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Short Story
Child's Play
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Child's Play
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Forestalled Awakening
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PQh1I8uAfBAAP5nDIRWVposted on PENANA

The week passed with June and I playing after school. They were all play spankings, nothing hard. I was spanked by 'mommy' for getting bad grades and misbehaving and making faces, while June was spanked for much the same by 'daddy'.copyright protection2PENANA1GFAA08kGb

My father went on a business trip on Thursday afternoon and wasn't supposed to be back until Friday evening. June's mother had to work late on Friday evening, therefore, June and I ended up at my hose Friday afternoon. My mother wouldn't be home until around four o'clock.copyright protection2PENANAyw2QxKY2ld

After school, June and I went up to my room on the third floor to drop off our stuff. Then we went back down to the kitchen and made a couple of snacks. After eating, it was time to play.copyright protection2PENANADWOt1c6J43

June took the initiative as she so often did. She took out a deck of cards and began shuffling.copyright protection2PENANAE5JjGkkOE0

"Do you know how to play poker, Thom?"copyright protection2PENANA0cw234N168

I shook my head, "Not really."copyright protection2PENANAfJ44d5hkPm

June taught me the basics of the game and as she did so, I got kinda fidgety. This isn't the sort of game I'd had in mind for the afternoon. Once I knew the hierarchy of the hands, June introduced the twist.copyright protection2PENANAnur7O8r8X6

"Now... we're gonna play a little known version. First, who ever loses a hand, has to take off one piece of clothing," June started. "If someone loses two hands in a row, they get two spanks as well as having to remove another piece. For every hand in a row they lose after that, they get a cumulative two spanks. So if you were to lose four hands in a row, your second would get you two spanks, the third would get you four spanks, and the fourth would mean six spanks. Understand?"copyright protection2PENANA8XjF0mJNoP

I nodded. I should have known she was leading us to a spanking game.copyright protection2PENANAWEz0JN607V

We took off our shoes and sat at the coffee table. June shuffled the cards and dealt out five. "One more thing, and it's most important part." June grinned. "Whoever ends up without any clothes, gets a real spanking from the winner."copyright protection2PENANAnuqOCeX4mU

The first hand I lost and removed my right sock. The second hand, I had two aces, but June managed a full house. I took off my other sock and bent over, allowing June to land two smacks to my jean clad bottom. She didn't hold back and the spanks stung despite the denim.copyright protection2PENANAauRtaRQUFe

The third hand I knew I was gonna lose from the start. I had a seven high and managed to scrape a pair of threes together after discarding. June held two kings. I took off my shirt and again bent over. June smacked me four times. She giggled and I shot her a mock scowl. I shivered sitting there shirtless as June dealt out another hand. Predictably, I lost again. Peripherally I wondered where June had gotten so good at poker. My jeans came off and, standing in only my underwear, I received six solid swats. My butt stung and my groing stirredcopyright protection2PENANAJBTjCC6IDe

It was only the fifth hand and already I had almost lost completely. I looked at my cards and almost smiled. I was holding two Kings and three Jacks. A high full house. June raised an eyebrow when I didn't discard any and took three herself. My grin split my face as I showed my hand.copyright protection2PENANAE0I4PliMpE

"Looks like I finally win one," I declared.copyright protection2PENANAHz9y3jqUd6

June just shook her head and smiled. She turned her cards over one by one. A three of clubs, a four of clubs, a five of clubs and six of clubs and a seven of clubs. Straight flush. I'd lost again. I sighed and grumbled about stacked decks. I didn't know how, but I was sure June was cheating.copyright protection2PENANA8XH2hjEn1h

Ever since spanking Carol, since seeing her naked labia, I'd become more self-conscious about being naked around June. We'd spanked each other bare in the bathroom; she'd seen me and I'd seen her. We'd spanked each other since then, sometimes bare. Even so, as I slipped my underwear off, I blushed. It felt different now. More.copyright protection2PENANABGikK7G2U5

June patted her lap, grinning at me. I bent over quickly before my groin could harden fully.copyright protection2PENANAHBFQaIaACo

"It's dangerous to gamble, Thom," she told me and she rubbed my naked bottom. "Though winning does have its rewards."copyright protection2PENANAGLloNDHs0J

It wasn't quite a play spanking, but neither was it punishment. I tensed my legs, and balled my fists and squeezed my eyes shut tight. It wasn't a long spanking, but by the time June let me up, I was breathing hard.copyright protection2PENANAJCp2Xa9Ed4

I stood, rubbing my spanked bottom and breathing through my teeth. When I opened my eyes, June was staring at me. Specifically at my erection. I blushed and got dressed hurridly.copyright protection2PENANAJUFoKP7UqK

June handed me the deck.copyright protection2PENANAi7wEvjhdLi

"You're turn to deal."copyright protection2PENANAWvVmyTxIxK

I glanced at the clock. It was only three fifteen. Plenty of time before mom would be home.copyright protection2PENANAMgErFphNkH

Strangely enough, I won the first two hands, depriving June of her socks and allowing me to deliver a sharp two spanks to her jean shorts. I considered spanking her thighs, but decided that'd be unfair.copyright protection2PENANAxDP3hknzy9

June won the third hand and I lost a sock, but I won the fourth. June looked to be thinking for a moment, then took off her shirt. I stared in surprise, June was wearing a bra. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment, but she sat there calmly.copyright protection2PENANARvFNSdHpVe

"Aren't you going to deal, Thom?"copyright protection2PENANA9HvO9bdqYx

I nodded, and didn't say anything about the bra. The next two hands went to June, so I removed my other sock then my shirt and I stood up to receive my two swats for losing two hands in a row. Then I lost again. I slipped off my pants.copyright protection2PENANA8vaXzsiW1Q

That's when it happened.copyright protection2PENANA5TlKHdYoDT

I was bending over, my hands resting on the arm of the couch, shirtless. June was standing in her shorts and bra. The first smack was delivered, and as the second arrived, the door opened.copyright protection2PENANACMA8BKjOai

June and I whirled around to see her mother and mine standing in the doorway eyes wide, mouths agape.copyright protection2PENANAmjNxhnZzj1

"What is this?!" my mother exploded.copyright protection2PENANAqpVMaC081D

"What are you doing here?" June blurted. I cringed.copyright protection2PENANA2EqDM1n6Qy

They came into the room, noting the discarded clothing and the playing cards on the coffee table.copyright protection2PENANAocRbJ8zJIT

"Get dressed," my mother snapped.copyright protection2PENANAL9iGVtjWCk

June and I quickly got into our clothes.copyright protection2PENANAzEY0hK2FQS

"You think spanking is a game?" my mother demanded. I'd hoped that perhaps she'd missed the part where June smacked my butt, but unfortunately I'd been wrong. Neither of us replied.copyright protection2PENANAde44qOd0yW

My mother looked at Mrs. Mason.copyright protection2PENANATj5bZ1FiXh

"We need to have a talk," Mrs. Mason said. My mother nodded.copyright protection2PENANACxWBydlASc

"Both of you, upstairs. Now."copyright protection2PENANAs6rxbSmoSU

June and I hurried up the stairs. We sat on my bed.copyright protection2PENANAlLeqXdsCwq

"I'm sorry, Thom," June whispered.copyright protection2PENANAU9XQKw466X

"What for?" I whispered back.copyright protection2PENANAiy3J6eBsDt

"It's my fault," she began crying, and I rubbed her back soothingly.copyright protection2PENANAnYfBpcORPl

"No June, this isn't your fault. We always knew we might be caught. We've been lucky."copyright protection2PENANAhJvfAfLElR

June took several deep breaths and stopped crying. It didn't occur to me until later that what my mother might have meant was that I was to go to my room and June to the guest room she used when staying the night.copyright protection2PENANACEqGnwUZZy

About twenty minutes later, mom and Mrs. Mason came up in. June grabbed my hand.copyright protection2PENANAtmwIXWVMOK

My mother spoke gently but firmly. "Kids, we understand you're getting to that age where you're curious about each... other. And you've been friends for a long time now. But... but you're too young. It's not appropriate. And, well, we've decided that we can't let this go by unpunished."copyright protection2PENANA75uDl5S7Ke

My mother looked at Mrs. Mason.copyright protection2PENANAZmSq2gXXgW

"For playing... playing naughty games, you'll each be grounded for the weekend. For spanking... that is... to teach you that spanking isn't a game, you will each get a real spanking right now."copyright protection2PENANAvJj2sgYo3M

June squeezed my hand.copyright protection2PENANA8bSDOeIGlt

My mother sat on my chair and held her hand out to me.copyright protection2PENANAUlPNLS3IPk

"Come here, Thomas," she said sharply. I hopped up and did as I was told. I gasped as my mother grabbed my wriste and pulled me down over her lap. She pulled my jeans down and my briefs soon followed.copyright protection2PENANAFl3YnwemUh

I was shocked by the first spank. It wasn't mine. I turned my head to see that Mrs. Mason was sitting on my bed, June over her lap, bottom bare and pinkining. June squeaked.copyright protection2PENANA83s1HgfpXB

Then my spanking started.copyright protection2PENANATSWIGIAKqq

The sounds of hands smacking bottoms filled the room and I quickly lost count. June yelped and cried. She sounded hurt and scared and I couldn't help but cry in sympathy. It wasn't the hardest spanking I'd ever had, in fact it fell far short, but in a way it hurt more.copyright protection2PENANA45L739Eivy

When it was done, mom pulled me to my feet. June's mom pulled her from the room before I could say goodbye. Mom grabbed me by the arms, just above my elbows.copyright protection2PENANAAEC3FjkVJh

"You're not ready for this. Understand?"copyright protection2PENANAxCaukQcVAD

I sniffled and blinked away tears.copyright protection2PENANAmFJ7MNhr5M

"She shouldn't be hitting you, Thomas, and you shouldn't be hitting her. Understand?"copyright protection2PENANAZGrBJ6V32E

I nodded.copyright protection2PENANAlAgw5BniwY

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