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Writer Capt. leon
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A cat with a plan
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HFd1Tmfbo8QUMeCuKRPWposted on PENANA


Capítulo 7: A cat with a plancopyright protection3PENANAsd5GeZ2tbr

Judy was in one of the depots in the police station, in front of her was the remains of what was once Chief Bogo's huge green tank, now it was just a pile of junk.copyright protection3PENANAB2logYS0PI

“Judy, are you here?” Key asked.copyright protection3PENANAXrBH7b60uC

“Hello Key... Oh, my God Key, what happened to you!”copyright protection3PENANAqXPwD3wGxI

The handsome black cat had a swollen right eyelid, you could tell he had been hit in that place.copyright protection3PENANA79Ksy0rr1h

“Don't tell me that stupid buffalo hit you!”copyright protection3PENANA9ZILGPXNQr

“Don't worry, it's not what you think. The whole battalion of the tanker police got involved in a more physical show of camaraderie, it happens sometimes when a lot of testosterone is accumulated, in the end everyone feels more relaxed and helps you to strengthen the bonds between peers as I told you.”copyright protection3PENANApgpeN2ijIQ

“That's so... absurd," said Judy. “On second thought, though, my childhood with my more than 200 siblings comes to mind.”copyright protection3PENANA1P0MizMK0N

"There was no room for delicacy over there. I guess that's why I am who I am and I decided to be a cop in the end, and my dream was always to drive one of those tanks... the power, the strenght, everything!”copyright protection3PENANA19MKUtAShq

"Sorry, I guess I shouldn't seem like someone of my race and size to you, although that never seemed to me to be an obstacle to achieving my goals.”copyright protection3PENANAjGHJVuLeOu

“Well, I think you're very feminine, Judy.”copyright protection3PENANA4Qk5CDEpoE

“I think you're very feminine, too, Key," said the rabbit with a sarcastic look.copyright protection3PENANAdpO0aJuKBL

“Ouch, that hurt.”copyright protection3PENANAaVrREnmqBb

“You're easy to bother with that little face of yours, not to mention that name, Subcommander Key Keyhearth.”copyright protection3PENANAVF2fKETp4h

“Funny girl, look who's talking about last names, Officer Judy Hoops.”copyright protection3PENANA3hHSiRBMBc

“Ouch too. Why don't parents change their last names? Don't they see how their children can suffer bullying at school?”copyright protection3PENANAxM8ZEMm0dX

“At least you got a normal name Judy, my mom named me K. E. Y.”copyright protection3PENANAc8DenoThNX

Although she didn't propose it, Judy began to laugh, but stopped when Key approached her, so close, that he violated her personal space.copyright protection3PENANAyRffJx7kkI

“With that pretty little face of yours, Judy, I bet you had problems in school too, or did your brothers act as bodyguards?”copyright protection3PENANAxRuGR8sd9F

“They did it, they smashed the face of any idiot who came too close to me and tried to flirt with me," said Judy, with her index finger nailed to the cat's chest, she pushed the other person away.copyright protection3PENANAamNNAbbttZ

The two policemen stared at each other with a defiant smile on their lips.copyright protection3PENANAr2QGizepUz

Key decided to be the gentleman and was the first to look away, not down, but fixed his huge eyes on the junkyard.copyright protection3PENANA8sqC8iLBvV

“I won't make it Key, will I?”copyright protection3PENANAhGh5uShGlK

“As bureaucratic as it is to ask for a new tank, I don't think so. There is one solution, though.”copyright protection3PENANAFNMwu45It0

“Really? Tell me!”copyright protection3PENANAiBtIeC10dw

“Well, that's what this junk is, Judy: junk. The advantage is that we don't need a lot of paperwork and waiting time to transform all this into a tank that you can operate before the time Bogo gave you is over.”copyright protection3PENANAWuceAH6Rnr

“Do you think we can turn all this into a tank?”copyright protection3PENANAB2eoyJsEsW

“Didn't you graduate top of your class, official Hoops ? I'm sure you'll be able to do it, besides, I'm not leaving you alone, I'll help you too, after all I was also the first in my class.”copyright protection3PENANAFKy9tNLuOY

Judy was so happy that she jumped up and hugged Key. The cat was a little unsure of how to reciprocate the hug but in the end he also hugged the rabbit, not too tightly, but the hug took a long time.copyright protection3PENANA0KtdY3U4Vh

The violet-eyed rabbit realized that the embrace had taken much longer than "three Mississippi" and flushed out the physical contact.copyright protection3PENANAwwkLUTunyW

“Calm down, Judy, you can hug me all you want.”copyright protection3PENANAjeGSn9F8Et

“Idiot, I'm going to call my brothers to beat you up," said as she gave him a loving fist strike.copyright protection3PENANA7EeBScFMhA

“Auch," said Key, as he pretended pain and rubbed his arm.copyright protection3PENANA4O7pz1j4pS

“Don't be a child and let's start with this.”copyright protection3PENANA1J6IBtShCw

Neither short nor lazy, both small animals, took on the task of saving all the usable parts, at the end of the day they were exhausted and covered with grease and engine oil.copyright protection3PENANALKaZm2c1Pt

Judy complained as she lifted up her shirt and moved it with her hand trying to ventilate her chest.copyright protection3PENANABUiIjRKDWa

“Wait a minute, I'll get you a canned soda. What brand do you prefer?”copyright protection3PENANAvXTBGv5yMI

“Bring me the drink forbidden in Brazil: 7Up"copyright protection3PENANA4xsfxOiJQ7

“How good that was, Judy, you're a cruel girl," celebrated Key, laughing with that characteristic form of his race (nyajaja).copyright protection3PENANAdr2valnVZj

“I always liked the way you cats laugh. Hurry up with the drink, Key.”copyright protection3PENANA5uhZ5Xubwh

The cat went out for the refreshments and on his way back he saw how Judy had two slender, lop-eared ears again.copyright protection3PENANATAPmPmb861

“Take Judy.”copyright protection3PENANAgjtiOEEbzD

“Thanks Key... tell me, nobody had such a disastrous first day in a tank, did they?”copyright protection3PENANAvF7NEdL9oh

“It is said that those who make mistakes their first few times last longer.”copyright protection3PENANAqiSgEICPQJ

“Hey, that's from the anime Hellsing!”copyright protection3PENANAR62koRY23y

“What, you like anime too!”copyright protection3PENANAFyeNlS072p

“I like real vampires, not the ones that shine and are made up like effeminate pre-Revolution French people.”copyright protection3PENANAosHgIlYlbO

“Good girl!”copyright protection3PENANA42V7njYll1

“Better anime!”copyright protection3PENANAU1z8OV1P33

They both laughed and drank the refreshments. Judy watched sideways as Key's Adam's apple rose and fell.copyright protection3PENANAervVIehGAs

"Oh, my sweet cheese crackers, this guy's so fucking handsome!"copyright protection3PENANAvFvqMSKKe6

“Well, we can say we took advantage of the day, can't we?”copyright protection3PENANAL87lhWhiMk

“Hey, sure.... I want to take advance on you, I mean, it was a good day.”copyright protection3PENANAl0MRWu6ebG

“Of course..." agreed Key, pretending not to notice his companion's lapse.copyright protection3PENANAGHlc874SSi

.copyright protection3PENANAYEr5ZI2h0O

.copyright protection3PENANACmPodMTj04

By nightfall Judy was in her greasy little apartment. She had prepared her dinner preheated and after brushing her teeth and showering, she had put on her pajamas of my little pony and got into bed while holding her Komodo dragon plush. However, her thoughts traveled into the afternoon of intense work with her companion.copyright protection3PENANA0HMlTUtYMl

Judy hadn't planned it, but she bent her knees as her right hand lowered lower and lower and her left arm held the weird stuffed animal tighter and tighter. In the end, Judy's breathing became choppy and she stopped hugging the stuffed animal and put the back of her hand on her sweaty forehead.copyright protection3PENANAgKZIQZqThr

“Yes, after all, it was a good day.... I just hope that tomorrow will get better," she said with a soft murmur.copyright protection3PENANAHTNxi0jbkk

On the other side of the wall there were the muffled giggles of his two annoying neighbors.copyright protection3PENANAgk12GVXaTJ

Judy, red as a tomato, punched the wall hard and heard the two annoying people fall to the ground and try to not make any noise as they got up.copyright protection3PENANAw9uwRlvieM

"I can't believe it, they've listened to me all this time since I've been in bed," Judy thought between angry and embarrassed. "I have to find another apartment! One that doesn't have such thin walls!"copyright protection3PENANAJWGxtYyNaS

Judy covered herself with the sheets and wished the earth would swallow her up right there.copyright protection3PENANA7rd9uU4r4X

.copyright protection3PENANAbA7F6Z0Chf

.copyright protection3PENANAp1b5yF46tf

The clock sounded the alarm, it was five in the morning and Judy was already dressed in her cosplay police uniform. This time, however, his anger was not directed at her joking brothers, but at the two neighbors who lived next door to him.copyright protection3PENANAZBGcKb6OCb





So Judy sang at the top of her lungs and screamed with a loud voice, knowing that her two neighbours would be as quiet as they could get.copyright protection3PENANAVko6goPStG

Judy went out to the door and looked at her neighbours' door. She slammed the door of her apartment shut so hard that the noise was sure to be heard throughout the building.copyright protection3PENANAXOvDQw33Fi

The rabbit would repeatedly strike the ground nervously with her paw on that characteristic twitch of hers. Since the neighbors didn't show up at the door, Judy thought it best to go to work.copyright protection3PENANASZiv5cB4Xc

.copyright protection3PENANAxTxWZOkPGO

.copyright protection3PENANAvED0huxlxd

In spite of the bad mood, she could not help but smile at Benjamin Garraza's good-natured face, who greeted her and ate a couple of donuts at the same time.copyright protection3PENANADpcWUi9wm6

"Even though he does nothing but eat at work. Now I see why it's the first face you see when you walk into the police department's main headquarters," Judy reasoned, "Benjamin is a sweetheart, you can't stay mad at him."copyright protection3PENANAJU0hQZ5bPM

Judy entered the hangar where the scrap metal she was planning to turn into a tank was located and soon Key entered the place.copyright protection3PENANA0kqDlI7T3E

“Good morning, Judy. Ready for another day of hard work?”copyright protection3PENANA6H4jEZBNvY

“Good morning, Key, yes, totally ready. I see your eyelid isn't swollen anymore... but you have dark circles under your eyes. Didn't you sleep well last night?”copyright protection3PENANAUfSUwJUCUJ

“I had a bit of a backlog, nothing to worry about.”copyright protection3PENANAoV4PypyGiC

“I forgot that as a sub-commander you have a lot of obligations! Forgive me, Key, I'm causing you trouble!”copyright protection3PENANAlpjpIYpjLU

“As Mayor Bellweather says, "We have to help each other among the little ones”.”copyright protection3PENANAiGabAGUviP

“You're right, I do like Bellweather.”copyright protection3PENANAeHKiwjH4Z0

“Me too, too bad that she has so many problems.”copyright protection3PENANAHlp0L7ZarL

“What do you mean?”copyright protection3PENANA5JrfU2VPxe

“Well for a while now, that sheep...”copyright protection3PENANAFMVp4rIMwI

Key moved his arm and pretended as if he was drinking alcohol.copyright protection3PENANAMd3ceOkeZL

“In short, yesterday we separated the pieces that could be useful to us. Now we have to see what kind of tank we are going to build, the work we have to do today is not going to be physical, but mental.”copyright protection3PENANAZ4vrjqtfg1

“And what kind of tank do you have in mind, Key?”copyright protection3PENANAtVNokSQ3En

“It'll have to be one with whom you can win the tests that Chief Bogo gives you.”copyright protection3PENANAMrBQEQFY4E

“What kind of test do you think Bogo will get me through?”copyright protection3PENANAJ3Ifv2FZhW

“Knowing what Bogo is like, Yes.... Surely the test will consist of speed of displacement, maneuverability, and all this taking the factor of zero destruction of public and private property by displacement.”copyright protection3PENANA0LRO9cH0fm

Judy's ears fell off.copyright protection3PENANAn2NZSsPxqT

“Don't worry, Bogo thinks he's already got you, but you can count on me. And I'll tell you what.... I play dirty too," said the cat and laughed with disguise.copyright protection3PENANAc9XVptX5sf

“So what have you planned?”copyright protection3PENANA1t0Sia4Zak

“I already gave a request form to Bogo, he thinks we are building a tank just like the other officers. Now, Bogo will go to Chief Rosano and inform him of the test, once this is done there is no turning back, the commissioner will ask him for a report as to what the test will consist of.”copyright protection3PENANAlxm9xfBmN1

"The test cannot be modified in any way. When Bogo orders you to do the test, he will be surprised to see you with a tank that can overcome all the obstacles he puts in your way.”copyright protection3PENANAgZbeVBHSG9

“Key, you're a genius! But wait.... Do you think we'll have enough time? I also have to be the maid of the rest of the tanker battalion.”copyright protection3PENANA8HD8AViEUs

“Don't worry, I already talked to the guys and they're not as bad as Bogo. I won't lie to you, they're not jumping for joy with the prospect of having a girl (especially a rabbit) in the tanker police, but they plan to give you a fair chance. But I'm afraid you'll have to bring that creepy buffalo his coffee every now and then.”copyright protection3PENANAZg0mqxB2Up

Judy's ears got up and she breathed easy again.copyright protection3PENANA4apgpkR6dx

.copyright protection3PENANAglfTuPONuJ

.copyright protection3PENANAgt0hPqPrsJ

Like her friend told her, this time the job was mental. All day long they debated what the new tank should look like.copyright protection3PENANARxUgNjAEpO

In the end, they decided on a compact model for two small crew members. It would be equipped at the rear with a heavy Vulcan machine gun and anti-riot gas launchers; and it would have four independent crawler tracks each equipped with a protruding shell socket for greater stability and grip on any terrain, which would offer fast and tight turns. In addition, they would sacrifice the long range penetrating power of the main canyon, for a short canyon of greater efficiency at short distances but with rapid reloading.copyright protection3PENANAbFaqzEgnsK

“Well, what are you going to name it?”copyright protection3PENANA6Id6Z3xPv0

“Hmm? I hadn't thought of that.”copyright protection3PENANAymxsDkLeYb

“Think of a pretty name, it's your tank after all.”copyright protection3PENANA2aRcBqRROk

Judy felt a little warmth spread across her chest. Yeah, it would be her tank.copyright protection3PENANABU2P12TzRo

“How about... Bonaparte.”copyright protection3PENANAzqL7TorFDq

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAQFAISb8K2W

Vote and comment to make sure everything goes well for Judycopyright protection3PENANA4ER7tTams2

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