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Penana's top warriors of a story
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Co-Writer Mr.Sniper*
Co-Writer Aretice N. Treader
Co-Writer TheGreatEscaper
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Penana's top warriors of a story
Penana's top warriors of a story

Even in a relatively tight-knit community like Penana, it's difficult to find good stories to read—not because there aren't any good ones, but because we just don't know where to start. We have taken it upon ourselves to review stories that have especially stood out to us, as an archive of sorts to refer to if anyone is looking for something specific.

We do plan on ranking stories every once in a while, but this is more for fun than anything else.

»A note from Aretice: It is not my intention to separate "good" works from "bad." I simply want to acknowledge stories that I think many others will enjoy, and I think Comrade will agree with me.«

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XXjoeyXX - Just a suggestion but maybe say: Think your story has the words and plot of a winner? Well, we're about to find out. 
It looks neater broken up that way but your choice
4 years agoreply