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Writer Capt. leon
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Never trust a peacock
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
8 Mins Read
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Capítulo 6: Never trust a peacockcopyright protection3PENANAGgdCpZqwYq

Boss Bogo was speechless, such was the impression he had received from Deputy Mayor Bellweather that he could only open his jaw.copyright protection3PENANASBPMxZ3Ynd

“Well," said the future mayor of Zootopia, "Officer Hoops, Officer Keyheart, I hope you both won't talk to any member of the press.”copyright protection3PENANAoRW6NIcluX

“Don't worry, Vice Mayor," the rabbit and the cat were secured with a nod.copyright protection3PENANAkadyMCyd9w

Bellwheater was satisfied and then left the tanker police hangars to keep to her busy schedule, followed by Benjamin Garraza.copyright protection3PENANAD18tNFsQDP

The tanker animals were looking forward to the situation. His superior buffalo was breathing agitated and at the end, he turned around to confront his two subordinates.copyright protection3PENANA42H18uJlPd

“Well, Subcommander Keyheart, you seem to have got away with it. The cute little bunny will still be in the way around. Too bad we can't offer you a tank, after all, they're all under repair.”copyright protection3PENANAiaowJb9hoi

“Thank you, Commander," Key thanked him, "but the buffalo ignored him and turned to Judy.”copyright protection3PENANAO2kWw8CZYg

“Listen to me, cute bunny, this time Bellwheater saved you, however, I am still your superior and therefore I will put you on probation. You run the red light again this week and I will be sure to put my "fair" opinion of your work on my tank force in your performance report. This time neither that sheep nor Chief Rosano will stop me from kicking you out like I should have the first day you came.”copyright protection3PENANAO3iw5q0PLQ

“Sir” It was all Judy could say as she stood up and kept her eyes on Bogo.copyright protection3PENANA241rBKCK21

“Commander, may I ask what the probationary period will be?”copyright protection3PENANA3Q4oNBwqAv

“Well the usual, like cleaning latrines, washing battalion clothes, taking our coffee.... operating one of the tanks.”copyright protection3PENANAGpzZVEpWtb

“But sir," said Judy, worried, "you said that the tanks will be repaired and that will take...”copyright protection3PENANAMwgOXRyACB

“Chief Bogo, you're asking the impossible to Judy, she won't be able to spend the trial week without her own tank," Key said angrily.copyright protection3PENANACGsH4fiAGS

“That's not my problem Keyheart, the cute bunny should have thought better of it when she decided to join the tanker police and worse still, to have destroyed my personal tank... my baby, it wasn't a reinforced ceramic tank, it was a Ran tank made of steel! Ag, how my bile is corroding right now!”copyright protection3PENANA5nhEmdjM9M

Judy couldn't take it anymore, her ears fell out and her nose shook as tears streamed down her eyes.copyright protection3PENANAXWieKg6jRJ

“Hey," said Bogo, as he pulled his face closer to Judy's face, "it is I who should be crying right now, you hear me, it is I who should be crying right now!”copyright protection3PENANAUupmbuCu4i

“SO CRY AT ONCE," Suddenly Judy shouted at him with all the power of her small lungs and glued her face full of fury to Bogo's bad face.copyright protection3PENANAnaFFP1S9N2

Judy then stepped out of the hangars with a firm and dignified step, slamming the door shut so hard that the window pane broke and fell to the ground.copyright protection3PENANAVLYeZJv62m

All the animals, including Key, were like statues and with their mouths open, yet they were not half as surprised as Chief Bogo.copyright protection3PENANAPWRei3JUxO

“But... but... what did She say! Now She'll find out!”copyright protection3PENANAdUYSAOUsXI

The buffalo was very angry, so angry that he pulled out his gun and was already on his way to meet the rabbit.copyright protection3PENANAuTtt7tcDze

“No boss Bogo, don't do it!” Key pleaded with him, holding one of his legs and his belt.copyright protection3PENANAZpaREtUnor

It must have been the adrenaline that gave the cat the strength to stop Bogo, who was very tall and muscular, who kept insisting on going after Judy.copyright protection3PENANAbBmauWYppW

“Look," said a rhino, "Chief Bogo wants some action. Let the fight begin!”copyright protection3PENANA7TQBmY4yBE

The other huge animals cheered for the idea and all of them went to Bogo to tackle him, so the typical "salon brawl" began. Punches, kicks, bites and so on, they came and went, back and forth, definitely one more day in the tough tanker police.... a unit of macho males!copyright protection3PENANANB3XsHrm5P

.copyright protection3PENANAOgraqW7plw

.copyright protection3PENANAmtqc4Ma9lM

The Zootopia naturist centre had already closed its doors, but a small group of animals were in one of the enclosures, listening as a small light beige desert fox cried out loud.copyright protection3PENANAO8nS6PAxcF

“No, this can't be happening! We were supposed to become the meanest gang in all of Zootopia! And now it turns out we're heroes!”copyright protection3PENANAn0WPbmLiM7

“Well, I'm not happy about this situation either, Finnick," said Duke Roedriguez, the weasel, who didn't feel much pity for his little boss who threw a tantrum on the couch. “With the attention given to us by the press, our faces are now known. Somewhat unhelpful given our daily scam activities, I wonder how I'm going to sell my pirated videos now that everyone can identify me.”copyright protection3PENANAP8AflF1wOn

“You're ungrateful, after all I've done to make our gang respected all over town! (and for Gazelle to notice me) Tell me Nick, my faithful fellow con man, you do understand me, don't you?”copyright protection3PENANAiDvFwCv69H

“Aha, tell me Finnick, what do you think of this new poppy poppy ice-cream model I designed?" asked the indolent orange fox as he reviewed the popysipatite drawing.copyright protection3PENANAMxHImT47bR

“You're not helping!” He was being held by Yax, the hippie Yak, so that he wouldn't shoot his way to Nick and Duke and start a fight.copyright protection3PENANAe00PgluhSj

“Quiet boss," Jax recommended, while a lot of flies surrounded him and Finnick, "calm your chakras, otherwise you will never reach enlightenment.”copyright protection3PENANAFaXbQtNlzX

“I have to plan another masterstroke! And by the way, where's Flash? I sent him to get the paper this morning and he's not coming back yet.”copyright protection3PENANA3luL3QE8YQ

Just then the sloth bear man came in, very happy with himself because he had been very quick to bring the newspaper and did not entertain himself by talking to anyone. In Finnick, a vein swollen in his forehead appeared.copyright protection3PENANA0dR027mxpe

“It's no big deal now," said Nick, who took pity on his friend and went to bring him the newspaper because Flash was taking too long to address his boss.copyright protection3PENANAR4pOffh3BR

Finnick proceeded to read the newspaper and suddenly a smile was drawn on his little snout.copyright protection3PENANA0Fcvqgl5pk

.copyright protection3PENANAVpxNqAUM8k

.copyright protection3PENANA1ZoqNEG4Ii

Zootopia was known for its multitude of industrial areas, which were spread across all habitats, of course due to the economic crisis many of the factories were abandoned, and it was in one of these abandoned factories that a clandestine meeting was held.copyright protection3PENANAVIY8dopzuO

“Did you bring the samples?” said the figure of a snowy peacock, which at that time was covered by the shadows of the dimly lit environment.copyright protection3PENANAUqesdE28ra

“Here they are," said Buajaja, the pig. “Hey, what do you need these urine samples for? You told me that these things would help protect us from germs in the atmosphere produced by pollution.”copyright protection3PENANAst9RUXwB1e

“That's right, these beauties contain the secret to making us immune to toxins. It is a pity that pollution is not easy to solve but we can do something to stop using these biological protection masks throughout the northern hemisphere, especially in Zootopia.”copyright protection3PENANAUXXS6bhvLL

“These things are a nuisance, meow," said Annapuma. “In the other cities we only have to wear them once in a while, but in this city we have to wear them every day.”copyright protection3PENANAkFby7pdayF

“That will soon be over," continued the peacock. “We will use the train that crosses all the habitats of Zootopia to spread the compound throughout the zootropolis so that everyone can breathe without the help of those damn masks.”copyright protection3PENANAl08uS2soEu

“Why didn't the Zootopia government carry out this plan nya?” asked Unipuma.copyright protection3PENANADyrBqxMH3x

“For the interests of the people involved. The deceased mayor knew the truth but preferred to file everything and that no one else be aware, after all he was the owner of the factory of biological protection masks. In addition, there are many pharmaceutical companies not only in Zootopia but around the globe that make a lot of money selling drugs to alleviate the symptoms of bacteriological contamination caused by pollution. Well, not anymore, thanks to you Buajaja.... and your associates.”copyright protection3PENANAtncEVk49uC

“When will you start the project?” asked Buajaja.copyright protection3PENANAPPDXkw0MVE

“It will take a little time, but not too long. Don't worry, while the waiting period will serve to get the Ran tanks to arrive, which your two associates will use against the tanker police.”copyright protection3PENANAgycI9DgVkj

“Just two tanks?” said the pig worried.copyright protection3PENANAtNGGsC0xLu

“Don't worry, the tanks will be here soon. At that time I doubt that all the police tanks are repaired, in fact I don't think there will be any.”copyright protection3PENANA9AkNyEjzre

The peacock gave the trio some papers containing information about the tanks.copyright protection3PENANAdINqqW3GSo

“Hey, those things look awful, meow!”copyright protection3PENANAZmcG2Ei2b4

“Yes, we want to conduct beautiful and aesthetic tanks nya!”copyright protection3PENANAxlFS9dxsMY

“I beg your pardon, Mr. Shen...” was trying to say the leader of the Newport gang.copyright protection3PENANAH0Gur7rvNj

“Lord, I am a Lord, speak to me properly," the peacock interrupted him.copyright protection3PENANATNF5tIKLKV

“I'm sorry," Bujajaja apologized as a vein swelled in his neck, "but these tanks are an antique.”copyright protection3PENANAQihvaqIHTv

“I know they are not Ran Arachne tanks or armoured ceramic tanks like the ones the police have, but these models are ready and because of their age cannot be traced back to my other associates or myself.”copyright protection3PENANAFAwm4Xtvsh

“I see, well, just give us the advance payment and then don't forget to contact us when you decide to carry out the plan," said the fat criminal and together with the big blond cats left the abandoned factory.copyright protection3PENANAPm5urycbkX

Shen entered his limousine and proceeded to light a laptop, which after a few seconds showed the image of the Mayor of Roca del Rey: Scar, the lion.copyright protection3PENANA7afpFpPo6I

“Tell me Shen, did those idiots believe those lies you told them?”copyright protection3PENANATMip9nnDSP

“That's right, Scar, they don't suspect that with your help we'll destroy Zootopia.”copyright protection3PENANAUHb0cDypPT

“Idiots, the samples they gave us will not make them immune to bacteria in the atmosphere, they will only make you healthy.”copyright protection3PENANAnW4ClK2b89

"We animals are very adaptable, we develop immune defenses against bacteria which give us some protection. Not entirely, after all, we must take medication and wear those masks.”copyright protection3PENANAU2Wds5APIt

“I didn't lie to them, I only told them a half-truth, Scar, when the urine sample compound is spread all over the city, all the animals will become healthy. That is, they will not have antibodies in their bodies to fight off germs and will get sick right away.”copyright protection3PENANAFDaREnudMj

“Everything will become chaos and you, my friend, will become the Mayor of Zootopia, so we will be one step ahead of carrying out our mission.”copyright protection3PENANA69gaMCUPO3

The laptop screen showed Scar's Machiavellian smile, which corresponded to the dangerous psychotic look of the bird. The limousine left the industrial area and was lost on a main avenue in Zootopia.copyright protection3PENANAYI5VWx0wnJ

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAZ2naU1xoek

scar and lord shen, appear! Don't forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection3PENANAIluZwhCr6q

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