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Angel Wings of Dust
Writer Nicole Armas
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Angel Wings of Dust
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Fall From Grace
Nicole Armas
Jan 9, 2016
9 Mins Read
Comments ( 7 )

oneminusheart - and also, are you going to update this soon? :)
3 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - The next chapter is in the works so I'll probably be able to update this sometime next week
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Nicole Armas, can't wait :)
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - i'm not a Christian so i don't really know the facts but just to clarify-

- Samael really fell?
-Archangels oversee the angels?
-Archangels can die?

I'm so sorry if it sounds rude, my curiosity always get the best of me.
3 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - I've made a post on my blog on here called "Ceaseless Ramblings" to explain some things about the angels in the story but to answer your questions:

- Samael really did fall; in ancient text he's referred to as the Accuser and they go on to say that Michael was the one who fought Samael when he fell from grace.
-Yes, Archangels are chieftains of the angels with Michael being the greatest of them. This is explained a little better in my blog post.
-Angels in general aren't subject to death the way mortals are but for the sake of the story they can be harmed and even killed by their own kind or demons.

And don't worry, you weren't being rude at all! :)
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Nicole Armas, thank you so much! it's so very intriguing. I think i'll go stalk your blog now xD
3 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - @oneminusheart, XD no problem!
3 years agoreply