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Fanfics statistics
Writer Capt. leon
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Fanfics statistics
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qhuTjDF1Ay2426QZqAxkposted on PENANA

Languages, updates and statistics on fanficscopyright protection4PENANAhkTFDqo0yJ

Some people may wonder about the statistics in the world of online fanfics, but this work tries to elucidate this little-looked at aspect.copyright protection4PENANATY1nRk1wlC

Faced with the variety of topics and genres on the web, I take the literary phenomenon of Harry Potter, who promoted the fanfic genre (created decades before J.K. Rowling's work appeared) and who is currently the greatest exponent in terms of the number of "amateur" works published in cyberspace.copyright protection4PENANA5oG7vw7V6E

For the following calculations, I take the site, because it has a story search system, of a clearly effective and specialized level, according to genre, author, finished work, number of words, etc. Unlike other more popular sites but that do not have such a specialized search system to the extreme.copyright protection4PENANAgoY93CAsD8

.copyright protection4PENANAbw6cUYxVuT

Harry Potter Works as of September 24, 2014.copyright protection4PENANAyzheHNLPIS

538450 - total workscopyright protection4PENANAtZhs8k5JMI

275850 - complete workscopyright protection4PENANARYeYb9WJ4r

That means that of the 100% of total works, only 51% are complete.copyright protection4PENANACC0URIHCxq

Of the 49% in progress (262600), 88% are abandoned works (231088).copyright protection4PENANAv1pMuy7ziU

So we conclude that only 12% of the works are regularly updated (35809).copyright protection4PENANAiaSx84G5NL

.copyright protection4PENANAxqoxlfg2SN

Now focusing on the stories in Spanish, we have the following:copyright protection4PENANAtnPTakshTK

538450 - total workscopyright protection4PENANAccU4J39p9W

39800 - total works in englishcopyright protection4PENANAbGmzeHOuKH

Total works in Spanish represent 7% of total works in English (428600 = 79%) and other languages (109850 = 21%, including Spanish).copyright protection4PENANAie587fsAxl

Total works in Spanish represent 36% of total works in other languages excluding English.copyright protection4PENANAkJyfOhiXHr

.copyright protection4PENANAUS8grmYgQJ

Finally, let's take a closer look at the updates of the stories in Spanish.copyright protection4PENANAX9X2h5iJFP

39800 - total works in spanishcopyright protection4PENANA50yDfnVykD

22850 - complete works in Spanishcopyright protection4PENANA0fw8vXuuel

That means that of the 100% of total works, only 57% are complete.copyright protection4PENANAebvbeMhwwW

Of the 43% in progress (17114), 88% are abandoned works (15060).copyright protection4PENANAlCWUgcibKC

So we conclude that only 12% of the works are regularly updated (2054).copyright protection4PENANAPKSlTojnSx

.copyright protection4PENANAJ6IfiX2zty

Final conclusions:copyright protection4PENANAwPbsJrE1Dp

I was surprised that the percentage of abandoned stories in Spanish is the same as the overall percentage of abandoned stories in English and other languages excluding Spanish. This demystifies the rumor that Spanish speakers always leave their stories behind, unlike English speakers and other authors of other languages. We all sin for the same thing and in the same percentage.copyright protection4PENANAEsawN3U6rN

.copyright protection4PENANADaUmqcksMN

Personal suggestion of the author:copyright protection4PENANA0iCbLmDqng

An 88% of abandoned stories in Spanish (and in English and other languages), is itself a serious problem that makes the fanfics genre condescendingly seen at best by outsiders. Apart from the low percentage of stories that are updated regularly, there is the problem that most of those stories are updated very slowly, not one chapter every month, but one chapter every six months or two years on average!copyright protection4PENANAP2IZzw2tCt

I think the problem lies in the fact that the authors get too excited when it comes to writing a fanfic, without having a proper planning of the global history that their story should have, that is, "they just jump into the pool".copyright protection4PENANAhgEbD4oXwa

My advice would be that as authors, you have to imagine two things: how your fanfic starts (which is surely what everyone does, otherwise they would never start writing it in the first place); and secondly, you have to imagine how your story ends.copyright protection4PENANAKxtnJeJmE7

If you can imagine how your story begins and ends, I assure you, 60% of the fanfic is already in the bag. I repeat, my cat advice is to imagine how your story begins and ends.copyright protection4PENANACt9ltIRvcu

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