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Short Story
Child's Play
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Child's Play
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Carol and Sammy
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FBKpbJJUh8QQrb2cMmEMposted on PENANA

The next day, our third and last day of camping, we all went on a hike to the lake, and that's where we met Carol and Sammy. There were a few small groups of campers at the lake, some fishing, some boating, some swimming. Our moms decided to sit at one of the picnic tables and chat. Our dads decided to hike around the lake.copyright protection2PENANAvdD5PbJdgT

June and I were debating whether or not it was too cold to go get our swimsuits and jump in the lake when we were approached by a girl with her auburn hair in pigtails, another girl with glasses trailing in her wake.copyright protection2PENANAsVvckGW4Bd

"Hi. I'm Carol. This is my sister, Sammy."copyright protection2PENANAdr3FD6Rpsw

"Uh, it's Samantha, actually."copyright protection2PENANAcYJP3y1NMh

Carol was about to enter her sophomore year at highschool while Sammy was about to go into seventh grade, like us. We chatted for a bit about the campsite and hiking and where we were from and whatnot. Carol was so cool and mature and I think both June and I were in awe of her.copyright protection2PENANAGfdbsySoCu

After a while, Carol said, "There's some old ruins a little ways further up. I think it's an old logger's cabin. You guys want to see it?"copyright protection2PENANACPVGuzMmZf

"Uh, actually, it was a trapper's cabin. It says so in the brochure," Sammy said.copyright protection2PENANATbdD0gb14Y

Carol smiled fondly at her little sister and ruffled her hair. "You're such a braniac, sis. So, what do you say, guys?"copyright protection2PENANAjKewWG4P5H

"Yeah," said June.copyright protection2PENANAjHxfn1OaoN

After making sure it was okay with our moms and letting Carol assure them she was a reponsible teenager, we followed them up the trail. Within moments the lake and its visitors were lost to us, the trail the only hint of a world outside the forest. The trail quickly narrowed and then seemed to disappeare altogether, but soon we got to the cabin, which wasn't much more than a single room without a roof and only two of its walls.copyright protection2PENANAphZCVZS71X

I confess to being disappointed.copyright protection2PENANA5lHjSE0Wu5

"So, how long have you two been together?" Carol asked casually.copyright protection2PENANAEOMb4adTkC

"Togther?" I said.copyright protection2PENANAHJUGmPFfWH

"About a year and a half," June said.copyright protection2PENANAc22UmUzmR3

"Wow. That's a long time for kids."copyright protection2PENANArwSeHWoVPJ

June smiled. "I like to think we're mature for our ages. Most of the time." She elbowed me and I grinned.copyright protection2PENANAyxssdPhT4e

"I guess so," Carol said. "How mature I wonder. Have you kissed?"copyright protection2PENANAAggDaCxJYp

I blinked at the girl, uncomfortable at the questioning.copyright protection2PENANANqVGEDD2zs

"Yes," June said without hesitation but with a hint of challenge.copyright protection2PENANAL70ezd4R68

Carol smiled. "Done anything else?"copyright protection2PENANA5GpmkzYRjX

My heart began to hammer. What did this girl want with us? Why had she brought us here?copyright protection2PENANAh7ncN2Qq4p

"Any... bare-bottom sort of games?" Carol persisted.copyright protection2PENANATQwT5679Xd

That sent my heart to sprinting. I felt weak in the knees. She must have seen us either at the boulder or, more likely, at the switching. We were caught and now she was going to threaten to tell on us.copyright protection2PENANAi3UHpehn6B

Sammy sighed explosively and I jumped. I'd forgotten about Carol's bespectacled little sister.copyright protection2PENANAlnIIAwKqXP

"You're playing too coy," Sammy said. "You're going to scare them off."copyright protection2PENANAQRGnKMtSWr

"What are you getting at?" I demanded. I was proud of how authoritative my voice sounded. I certainly didn't feel like the one in authority.copyright protection2PENANA5fuZWTeehk

Carol blushed and looked away from us. "Well, truth is, we... we saw you yesterday. Thom, we saw you spanking June on her bare butt."copyright protection2PENANAPCHyli55J2

"Uh, actually, it was a switching. To be technical," Sammy said.copyright protection2PENANAVzTCWEpqwl

"Well if we're being technical," June said, her voice firm, "my butt wasn't bare."copyright protection2PENANARCAlBxePLv

My eyes went wider than my face. I hadn't expected June to admit to our games. I didn't know what to do. Should we play it off like we didn't care if they knew? Should we storm off like we were insulted?copyright protection2PENANAaB8R9t9ezS

"What of it?" June said.copyright protection2PENANAhusa7pPwPm

Carol and Sammy looked at each other.copyright protection2PENANASHYt2A1hqN

"Well," said Carol. "We, uh... we're kinda interested in spanking too."copyright protection2PENANANAoVsypCNY

June and I looked at each other.copyright protection2PENANAv4tXfAn57d

"You brought us up here to tell us that?" I asked.copyright protection2PENANAr0UqtX0ueq

Carol shrugged. "Well, you see, we've tried, you know, sorta spanking each other, but..."copyright protection2PENANAh21GYtfn52

"We're both subbies," Sammy said bluntly. "At least, I think that's the word. It just doesn't work. And we haven't found anyone we might ask to, you know, spank us, who we trust."copyright protection2PENANAlA7OynpVtx

"Oh." I said.copyright protection2PENANA9Vx3l00lvf

"So we were wondering," Carol said, "If you'd... maybe consider... at least talking about..."copyright protection2PENANAMNiNughJDn

"We want you to spank us, Thom," Sammy saiammy s you to spank us, Thom,"..t?""d.copyright protection2PENANAMZYTOwhdsK

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I simply could not believe what was happening. I'd grown comfortable talking with June about spanking, but only with June. This whole conversation was spiking my anxiety. I wanted nothing more than to flee that decripet cabin and forget the whole thing.copyright protection2PENANAKBGiF1jFnO

But June said, "What do you think, Thom?"copyright protection2PENANAV9CdX6tfP7

"What do I think? I think this is nuts. There are people just a short walk away, including our parents, and we don't know these girls. If we agreed, we'd be heard if nothing else."copyright protection2PENANACB6AvV7N9A

"Uh, actually this spot is secluded. People hardly ever come up here and the trees muffle sound," Sammy said.copyright protection2PENANAyUbecQfvwC

I shot her a look and she blushed and looked away. She was cute in her way, her large spectacles hiding cute dimples, her auburn hair pixy cut. The way she blushed made me itch to spank her, but I shook my head.copyright protection2PENANAkrMWFK28ZS

"Come on, Thom, it'll be exciting," June said. She was grinning at me, her cheeks flushed. "It'll be like when Jenny played with us, remember that?"copyright protection2PENANAgCtndZikMr

I blinked at her, surprised.copyright protection2PENANAUkl6yxXO3u

June turned to the other girls. "So, you want to know what a real spanking is like?" She planted her fists on her hips and fixed them with a look I knew was stern. Despite her small size, June knew how to loom.copyright protection2PENANArnWdjBYmJY

"Um, yes?" Carol said.copyright protection2PENANAe0AInOHF8t

"Affirmative," Sammy said.copyright protection2PENANA63OsanZ8b2

June looked back at me, her eyes bright buut questioning.copyright protection2PENANACCpzQJaO5U

I took a deep breath and swallowed my reservations. "You sure about this?"copyright protection2PENANAMjUn1hbJWk

June nodded.copyright protection2PENANAd3o1vyovHA

"All right."copyright protection2PENANAykcYT3H3RN

June's grin split the tension. "All right, ladies. Here's what I think. I think you two have been awfully naughty. If nothing else, you lead us up here under false pretenses. I think you two need a good, hard, bare-bottomed spanking. Am I right?"copyright protection2PENANAXE6R188dR5

Carol blushed, biting her lower lip, and nodded. Sammy took a deep breath and copied her older sister.copyright protection2PENANAx49V6Euvac

"Good. Now, Sammy, you're smaller, so you're with me. Carol, I think Thom can handle you."copyright protection2PENANA5JwiHplpsd

There was an old wooden bench in the run-down cabin. It was old, but firm and sturdy. I sat at one end, June at the other. While I saw Sammy clamber over June's lap in my periferial, my focuse was on Carol. She looked so mature, so grown up, but the way she bit her lip, the way she'd put her hair in pigtails, the way she hunched her shoulders, she could have been younger than me.copyright protection2PENANAcqRjiTsr6j

I held my hand out to her and she took it. I pulled her to my lap and she went over tentatively. She was taller than June, taller than me, and as she rested her palms flat on the floor, her knees were bent.copyright protection2PENANAwEoFAuk40v

I glanced at June and saw her pull Sammy's skirt up, revealing bright white panties. Biting my tongue, I took hold of Carol's skirt and pulled it up too. Carol's panties were black.copyright protection2PENANAg5eNoWcJmF

"Oh, what are you doing?" Carol said, her voice high and plaintive, like a little girl.copyright protection2PENANAWy6OSoHkPO

"Like June said, you deserve a bare bottom spanking."copyright protection2PENANAEms322yn7y

In short order, I had Carol's panties down, and I couldn't help but notice that her bottom was wider than June's, plumper too. Carol squirmed, and I put my left hand on her waist to hold her firmly.copyright protection2PENANASoE7b24oLq

June started. I knew from experience that she was a firm spanker, but her first swat to Sammy's bare butt was mild. Sammy grunted. It was a good idea to start of gently. If I spanked Carol like I spanked June and she wasn't ready for it, well she'd probably change her mind real quick about being spanked. So, I too spanked Carol mildly, two quick ones, one to either cheek. She squirmed and gasped. Soon, June and I fell into an easy rhythm. I took my cues from her: spanking only as fast and as hard as she did, increasing as she did.copyright protection2PENANA3IZ9wSydcn

But while I kept my pace to June's, I kept my eyes on Carol's naked bottom. She slid from her palms to her elbows, putting her on her tiptoes as her feet kicked involuntarily. Her bottom bounced voluptuously. And I just couldn't help but notice her thick, venusian lips. I'd seen June's, of course, but with Carol, older, mature Carol, it felt a little different.copyright protection2PENANA1RKuVMwt9E

Sammy began crying, and as though it were a cue, Carol followed her lead. I glanced at June who glanced at me. Her expression was hard, focused. She gave me a questioning look and I nodded. I gave Carol three good, hard swats and her cries turned keening. June did the same for Sammy who just cried harder.copyright protection2PENANA222GadIeBu

And then we were done.copyright protection2PENANAEFcDPIvoWI

Carol and Sammy stood and rubbed their bottoms under their skirts in identical fashion. After several moments of soothing their spanked bottoms and stemming their tears, the sisters looked at us. Sammy suddenly hugged June hard, crying into her shoulder. Carol smiled at me and kissed my forehead.copyright protection2PENANALYAwtviZZr

Some time later, we hiked back to the lake. copyright protection2PENANAE1uGHEUqSw

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