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Short Story
Child's Play
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Child's Play
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An Awkward Conversation
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pgN2sCBbmQ23XRTfDkw8posted on PENANA

For the next three weeks, I saw little of June. She didn't sit next to me on the bus and avoided me at school. We were no longer allowed to stay at each other's house without supervision so there was no time after school either. The gossip around school was that the cutest couple in the seventh grade had broken up. I was in a perpetual funk, but tried to hide it. I put on a smiling face to my parents, friends, and teachers.copyright protection1PENANAJHwSdnhu5D

It was mid October, with the sky grey more often than blue and the leaves orange and red and brown. My parents planned to go out this particular Friday evening. Normally, that would mean I was spending the evening with June, but not this time.copyright protection1PENANAqvUexnR9yd

"We think you need some time apart," my father had told me.copyright protection1PENANA0BhXsad5vJ

I didn't tell him that we barely spoke to each other anymore.copyright protection1PENANAeeqK6D8o8d

The evening was too cool to be outside comfortably, so I was sitting in my room, doing homework when my mother knocked on the doorframe. "Thom, you're babysitter's here," she told me.copyright protection1PENANA1zIWNgjEqR

I looked up, surprised. I hadn't really thought about having a sitter. I was thirteen after all. But there was no use arguing and it didn't really matter to me anyway. I nodded and went downstairs with her.copyright protection1PENANASqs9nVjB1O

"Honey, I know you wanted to go to June's this evening, but your father and I..." she paused.copyright protection1PENANAkf3K0ao9zw

"I understand mom. It's okay." Apparently, I hadn't hidden my mood so well after all, but she dropped it. It was for the best, I figured. She wouldn't understand my and June's mutual fascination with spanking and being spanked. It just wouldn't happen.copyright protection1PENANAnA55xTmQyM

In the living room, dad spoke with a teenaged girl. She was tall and dark with widly curly hair. She was dressed in jeans and a pink sweater.copyright protection1PENANAIqcbAA6Tb8

She looked at me as I came down the staris, and her eyes widened a bit in surprise, but she smiled at me and waved.copyright protection1PENANAIvoMgpXEyw

"I'm Margot."copyright protection1PENANAaV7f1E9nvH

"Thom."copyright protection1PENANAad7npHXwB9

Mom and dad were on their way, and I showed Margot to the living room and the kitchen. I got us out a couple of sodas even as the doorbell rang, heralding the pizza my parents had ordered us.copyright protection1PENANAEkF37Vs5z1

"We've got one veggie and one pepporini," I said.copyright protection1PENANABJWJZYo8mT

"Excellent," said Margot.copyright protection1PENANAQw7YTwFR3h

With pizza and sodas, we went to the living room. All I really wanted to do was go to my room and sulk, but that'd be rude and I'm sure Margot would have told my parents and then I'd have had to come up with an explaination. So, instead, I asked Margot what she wanted to watch. We found a movie I'd never heard of and made small talk for a while.copyright protection1PENANA0ICFLKBePa

"So, Thom. How old are you?"copyright protection1PENANAfqUcaUay3x

I set down my soda. "Thirteen."copyright protection1PENANAsT3ARX6xOa

"Ah. It's just... I thought you'd be ten or so. Isn't thirteen a little old to need a babysitter?"copyright protection1PENANAPPSrvDb6R0

I nodded.copyright protection1PENANAh7rcjB6ua9

"So..."copyright protection1PENANA1C25cU3jrS

On the one hand, it was none of her business. On the other, I needed to talk to someone and I was probably never going to see Margot again, so I figured, what the heck?copyright protection1PENANAtgHlIdZUkR

"I got into some trouble a little while ago. My parents are just being cautious."copyright protection1PENANAVCYmOiYUM8

"What kind of trouble?" She grinned at me.copyright protection1PENANA4OK7UX1Xgt

Despite myself, I grinned back.copyright protection1PENANAPJKx5tK5n5

"My girlfriend and I got caught playing strip poker. She was spanking me when our moms walked in."copyright protection1PENANAWiHVFvdEq0

I knew a modicum of satisfaction as Margot's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. I sipped at my soda.copyright protection1PENANAMvPxCJuEGL

Margot pushed my shoulder. "You're lying."copyright protection1PENANA7vvS2AlNGJ

I shrugged. "You don't have to believe me."copyright protection1PENANASC1zxH5Lmw

"You mean you're serious?"copyright protection1PENANAL81AGEkbi0

"Why would I lie to you?"copyright protection1PENANAWqvriy2ElI

"Well... but why was she spanking you?"copyright protection1PENANAndlpNT7TEt

"Because that was the game. We like spanking each other."copyright protection1PENANAqqCr1i5lto

Being honest about my interest in spanking, about my games with June, was terrifying and freeing, wonderful and horrible. I never really wanted to share my fascination with anyone other than June, but I also feared the secret. Telling Margot lifted a weight from my chest.copyright protection1PENANAlqPRS7pUML

Margot whistled. "You're a little young to be kinky, Thommy."copyright protection1PENANAD9YYyMRFGw

"So, I'm too old for a babysitter, but too young to be kinky?"copyright protection1PENANA86WKxY3Djx

Margot blushed and looked away. She focused on a slice of peperonni pizza. She finished her root beer. I ate the crust of my pizza.copyright protection1PENANA2FXRxQZWLL

"I'm just... surprised. How did this start?"copyright protection1PENANAHoUGnttf89

So I told her about meeting June in the fifth grade and our first little adventure. "And it just sort of grew from there. We started spanking each other harder, we bought each other paddles, we've even met a few others who joined our games for a while."copyright protection1PENANAMhfJ2NH5q1

"Did you ever... you know... do it?"copyright protection1PENANACtGAkdqjab

I blushed and shook my head. "I don't think... I mean... I kind of want to, but..."copyright protection1PENANA4SAZzYs2dB

She nodded. "I know what you mean."copyright protection1PENANAb0SrJUeq0F

That surprised me. "You haven't..."copyright protection1PENANArD88dtmEMx

It was her turn to blush. "I know a lot of my friends have, but I'm just not really interested in guys and the thought of letting one..."copyright protection1PENANAQRprQZpi1D

"So, does that mean you're..."copyright protection1PENANATdDMEnHTNH

Margot looked at me sharply. "What?"copyright protection1PENANAyfkHoyaKdX

"You said you're not interested in guys. Are you interested in girls?"copyright protection1PENANAi4OIvEHVXI

She crossed her arms. "That's none of your business."copyright protection1PENANAzRWdDAAluo

"All right."copyright protection1PENANA22DnK2WUNa

We ate pizza and watched the movie for a while. When our sodas were empty, I took our glasses into the kitchen and refilled them with ice before grabbing another couple root beers. When I returned to the living room, Margot was looking at me, thoughtfully.copyright protection1PENANAR5fGNKluGi

"You know, Thommy, you're a lot more mature than guys my age."copyright protection1PENANAdga9tOJ39e

"How so?"copyright protection1PENANArch5A17xWU

"They're all about bragging and showing off. But you, you don't have to show off. You're just... confident, I guess."copyright protection1PENANAHOZWuNHPho

I didn't feel confident.copyright protection1PENANA8uEiD76nbg

"And to answer your other question, yeah. I like girls. But I still haven't... you know."copyright protection1PENANABDsSI2UQAQ

"Do you have a crush?"copyright protection1PENANAKhEKe9xWZP

She blushed and swatted at me with a pillow. But her swat went wide and struck our glasses of ice and soda which drenched the coffee table, the pizza and us. We looked at each other, wide-eyed. Then I laughed and Margot joined me and we spent several minutes sopping up the mess with towels and dishrags. The pizza was done for, so we threw it away. Then I hauled the towles to the laundry room. Margot followed me.copyright protection1PENANAl7jZpX7wli

"I'm really sorry, Thom."copyright protection1PENANAMWVfPEiKuS

I shrugged "Don't worry about it. It was an accident."copyright protection1PENANABf9fZopxlo

"I guess you'll want to spank me now?" she giggled.copyright protection1PENANAmGvGFVDNsY

I blushed and nodded. I really did want to spank her. I wanted to unbutton her jeans and pull them to her knees, to bend her over my lap and pull down her panties, to smack her bottom until... I cleared my throat and tossed the towels in the washer, then peeled off my soda-soaked t-shirt and tossed it in.copyright protection1PENANA5eV1tLFMwa

"I don't suppose you've got a shirt I can borrow?" Margot asked. "Mine's soaked too."copyright protection1PENANAE7pOnpcMWx

"Sure. You want to put yours in the laundry while I run upstairs?"copyright protection1PENANAbjeGZTCDG4

"Thanks, Thom."copyright protection1PENANACMjyNNktzQ

And as I left the laundry room, before I could think better of it, I smacked Margot's backside. Her jeans were tight, but I knew my little swat couldn't have done more than sting a moment. Margot jumped and yelped.copyright protection1PENANAEdX31kse7p

I sprinted up staris.copyright protection1PENANALiJZZITBmA

It didn't take long to find a couple of large shirts and hurry back down where Margot met me in the living room. She was bare from the waist up but for a bra that matched her dark skin.copyright protection1PENANAGZnZxbMSEl

I admit it. I stared. But just for a moment before I tossed her a shirt.copyright protection1PENANAIizGmA1PO8

"Thanks," she said.copyright protection1PENANAeArXAqGu23

"Sure."copyright protection1PENANA4I2sHADush

I'd gotten her a plain black t-shirt that was oversized on me and fit her like a poncho. She pulled it over her head and shook out her wildly curly hair.copyright protection1PENANAQaApRX0SMP

"Well," I said, my heart thudding, "What now?"copyright protection1PENANA11psZ0TGuV

She put her fists on her hips. "I'm not your girlfriend, Thommy."copyright protection1PENANAJzEL1mmEQO

I bit my tongue and nodded. "I know. I thought you said..."copyright protection1PENANAWHZx7Qu7Jg

Margot shook her head, her hair bouncing. "I guess I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry Thom, that wasn't an invitation."copyright protection1PENANAWKhldhm7XQ

I could have kicked myself. She'd been kidding. Of course she had.copyright protection1PENANA2GqHsr3O6U

"I'm sorry. I should have realized."copyright protection1PENANAD2BCzIt3Qc

"No, it's all right. You didn't mean any harm, and I should have teased you after what you shared with me. I promise it won't happen again."copyright protection1PENANAkMXC8aTuhQ

"Me too."copyright protection1PENANAlkxL20c5Pi

We went back to the living room and watched the end of the movie. Margot told me what it was like being a sophomore in high school. When the washer was done, we put Margot's shirt in the dryer by itself so it'd be dry by the time my parents returned.copyright protection1PENANA0slC5UlyYb

While we flipped through channels, looking for something to watch, I said, "Are you going to tell my parents?"copyright protection1PENANAKiYIU6SNBa

Margot shook her head. "So long as you don't tell them I made a mess of your living room. I don't need to go home and get a real spanking from my momma."copyright protection1PENANAEXvbIycVD1

I smiled. "Your mom still spanks you?"copyright protection1PENANAeEtzgyuB6t

She pushed me by my shoulder. "Mind your own business, Thommy."copyright protection1PENANANRMLzGSsuu

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