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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!36reg9h4pybhOMBRbISuposted on PENANA


Chapter 5: Lifecopyright protection5PENANA9NxB1OKjSa

A cry of pain came from the lips of the Cimmerian, who regained consciousness as he felt like a strange device that seemed to be made of glass and at whose end he seemed to hold the needle of a weaver, entered through his back.copyright protection5PENANAR4rGQ2y1Kr

The pain was gripping, causing the barbarian not to move any of his muscles, though he could not move at all because all four limbs were subject to shackles and strong chains, which were in turn attached to two pillars flanking him.copyright protection5PENANAvKxC025F7P

The needle removed the fluid from his spinal cord and then Ghost Face placed his cold hand on Conan's lower belly and drew out like a sphere of light that seemed to be made up of fire.copyright protection5PENANA6gDDRFrCYk

“Damn you, what are you going to do?”copyright protection5PENANAMQodxeg5g0

“Did you see my creatures up there? My catpeople will soon be complete. It was a challenge that took me three hundred years, but finally my work will be complete.”copyright protection5PENANAwLK4nL6trd

"Me who studied under the tutelage of Nagash himself. However, neither the great necromancer nor others could create life... We can only alter it, assemble it, but now. I will succeed where they all failed! I will create life, beautiful and pure.”copyright protection5PENANAjxuWalBCXA

"At last I will be part of all things again... at last, I will no longer be alone.”copyright protection5PENANAWKqkXYzd3P

Ghost Face seemed to come out of his trance and headed for the stands.copyright protection5PENANAeABZEZKKsb

“My creatures will have your strength and courage, and with the help of the creature you brought, I will also imbue them with magical characteristics and they will be forever beautiful in the three hundred years of their natural life.”copyright protection5PENANAYLJtITOjwM

"I no longer need you, nor the creature. On my return I will have you at my disposal.”copyright protection5PENANATtxkOujnIm

Once the necromancer and his lackeys were removed, Conan made a superhuman effort, freeing himself from the shackles of the pair of columns. He then released Fleur de Lis, who was submerged in a green water tank and apparently unconscious.copyright protection5PENANAdXWPWAOHlh

“Conan, thank you...” said the unicorn in the middle of coughing.copyright protection5PENANATk3CNLwC52

Once the pony was recovered, she went with the barbarian to the upper floors and eventually found the necromancer.copyright protection5PENANApZwWkkrDHa

The tanks the infants were in glowed with a mixture of pink and crimson, while Ghost Face laughed like a madman.copyright protection5PENANAZV7WK4xyLT

The barbarian threw a large chandelier of tenebrous characteristics to the necromancer's neck, who fell unconscious. The abomination of the talking head began to scream and the necromancer's servants attacked the pair of adventurers.copyright protection5PENANAQFdTi1FODL

Fleur de Lis, spotted the dart sword she brought with her and using her magic drew It to her and began to use it masterfully. The dart sword gave mortal lunges, suspended above the pony's horn.copyright protection5PENANAR3KnZ4HqHp

Meanwhile, Conan's sword gave deadly bows that were fatal to enemies.copyright protection5PENANABHlIE5NbEz

Once defeated the last spawn, Ghost Face regained consciousness. When Conan saw this, he threw something heavy at the central machinery and everything started to sparkle.copyright protection5PENANA5ueiowk4lY

“No!" shouted the necromancer as he watched as the tanks opened and a multitude of catboys and catgirls came out of them, who at first seemed a little confused, but then they started running around the place and finally came out of the tower and left the cursed forest.copyright protection5PENANAPc1zA0Eirl

The shock was so great that the necromancer forgot to use his powers, but an evil aura came out of his body, so dreadful that Conan and Fleur de Lis hurried out of the tower, which then collapsed.copyright protection5PENANAI233LH8ySM

When they both believed that the necromancer had died, this resurgence from the rubble.copyright protection5PENANA7XhlgGSBKd

There was no time to lose, Conan climbed on top of his friend and galloped to the necromancer, decapitating him with his sword.copyright protection5PENANAzAqA90BNj3

“I'm sorry, I couldn't find a way for you to return to your world.”copyright protection5PENANA915c4QTcpM

“Don't worry, we'll find a way in the future.”copyright protection5PENANAZwKhS1XKCI

Thus the friends left the forest without knowing the consequences that this particular adventure would bring to the world.copyright protection5PENANAYcioNspogI

FINcopyright protection5PENANArpJxCNnw0N

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection5PENANAi0j3hc5fXH

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