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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Apr 17, 2016
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!YBsNZWyauumVz7u6tcQvposted on PENANA

Perfect void. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection96PENANAYwCjTAqeDl

The primordial dark.copyright protection96PENANAHBWapW7X6B

copyright protection96PENANAssw2A083dZ

A ripple.copyright protection96PENANAzbvcupNVDq

I…copyright protection96PENANAgl2dvr9Cpg

More ripples shivered the Absolute.copyright protection96PENANAeRJKTjL2nY

Am…copyright protection96PENANA1Xax9FWXAA

Forming gradually now out of infinite nothing was…copyright protection96PENANAnRWq4rRe4g

Goldenslaughter.copyright protection96PENANAui8e32xP4V

copyright protection96PENANAO6SYD2DAZe

Goldenslaughter floated within the true heart of Night. Basking and comforted amidst soothing perfect black, she curled into a fetal position while shivering in pleasure…copyright protection96PENANAan56NayFoC

Solitude. Love. Unity.copyright protection96PENANAVTV47Z6FOa

… and nothing but the Absolute for her to process. If not for thought, she would not know existence.copyright protection96PENANAAChtBUwevw

Home.copyright protection96PENANAsFTyMHIlm6

Her mind was free, but…copyright protection96PENANAYi0Tm7SsNH

A question: what is the world?copyright protection96PENANADnjURVPn9k

While inside of this divine Plane representing her dark Power’s abstract Absolute Essence, nothing outside of this new experience seemed to have weight, or heat. A curious thing…copyright protection96PENANATC0NaNvT8S

Feeling.copyright protection96PENANA06a00x8TZV

So…copyright protection96PENANAACjUxaPmyZ

Goldenslaughter slowly delved within now, flowing through the cold dark parting easily. No resistance, yet textured in passing. She then abruptly darted, spinning, and shot off, Abstracting faster and faster and faster still, with no unhappy sense of distance, surging to a pace of existence beyond understanding, until…copyright protection96PENANAGrCGfMtKGC

Let go she.copyright protection96PENANACGJNGKkODj

… and the built up momentum carried her forward alone now, with her arms wrapped around herself, unseen…copyright protection96PENANAKeW39ueYQM

Intimate, sensual, vast.copyright protection96PENANAYweAdtnHe3

Always feeling borne up, she slowly immersed towards the past present future. Within growing certainty…copyright protection96PENANAjRJ2EqMYeq

Here.copyright protection96PENANAiZEf3OJhMz

There was familiarity. And there was kinship.copyright protection96PENANA4L6ilkLJ10

And…copyright protection96PENANAMkRwnvWaub

And…copyright protection96PENANABMbf1e4LwQ

And…copyright protection96PENANAkACrSYLEHM

Ease. Something beyond. Connection…copyright protection96PENANAEu7w1v1XFv

Yes.copyright protection96PENANA9gikwjzA45

She knew this place (and it knew her). Truth was kindling with her into an idea…copyright protection96PENANArpF3Qy2CcJ

I can control this. If I choose.copyright protection96PENANAoRewnf1pdG

Lust. Warming. A rushing dark representating perfect brilliant stillness while she reached out, her (insignificant) monolithic Will brushing against this favorite expression of the Absolute existence which seeped into her, tingling…copyright protection96PENANAUnXdHuxg4C

coolingcopyright protection96PENANAmw11ASzCuM

shudderingcopyright protection96PENANAmTDBp1Qqq4

cold. Her emotion gave way to logic, the logic became concept, and concept returned to form…copyright protection96PENANA7lr5y9z5qE

Goldenslaughter…copyright protection96PENANAHMaJNLBno6

She was becoming less, now…copyright protection96PENANA9K0NlqOcRe

Am…copyright protection96PENANAhZzI47SEdi

The weight of black…copyright protection96PENANAiU4tDSeffC

I.copyright protection96PENANAmpnncJN0VF

Ripples shivered the Absolute. Slowing, until…copyright protection96PENANAfcEOVIWOma

Stillness.copyright protection96PENANA6F4b8I3mYj

copyright protection96PENANAZlJmIV5wW1

The primordial dark. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection96PENANAbbeP0ayXYV

Perfect Void.copyright protection96PENANA74AcgJVk6T

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