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Short Story
Royal Treatment
Writer Lawrence Kinden
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Royal Treatment
A - A - A
The Druid and the Human
Lawrence Kinden
Sep 15, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9vRVciKDYwNBkMUe338Bposted on PENANA

No one dared make a move to help the poor girl until the princess was far out of eyesight and earshot... although each one of them had an awkward time trying to figure out how to approach and console her... half of them were still enamored with her bare posterior.copyright protection2PENANA66OGJwkpqV

Finally, it was Cierra the baker's wife who hurried forward and opened the stocks. Kayla slumped to the ground, too exhausted and sore to do anything but lie there and sob. Cierra pulled Kayla's blue panties back to their proper position. Then Laura, Cierra's daughter, came forward as well.copyright protection2PENANA7zqYuCheff

"I'm so terribly sorry," Laura told the young elf. "I'm ashamed to have that girl for a princess." Cierra gave her daughter a warning look but Laura ignored her. "We've heard the rumors of course. About Princess Bellasandra having people spanked like that."copyright protection2PENANAL2Q5PLkSPs

Kayla did not respond. She couldn't even had she wanted to.copyright protection2PENANAuVziBiPWIf

More women approached forming a ring around the elven girl, effectively cutting her off from those eyes still leering. Between them all, there were able to help Kayla to her feet.copyright protection2PENANARPPiNkU4ya

"I'm okay," Kayla finally muttered.copyright protection2PENANAkkdbq2WKVL

"Okay?" repeated Cierra. "After what that brute of a woman did?"copyright protection2PENANAdpGMIi5xfN

"My quarrel is not with Guardswoman Narya," Kayla said, her voice more firm this time.copyright protection2PENANAN6CCoqWjuv

Cierra gave Kayla an odd look. "I see." She was about to say more, but Kayla didn't give her the opportunity.copyright protection2PENANAtOQG0gJW0E

"Thank you, good woman." Kayla wiped the tears from her cheeks though the pain remained. She got her emotions under control. Her crying ceased and was replaced with determination fueled by cold fury. "I must got."copyright protection2PENANAId4p0MI5kX

Making certain her skirt properly covered her bottom, Kayla made to leave. The women got out of her way and soon the young elven girl was loping along at a ground-covering pace. She was into the woods and the town disappeared behind her.copyright protection2PENANAS74vKsVHMp

What kind of a person thinks they can get away with such reprehensible behavior? Kayla mused silently. She was beyond rage now. She had moved on to cold, calculating, vengeance. Do human nobles really think that they can treat common folk like inferiors?copyright protection2PENANAcfe2WejFbj

Speculation on the moral aptitude of the upper class of human beings occupied Kayla's mind until she reached a particularly dense grove of pines. There, she stopped running, allowed her breathing to slow, and gently reached under her forest green skirt to rub at her beaten bottom. When she could breath normally, she made her careful way to the center of the trees.copyright protection2PENANAjUxnjxa1Cu

The dark green pines surrounded her with a fragrance that intensified as she crushed old needles beneath her boots. It filled her with a sense of comfort, the smell of home and of friends. In the center of the grove there was a small clearing, large enough for one girl to kneel in prayer.copyright protection2PENANAZvC30mvV3h

Spirits of the forest, root and needle, leaf and branch, heed my call. I have been wronged this day. I have suffered humiliation and harm I summon the power so I may return this affront in kind.copyright protection2PENANAlgxAitPB90

Kayla remained kneeling meditating until she was one with the forest and with her righteous anger. It was unwise to rush the spirits. copyright protection2PENANAVsUsQe00fD

Mistress Kayla, whispered the spirits of the forest. She could sense the immense power that was Willowisp, but the Great Spirit was not who had addressed her. Instead it was a conclave of the lesser spirits. Willowisp merely observed. Mistress Kayla, you seek vengeance upon the Princess of the Humans...copyright protection2PENANAuf86i9tO5w

Kayla had considered her motivations as she ran to the grove and considered them again now. It wouldn't work to lie to the spirits, even if she wanted to, because they would know the falsehood, but Kayla knew that if the tree spirits found her motives to be of a destructive nature, they would not grant her request.copyright protection2PENANA5qMD157QHg

My reasons are two fold. First, I desire to teach the Princess Bellasandra a lesson. A lesson in humility and in reciprocity. If this girl is to rule the human kingdom, it would be better for all if she weren't such a brat. Second... Kayla hesitated, but to not admit it would be foolish, Second, I wish to inflict upon this girl the same humiliation and pain that she dealt to me.copyright protection2PENANARDIM6z06zg

Of course there were moral questions surrounding her request. Reacting to violence with violence didn't really grant one a moral high ground. On the other hand, Kayla felt herself justified in her request and was certain many of those who had witnessed the event felt the same, as would those who heard about it. She only hoped the forest spirits who answered her call would agree. She fervently hoped that they did not see her request as frivolous and decide to punish her. She would not have been able to stand further punishment.copyright protection2PENANAJ3vSaN1DB6

After another ten minutes of kneeling, the voices of the forest once again entered her mind. Some giggled.copyright protection2PENANAaHxWly2spK

Command us as you will, Mistress Kayla.copyright protection2PENANAIgnr2t03AA

~*~copyright protection2PENANAjjEPcOCdse

Princess Bellasandra had decided to walk for a while. Spanking that haughty little elf girl had really gotten her heart rate up and she was still smiling as the entourage entered the forest. It was a pretty forest, with tall trees whose trunks were wider than she could put her arms around. It was dark among the trees and there was little underbrush on the road.copyright protection2PENANAkCWSzhrCJQ

Then, a strange sound caught the Princess' attention sort of like a flute and sort of like a giggle. Surely it must have been a bird? Bellasandra turned in the direction of the sound, taking a few steps off the road and scanning the treetops. The sound came again and for a moment, Bellasandra thought she saw the blurred movement of a... something. She took another couple of steps but could still see nothing.copyright protection2PENANAms7KUaeVdO

"How curious," the Princess breathed. Then she remembered the nagging warning of Guard Narya to not stray too far from the carriage, if it pleases your Highness. She turned back to brush away the admonition that was sure to come, but the words froze in her throat. Her guards, the coach, the road... all of it was gone.copyright protection2PENANAvx89nkX0yq

"I must have wandered further than I though," Bellasandra said aloud. But I only took a couple steps, came the insistence of her mind.copyright protection2PENANAeS2aLBscdb

Her breathing quickened and she bit her lower lip nervously.copyright protection2PENANA3AEakylztz

"Guard Narya?" she called softly, more softly than she intended.copyright protection2PENANAnZ7w8uQ6uo

The giggling flute came again, from behind her and Bellasandra spun about, hoping to catch the bird making the sound, but the figure she saw for a moment, only a moment, had legs and arms. It wasn't a bird at all. The princess took several more steps towards the sound and the fleeting figure.copyright protection2PENANAwIhzT3alfo

"Hello? Is anybody there? Do you mean me harm?"copyright protection2PENANAxjYbujKPSe

There was no answer.copyright protection2PENANAogdvMm0Dtu

Bellasandra continued several more steps when, from the corner of her eye; she again saw the figure, hurrying through the trees.copyright protection2PENANA20cjz6nKrC

"Wait! In the name of the King I command you to stop!" The girl, secure now in her authority over something vaguely human shaped, hiked up her dress and ran after the figure. Ducking limbs and leaping dead branches, the human girl sped through the forest, her eyes bright and her frown indignant.copyright protection2PENANA8ZV7bprVfk

When I catch the mischief-maker who lured me off the road, she thought as she ran, I shall deliver a second spanking on this day!copyright protection2PENANAaEBoanKa0d

The figure was not so far away as before, and the sound was more giggle now than flute. It was wearing green, as befitted the forest, it was thin, lithe and possibly blonde.copyright protection2PENANAE3eRnNXKxp

I'm catching up...copyright protection2PENANAmGpiOAIgwX

Princess Bellasandra burst into a clearing suddenly and stumbled, surprised by the unforeseen change. Standing in the center of the clearing was the elf girl, the same girl Bella had had Narya beat in the village.copyright protection2PENANAAGBb4LzPVA

The elf bowed. "Good afternoon, your highness."copyright protection2PENANA2ADhr04pKC

The princess frowned. "What's going on here, elf?"copyright protection2PENANAP7iep7O8nk

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I am called Mistress Kayla. I am the daughter of the High Druid of this forest. Your father and mine, princess, are allies."copyright protection2PENANA5X0H95sIUo

Bellasandra felt her heart skip a beat at that. Daddy wouldn't be happy to hear she had beaten the child of an ally. He would be very hard on her, perhaps even restricting her to her room for a full afternoon.copyright protection2PENANAiXYWeqWiPH

"You tricked me," the Princess accused.copyright protection2PENANAUEOdTekHmH

Kayla cocked her head to one side. "Did I?"copyright protection2PENANA2rF28O7Bx2

"You didn't tell me who you were. You're trying to start a war."copyright protection2PENANA0PZZMdpIwf

"That's an interesting excuse to avoid a spanking," Kayla commented.copyright protection2PENANApqUeENsYvO

"Spanking?" Bellasandra repeated, "My daddy won't spank me."copyright protection2PENANAGxglAp9I1G

Kayla nodded. "I thought as much. But I wasn't talking about the King."copyright protection2PENANAK1wJ0iXq1t

The elf was fast, faster than she should have been, faster than she had been earlier that day or she would certainly have evaded the spanking Bellasandra had subjected her to. Kayla darted forward and grabbed the princess by the wrist and twisted the slender arm behind her back. Bellasandra cried out in pain and arched back at the same time that Kayla forced her forward. Unable to do anything else but fall on her face, Bellasandra walked forward.copyright protection2PENANAGrUAFyo8xT

"Release me!"copyright protection2PENANAXdrdz1CJJD

Kayla did not respond.copyright protection2PENANAquFWdGfa6h

"This instant, elf!"copyright protection2PENANAEMJynp7LxE

A large stump came into view and it was to this landmark Kayla directed her human prisoner. Bellasandra was unaware of the significance of this stump, but Kayla was not. The elven culture of this forest was a loosely affiliated society. There were many druids and hunters who lived in and with the forest, but it was not a city. This stump, however, was the common gathering place when the elves wished to convene.copyright protection2PENANAFuS7Ir8laS

Kayla sat on the stump and easily draped the princess over her skirt-clad thighs. The pretty brown hair of the princess, held in a dainty braid with a red ribbon on the end, fell over the girl's shoulder and landed in the grass. With her left hand, Kayla held the princess down by her waist and with her right she gathered up the hip hugging, yellow dress and pulled it  over the human's hips. Red, satin panties encased the pale bottom, and Kayla took a moment to caress them, much as Bellasandra had made her guard do to her.copyright protection2PENANAZAmExAkNLr

"Not bad, yourself," she murmured.copyright protection2PENANA5pdOXAd4mK

Throughout the ordeal of being manhandled and disrobed, Bellasandra had not ceased her tirade, screaming orders to be released, calling for her guards, and flinging insults.copyright protection2PENANAJ2fB9Y3ijd

"You're attracting attention to yourself," Kayla commented as the princess paused to catch her breath.copyright protection2PENANAaiOxXl7i9S

Princess Bellasandra looked to her right and saw that the elf was indeed, correct. More elves had come cautiously into the clearing. They were all slender and beautiful with tilted eyes and elongated, pointed ears. But the girl had only a moment to notice the spectators. A sting exploded on the top of her right bottom cheek and she gasped.copyright protection2PENANAJeiX2fygkV

"You must not strike a royal!"copyright protection2PENANA14XhF6fIoy

Kayla raised her hand again and again brought it upon the red panties. Bellasandra shrieked, but Kayla ignored it. She continued the spanking, slow and hard. The princess fought Kayla's grip of course, but Kayla was strengthened by the spirits of the forest and though Bellasandra could squirm and kick and scream, she could not escape, she was forced to lie there and allow her bottom to be beaten.copyright protection2PENANAWzRK6P6e7f

"Reciprocity," said Kayla in a clear voice that carried over Bella's cries, "is a lesson all nobles should learn." She continued to spank as she spoke.copyright protection2PENANA6RuoPxEnNZ

"You d-dare to le-lecture me?" wailed the princess.copyright protection2PENANAiO3g5JnlsL

Kayla smacked Bellasandra's bottom twice before replying. "Yes, I do." Then Kayla slipped her fingers into the waistband of the human girl's panties and gently lowered them, continuing to ignore the commands to desist and wails of protest.copyright protection2PENANATplL9sBgGJ

"You accused me of being a naughty little girl," Kayla said, rubbing Bellasandra's bare bottom, "And yet, you beat me without cause, while I beat you, justly."copyright protection2PENANAwNA0bpyQNl

Now Kayla raised and swung her palm much faster, peppering that pale bottom with hard, quick spanks that made the bottom bounce and redden. The human princess was soon reduced to tears. Kayla was breathing hard by the time that Bellasandra was reduced to incoherent tears. Her arm was beginning to tire and the palm of her small hand was quite sore. She stopped the spanking and Bellasandra relaxed, unclenching her bottom.copyright protection2PENANAQ6aTmgDJB5

"Don't relax just yet, princess, we're not done."copyright protection2PENANAvvvQhEiSVZ

Bellasandra bawled loudly at that while Kayla raised her hand and in a flash of green magic, a bendy switch appeared. The princess had only a moment to wonder what that odd swishing noise was before she howled in pain at the line of fire on her naked skin.copyright protection2PENANABrMcsYC1Op

"I am not entirely without mercy," Kayla threw Bella's words back at her and laid another stripe across the already red bottom, right below the first. Again Bellasandra howled. Ten neat stripes, Kayla lined them one under the other and at the end, the human girl was sobbing piteously.copyright protection2PENANAmEwxySOcCp

When it was over, Kayla replaced Bellasandra's panties and smoothed the girl's curve-hugging dress back over her thighs. The princess remembered little about the time between when the spanking stopped and when she again saw the road. It seemed to have taken less time to return than it had to arrive in Mistress Kayla's clearing.copyright protection2PENANAi7VNYcsh5n

Narya hurried up to her young charge. "Princess, what happened?"copyright protection2PENANAgGP2Si0ujP

Bellasandra didn't respond at first. She tried to stem the flow of her tears, to ease the ache in her bottom. Her eyes were red and puffy, her hair escaping it's braid, her clothes askew. "That elf... she... she kidnapped me an... and sp-spanked me!" Bella beat a fist against Narya's well muscled shoulder. "Why did you let her do that?"copyright protection2PENANAUGuqd3j2fV

"But, your highness, you never left the road."copyright protection2PENANAsx3nl2ANkF

Bellasandra blinked at that, truly confused. "I didn't?"copyright protection2PENANAaAm0DeiEJC

Narya shook her head. "No, you didn't."copyright protection2PENANAtEiY4w1oyh

"But..."copyright protection2PENANAk0PooaqYXK

"Perhaps you should lie down in the carriage for the rest of the trip," suggested Narya.copyright protection2PENANAE8l08ZfrDY

Without further comment, Bellasandra did as Narya suggested, lying carefully upon her tummy. For her part, Narya looked to the trees of the forest, and nodded in thanks.copyright protection2PENANA37Dm6IS76r

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