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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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The Town
Mathew Babaoye
Mar 26, 2016
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jCrXFa9AQUEz5nBTHdi0posted on PENANA

Golden sunlight played hide and seek among the heavy clouds all day long, but during late evening now cast long shadows from the edge of the ancient forests interior treeline out across a brief stretch of grassland bordering Town: a small settlement originally, the steady varnish of bountiful peace had grown this medieval enclave somewhat grander over recent centuries until its legendary goldenwood buildings dominated the view, uniformly red roofs spanning warm out into the distance…copyright protection76PENANAqa1kS2cod6

… unearthly hush spread…copyright protection76PENANAHwJ9uokEYb

The dark encircling mountains of the ancient Realm lost the last glimmer of the sinking golden sun, leaving the now brilliantly orange and purple overcast sky darkening further, into…copyright protection76PENANAyDKE1lxJzQ

Night.copyright protection76PENANAJZ0LkSNxg1

The moment. Goldenslaughter, wearing a black cloak with its black hood up, emerged smoothly from the treeline now, brushing her monolithic Will against the surrounding shadows and infusing a minimal amount of her immense Power to begin curling them upwards. The ensorcelled shadows smoothly enveloped her paling form until she eventually seemed a dark wraith trailing shadow while gliding into the outskirts of Town…copyright protection76PENANAEYxn82MtGK

Her eyes narrowed.copyright protection76PENANAEeopSqKq9k

The first cobbled street was empty.copyright protection76PENANAgSjgEE9rbq

My Glory project kept me too long away, but my people will know me well again, soon enough. She glided through the outskirts unseen, but it quickly cheered her to see that traditional sign of her dark Rule hung gaily above every mantle: a crude stick figure of twined black briar. Still following the rhythm established by her entrance now, she began to hum while also drawing a bonewhite hand out from her enveloping wraith-shadows to start brushing her bonewhite fingertips against certain doorways, her dark Essence suffused outwards and causing local shadows left behind to begin stirring…copyright protection76PENANAtPp0dy3Z1J

Dark Blessings.copyright protection76PENANAKFY85RyQhI

Queen Goldenslaughter wound steadily inwards along the outer streets of Town (occasionally passing intersections showing distant light and sound from the central gathering). The streets grew slowly moon-silvered on her traditional blessing route, and the goldenwood buildings gently dulled amber with the sun fully gone, although still remained beautiful among the enlivening shadows. A bright, gibbous moon crowned the distant encircling mountains, where some heights were becoming softly luminous with the low, gently rippling aurora of Elementals…copyright protection76PENANAaxBtOf8YHj

Eh? Pausing suddenly, she then gazed upon a lone stone building unexpectedly bright with light, and loud with an angry voice, in the dark street ahead of her. They should all be gone to the Square in celebration of my divinity! What arrogance. She slipped near the building and settled beside one of its bright windows to waite there like a dark shadow, Sourceless.copyright protection76PENANAoa9Obnmemo

“We should go,” came a worried feminine voice from inside of the residence…copyright protection76PENANAY64Wf9NOZ5

The Queen of Night slowly eased upwards now, finally peering through the open window upon a red-faced bearded man sitting at table, the roaring hearth fire behind him casting dancing shadows across the otherwise dim interior. “A fool’s holiday,” he complained loudly, and slurped from his mug of ale before glowering across the room…copyright protection76PENANAw9C7DrmLp4

Her eyes flicked.copyright protection76PENANA5OefDqC0EZ

A slender woman, nursing her baby, was sitting across the room by a shadowed rear passage. “Her Power is real,” she said softly.copyright protection76PENANAoD6tAmDoaC

Good…copyright protection76PENANAtGM6OqxbcX

The cobbler was quiet for a moment, then slammed his mug back down upon the tabletop in sudden anger, splashing ale. “I’ll not hear such from you!” he snarled.copyright protection76PENANAfhMuxpUapz

A low cry from their baby...copyright protection76PENANA9OdgiNCVbM

The cobbler froze, then looked ashamed at his outburst, turning away with his bleary eyes downcast. Muttering: “and there are others to worship…”copyright protection76PENANAyEtkLhKitW

Others? Goldenslaughter sniffed the air carefully now, catching a particular scent which still lingered, faintly…copyright protection76PENANAgIe2dMs8WS

The Slythy.copyright protection76PENANAH6HVmZIZUU

While the unhappy couple continued their blasphemous discussion inside, the Queen of Night placed two wraithlike fingers against her wraithlike throat and now began circling their building while humming softly in doubled tone and trailing her other hand against its outwards facing stone wall to imbue her primal Essence directly into the shadows. Once the circle was complete, she glided away, a dark wraith trailing shadow, as the now darkening, angrily stirring ensorcelled shadows began seeping under their door, and through their windows…copyright protection76PENANALszfNkxxD0

A shout. A loud cry. Then…copyright protection76PENANAuTJJWWvo4r

Silence.copyright protection76PENANAhMyYHVXqUR

Manfred has long been a rotten grouser, but who would ever have guessed I would have to chastise so strictly? Tch. But I am missing something here. The dark immortal one dwelt upon worst case scenarios for a time, while passing through the empty inner streets of the Town (still automatically blessing each building, all growing slightly brighter along the edges). Eventually dismissing away her concerns, she approached the final intersection, where light and sound from her traditional Holiday celebration Ruled. Obeisance is observed, and they also seem happy enough… for now. She kept to the shadows beside an edging building, and looked out upon Town Square...copyright protection76PENANAkGkTV7dsFR

Hundreds of her loyal subjects were out there among roaring bonfires, and the Holiday’s traditional black and purple lanterns were strung overhead. Many were seated at long, rough wooden feasting tables, or just dancing between them…copyright protection76PENANAtaKcTH9o5e

Goldenslaughter felt unexpected pride.copyright protection76PENANAQm0pkIki9e

Hers were a people slender, lovely, and vivacious. Mortal still, but over lengthening generations they had gradually changed into something more than human by the generous, and infusing magic of her Realm…copyright protection76PENANA9tUunQBAih

So…copyright protection76PENANArMrcYkT7JZ

A tall, watchful statue of dark beauty (meant to represent her true, divine form) stood upon a wide grey plinth amidst the central clearing. However: she barely glanced at it, and also ignored most of the commoners to stare instead upon the Guildsmen, all wearing finery or tradespun, and upon the Forestwalkers, all clad in their traditional green cloak. Strong for mortals, but loyal enough, and nothing compared to my own dark Power. Staring longer upon the Mayor, and even longer still upon the Sun Priest…copyright protection76PENANAlzmmZH5jZe

Her eyes narrowed.copyright protection76PENANAx9HsD4jfFB

She didn’t like him. The unfortunate reality of politics, eh? The Sun Prince had proven a useful ally in the past, and had so far only ever provided her good, Powerful fun without pressing her as others attempted. But he somehow tricked me into signing a treaty. Tch. But its still nothing to fear: I gave up nothing in it, and with my Realm’s position only metaphysically bordering his Kingdom in the wider world, an invasion through Abstraction would prove impossible for him. Yes, indeed: I am no easy gatekeeper.…copyright protection76PENANAw7nXkmiet1

And yet…copyright protection76PENANAdPBAcAhhTh

Goldenslaughter was still suspiciously watching the old, white-bearded Sun Priest. Foisted upon her as part of the treaty (and her own Night Priest exchanged), he had been a model citizen over the years, although she had never been able to fully trust him. With his gold chain glinting over the front of his white robes, he smiled and continued talking with a young couple. The proud husband now laughed, while bouncing a baby upon his knee. Pah. An old man is less than nothing…copyright protection76PENANAwrrdU5idkY

Her eyes flicked.copyright protection76PENANAPR6dOqz6E3

There were few children among her subjects, although a distant group played among stacks of wood.copyright protection76PENANA8STJt5kLne

Seeing this (and remembering a little one fearlessly bold who had promised to always do her bidding), Goldenslaughter now slowly withdrew from the festivities, fading back into darker shadows, to prepare a welcome…copyright protection76PENANA2TGt7ByqOT

copyright protection76PENANAoEKvRzWrGB

Laughter and shouts: among the stacks of wood, children ran shrieking, leaping, and tumbling, although one dark-haired boy (thinner than the rest and wearing thread-bare clothes) was sitting off by himself, and twining black briar deftly into a necklace…copyright protection76PENANAvOtpyXuTIS

A twitch of shadowy motion.copyright protection76PENANA7KLNeSoNjd

The boy looked up, briefly startled to see his own shadow gently beckoning for him to follow it. Looking about cautiously, he then slipped quietly away from the other children, walked nonchalantly across Town Square through the adults, and finally headed onto a dim sidestreet, among the shadows…copyright protection76PENANAHHRrdJ09bG

A strange whisper.copyright protection76PENANAKHve63bBWU

He followed her whisper, passing by dark, empty buildings until her whisper came within a dark, empty house. The handle gave when he tried it, so the little boy opened the door and slipped inside before shutting it firmly, but quietly behind himself again...copyright protection76PENANAt4EfST7hHq

Silence.copyright protection76PENANAuo8mPm6Qvi

The little boy hesitated.copyright protection76PENANAxgZ2v66HH3

Dark shadow and dark furniture stood alone across the dark interior. “Orphan Ilthen,” finally came her soft voice…copyright protection76PENANABa7gp0axhR

The boy turned smoothly towards her voice. “My Queen?”copyright protection76PENANAYMf795tfWZ

A green flame suddenly bloomed within her pale, cupped hands, softly illuminating the red-lipped smile upon her bonewhite face. "You play your part well,” she told him.copyright protection76PENANAytgxwMDCul

Ilthen smiled. “We are who we act.”copyright protection76PENANAF5wNmWNwt5

Her eyes narrowed.copyright protection76PENANAosREA0J3gG

Will, Power and Title were complex, with rules within rules. But one of the first lessons any magical practioner learned was that the Onta rewarded those who showed strongly in life, regardless of any other such consideration. The boy Ilthen himself was an orphan of uncertain future, but possessed a recklessness and desire for Power which oftimes reminded of her own young self. Halfway between her dark disciple and her spy, the Queen had tantalized and teased him for years, while barely considering whether or not he might ever serve a greater purpose for her…copyright protection76PENANA3O9kmF60iA

Goldenslaughter finally returned him a cruel smile. He may yetAs long as he remembers his place. “Truth,” she agreed softly. “Now tell me about the Town. Found truth. New truth. Secret truth.”copyright protection76PENANAmYGSL2Ozzi

“Y-yes.” He gulped. “Only: a poor orphan’s due?”copyright protection76PENANAEXLwBlwloN

“Mmm. All deserve comfort.”copyright protection76PENANA1sCbMZRSZ9

The candle blew out.copyright protection76PENANAtm79eTc3tL

Ilthen stifled a yelp of surprise.copyright protection76PENANAl8I7EjsbER

… and witchfyre suddenly burst into eerie life within the dark, cold fireplace. “Come join me.” The eerily beautiful Queen was now sitting gracefully in an armchair by the unholy flames. Wearing a circlet of living shadow upon her brow, and her long blue-black braid down the right shoulder of her black cloak, she gestured invitingly towards two steaming mugs set upon the small table…copyright protection76PENANAYGjAR6AIYA

“M-my thanks.” The little boy came over, sat down upon a stool and faced her across the small table. Reaching for a mug…copyright protection76PENANARsWZBaTNen

Goldenslaughter watched him like a hawk does prey.copyright protection76PENANAyAvhHaB9lg

Ilthen brought the steaming mug up for a hesitant sip, then made a pained sound and gently set it aside. “So. News.”copyright protection76PENANA0jWkUNqvwp

“News. So.”copyright protection76PENANA5oR1otchhq

Ilthen squirmed. “I would claim a bargain w–”copyright protection76PENANAFQ0b7HlIQG

The witchfyre went dim, and shadows began dancing along the edges of the room, drawing slowly closer…copyright protection76PENANAZR0VcVJDqf

“W–with any other! But for you…” He hesitated again. “I offer three truths, freely given.”copyright protection76PENANA3vDUw1oIjF

Abruptly: the witchfyre and shadows returned to normal.copyright protection76PENANA8Yw9aDQvmH

Ilthen blinked.copyright protection76PENANAblzbhL70px

Goldenslaughter pouted. “Three truths, only?”copyright protection76PENANAgs2TnzVLie

Ilthen shivered, then nodded gravely and gingerly picked up his steaming mug again. “Some truths of mine are not worth your time, my Queen.” He blew atop the mug before taking another sip. “Mm. This spice is good, but strong and strange. What gift this, on Dark Night?”copyright protection76PENANArrdXAnBrTY

Goldenslaughter laughed. “A draught from mine own private coffers: EverNight Brew.”copyright protection76PENANA84jIgBunCT

He paused, wary now...copyright protection76PENANAVSlYLJxHvQ

“There are no ill effects for mortals,” she promised him. “I have always enjoyed the taste, although my palate is unique.”copyright protection76PENANAWWh9URxvjq

Ilthen squinted at her, then took another sip. “Mm. My thanks.” He sighed and placed the steaming mug back down again. “But to return to your wants… well, for one: the Mayor met in secret with a certain devious Clansmen near a warehouse of the grain merchant. I was near, because–”copyright protection76PENANAtrvN9MpEa1

“–you are a shiftless, spying orphan,” she finished impatiently. “I know this truth: the night is my own. Tell me of the day...”copyright protection76PENANAx5TT3FCBm7

“Three truths of the day, of course.” He nodded to himself, then patted about his rumpled coat’s pockets and pulled out two wrapped sweets. “Want one?”copyright protection76PENANAri4IsZA0vT

“No.”copyright protection76PENANArZlWNvIc9S

Ilthen shrugged, putting one of the sweets away again before unwrapping the other and popping it in his mouth. “Three daylight truths for the Queen,” he said slowly, chewing. “Freely given for kindness shown, and worship granted.”copyright protection76PENANAdHY6A1MdD8

Goldenslaughter smiled. “Fair enough.”copyright protection76PENANAl4qqNTpoTU

“The first truth.” He swallowed the sweet. “Is that you ignore the Town at your peril.”copyright protection76PENANAikTEhGaZSj

Green witchfyre flickered angrily within the hearth, and Queen Goldenslaughter hissed: “careful, boy...”copyright protection76PENANAS61QdCSZPv

His eyes widened. “I am not threatening you! Please! Hear me.”copyright protection76PENANA7aAyBor0Nl

Silence.copyright protection76PENANAV6FOKXvVWo

“.. go on.”copyright protection76PENANAfPugGISyHH

Ilthen sighed. “Your absence was not brief for mortals, even so long lived as our people. Shadows remain still, with small affairs unsettled and doubts voiced, in daylight…”copyright protection76PENANA4PSFnt4PuR

Goldenslaughter smiled grimly. “You will tell me their names.”copyright protection76PENANAbpYReJOJEL

“I will! The Cobbler is always one, and old Graeme. They are unimportant though compared to my second truth: the Shaman’s apprentice also met with the Sun Priest.”copyright protection76PENANA8TAD9gl2P2

Her smile curdled. “You are sure of this?”copyright protection76PENANAKURCzf6D5A

Ilthen nodded. “Yes. Absolutely.”copyright protection76PENANAvg0t7edVXR

Goldenslaughter silently considered this for a time. “We shall see about that,” she finally growled. “Your third truth. Now.”copyright protection76PENANAH6KhJUy4Wn

“Third time pays for all,” he agreed. “The Slythy visited.”copyright protection76PENANA7GhZjQfpuk

Goldenslaughter frowned. “I knew this already: the Cobbler still reeked of its presence.”copyright protection76PENANA00B1uIfHEd

“But did you know that it was also skulking about the Mayor?”copyright protection76PENANAyljjD3db8a

... crackling witchfyre punctuated the silence…copyright protection76PENANAyfQQfaHuAb

“I saw the Slythy with my own eyes, leaving,” he continued determinedly, “and I didn’t hear what was said, but the Mayor looked afraid, afterwards.”copyright protection76PENANAPAcqCG8RnN

Goldenslaughter was silent for a long moment, with her fingers slowly beginning to tap against the armrests. Unexpectedly: she tittered. “That little toady, speaking out of turn. Townsfolk acting strange. And other wonders on the horizon. Tales of Three, let it be…”copyright protection76PENANA4W9ofMrtXz

Ilthen watched her uncertainly. “As you say, my Queen.”copyright protection76PENANADwPum4E3ze

The Queen of Night turned back and gave the little boy a last, speculative look, then slowly smiled. “Thank you for your service on this Dark Night, my night of worship. Close your eyes now, and receive my blessing.”copyright protection76PENANAfoPrOr8Xiw

Ilthen chewed his lip, but closed his eyes.copyright protection76PENANALnsULHGcaE

… crackling witchfyrecopyright protection76PENANAMNbBixGWBf

A brief, light touch of her hand upon his brow.copyright protection76PENANAaRD0jsrrpK

Silence.copyright protection76PENANAXa7q5T7M6i

Waiting… but nothing more. The orphan Ilthen opened his eyes to find the interior returned to darkness. His little mouth twisted: he was alone once more, in an empty house.copyright protection76PENANAqS6CuoaakL

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