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I have no likes
Writer Capt. leon
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I have no likes
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!0XxuXqyHlVnBRRUv1gHlposted on PENANA

Translation done with DeepL and myself, sorry for grammar and punctuation errors, thank you.copyright protection6PENANAvqsTa8vWlz

I have no likescopyright protection6PENANAKlwhQuIoc4

Sitting naked in my bathtub, my skin sticks out of the water like a chicken because the heat from the liquid element is completely gone.copyright protection6PENANAjzFbqzGsQo

My teeth chattered, but they gave way to my crying that came out like vomiting blood, as if my life wanted to come out of me. Just me, my chubby body and my mind in anguish.copyright protection6PENANANmPgg0oLWK

More due to an automatic impulse from my body than to my weak will, I go out and go to the sink where I can look at myself in a mirror that is no longer clouded.copyright protection6PENANAkG5RYWmGky

I am not pretty and no one loves me," I say at the same time as I wrinkled my face, in an act that I know comes from the depths of my being, oriented to gloat over grief.copyright protection6PENANAKE7qQx0wZQ

"Nobody comments on my posts and nobody loves me - my lips separate again, no longer seeing the mirror that mocks my adolescent imperfections, but a sharp stiletto.copyright protection6PENANAVMdL2uLrfI

I have no likes. I grab what will take me away from my misery and make my left wrist give it one last kiss.copyright protection6PENANAbAohsndO4y

Opening the door, an unwelcome intruder comes in, it's tiny and hairy.copyright protection6PENANAmPdtf31fA1

I can't be angry with him, I lift him up and carry him to my long-suffering chest.copyright protection6PENANA6wNjhQO3i3

A miracle, my heart stops being cold and achy. Now I know that it is not important what I receive or not from a cold screen... And I decide to live, I decide to smile this and other days.copyright protection6PENANALuDaL6xZUB

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