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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Apr 10, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lPUua2CEGFqTjfIzAj81posted on PENANA

The Council Room was elegant. Its four great curving walls were covered by rich tapestries depicting her legendary exploits on the field of battle, gilt side-tables bore scrolls, tools and charts, and a big circular onyx table dominated the middle. Yet while elaborately carved witchwood chairs ringed the table…copyright protection59PENANAeiXONJdNYd

Grrr.copyright protection59PENANAnk2hOcjrR0

.. the loyal subdenizen Captains, wearing rusty armor or old uniforms, currently sitting in those chairs were not.copyright protection59PENANA6hTpxCZ7V7

What counsel from such counselors?copyright protection59PENANA9ap6YdQc0P

The grey goblin, Captain Urgo, picked a long claw between his sharp yellow teeth, snorting. “Yeah. Then we flogged the runt for lack of discipline.”copyright protection59PENANApo9rFYEZqv

“Cheating at cards is lack of discipline?” Rel piped up. Being a pixie, her curly-haired head barely cleared the tabletop even though she was standing upon her seat.copyright protection59PENANA0xMTXkwWss

Urgo grinned. “No, but letting em know you cheat is.”copyright protection59PENANA3CCtJBGzNG

Fools. I am surrounded by fools.copyright protection59PENANAod4yEKwjKX

Rel smiled. Captain Murt chortled, the fat troll being a natural raconteur. Feasal just sniffed, disdainful. But…copyright protection59PENANAOKuBErVano

Although one remains of the true steel…copyright protection59PENANACr0fUJQAjE

Her fierce Were, Captain Rolf, growled: “enough chatter.” Massively muscular, he remained straight-backed in spotless dark armor, and was the only one looking competently martial. “Queen of Night: why have you called this meeting?”copyright protection59PENANAhHRmfw7MPR

Goldenslaughter remained silent in the dark, highbacked chair at the head of the table. Wearing a black cloak, with its black hood up and her bonewhite fingers still steepled before her, she seemed an ominous figure limned by the burning green witchfyre flames in the fireplace behind her…copyright protection59PENANAJECeggFbq3

“Aye,” Urgo grumbled. “Our warriors are stout, the castle is strong, and the Realm secure.”copyright protection59PENANAA3uAiok9ZD

Murt chortled. “Here here! Will you be rewarding us?”copyright protection59PENANAOhkGEAcLn2

Enough. The Queen of Night finally smiled, her red-lipped expression looking dangerous within her shadowed cowl. “No. The opposite, mayhaps.”copyright protection59PENANAD6HfkXw09W

Murt blanched. Urgo cleared his throat. Rel tittered nervously. Feasal merely waited. However: Rolf growled, never cowed. “Tell us what is to be done.”copyright protection59PENANA3J0ykjXEsW

“What is to be done,” the Queen of Night began sweetly, before abruptly slamming both of her slender, bonewhite hands down HARD against the tabletop (which immediately cracked in spirals from the points of contact), “is to put my house back in order!”copyright protection59PENANAiheCXSd9EA

How forceful.copyright protection59PENANAciHTy2Q430

Captain Rel bounced on her chair, agitated. “Your word is law, Queen of Night!” Murt rumbled agreement. Urgo echoed it. Feasal muttered. Rolf frowned, but nodded.copyright protection59PENANA16J1F3kCIN

Better. Goldenslaughter leaned forward. “Allow me to explain: I was absent from certain affairs for some time, but no longer. As it was, so shall it become again.” A pause. “Yes,” she finally hissed, “whispers have reached me, and portents, of a growing threat…”copyright protection59PENANAz04ND1GQbl

Murt grimaced. Urgo frowned. Rel issues a high pitched growl. Feasal shook his head. Rolf bared his fangs…copyright protection59PENANArnE9hcc8gf

Goldenslaughter’s eyes flicked right. “Rel: resume pixie patrols around Caer Nocht. Stealth is key, for the threat is general. Let me know of anything out of place, even if it is just a feeling.”copyright protection59PENANA8hmSi1VDDD

The pixie Captain bounced on her chair, excited. “Your Will!”copyright protection59PENANAqdDu1hvI8H

“Murt.”copyright protection59PENANA3z4IJmUVub

The fat troll snorted uneasily. “Yes?”copyright protection59PENANAaDswvLxqpb

Goldenslaughter sneered. “You will pick a few of your cleverest fellows and see them posted at key points in the subterranean levels to remain slumbering, until my signal. I will speak to the spirits myself, but Feasal will aide you with the rest.”copyright protection59PENANA4PoIkpZP77

Murt grumbled. Feasal nodded primly…copyright protection59PENANAwbHBTqXOls

“Feasal.”copyright protection59PENANAZw5s2Adz1C

… and his wizened, gnomish face suddenly bore an expression of surprise. “My Queen?”copyright protection59PENANAL6s9OMzOCG

“I would place a few pixies in your service as runners to speed communication among my forces.” She grimaced. “And I would have you begin bringing me weekly reports on the state of the castle: supplies, expenditures, the staff...”copyright protection59PENANAW9SELL4Jzq

Feasal smiled at his long asked for reports finally approved, and nodded again. “Your will.”copyright protection59PENANAbzWh1ZSfyU

Goldenslaughter turned once more. “Urgo: new equipment will be delivered from Bailig. Double drills for the Goblin Corps, and prepare a special unit to send to the border. Emissaries will arrive through Abstraction in three day’s time, to be delivered straight away to the castle.”copyright protection59PENANASk0ktP72DJ

The grey goblin puffed up. “I’ll do as you say.” He frowned. “But who might these visitors be, my Queen?”copyright protection59PENANAJATBeEnjnW

Queen Goldenslaughter slowly rose back to standing, while her dark eyes began to burn darker within the shadow of her black cowl. “Emissaries from the Sun Prince.”copyright protection59PENANAJzwGQxFJMe

A moment’s shocked silence followed her entirely unexpected pronouncement…copyright protection59PENANADEyDZ2s656

… until her Captain became incensed, issuing forth an expected tide of rising discord.copyright protection59PENANAQOGJqUoNeM

Goldenslaughter let it all wash over her.copyright protection59PENANAKXlgDcNjVz

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