701lpfE

Seras, what are you waiting for? Shoot at once! was the command given by the intercom placed in her ear.copyright protection4PENANAkVFm4d6vUI

It took three shots to finish off the newborn vampires, yes, it definitely made a dent in her ability not to have her other arm.copyright protection4PENANAxftdKMfgmS

The Hellsing officer in charge of the operation was already preaching to the girl about her lack of concentration and how her skills had plummeted since Alucard destroyed the Nazi Millennium organization, but Seras was not paying attention to him, standing up, taking off her poncho hood. She raised her face and the rain hit her face, it seemed that she was crying because of the effect of the raindrops on her childish face and she was grateful for this as she was a vampire and could no longer shed any tears.copyright protection4PENANAViClqCmL1C

“Master?” said the young woman hesitantly, but Alucard was apparently not present, a fact that has been repeated with alarming regularity since she returned from the great battle against the Nazis who invaded London.copyright protection4PENANAplx5IBiO7c

"Now I understand," Seras thought sadly, remembering the words they said to her when she was turned into a newborn vampire: "Your life is so long now that the time will come when you will curse it.”copyright protection4PENANAxFr0SbN7s9

She felt so alone, even though she was being monitored at the time by so many soldiers, she was so lonely and wondered if she would find someone in this world who like her was fighting evil.copyright protection4PENANAZosCKSe7Ef

.copyright protection4PENANAJ4Bg9kSs8Z

.copyright protection4PENANAFGF6GxiuFL

In a very distant future when civilization had collapsed and only scraps of it had fought tooth and nail to cling to life, a cursed world covered by mutant entities or worse, demonic in its very essence, who wanted to sweep away all the good life that still existed, at that time and place, a dark knight wielded his sword that gleamed with the brilliance of the justice of death, his rival, a perverse entity covered in crimson red.copyright protection4PENANADFa6hUZv1D

D, that was his name, nothing more, nothing less. The mythical vampire hunter, his garments always rivaled the darkest of nights and now contrasted with the garments, fitted together as if they were a strange red Spandex of his rival.copyright protection4PENANALLIn1SHUkQ

Ghost Face, the crazy necromancer from the Blood Mist Forest. Feared of his name all over the world, one really had to go to a far-off place so that no one would recognize the name of the sorcerer dedicated to the forbidden art of necromancy, a magic so dark that even in today's dark world, it was abhorrent to all creatures, including the evil ones, but even in such remote places, the wind always brought the rumor of a horror in the depths of a haunted forest.copyright protection4PENANATZwz6d6oHL

D, was not left behind, his exploits in his endless crusade against evil were legendary. It could not be denied that the present battle was a battle of true titans, born out of the ancient tales of a country that was already extinct on the shores of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean eons ago.copyright protection4PENANAalqksHfrdh

It wasn't just the garments, the two faces were also very different. The necromancer had a dreadful face, he was not pale, but pure white, he had no facial hair, no eyelashes, eyebrows or hair, but he seemed to be an artificial face created by a madman; D, on the other hand, he had such a beauty that he could not be human, cold and hard, yes, but so they said the angels of God looked, all of them with an expression of beautiful cruelty ready to judge men with rigor and lack of mercy.copyright protection4PENANA5Y2Nm3F3X0

The battle had no quarter and both the fighters and the surrounding area were already suffering the ravages of the great battle. A fantastic machine that was a incredible hybrid between magic and technology had resented the cast and was beginning to crack.copyright protection4PENANAURZrq5Exum

“No, my creations!” shouted Ghost Face, unable to calibrate the bizarre machinery because of D.copyright protection4PENANAjFIJ0arfBF

There was no other option, he had to resort to a spell that he himself feared to cast.copyright protection4PENANAwGEzu0C93A

A vortex materialized between the two fighters and D, to save himself he had to use the vampire powers he hated so much. The clash of so many combined powers and the vortex pulled D into the infinite emptiness, not before, however, of attacking with his sword a mortal cut to the necromancer, who defeated, shrieked as if he were at the mercy of the demons.copyright protection4PENANA9Ys9pTf3qK

In London, Alucard who was meditating in the deepest dungeons of the Hellsing mansion, suddenly looked up, could feel a brutal magical energy falling in a place to the north.copyright protection4PENANAqJp8tqiVFU

“This is the sorcery of the continent," said the vampire, while a smile of insane dyes was drawn on a face of dangerous characteristics.copyright protection4PENANAAcBeL5fofi

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAZpgsyGlOJM

Author's final notes: As you can see, I have changed the canon a bit, Alucard returns several decades after the battle against Millenium, while in my fanfic, he returns after a couple of weeks.copyright protection4PENANAy9wYi0oBW4

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