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Short Story
Royal Treatment
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Royal Treatment
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The Princess and the Elf
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8kRgwkBuMggo1xjeryo6posted on PENANA

Princess Bellasandra was having a bad day. Not only was she not in her palace with her clothes and shoes and servants, but she was bouncing along in carriage that was hardly opulent enough and nowhere near comfortable enough. Her mother, the Queen, had insisted she tour the Kingdom. Bellasandra did not approve, so the tours had been relegated to trips between the palace and an outlying country home. The Queen did insist, however, that Bellasandra stop in towns along the way to 'speak with the common folk'.copyright protection5PENANAdz4iz9f8Gc

Bellasandra still did not approve.copyright protection5PENANAmOxd43yGyk

At least I'm dressed appropriately, she thought grumpily. Her yellow gown was curve-hugging and had deep red trim around the hem and cuffs and under the breasts. It had gotten a bit dusty on the trip, which was disappointing. The gown wasn't all that had gotten dusty. Bellasandra's dark brown hair had been done up in a complicated, dainty braid held in place with an elegant jeweled headdress. Narya, Bellasandra's chief guard, had helped her with the braid and she had done it up a bit tight; it was giving the princess a headache.copyright protection5PENANAWPJXm3cNBB

With a thoroughly disgusted sigh, the princess stared out the window. She would be happy to see home, where she could have a bath and a change of clothes and dinner brought to her by proper servants.copyright protection5PENANAUPaZ7K8nSO

They were approaching the last town before the country estate. A dark pine forest to their right supplied the timber that financed the existence of the small town. The thatched roofs of the small houses, brick chimneys curling smoke in the early autumn day, set a cozy atmosphere Bellasandra couldn't appreciate. copyright protection5PENANAAfD7sIb1oK

Instead, the haughty princess spied a girl walking along the road ahead. copyright protection5PENANAllz4jW7wKJ

Of medium height and slender build, the girl had long blonde hair that  swept back from her face. Piercing green eyes in a pleasant face stared openly at the princesses' entourage. She was clad in a green tunic cut low to accentuate her curves and a green skirt that stopped at mid thigh; soft brown boots clad the girl's legs to just below the hem of the skirt leaving only the hint of pale skin between. copyright protection5PENANA7EziEH2N4V

Irritated disapproval with the dirt and the carriage and the headache turned to rage when the princess realized the girl in green not only hadn't lowered her eyes in respect, but she might be prettier. Nothing made the princess angrier than a girl prettier than her. copyright protection5PENANABFafNDYZEn

With a sharp command, Princess Bellasandra stopped the carriage next to the other girl, just at the edge of town. With all the royal authority of an angry teenager, she stepped down from the carriage to face green-clad girl.copyright protection5PENANAJ0Ij41fcyZ

"How dare you!" Princess Bellasandra shrieked.copyright protection5PENANAWFEvYjc16h

"Excuse me?" the girl replied.copyright protection5PENANAWIW7XKKWJp

"How a dare you stand, looking me in the eye? Bow your head and clear my road lest you incur my ire!"copyright protection5PENANAjsp1Mu31HB

The blonde girl looked around, confused, uncertain how she had upset this supercilious little vixen. There were few others about, only townsfolk who  hurried away and one old man who cowered in his booth, unwilling to leave his wares but not wanting to attract attention by closing up shop.copyright protection5PENANA1EhG9fZmh6

During the angry exchange, the princess's entourage, including Narya, dismounted and approached. Narya was in charge of the princess's safety and though she didn't think the girl in green meant to harm Bellasandra, it would be a dereliction of duty not to attend her charge. For that matter it would be a dereliction of duty not to help the princess when she was about ot make a mistake so, despite the futility, Narya spoke up. copyright protection5PENANAEdOAkMl5I4

"Your highness, this girl is not of our kingship, she is not educated of our ways," Narya said. copyright protection5PENANAv1xV3jp7k7

"Nonsense! Our kingdom stretches across all the lands! This girl refuses to show respect! Our rule is absolute! There is no reason this... this commoner should not clear the road!"copyright protection5PENANAJmL02Vg2ix

"Your Highness, she is an elf..." copyright protection5PENANA8WLWx6JSbr

"A what?" she asked as if an 'elf' were a sort of goopy disease.copyright protection5PENANAWHttCwM2E7

"An elf. This girl is governed by laws and protected by treaty."copyright protection5PENANAantVowREz9

Bellasandra looked over the elf girl and had to admit she'd not noticed the long, pointed ears jutting ridiculously from the side of the girl's head. "I see," she said softly. "What is your name, elf?"copyright protection5PENANAcI6XFD3ovf

"Kayla..." the elf replied. Princess Bellasandra detected a distinct note of disdain from the creature. copyright protection5PENANAPsXjWzQICu

"And where do you come from?"copyright protection5PENANAQMRkIfRAUq

"As your adviser has said, I come from another land." copyright protection5PENANAJ69P4Ot8cZ

"That's not what I asked you," the princess said. "From where in this land do you hail?"copyright protection5PENANAo2rlmnVc6x

Kayla narrowed her eyes. She felt certain this girl, this princess, was planning something with her line of questioning, but she couldn't figure out what. I come from the forest east of here, I came to buy gifts for my people."copyright protection5PENANAGXkyh2O9CJ

"And a forest so close to the east is not under my authority?"copyright protection5PENANAAmQJcUxF2K

"Ah... well... no, it's not. The forest is under the protection of Willowisp, a guardian spirit."copyright protection5PENANAEqN6M9uHlA

"So then..." the princess drew closer, folding her arms across her chest. "That makes you a trespasser."copyright protection5PENANAf2yzBPCqZf

"I don't think..."copyright protection5PENANA9zCZiOUQuX

"Seize her!" The guards didn't hesitate. Two of the yellow-garbed soldiers grabbed each of Kayla's arms securing them behind her back. The third drew her sword and pointed it in Kayla's direction. copyright protection5PENANAB9nofaxJRT

"What are you doing?" Kayla shrieked.copyright protection5PENANAk6WSGyIiYH

"Your highness there is no cause for this!" Narya interjected. The guards were ostensibly under her command, but if the princess gave a direct order they were obliged to obey. She caught the gaze of Bridget, the woman who had drawn her sword. Bridget gave a small shrug and an eye roll. They'd both been subject to the princess's whims before and knew the little tyrant rarely passed up an opportunity to indulge. copyright protection5PENANAy8ga7yY2pt

"There is more than sufficient cause, you dolt!" the princess replied. "I have captured a spy!"copyright protection5PENANAZ0CnpRxXAo

"That is nonsense!" the elf screeched, unable to free herself from the burly guards' grip.copyright protection5PENANARUvNNbmvuk

"You, peasant!" the princess pointed to the man who cowered in his stall, watching the unfolding drama. He jumped and squeaked when the princess addressed him. "Where are your stocks?"copyright protection5PENANAc2tscA1bDq

"The city stocks?" he replied.copyright protection5PENANAECrgZQ7wNI

"Yes, idiot. I have ordered stocks built in every town and village. This little backwater does have stocks doesn't it? Or do taxes need to be raised so as to install them?"copyright protection5PENANAVEDqsqCOV6

"N-No your highness! They are in the town square..."copyright protection5PENANA978CAldBwQ

"Lead the way, old man!" the princess's voice rang out like a bell. copyright protection5PENANA2asuqslyY9

The shopkeeper led the princess, her guards, and the squirming elf down the main street of their little town to an open square in the middle where a wooden stocks had been set up.  copyright protection5PENANAhTNUkglW5h

"Now, go tell your neighbors, peasant. I want an audience for what comes next." copyright protection5PENANA3epcRZx5B3

The old man scurried away. copyright protection5PENANAVEdo8EQtdP

"What are you going to do to me?"copyright protection5PENANACuJqp3HL0M

Princess Bellasandra ignored the elf, gesturing at the stocks. Bridget and the others dragged the struggling waif of an elf to the wooden stocks. copyright protection5PENANA241rgTrNY3

Narya drew close to the princess. "Your highness... is this wise?"copyright protection5PENANAQUH4jQJakW

"You know I don't like being questioned, Narya."copyright protection5PENANAZXrInRM5CN

"I am well aware, but this girl is an elf. We have no authority over elves. You might be creating  a problem bigger than you know."copyright protection5PENANARERT68MyVL

"What could a bunch of tree-hugging, pointy-eared elves do to take revenge on our mighty kingdom hmm? Not a bloody thing, now fulfill your role or I shall have you join her!"copyright protection5PENANABMFjRY9A9t

Narya kept her expression closed. "Yes, milady."copyright protection5PENANAx8qYROQDUs

Stocks are a simple device. A horizontal, wooden beam is set upon a pair of sturdy legs. The horizontal beam has three holes carved out; a large one in the center for a neck, and two smaller for wrists. The beam is split in half, the prisoner is placed in the bottom half of the carved out circles, and the tops half is replaced to shackle her. copyright protection5PENANArL7jFersMn

Kayla's stomach tightened as she was dragged to the stocks. She squirmed and fought, but the humans were far stronger than her. "What are you doing? Let me go!" Forcibly her head was pushed into the center hole with her leather wrapped wrists forced into the smaller ones. The top half of the stocks was put in place and a padlock on the side locked her in. Breathing hard and trying to keep from total panic, Kayla tested the strength of the device and found it sturdy. copyright protection5PENANAdoaTH1RQC1

The town square quickly filled up with folk, called out by the old man, word of mouth, and burly guards. The milling hubbub made Kayla all the more nervous and sick to her stomach. She didn't know what was about to happen, but to be so publicly humiliated and who knew what else mad her shiver with fear and burn with embarrassment. Even now she could imagine those gathered behind her were leering at her backside, sheathed in a skirt that was riding up. copyright protection5PENANAk99K80zYEt

"Commoners of this province, look before you and see a trespasser on my land! This brazen and disrespectful elf not only pays no heeds to the presence of the royal family, but also encroaches upon my territory! Let this be known and shown as an example, whether you be man, woman, child, or... freak, misdeeds shall not go unpunished!"copyright protection5PENANAr6fypVMQnz

The crowd hushed with anticipation. copyright protection5PENANAdAXntEplu1

"Get on with it Narya," Bellasandra commanded in an undertone.copyright protection5PENANAmObwzkx9jb

Narya walking around behind the captive girl in green. She took the elf's waist in her left hand and pulled her snug to her hip. Though the elven girl held herself up admirably, Narya had enough experience to know she wouldn't be able to for long. Gently she put one her right hand on the elf's bottom. The elf's skirt was made of the softest material Narya had ever felt.  copyright protection5PENANADKiTiHO5xb

"I'm sorry."copyright protection5PENANAELMB9gfyCK

"W-What are you going to do?"copyright protection5PENANAzZzLv952io

The captain raised her broad hand high. copyright protection5PENANAeW8wPrdDwL

Kayla's eyes went wide and her breath caught. Though she couldn't twist to see what was coming, she felt the large human woman's movement, felt the grip on her waist increase, and knew what came next. copyright protection5PENANAPbxBMGS2eu

Kayla squealed as she was struck. She was filled with heat of fury and shame.  copyright protection5PENANAMOtmzYvF1O

Narya's hand rose again and delivered another powerful spank. copyright protection5PENANA3gKcNzE1db

Kayla gasped. "This can't be happe--Augh!" Another smack stole her objection and left her breathless.copyright protection5PENANAM2mjD90vbe

"Oh but it is, little elf girl." copyright protection5PENANA0Y3tkDsQiu

Kayla blinked and found the obnoxious tyrant was kneeling in front of her, grinning from ear to ear. copyright protection5PENANAEmKpzyZdzc

"Perhaps a sound spanking will teach you to show proper respect to your princess."copyright protection5PENANAomeLFSUFo6

Even as she was spanked again, Kayla grit her teeth and resolved to remain silent for the rest of this painful humiliation, to look forward to when it was over and she could escape. copyright protection5PENANAUp4XSpAlgT

"Give the people a good show, dearie." The princess patted Kayla's face gently and stood to walk around behind her. copyright protection5PENANAPUfAkO8j1H

Slaps continued to rain upon Kayla's posterior and she could do nothing but accept, letting the sting grow more and more fierce. From the left cheek to the right cheek, Kayla could do little more than wiggle and not even much of that.copyright protection5PENANAwq3LbJD6p2

Trying with all her might to fend off the tears, to keep from crying out, Kayla could feel her resolve dwindling. With each spank, each hefty blow, her body was shaken and her spirit diminished. copyright protection5PENANAcjrhhkHSFX

Bellasandra stood several paces behind Kayla, at an angle, arms crossed and cheeks hot with the thrill of authority. She enjoyed the bounce of the elf-girl's bottom, the wiggle of her hips, the strength of Narya's as she held the prisoner by the waist with one  hand and smacked her bottom with the other. She enjoyed the way the elf's skirt flared with each spank, with each wiggle, and her eye caught a flash of... something blue.copyright protection5PENANALvR05cPewR

The princess watched carefully for three consecutive spanks before she said, "Narya, stop a moment."copyright protection5PENANAV2hZNtJrA8

"Princess?" Narya was unused to being stopped so early, but did as she was told. She still held tight to the elf's waist, not wanting to let her fall as others had before. copyright protection5PENANAuMsV4JgLBW

"Lift her skirt."copyright protection5PENANAInrAnxMcLi

Narya did as ordered, grabbing the hem and resting it on the elf's back, revealing a beautiful pair of silken, blue lace panties. Kayla's hand twitched as she instinctively tried to reach back and protect her modesty. The rude wooden stocks held her tight. copyright protection5PENANA3HklG8Ppzp

When the spanking stopped, Kayla thought the worst was over. When the brutish woman pulled her skirt up, an involuntary sob escaped her and she squeezed her eyes and teeth hard together to prevent any further, even as tears streamed down her cheeks. copyright protection5PENANAy3b0ZfKg1m

"Well aren't these dainty." The princess traced one lace cuff with her finger, her smooth finger on the elf's hot bottom thrilling her, pushing her heart rate and flushing her cheeks. "These almost look good enough to be something I would wear." Then she placed her palm on Kayla's backside and squeezed harshly pulling a whimper from her captive. "Soft too, don't you think so Narya?"copyright protection5PENANAcJJEj6b6jW

Narya stood, impassive.copyright protection5PENANAonDJIkRxKr

"Feel them," demanded the princess. "Now."copyright protection5PENANAWiv8iuo2Lp

Mechanically Narya did so, placing her large palm on the silken material, she rubbed gently, getting a feel for the material. They were, in fact, nice panties. Narya tried not to dwell on the fact. copyright protection5PENANAoX87BseMyx

The princess gave Kayla's bottom a firm pat. "Continue, Narya!" copyright protection5PENANAJXUnHDHzar

Kayla's head shot up as far as the stocks would allow. The gathered townsfolk murmured and whispered, inaudible clamoring that filled the square until the crack of palm on bottom cut over it and Kayla grunted, a high-pitched concession to the pain. copyright protection5PENANA07Jvf20E4L

Kayla couldn't keep in her grunts and moans and further. She could barely even want to as her resolve was worn away. At least, she told herself, she hadn't broken yet. Not entirely. copyright protection5PENANA3tIcAkFO7e

Narya could tell the elf was struggling to maintain her dignity, but she knew if she let up, if the princess even suspected she was going easy, she would find herself in the stocks of the palace, a great leather strap applied to her bare backside. It had happened before and Narya wasn't about to let it happen again. copyright protection5PENANAmQbgeSTVr4

Kayla retreated into her mind. Just take it, just take it, you'll get though this if you can just... take... it... You're a rock in a river. You are buffeted by the stream, worn smooth. The river cannot break you, it can only... it can only... it can only spank your bottom in front of a crowd of leering townsfolk... You can take...copyright protection5PENANAnsb7Xr9Y5d

"Pull them," Princess Bellasandra ordered.copyright protection5PENANAJ9HslhN16U

Kayla was startled from her retreat. copyright protection5PENANAfsLqJZjDVL

Narya put her fingers to the waistband of Kayla's elegant panties, and pulled firmly, forcing the material between the elf's cheeks, exposing more backside.copyright protection5PENANAIjdUqblzar

Kayla couldn't help it. She cried out. Her wail sang over the crowd and through the square and when she had no more voice for it, Kayla broke into uncontrolled sobbing. The townsfolk were stunned to silence.  copyright protection5PENANANUAunWMaXS

Princess Bellasandra, however, cackled. "Poor baby can't take it?" the princess cried out over the silence. When she got no response, she marched to the elf, grabbed one of her elongated ears, and drew in close. "This is what happens to naughty little girls who disobey their princess, you see? They get their bare bottoms spanked like the bad girls they are. Don't you think you deserve this?"copyright protection5PENANA5clRD5QWIM

There was no answer, but that was fine with her, she knew she had won, the elf's broken sobs made her victory clear to all. The princess released the elf and walked back around to her vantage point. The elf's bottom was a deep, mottled red. copyright protection5PENANAIr5Wlv7G5i

Finally, the princess signaled to Narya. copyright protection5PENANA8TcInzEaKC

Kayla gasped through her sobs and wails and tears but shuddered when she felt the princess's hand upon her beaten backside.copyright protection5PENANA2POoGrtxoc

"Not bad, Narya..." and with a sadistic smirk, the Princess hooked her fingers into the waistband of Narya's blue panties, and pulled them down to Kayla's thighs, completely exposing the deep red cheeks.copyright protection5PENANAj6Dp2ZUaF0

Then Bellasandra's own hand came down dead center of the fully exposed bottom. The elf wailed as the princess gleefully spanked away at the already beaten bottom, and though she was nowhere near Narya's strength, the indignation more than made up for it. copyright protection5PENANAsNTEwhebrY

All in the square were subject to the princess's wrathful mercy. copyright protection5PENANANuNBSu3m1s

It didn't take long for Princess Bellasandra to work up a sweat. When she was breathing hard, she took a step back, smile wide, vindictiveness sated. copyright protection5PENANAylzcKCbFNR

"Come Narya."copyright protection5PENANAGfFzUbR9mi

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