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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Apr 17, 2016
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!4yoTWH7jOAOssP2agkQ2posted on PENANA

Perfect void. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection82PENANA2ignAJmtxu

The primordial dark.copyright protection82PENANAXC3mv03DjR

copyright protection82PENANAd7kFXnQdHH

A ripple.copyright protection82PENANAgKZx7Agt4O

I…copyright protection82PENANAY1q2nV2rzm

More ripples shivered the Absolute.copyright protection82PENANAiMuDss0jGI

Am…copyright protection82PENANA0Ws0uAAL4F

Forming gradually now out of infinite nothing was…copyright protection82PENANAz3GZ54V8vu

Goldenslaughter.copyright protection82PENANAvOhZsKrs37

copyright protection82PENANAb44D5zeGki

Goldenslaughter floated within the true heart of Night. Basking and comforted amidst soothing perfect black, she curled into a fetal position while shivering in pleasure…copyright protection82PENANAlUm2Tr7PAC

Solitude. Love. Unity.copyright protection82PENANAj5rB5Tlxmp

… and nothing but the Absolute for her to process. If not for thought, she would not know existence.copyright protection82PENANAFxuKazjpgE

Home.copyright protection82PENANAIBy4EsvLh6

Her mind was free, but…copyright protection82PENANAoBcPchIyP4

A question: what is the world?copyright protection82PENANAYuBteM3xbj

While inside of this divine Plane representing her dark Power’s abstract Absolute Essence, nothing outside of this new experience seemed to have weight, or heat. A curious thing…copyright protection82PENANAbTVKYzcukt

Feeling.copyright protection82PENANAAI5Myi4gRT

So…copyright protection82PENANAlPnXiBJl9V

Goldenslaughter slowly delved within now, flowing through the cold dark parting easily. No resistance, yet textured in passing. She then abruptly darted, spinning, and shot off, Abstracting faster and faster and faster still, with no unhappy sense of distance, surging to a pace of existence beyond understanding, until…copyright protection82PENANAFlPA5N9ihu

Let go she.copyright protection82PENANAMRdREL9I20

… and the built up momentum carried her forward alone now, with her arms wrapped around herself, unseen…copyright protection82PENANABnQYk9A4vK

Intimate, sensual, vast.copyright protection82PENANAZa5PKbCUtU

Always feeling borne up, she slowly immersed towards the past present future. Within growing certainty…copyright protection82PENANApfMC7qng9p

Here.copyright protection82PENANAhKN8J7hkbN

There was familiarity. And there was kinship.copyright protection82PENANA4bXa0IlDDP

And…copyright protection82PENANAy25kEcL2tU

And…copyright protection82PENANArLFeTombJy

And…copyright protection82PENANAYNKWXKEjoh

Ease. Something beyond. Connection…copyright protection82PENANA9WkfhYr30V

Yes.copyright protection82PENANAYsHDHB24NL

She knew this place (and it knew her). Truth was kindling with her into an idea…copyright protection82PENANACLzmIx7mQw

I can control this. If I choose.copyright protection82PENANAE0tYfKXHNX

Lust. Warming. A rushing dark representating perfect brilliant stillness while she reached out, her (insignificant) monolithic Will brushing against this favorite expression of the Absolute existence which seeped into her, tingling…copyright protection82PENANADLqkp8WrcJ

coolingcopyright protection82PENANAdOvMbdjiAa

shudderingcopyright protection82PENANAOeahdp2a7Q

cold. Her emotion gave way to logic, the logic became concept, and concept returned to form…copyright protection82PENANA8KCz51H1tT

Goldenslaughter…copyright protection82PENANAKGHftStMb3

She was becoming less, now…copyright protection82PENANAXZh7hvxjGE

Am…copyright protection82PENANAaOpMnuN5vh

The weight of black…copyright protection82PENANAYgYGwrzZeK

I.copyright protection82PENANA2bKkj2PQlv

Ripples shivered the Absolute. Slowing, until…copyright protection82PENANAvwkUiIp6NU

Stillness.copyright protection82PENANAnMblsHN1H1

copyright protection82PENANALJdw4wyUmU

The primordial dark. Endless black still, and pure…copyright protection82PENANApSqKMItcPg

Perfect Void.copyright protection82PENANA6d2iyv0mwH

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