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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Jan 15, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1XwKXBtGygba4KTFAm3Eposted on PENANA

The Feasting Hall's tables were crowded that night with raucous subdenizens (goblins, pixies, ogres, and Weres) sitting at table, all illuminated garish green by witchfyre torches burning along the dark, faintly crystalline walls. Treys piled high with food and drink steadily weaved through the press, carried high by gnome servitors wearing purple and black livery...copyright protection148PENANAPlNlByLA55

And yet...copyright protection148PENANAF62cRZOkGm

Goldenslaughter was not enthralled. With her skin bonewhite again during the night, the dark immortal one's slender form was eerily beautiful (while clad a black gown) as she remained slouched in her throne-like chair at the empty high table atop the Dais. Still gazing down critically upon her minions, she now placed one of her black-slippered feet (almost insolently) up against the table's edge...copyright protection148PENANAASwFCqkdMo

A cheer went up after the roast boar appeared.copyright protection148PENANARCJFYkdJVi

It is not the same. She sighed.copyright protection148PENANAPBpRNgRBBy

Puffed up, loyal and content, the military rabble assembled here were merely the soft descendants of the original fierce subdenizen mercenary force she had led to final victory during her ancient vale Conquering War. Sadly: each generation had a duller edge than the last, with her current forces now more accustomed to feasting than fighting. They called themselves "dark warriors", yet had still never been truly tested anywhere but upon the practice yard...copyright protection148PENANAYcqvS3VcgH

Goldenslaughter sneered. What a joke.copyright protection148PENANAB8jkNhF11A

Seemingly appearing from thin air (in that almost uncanny way he had), Feasal now stepped smoothly into place beside her.copyright protection148PENANAkQbKIZ1ABD

"A goblet of Semblanc," she ordered him churlishly, not turning from her dark appraisal of the troops...copyright protection148PENANA8AQz5ID0VT

The ancient gnome descended back down the steps quickly and left the Feasting Hall, almost immediately returning to ascend the Dais steps while bearing a full goblet–copyright protection148PENANAHw21QPjwRk

Queen Goldenslaughter was already standing beside the high table, impatiently waiting his return. "Give me that," she snapped, snatching the goblet up while descending past him down the steps, before she smoothly slipped into the dark passage waiting behind the Dais...copyright protection148PENANA6bbiWUiXuU

Gone.copyright protection148PENANAADuqdz8Qz3

What are we even celebrating? More of the countless dull years passing? Tch. As if drudgery is a feat of reknown. Stalking away down the shadowed, faintly crystalline dark hallway away from the continued revelry, she passed numerous rusty relics and tarnished trophies gathering dust upon dark podiums lining the way. Her critical eye noted her faded banners hung limp up against the dark walls, but she ascended the dark-shadowed stairs at the end of the hall without delay, steadily climbing towards a private, quiet, and elegant spacious upper hallway where a wide wooden door, set in the far wall, was guarded by a gleaming suit of empty black armor...copyright protection148PENANAKhzMiqCBWt

The Wraith Knight.copyright protection148PENANAW3F7mB1Fyw

My loyal one will never judge me. Goldenslaughter downed the contents of her goblet in one gulp anyway, then threw it behind to clatter down the steps as she reached the upper hallway...copyright protection148PENANAz9a3znCIec

The Wraith Knight's helmet turned, with a slight skree.copyright protection148PENANAMZtmLMMonJ

... and the Queen now smoothly glided past her tireless undead Champion, before opening the wide wooden door, which let escape a soft glow, then slipped inside and quickly shut it firmly behind her, *click*. Now we shall see what we shall see. Pressing her back against the wooden door, she smiled slyly: her black antechamber was empty but for the faintly glowing silver cage, surrounded by looping designs of shining blood, waiting there upon the center of the dark, faintly crystalline floor. Mmmmm. This time I will not fail to finally draw you out, and firmly bind you. She stepped gracefully forward, twining a curl of her long blue-black hair with one pale finger while beginning a slow circling of the binding design. Simply watching the faintly glowing cage within at first, she then briefly hummed to clear her throat, before bringing one of her bonewhite hands up to lightly touch three of her fingers to her bonewhite neck and begin humming: the sound smoothly doubling, and trebling, so that it seemed as if three separate voices were now humming together in harmonious chorus...copyright protection148PENANARjNxr98tOH

Relaxing. Intoning. Bewitching.copyright protection148PENANAZnQarqx48M

Shimmering formed above the bloody design, the shimmering then slowly beginning to shine darkly, with sorcerous coercion...copyright protection148PENANAgULKhxw4VU

Her eyes narrowed.copyright protection148PENANANNeAkFKt8z

The white glow within the silver cage still shone clear.copyright protection148PENANAa8X1iorQtz

Goldenslaughter stopped humming, and spoke: "caged one, my Glory dear, come forth from shroud, to near." Each word echoed thrice, girded Powerfully with the Aspect of command...copyright protection148PENANADKuouLW1QR

The white glow within the silver cage still shone clear.copyright protection148PENANAVDF9eZOZsX

Goldenslaughter frowned, then breathed in deeply, let a smile replace it, and began to sing the high, sweet verses of "Loves Approach". Cajoling, in harmonious tripled entreaty, by using an ancient tale of admiration, love, and hope...copyright protection148PENANAyD6vEoU5fn

The white glow within the silver cage still shone clear.copyright protection148PENANAFS89hCVdDL

Her expectant expression twisted foul, then she began cursing the cage in that same tripled voice...copyright protection148PENANA5ypKIEKwEc

Denigrating. Vilifying. Berating.copyright protection148PENANAucPAItZDze

The white glow within the silver cage still shone clear.copyright protection148PENANA1e79opMjDp

Goldenslaughter grimaced and became sad. She pleaded now, begging forgiveness. Asking just for a chance, any chance, to prove herself...copyright protection148PENANA5IYvtGaddO

The white glow within the silver cage still shone clear.copyright protection148PENANAqH1giJKhnj

Stubborn still. If neither seduction, slander nor soft words will serve to move it, then perhaps brute force IS the only way. Finally bringing her circular pacing of the bloody designs to a stop, she faced the cage and fixed it firmly with her dread gaze...copyright protection148PENANAwoxExV3jfG

FocusWillAbsolute.copyright protection148PENANAJlpIRSo16C

The Queen of Night gently placed a single bonewhite finger against her bonewhite throat and began, with her dread voice, to Sing in words of Power–copyright protection148PENANAPwjQMBAwTX

Enchantments will not serve in this.copyright protection148PENANAQqmn4Uj7ez

Oh! Goldenslaughter paused, allowing the echoes of her words to fade away before she quickly crossed the bloody designs and kneeled down before the cage (unmindfully leaving her black gown spread wide across the wet ground behind her). "Are you speaking in my mind?"copyright protection148PENANAOXUeFL74Nd

A feeling of amusementAm I?copyright protection148PENANAGCK0txC44v

She cackled.152Please respect copyright.PENANAaWt5b9QidE
copyright protection148PENANA1UVnh0hB8v

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