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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Apr 17, 2016
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!IXPnxxQbv1k464OjVpMwposted on PENANA

Perfect void. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection109PENANAXQ5AkFGhSn

The primordial dark.copyright protection109PENANAFBkvYS2P4y

copyright protection109PENANARpDXtrhpR3

A ripple.copyright protection109PENANAWPT1peH5vz

I…copyright protection109PENANAsbbNGaGJZL

More ripples shivered the Absolute.copyright protection109PENANAhRaUOEm63d

Am…copyright protection109PENANA9Z230shHxN

Forming gradually now out of infinite nothing was…copyright protection109PENANAh0YsOECvnC

Goldenslaughter.copyright protection109PENANAgFtqAi5Wo8

copyright protection109PENANAax7dA7FSPd

Goldenslaughter floated within the true heart of Night. Basking and comforted amidst soothing perfect black, she curled into a fetal position while shivering in pleasure…copyright protection109PENANAF6eDz2ibxG

Solitude. Love. Unity.copyright protection109PENANAOOlhfVzkSX

… and nothing but the Absolute for her to process. If not for thought, she would not know existence.copyright protection109PENANAs3vAg6IWYx

Home.copyright protection109PENANA9DEnhdqzpY

Her mind was free, but…copyright protection109PENANAfdMBv2x4mp

A question: what is the world?copyright protection109PENANA2OtxoKE6GC

While inside of this divine Plane representing her dark Power’s abstract Absolute Essence, nothing outside of this new experience seemed to have weight, or heat. A curious thing…copyright protection109PENANAEQgiexwF7W

Feeling.copyright protection109PENANADn9qYFsvKO

So…copyright protection109PENANAVMDok28Y9P

Goldenslaughter slowly delved within now, flowing through the cold dark parting easily. No resistance, yet textured in passing. She then abruptly darted, spinning, and shot off, Abstracting faster and faster and faster still, with no unhappy sense of distance, surging to a pace of existence beyond understanding, until…copyright protection109PENANABOGR6UpDzx

Let go she.copyright protection109PENANAzdUJDTo5p8

… and the built up momentum carried her forward alone now, with her arms wrapped around herself, unseen…copyright protection109PENANAUkVyJgASfK

Intimate, sensual, vast.copyright protection109PENANAHQynIEi8iS

Always feeling borne up, she slowly immersed towards the past present future. Within growing certainty…copyright protection109PENANAFR5ABJtZPS

Here.copyright protection109PENANA8Kd4iWkSOz

There was familiarity. And there was kinship.copyright protection109PENANACwqaU8Pdg8

And…copyright protection109PENANA5W0bwBV0BK

And…copyright protection109PENANASKu6OM28FR

And…copyright protection109PENANAHio7tigivx

Ease. Something beyond. Connection…copyright protection109PENANAqBtrM02I0D

Yes.copyright protection109PENANAsTnXZcK2kp

She knew this place (and it knew her). Truth was kindling with her into an idea…copyright protection109PENANAT2IhabAqt5

I can control this. If I choose.copyright protection109PENANAXUHrlurocr

Lust. Warming. A rushing dark representating perfect brilliant stillness while she reached out, her (insignificant) monolithic Will brushing against this favorite expression of the Absolute existence which seeped into her, tingling…copyright protection109PENANA2ElqCkCmmW

coolingcopyright protection109PENANAMgZuy9F8A9

shudderingcopyright protection109PENANAey4VZqpqOB

cold. Her emotion gave way to logic, the logic became concept, and concept returned to form…copyright protection109PENANASRgdhSyTeU

Goldenslaughter…copyright protection109PENANAQ1bPvJZaRz

She was becoming less, now…copyright protection109PENANAk57o16OqxD

Am…copyright protection109PENANA2quiDMbbGq

The weight of black…copyright protection109PENANA6wrhmW0m7S

I.copyright protection109PENANAVrY3PZaEqH

Ripples shivered the Absolute. Slowing, until…copyright protection109PENANAhs8LLLyWXe

Stillness.copyright protection109PENANAm3KNl7KmtR

copyright protection109PENANAepids7cCLD

The primordial dark. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection109PENANAk35sPQenNb

Perfect Void.copyright protection109PENANAB9fmXBtHXX

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