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Kiana Ahmadi: The Hooded Hero
Writer Seo
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Kiana Ahmadi: The Hooded Hero
Kiana Ahmadi: The Hooded Hero

Ever since she was a kid, Kiana Ahmadi has been taught by the world to feel guilty for things she can not change. She thirsts for a chance to prove to others that she is something, so when the opportunity finally arises, she takes it without hesitation.  

"Haven't you ever wondered how you got your powers?" 

Kiana knew her powers could offer a solution to her problems, but she never thought they would lead her in the direction they did.  She was going to use them to pursue a future of charity, but instead they open a whole new world for her full of magical creatures and gods. They introduce her to people that embrace her for what makes her different, but there's a catch. These amazing powers bring a whole new set of problems to the table. Will Kiana be able to navigate demons, mystery enemies, and figuring out how to use her talents to the fullest?

This story is also available to read on Wattpad! 


Total Reading Time: 4 hours 35 minutes


Benjamin May - A good trick to editing your own stories is to let them sit for a bit, then come back after about a week or so. You'll be able to catch any small errors you may have missed before! Keep up the Good Work!
2 months agoreply

Bee - I totally agree!
1 month agoreply