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Short Story
Child's Play
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Child's Play
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Remember the Begining
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JjOFJCDVUhDhqRV2Dxjhposted on PENANA

We couldn't stop talking about it. It seemed unreal. Carol and Sammy had taken a huge risk, as had June and I, but a few weeks later, it was almost like it hadn't happened.copyright protection1PENANAGSmVtW0Llw

The summer passed lazily from that point. For my thirteenth birthday, June gave me a new video game and later, when no one was around, a birthday spanking in my birthday suit. June and I entered the seventh grade that fall. With the start of the school year, we again had time after school in which to play our spanking games without fear of discovery.copyright protection1PENANAa5PYKzAovu

It was a Monday in mid September. All through the school day I found myself staring at June instead of paying attention. I'm a good student and normally I can pay attention to the lessons despite June's allure, but on that day there seemed no hope.copyright protection1PENANAF9M60H8Efs

June had begun changing. She'd gone through a growth spurt and though she was still shorter than me, it wasn't by very much anymore. And she'd begun developing mature of anatomical features. I recalled looking as much as I could at Carol a couple of months before and wondered if that's how June would end up looking. By the time lunch rolled around, I was feeling quite... playful.copyright protection1PENANAVVkiQOeQAA

June and I walked to the cafeteria, near the back of the group of students. Suddenly, I felt a light pat to my bottom.copyright protection1PENANAnKFcIqMiOh

"Thom, let's go..." and she nodded her head off to the outside area reserved for the outdoor period after lunch. It wasn't really recess as elementary school had recess, but it was some time to spend releasing energy.copyright protection1PENANANuqzArhJ6w

June and I went that way with a few other students who had brought their own lunch instead of going to the cafeteria.copyright protection1PENANAb2swkikz9U

"Do you remember the first time we ever spanked each other?" June asked.copyright protection1PENANAawEQJngvG4

I smiled. "Yeah, it was at school."copyright protection1PENANANuye39FlTM

June grinned at me. We were standing out in the field away from everyone else. "I was thinking," she said, "since we didn't play yesterday, or the day before... Maybe if we went and found an empty bathroom..."copyright protection1PENANAS4OkB8DVIM

My eyes widened. "You're kidding. We'll get caught."copyright protection1PENANAQSivI2TZxz

"Aw c'mon, Thom," she wheedled. "It'll be exciting. You know you want to."copyright protection1PENANA3l3Cz7MfsF

And that was something I could not deny. I smiled at her. "All right."copyright protection1PENANA1lKQFlYjhH

June and I went back into the building and snuck to the seventh grade wing. We really weren't supposed to be in here at that time because there were no teachers present, there were all watching the students at lunch. We got to the restrooms and a quick discussion took us into the girls' bathroom, as we'd used the boys' the first time.copyright protection1PENANA58zoDiqwhY

Once June had determined the restroom to be empty, we entered and ensconced ourselves in one of the stalls. We'd had grown since our first spanking foray and the little area was rather crowded. I sat down on the stool and June moved to my side, but as she tried to bend over my lap, we found that there simply wasn't enough room for her to do so comfortably.copyright protection1PENANA5lj9YTgK8J

I was about to call the whole thing off when June instead put her hands on the wall and bent at the waist.copyright protection1PENANApa4a0KvZ3M

"You can spank me like this," she said with a smile. I couldn't help but smile in return.copyright protection1PENANAG8VgxyyX5Q

I took hold of June's short and panties by their waistband and pulled them to her knees.copyright protection1PENANAWbbfka9BUh

I didn't spank very hard, we were still at school and I didn't want anyone to heare us. June squirmed and bit her lip. After several swats more, I pulled up her shorts and panties and we switched places.copyright protection1PENANAkksous8Zsb

I bent forward, resting my hands on the wall as June had. June took her time in unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down with my briefs.copyright protection1PENANAM8kHpRgYPm

June swatted me lightly at first, little stinging smacks that quickly got me excited, but she built moment with each spank, getting louder and harder. I squirmed not just fromt the sting, but from the sound. They weren't punishment spanks, but still they were loud.copyright protection1PENANAOLx01Saat5

Finally, I stood and put my hands back to cover my bottom.copyright protection1PENANAsNpVcUolTQ

"June," I hissed, "You'll get us into trouble."copyright protection1PENANAwGZRooJFny

June looked slightly abashed and her cheeks colored in embarrassment.copyright protection1PENANA1ckydmrnxU

I pulled up my briefs and jeans and we were about to exit the stall when the door opened and voices could be heard. Three girls entered the bathroom. June and I froze.copyright protection1PENANAtZITVUNjgG

"They probably snuck away and are kissing," said one girl, Theresa Nelson.copyright protection1PENANA9Mn9EMynrV

The girls giggled.copyright protection1PENANAWs7h1kDtIa

"They're such a cute couple," added Daniel.copyright protection1PENANAoca6551Sph

A couple of the sinks were turned on and the sound of running water filled the room.copyright protection1PENANAzz4WIJJg6a

"Well," said the third girl, Kelly, June's long time friend, "June better show up before lunch is over. She promised to help with my homework."copyright protection1PENANAc3DjkFEX8n

The girls chatted as the dried their hand and left. June and I looked at each other nervously. Then she smiled. "Did you here that Thom?" she whispered, "They think we're a couple."copyright protection1PENANA8wziDEoFwN

I smiled back, "They think we're a cute couple." I laughed quietly, "If only they knew what we're really doing."copyright protection1PENANAX5m225LLmS

June checked to make sure the coast was clear and we made our way back out to the fields which had plenty of kids on them now. Theresa, Daniel and Kelly giggled at us as we made our appearance. June went to help with homework and I went to play soccer with a couple of my buddies, pretending we hadn't noticed them noticing. copyright protection1PENANAWyVzSffwdo

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