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    Rachel Elizabeth Paige first decided she wanted to be a writer sometime between the second and third grade, and moved her interests into the realm of poetry just before entering high school.

    She grew up as a daydreaming child with a strong attachment to nature, her spiritual beliefs and a fanciful imagination. She blends an embellishment of beauty in the world with her satirical point of view about reality and existence.

    She has studied creative and journalistic styles in courses and personal interactions under the guidance of published authors Tarence Young, Carla Hesketh/Funk, Joan MacLeod, David Leach, Bill Gaston, and John Gould.

    The Claremont Review (poetry)
    Voices Visible - Stundent Writing Journal (short story)
    Garden of Dreams (poetry manuscript)

    Behind The Pen Name:
    Paige was the name of a best friend who lost her battle against Leukemia before reaching high school; she was a beautiful and confident young woman up to her very last days.
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Frostbite (NaNoWriMo 2015 DRAFT)
PG-13 On Break

Ever since she was a child, Elizabeth O'Brien was haunted by nightmares of a fanciful and dangerous world that she called The Other Realm. She spoke of the boy with impossibly blue eyes who had fought off monsters by her side, and the journeys they embarked on while she lay sleeping in her bed. As she aged, she outgrew such childish notions and soon the dreams became a faded memory. That is, until a transfer student joins her class, and she realizes that he is the blue eyed boy from her dreams. All the memories come rushing back at once and Elizabeth makes a life-changing discovery: they weren't just dreams. The Other Realm existed, and she needed to find her way back again.