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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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The Faery Queen
Mathew Babaoye
Apr 9, 2016
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0B9ruWpQiW2a1YhkLOSwposted on PENANA

Where are we going?copyright protection54PENANAgT45KJZgay

Queen Goldenslaughter’s wrapped arms now held the faintly glowing silver cage against her chest as she seemed to glide, with her long blue-black hair and black ballgown streaming ethereally behind her, through a dark inner courtyard of Caer Nochtcopyright protection54PENANARb91CEY1ug

What are we doing?copyright protection54PENANAYxqZvIkhwd

Passing through a dark-shadowed inner gate (as clanking steps sounded behind her), she emerged out again beneath the starry sky to cross the dark outer courtyard and finally near the dark-shadowed drawbridge gatehouse…copyright protection54PENANANN6SSRCS7M

Are we going outside?!copyright protection54PENANAqYXA0AeZCJ

… metal slithered, wood groaned…copyright protection54PENANAfBhFBNnV4U

The drawbridge began smoothly descending, revealing a sliver of silver moon hung above the vista of dark encircling mountains. Some heights were gauzy with faint Elemental aurora… then the drawbridge descended past low hills, and the dull plain below them, to land on the opposite side of the darkly gleaming moat with a soft *thump* afterwards…copyright protection54PENANA9SHfLA6nte

Open.copyright protection54PENANAaTd8udIIcl

Oh…copyright protection54PENANAssWJ7ywvtB

Oh indeed. She began gliding across the drawbridge…copyright protection54PENANAqDt8SeJZCc

… metal slithered, wood groaned…copyright protection54PENANAdM6rVAEDiR

… and the drawbridge rose smoothly (as the approaching clanks finally stopped), eventually settling back into place up against the outer curtain wall of Caer Nocht with a soft *thunk*.copyright protection54PENANAZKjWuru0XY

Yes…copyright protection54PENANABnB5wukfuW

She smoothly descended the low hills now, bearing the faintly glowing cage among their shadows, then reached the dull plain below and began crossing it. Above: endless stars twinkled across the velvet black sky like distant, gently glinting diamonds…copyright protection54PENANArIJy9E8Oir

Freedom!copyright protection54PENANAFhcZeGrIHo

Still wordless, she approached the distant end of the bluff which showed as an abrupt, curving line across the horizon. The arcing greystone bridge was the only way to cross it…copyright protection54PENANAGjMiojMJyg

A feeling of calculationWhy tonight?copyright protection54PENANAG0Ypy84GWm

Tch. Can it not just enjoy this now that I have given into its only demand? “Why tonight?” the Queen finally replied softly. “Because it is time. Time to find a way to change the Nature of Fate, in a wider world which does not end at my gates…”copyright protection54PENANA8BEkBS12BI

Change had always been the only constant in her unnatural life, although she had also grown accustomed to certain particulars of Rule: the material goods one, but especially her Will, Power, and Title. They had set her apart… although all recently felt eroded at the edges. Magic of larger scale, therefore, was more difficult now than it had been decades, or even scant years before, also making her slightly aware of the more uncomfortable Nature her precious Queenly Title encouraged now…copyright protection54PENANAri1eAqxna5

And yet.copyright protection54PENANADQ6CfELklH

Immortal. Eternal. Forever. Goldenslaughter armored herself in the iron certainty of her own divinity while flowing upwards across the arcing greystone bridge against the night, and then back downwards to the ridgetop. Afterwards: she smoothly crossed it, before passing down the trail into darker shadows, absent the moonlight…copyright protection54PENANAGtjlNUdOXO

And insubstantial, she became…copyright protection54PENANAxp6yDHZb49

GoneMy current Nature is unintended, but a marvel. Nowthe glowing silver cage seemed to float alone down the dark-shadowed trail, against the dark-faced bluff. The cage came low, and lower… until it eventually emerged out into the ancient, immense trees standing like shadowed, moss-wreathed columns in the forest dark, all gentled by softly dappling moonlight. Her Nature reversed now, the moonlight fading her form back into pale reality as her long blue-black hair, and black gown, resumed visibly streaming ethereally behind her…copyright protection54PENANAhI0nlf16zn

The vanity is acceptable.copyright protection54PENANANgQ6BE1PsZ

“Well enough for both of us,” she replied softly, nearing a fork along the path: one way lead east (towards the center of the vale), and one led north (into the older, wilder section of the Fae).copyright protection54PENANAD0oKz2ryev

Choices.copyright protection54PENANAIveITzYVFy

Goldenslaughter glided north without hesitation.copyright protection54PENANAitP8AqMBff

A feeling…copyright protection54PENANAATfZEP26og

It has been too long since last I visited. Perhaps she will have a happy solution for my problems, unlikely as that may be. She began unconsciously smiling anyway, with her steps becoming lighter upon the dark-shadowed forest trail (and despite the beautiful, staining moonlight)…copyright protection54PENANAC6MQPFpNB5

A distant owlish hoot.copyright protection54PENANAmTyb28CPKR

Whispering softly down into the glowing silver cage, she then breathed deep the cool, sweet dark air as her steps became lighter still, almost mincing…copyright protection54PENANA4lLkkp9nwy

Ready.copyright protection54PENANAD8EqYu6niH

The dark immortal one now flowed into balletic, dancing steps forward, becoming a vague, slender form swaying hips gently with new gait. When the dark trees thinned ahead (showing through to a moonlit sylvan glade) she skipped back out into the moonlight, shading bonewhite again and spinning once (with her long blue-black hair and black gown twirling after her) before leaping back into the dark trees after and building a hum in her throat, which caused local shadows to begin dancing behind her, in turn…copyright protection54PENANAtEA1QCasrU

Pure.copyright protection54PENANAkwf6RAw1X2

Pure. Sweet. Familiar. Enthralled: she began running up a grassy rise (with her black gown fluttering behind her now) to eventually leap atop it, opening her red mouth to… pause, mid-piroutte: the Faen heart of the old forest was now spread ancient, brooding, and mysterious ahead of her, with a melding glow suffusing into the distance. So beautiful, still. Oh, there are times when I think a truly Faen life would suit me well for grandeur. Mm. Except for those–copyright protection54PENANAzBae28I8w0

A hidden wyrd form suddenly bounded away through the trees, knickering oddly.copyright protection54PENANAPZFp0v2aXu

Tch. Except for those pesky wyrd ones. Queen Goldenslaughter abruptly snapped two pale fingers, which caused the ensorcelled, dancing shadows to immediately still.copyright protection54PENANA5i0koSVUTS

Unfair to them.copyright protection54PENANAWtu6HwepEL

Eh? It mocks me? Odd. They are but shadows. “Save your words. This is what you wanted.” Her dark eyes serious now, she glided, (with regal bearing) down the outer slope, steadily approaching a steep drop covered in moss. Reaching the drop: she skidded nimbly down it before unfurling her ensorcelled shadows beneath her into a dark carpet which quickly SLID her across the gap before she flowed back up to standing opposite, never slowing while smoothly transitioning back into that seeming glide…copyright protection54PENANAquK5TLAWVy

The Onta felt approving of her.copyright protection54PENANAq1Rrlfjg9d

Leaves *crunched* beneath her gown-hidden black boots as she abandoned the beaten trail, heading off through the increasingly hoary old trees towards the old wild heart of the forest now, with its outspreading glow…copyright protection54PENANA96GEcnarNP

Beauty.copyright protection54PENANAcdjXidIT9E

Glowing lichen now began gradually spotting the surrounding trunks, and nocturnal animals grew sly, singular, and subtly different among the foliage. The Wyrding continued… until the soft green glow illuminated more strange life…copyright protection54PENANAszFj10ykhI

Wonder.copyright protection54PENANAxrPd52Bgto

Goldenslaughter’s red lips twitched, then she abruptly laughed aloud in delight and spun once around (with her long blue-black hair and black gown flying after her)…copyright protection54PENANA5GBpDUCmNL

The forest returned a merry echo from some hidden wyrd.copyright protection54PENANA0glFzmG8HY

Ahem. Dignity. Biting her lip, Queen Goldenslaughter returned to composure while gliding off serenely again. She headed steadily further into the secret heart of the old Faen forest…copyright protection54PENANARepGsuI3Kc

Look at that! And that too!copyright protection54PENANArQT3fwXSSL

Rocks sparkled gently, pools of water showed with unearthly refraction, and more hints of distant wyrd motion were glimpsed ahead, with all becoming increasingly otherworldycopyright protection54PENANAET10yAnfJ4

And yet.copyright protection54PENANAdAjDhM70PS

Goldenslaughter had never been the type for gamse, so adjusting to Faen culture had been rough. After centuries of her harsh and bullying ways, many of the rank and file Faen had been drive out… which now sadly left only the stubborn, stupid, and stealthy ones. Carefully now. None will threaten you, but some may provoke, or play. Nearing purple luminescence… her eyes narrowed when it gradually resolved into the first glowing purple mushroom. The Satyr’s mark. She skirted wide, but the mushrooms still began multiplying steadily through the foliage until a suddenly revealed rocky escarpment descended sharply away on her left (entirely covered by the mushrooms all the way down) to a clearing full of long grass rippling from the wind blowing softly true. And… also sounding almost like a flute…copyright protection54PENANAchJ5kZChRv

What is that?copyright protection54PENANA2vo3wXETco

Queen Goldenslaughter did not answer, merely tightening her wrapped arms about the cage before abruptly gliding away, steadily leaving behind the slowly fading wyrding wind. Once it was gone entirely: she frowned…copyright protection54PENANAXqZh3g3bgS

… as a golden butterfly emerged between two trunks skinned with green-glowing lichen, ahead of her.copyright protection54PENANA4taNyuNaLE

What is THIS?copyright protection54PENANAGOa4SG2wAe

The golden butterfly floated lazily through the rich, pungent air to eventually land against a nearby trunk. It now showed as a gold counterpoint to the green glow, its richly patterned wings then twitching only once more, before they stilled…copyright protection54PENANAVyFUPIbSTs

A feeling…copyright protection54PENANALYVVLuqyFc

Exposure to magic, over a long enough period, caused changes. Her Realm was GENEROUSLY rich in magic, which infused not only Faen and animal, but her own lovely people as they went about their daily lives, slowly changing them, generation by generation, towards the immortal. The elves were said to have come from such… but the Faen were whispered to be the next step after: immortals, but with their Nature’s somewhat twisted wyrd by overexposure. Faery were a benign cousin species, although some said the line between them was also thin…copyright protection54PENANAdl0oqS5spF

The Queen is different. She will help me. Queen Goldenslaughter glided past the golden butterfly, heading deeper through the trees… as more golden butterfly’s slowly began emerging on all sides, alighting aglow on branches, flowers, or rocks. The way now gradually became subtly layered with softly glowing suffusion (never quite bright enough to be called light), as strange motes of latent wyrd Power also slowly began floating upwards through the dreamy air…copyright protection54PENANAGkdmf34rWY

Wondrous.copyright protection54PENANATHWPDIk3hZ

Home.copyright protection54PENANAfulgTL8Ydy

Little fool. “Your home is with me,” she growled, while gliding through it all towards their final destination: an area of dark trees amidst the glowing others, where a long ribbon of silver butterfly’s fluttered around a central clearing, within which a bubbling spring, lit within by a soft blue glow, waited at center beside a gentle rise of concentric flowered tiers leading off, into legend…copyright protection54PENANAEUTSg8VlAR

The Faerie Grove.copyright protection54PENANAjuzfkdXEgf

I am so excited!!!copyright protection54PENANAEwKZMDKVCY

Goldenslaughter slowed while approaching among dark trees now, trying to Will her thudding heart to calm before… she halted, the silver fireflies merely shifting to golden in their dancing glow, still uncaring. “We arrive.” On cue: the golden butterflies slowly formed a widening gap now, which allowed her passage onwards, through them. Always a good sign. She glided smoothly through the gap, then slowed to a stop again within the last shadows edging the clearing…copyright protection54PENANAtgSm99v4u6

And peered out…copyright protection54PENANAWNAw3UJ1z0

The golden light slowly returned to the darkness behind her. Pretties…copyright protection54PENANAgdw0cjDWeg

Glancing back: she stared upon the golden butterflies while they finished closing the gap, encircling the grove again. Tch. Be brave, this is but a social call, and my host is gracious. She turned back towards the clearing again, steeled herself for a moment anyway, and stepped firmly inside. Breathing deeply the air scented with rich urth, pollen, and unique minerals, she glided near concentric tiers of wild, exotic, and magic flowers before smoothly halting before them, and reaching a pale hand towards a solitary, dark rose (its petals trembling)…copyright protection54PENANAVIxN5GWBLr

Oh?copyright protection54PENANAHHeidicXjL

… before withdrawing her hand, and turning: two little faeries (one softly glowing blue and one green) hovered ahead. “Were you about to touch the Faerie Queen’s flowers?” the blue faery asked her, in a piping voice.copyright protection54PENANAXAYtAbMe81

“Her SACRED flowers?” the green faery squeaked.copyright protection54PENANAu3J1ROIOqt

Tricksy ones. Goldenslaughter smiled pleasantly anyway. “They are not sacred…”copyright protection54PENANAf7bupoMCl6

“She corrects us!” the blue faery exclaimed.copyright protection54PENANAojGnMhyzvG

Ha. But this is not what I came here for. Queen Goldenslaughter raised a pale palm to ward against further accusations. “Peace: I am a Queen as well, and my time is precious. Where is your master?”copyright protection54PENANAA0Jk2B9Kpz

“Not our master!” the green faery cried.copyright protection54PENANAeEHp86OUJa

“We are heralds,” the blue faery explained.copyright protection54PENANA07tGufY3Pt

“Scouts!” “Whatever we choose!”copyright protection54PENANAJqutKx4Uiu

A feeling…copyright protection54PENANAuw8bVgiKb1

The two faeries finally turned and glared at each other... before abruptly bursting into a fit of tinkling giggles.copyright protection54PENANAUc9nTEDRHs

I like them.copyright protection54PENANAlrTPVEn0yF

Goldenslaughter sighed. “Of course you would.”copyright protection54PENANAu3cCe7TwS5

The green fairy suddenly darted through the air, hovering near the cage to peer at its interior luminescence. “A present?”copyright protection54PENANAyMhI9amN13

“What’s inside?” the blue faery asked, also zipping close…copyright protection54PENANAgmv9cqNzqm

Goldenslaughter turned slightly away from them, shielding the faintly glowing cage with her body. “A surprise. And not for you.”copyright protection54PENANAeVpqxEyrbq

The two fairy’s cried out in protest…copyright protection54PENANAwJdNsnYOa0

Would you mind if I speak with them?copyright protection54PENANASqmnAzOn8f

Goldenslaughter startled to hear this revelation, then whispered down into the cage: “can you…?”copyright protection54PENANAKnaaOIOn9Z

A squeak, quickly followed by another. “She comes!” the two faery’s announced, in cheery unison…copyright protection54PENANAOGJ1ubotZy

Behavior fit for a Queen, now. Queen Goldenslaughter turned imperiously, with her shoulders set and her expression haughty (although a smile tugged the corners of her red mouth)…copyright protection54PENANAtSZQgzp4Xy

Golden butterflies were spreading out into two lines through the dark trees surrounding the mysterious Faerie Grove, forming a long, curving lane before halting in place, waiting…copyright protection54PENANAjHWtRKcG8m

Ooooh! I love a good show.copyright protection54PENANAFW3pXxAm0A

The two faerys zipped past her…copyright protection54PENANAVusUkItKNr

She smiled, slightly.copyright protection54PENANAj68fA00NH8

… slowing by the lane’s endpoint at the clearing to then hover in place, one on each side…copyright protection54PENANA9m5cM3KmpL

Goldenslaughter stared.copyright protection54PENANAWkfpfA8JkV

Bright was coming: slowly approaching through dark trees, it lit the way in a hue more pure than anything else so far (while also lending a brief intensity to each butterfly), ultimately bathing all in its enfolding radiancecopyright protection54PENANAaD2jTDjTq0

She raised a pale hand, squinting…copyright protection54PENANA2zn7M9awwA

The bright faded.copyright protection54PENANAhtVxTa71Tr

Her.copyright protection54PENANAX35ZmYCGS3

Yes… but lower your hand, fool. That light won’t hurt you, and you cannot hide yourself anymore. Queen Goldenslaughter lowered her hand now...copyright protection54PENANAHUC51oecVL

Beautiful, mature, and softly, unchangingly radiant in her ceremonial gown, while floating before her upon still, spread wings of glowing, silken light, was…copyright protection54PENANAMdeHK7RR9L

The Faery Queen.copyright protection54PENANAi6Po6bnJSf

I had almost forgotten the grandeur of her presence. “Mother,” she announced simply, and curtseyed low before her…copyright protection54PENANAMz9oEbNTnJ

The two faery attendants gasped!copyright protection54PENANAEaWTSG0Jxa

“I am not your mother,” the Faery Queen replied calmly, while continuing to smile down lovingly upon her…copyright protection54PENANAvQgkfnwC6o

Goldenslaughter persisted. “But you are my oldest friend, my wisest counselor, and my first protector.”copyright protection54PENANARSY1hCc5wA

The Faery Queen nodded. “Proud I was to be it, and proud I am to remain.”copyright protection54PENANAObKK4Cr5mY

“Mother of My Heart?” she tried.copyright protection54PENANAfSPwc4TJGZ

The Faery Queen gently laughed. “Daughter of My Kindness,” she agreed.copyright protection54PENANA7yR5z9IMef

Goldenslaughter smiled now, but uncertainly. “May we speak together as of old? In confidence and trust?”copyright protection54PENANAm2q7NuKeA6

“I hope so.” The Faery Queen raised her arms left and right, then gestured with them. “Privacy, lovelies.”copyright protection54PENANAdPZ2mc7fVN

The two faery attendants (who were still whispering furiously about this incredible new bit of Court gossip) darted back out into the nearby forest. The golden fireflies slowly dispersed after them, fading away...copyright protection54PENANAe2m68VgRHu

And the local area was clear.copyright protection54PENANA74xxbl2VAC

Manners. Goldenslaughter stepped towards the gently rising tiers. “By the flowers?” she offered, gesturing now herself...copyright protection54PENANA2Ns1QOdY48

The Faery Queen nodded. “And the spring.”copyright protection54PENANAMjb8pk3FcL

Goldenslaughter glided over, placed the silver cage upon the first flowered tier, sat beside it and crossed her legs, demurely...copyright protection54PENANAajPIQ03TWD

The Faerie Queen floated after her upon motionless glowing silken wings trailing fading motes of light… then came gently down beside the spring and sat upon its rocky edge. Dipping her delicate, slippered feet into the bubbling water, she sighed…copyright protection54PENANAwYrY0iNdgR

A Power like hers does not require such bodily care. Her eyes narrowed. “You don’t even use them.”copyright protection54PENANAm2ayaASeg5

The Faerie Queen gave her a prim look, while adjusting her seat slightly. “Desire is not always a match for reality.”copyright protection54PENANA0roP9fQc9M

Goldenslaughter looked away, suitably chastised. “That is so.”copyright protection54PENANAQFKhEKArYQ

“I travel the wider world, meeting many,” the Faery Queen continued, glancing only briefly at the faintly glowing silver cage, “and it has always been thus.” The Faery Queen gave her a sympathetic look now. “The secret is to be yourself, and true to your heart of hearts. Do you embody your truth?”copyright protection54PENANAjkSuT35Lim

Goldenslaughter shifted, slightly uncomfortable. “I embody my Title, and have found Power for it.”copyright protection54PENANARiNg8XwYaF

The Faery Queen exhaled softly. “You were a stubborn child, and are stubborn grown.”copyright protection54PENANAK0kviZgSqe

Goldenslaughter gave her a simpering smile. “You will find no argument there, Mother of my Heart.”copyright protection54PENANAIKzBfsFleY

“Daughter of My Kindness,” the Faery Queen answered fondly. “Proud have I been of you… yet why were you so long absent?”copyright protection54PENANAH6gvmosSmC

Unhappy at this rebuke, she stubbornly pushed forward with her agenda. “To solve a question regarding the nature of Power. And make you prouder still.”copyright protection54PENANAx7DSCVRTNi

The Faery Queen slowly rose back into the air again on her motionless, glowing silken wings. “Where has it led you?”copyright protection54PENANA7w3H7jaNEo

Goldenslaughter bit her lip. “Round and round in circles until finally I am here to sit at your knee. A troubled child, as of old.”copyright protection54PENANALmu1RRqkJN

“Daughter Dear,” the Faery Queen amended, while drifting nearer. “Your path is your path, and you will find it no matter what you think.”copyright protection54PENANAWhUAaxv2qi

Tough love? Tch. She now clenched her jaw. “I am the Queen of Night, and the end of my journey.”copyright protection54PENANAlyOpfWIpJm

“Yet troubled.”copyright protection54PENANAOuIjwAbWUV

A sudden sigh. “Aye.”copyright protection54PENANAKRcErncWqC

The Faery Queen softly laid a hand upon her pale brow.copyright protection54PENANAfLb4aq0SQK

She closed her eyes. Help me.copyright protection54PENANAfFfYZLyaIs

After a long moment…copyright protection54PENANA5ski7LFjI6

… the Faery Queen withdrew her hand, and both her eyebrows drew upwards. “Things are changed,” she breathed.copyright protection54PENANAWXR722y3Vp

She opened her eyes. “In what way?”copyright protection54PENANANb4293OHew

You both know.copyright protection54PENANAajZuB6fhpY

The Faery Queen smiled gently. “So it can speak after all,” she murmured. “Hello, little one.”copyright protection54PENANAnlVfsYi01d

Little one? In the cage, only.copyright protection54PENANApPouRxyGfM

Are they truly speaking? A frown spread across her bonewhite face. “So you CAN speak with others?”copyright protection54PENANAdq5cUHiaYH

A feeling of amusementI don’t know. Can I?copyright protection54PENANA8m34Bw2Tx3

The Faery Queen shook her head, disappointed. “You are rude not to properly introduce us, Daughter Dear.”copyright protection54PENANA7XSvrK30rj

Silence.copyright protection54PENANAMEJRREy9Ox

“It is a… Glory.”copyright protection54PENANARXTV1ur3oY

“A Glory.” The Faery Queen slowly floated around the faintly glowing cage, considering it. “Of which there are many. Wind and water, flame and sky, dark and light, blind and wise.”copyright protection54PENANA7vV01nL5nc

Tension.copyright protection54PENANAo9R81IMASA

“But what kind is this one?”copyright protection54PENANA7Jx1Ezw6DU

The kindcopyright protection54PENANA4Lq0LsnxxL

“–that does not talk over its betters”, the Queen of Night finished harshly, glaring at the faintly glowing silver cage…copyright protection54PENANAJWVA4WjRxb

A feeling of irritation.copyright protection54PENANAsFV0GAzdGc

It–copyright protection54PENANA7LYyLJ09gy

Withdrawalcopyright protection54PENANAV0uQBzNUrk

Goldenslaughter glared upon it a moment longer, then finally turned back to find the Faery Queen staring at her. She flushed. “Apologies, Mother of My Heart.”copyright protection54PENANA6TZ1TGCsTi

“For your behavior?”copyright protection54PENANAF13EAPnAZE

Goldenslaughter frowned. “Excuse me?”copyright protection54PENANA9UFEKgdybE

The Faery Queen slowly drifted to the side, passing from her direct line of sight. “You will never get anywhere with it that way.”copyright protection54PENANASiySkryWUs

Goldenslaughter turned, with her dark eyes narrowing. “What do you mean?”copyright protection54PENANAeAuie48CF7

“Are you not trying to forge a Bond?” the Faery Queen asked, while now slowly circling around her little one. “A Glory is to be wooed, not conquered in kind.”copyright protection54PENANAhO2WsNdGlp

Goldenslaughter twisted about, keeping the other in her sight. “There is something that I want.”copyright protection54PENANAleHT62lFYf

“From me? Or the Glory?”copyright protection54PENANA8dPCw4GEGl

“From the world,” she stated firmly.copyright protection54PENANAMXaOUCC8jX

The Faery Queen finally slowed her circling… then stopped, hovering in place again before the burbling pool and rising flowered tiers. “It must come from YOU first. Not your subjects, the Glory, the Lady, the Slythy, or myself.”copyright protection54PENANAxEbfxihSYg

Her expression suddenly went blank. “Do not speak of that one in my presence.”copyright protection54PENANA86tYJZ2pDJ

The Faery Queen shook her head. “Daughter Grown Cold.”copyright protection54PENANALqGVeByQJR

Goldenslaughter stood now, pulling up the cage to wrap both of her bonewhite arms around it again. “For the love we share, I will ask you this only once: how might I draw the hidden Power I seek and bind it to my Will, forever?”copyright protection54PENANAOhv0w3iOWh

The Faery Queen gave her a sad smile. “If you continue as you are, then it is impossible.”copyright protection54PENANA44ox27x5wb

Her teeth ground together. Of course. Why am I surprised? She curtseyed low, her long blue-black hair obscuring her face. “Thank you for your counsel. But I will find a way.”copyright protection54PENANAOiBvdQ6LHQ

“Goldenslaughter…”copyright protection54PENANACv78vDbOs7

The dark immortal one did not slow, however: quick steps took her back out amongst the section of dark, shadowed trees, the area somehow seeming darker now. Her eyes were unexpectedly wet as the Faen forest around her became blurry in her vision, while she gradually left behind the pure radiance of the Faery Queen...copyright protection54PENANA6wcu4fBBk8

Or it will find you.copyright protection54PENANAM8qoEEeLqV

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