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Redfall Loves You All
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Writer Bobby Coxx
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Redfall Loves You All
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1. High School Heroes
Bobby Coxx
Dec 4, 2015
18 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Z736jj4Z0AfZ7qFkReKtposted on PENANA

Rita Flynncopyright protection115PENANAUPo7JIdqeX

-President of the Redfall Class of 2016copyright protection115PENANA6d5akptpot

-Captain of the Redfall High Girls’ Track and Field Teamcopyright protection115PENANAZEs748sWnd

Rita leaned forward, pressed against the chain link fence. As the clock ticked lower and lower the students all around her grew more and more frantic. Most of them had surely been drinking and the game was now on the line, but she knew her friends would take care of business.copyright protection115PENANAqh2OpLwCbL

Third and long, Danny took the snap, dropped back. The offensive line met the defensive line with a crash and blocked the incoming flood of blue uniforms, giving Danny plenty of time to scan. A flash of red in the distance; Preston was open! Danny threw the ball and hopped backwards out of the way of an incoming defender.copyright protection115PENANAAhZFrk5UJt

Rita held her breath. Preston sprang into the air… and came down with the ball! Rita cheered as loud as she could, her voice lost out in the drunken screams of her classmates, and Preston sped past a pair of defenders into the end zone.copyright protection115PENANAoJ8RRcZj9m

“…And Fitzgerald’s pass to Morris is good, for a Redtail touchdown!” the announcer bellowed over the loudspeaker. The marching band broke into Redfall’s fight song, the fanfare soaring over the excited screams of the fans, and Rita walked over to the drum major. He cut a sharp figure in his uniform; Rather than looking ridiculous like most of the gangly adolescents in the marching band, Zack managed to make his uniform look decidedly professional, right down to the plume in the bucket that passed for a hat. When the band finished Rita gave him a big hug, which he returned enthusiastically.copyright protection115PENANAwzEyo3kVFw

“Rita, we just beat Chesterfield!” Zack exclaimed, beaming.copyright protection115PENANAHfNGVf10aL

Rita smiled back fiercely. “Maybe they’ll all finally stop talking!”copyright protection115PENANAuzuCqmPqFZ

Zack snorted. “I’m not gonna hold my breath for that one. We still hitting Elaina’s party afterwards?”copyright protection115PENANANczrLXu5Ta

“You still need a ride?”copyright protection115PENANABAqphlEjmP

Zack winked. “Always.”copyright protection115PENANA4QoytOUifA

Rita laughed. “I’ll be in my car. Meet me when you’re done, we’ll pull through Burger King on the way there.”copyright protection115PENANAi2MRtxOYCI

Zack winked again and turned to conduct another song with the band. Rita stretched, looked around. The bleachers were quickly emptying; half of the students were probably on their way to the same party.copyright protection115PENANA8eiyDAUiTh

She stepped over discarded trash and made her way to the parking lot in back of the school. Distracted by how pleasant the October air felt, she quickly became lost in her own thoughts. She didn’t mind waiting for Zack; she had been waiting for Zack for years now. He had always been a little bit scattered, sure, but Zack had been her friend since grade school. She drove him all over town, but she figured he was worth the trouble. Before long Zack hopped in the car, and after a quick fast food dinner Rita parked on the street in front of Elaina’s house.copyright protection115PENANA7X8vwBkqUz

Beer cans littered the road, a couple made out in the bushes and didn’t bother stopping as Zack and Rita walked by, and a group of football players passed around what was obviously a joint on the front porch. None of it mattered. Redfall cops were notoriously lax after home football victories (although the bar at the South Street Tavern was said to be the best-policed spot in town on such nights). Besides, Elaina DeLuca’s extended family had a disproportionate amount of influence in town. Between all of that, a mom who travelled for business and a chronically absent father figure, Elaina’s parties had become legendary in Redfall and beyond.copyright protection115PENANA1cBN35lS3Y

Zack waved a cloud of smoke out of his face as he entered the house and Rita straightened a picture hanging on the wall as she passed. Strangers drinking beer out of cans and solo cups and coffee mugs jostled them; the house was packed more tightly than usual. They spent a few minutes making their rounds; for every friendly face three strangers stood in their way, and Rita couldn’t help but wonder if Elaina actually knew half of the people in her house.copyright protection115PENANAAccTKPtF8n

“Zack! Rita!” Elaina emerged from a crowd of cheerleaders with a drink in one outstretched arm. Zack hugged her and spilled beer all over his shoulder; Rita hugged her more carefully.copyright protection115PENANAXfk5LQH5hB

“How about that game?” Elaina said. “Was Danny on fire or what?”copyright protection115PENANAFiOg6SlrKp

“He did great,” Rita agreed, nodding.copyright protection115PENANAplBBemrI1z

“Zack, you want a beer?” Elaina said, forcing her way over to the fridge. He shot her a thumbs up, she tossed him a Keystone. Zack pantomimed gagging, but, never one to turn down free beer, he cracked it anyway.copyright protection115PENANA5YPp4AgLGx

“Rita?” Elaina said. Rita shook her head.copyright protection115PENANAnlQcCW4YnP

“Still don’t drink, huh?” Elaina said. “No problem.” She shrugged. “So hey, did you see-” She was cut off by a roar, as if everybody in the house began cheering at once.copyright protection115PENANAnMaYopkQ7m

“Looks like the superstars are here,” Rita said with a smile.copyright protection115PENANApdlfDqQTbw

Sure enough Danny and Preston shoved their way into the kitchen, receiving pats on the back by everybody they passed. Danny walked over and kissed Elaina, and Preston bumped fists with everybody within arms’ reach. He stopped and frowned when he got to Rita. She tilted her head.copyright protection115PENANArzSiLueQtC

“Say, what happened to your car?” Preston said.copyright protection115PENANAFQpQPNfaEn

“My car?” The room seemed to quiet down a little.copyright protection115PENANAx4BTjej98u

Preston nodded. “You… you didn’t notice it?”copyright protection115PENANAGz4zSP46Fx

Rita shoved her way outside, Preston following close behind.copyright protection115PENANAJlo8bdWroA

“Driver’s side,” he said, pointing.copyright protection115PENANAPVEqOYE77M

She walked around to where he pointed and her jaw dropped. A series of scratches ran from the back door nearly all the way to the tail light, ugly and gray against the black paint.copyright protection115PENANACOmGnewrlc

Rita stared, mouth agape.copyright protection115PENANAY4xndJAabY

“It looks like somebody must have taken a key to it,” Preston said, scratching his head. “It wasn’t like this before you got here?”copyright protection115PENANAK1UprIn6Qv

She shook her head. “It… it couldn’t have been. Zack and I went out for burgers, I would have noticed it.”copyright protection115PENANATskf9HuG9Q

The more she looked the worse the damage seemed.copyright protection115PENANAT8Vrv8a6im

“Wow, that’s pretty bad,” Zack said, walking over.copyright protection115PENANA53nZtPIQVy

“Yeah, no shit, Zack,” Rita said. She took a deep breath. “Dammit, this isn’t even my car.”copyright protection115PENANAmO1G4bozRy

“Ask around inside, maybe somebody saw something,” Preston said with a shrug.copyright protection115PENANApKGkcbtmiL

Rita said nothing. She turned and stormed back towards the party, seemingly on a mission.copyright protection115PENANAJnP6miV59R

Preston whistled as she went. “Rita never struck me as particularly confrontational.”copyright protection115PENANADwGFdKQBkI

“She’s usually not… but I’m telling you man, don’t underestimate her.” Zack said, pointing to his hair. Redhead, he mouthed. He followed her inside, Preston not far behind.copyright protection115PENANA9JtQ3F2w2k

Zack heard Danny yelling from the other room as he entered.copyright protection115PENANAiLI8S5rOaB

“If we find him I’ll kick his ass!” he said. Zack gathered in a circle with the rest of his friends.copyright protection115PENANAGO7mtl7kWr

“Did anybody see anything?” Zack said. He glanced at their faces.copyright protection115PENANA36awXecZLf

Danny shook his head, scowling. Elaina winced. Rita glared across the room, scanning the rest of the crowd.copyright protection115PENANAk402cT7DIi

“Can we not fight please?” Elaina said. “That’s not the kind of attention I’m looking for, you know?”copyright protection115PENANAfo6nLzISUE

“Somebody keyed her car,” Zack said. “Shouldn’t they pay for it?”copyright protection115PENANAjXLutJJGIu

Elaina sighed. “You’re right, it’s shitty, but I mean…”copyright protection115PENANAV3yW5LQdpy

“I bet it was a Chesterfield kid,” said Danny. “They saw your Redfall bumper sticker and figured you were an easy target.”copyright protection115PENANAvEXB1IbJA5

“I’m not too worried about who it was,” said Rita. “That’s my mom’s car. I just can’t take it back like that.”copyright protection115PENANAoU2apwT8cC

“Hey, this guy says he saw something!” Preston yelled from the other room.copyright protection115PENANAD8Fb4KWUXl

Zack and Danny came running.copyright protection115PENANAtt0q418fKJ

“Yeah, I think they were from Chesterfield,” the kid was telling Preston. He looked greasy; Zack thought he recognized him as one of the kids who had been making out in the bushes.copyright protection115PENANAl9Enj4Ucc7

“What were they driving?” Danny said.copyright protection115PENANAOQfu1jeYec

“A black Toyota, like a Camry or something,” the kid said. “I couldn’t see the driver, but the one who messed with the car was in a blue flannel.”copyright protection115PENANAkHFk8Kmh07

“I bet they’re still around. Preston, are you in?” Danny said.copyright protection115PENANA1lgFJAKEMW

Preston nodded. “I’m black, you need me or you won’t look legit.copyright protection115PENANALBM06OkkNz

“Zack?”copyright protection115PENANAx7hdspXOGY

Zack smiled. “You need me too. Otherwise they’ll kick your ass as soon as you find them.” Although Danny stood a head taller than Zack, Zack easily had twenty pounds of muscle on him. He threw shotput, lifted daily, and had not lost an arm wrestling match in years.copyright protection115PENANAVHkcn3M7Hz

“I’ll kick your ass one of these days,” Danny said, smiling. “I’ll drive, I bet we can still catch them.”copyright protection115PENANA4tbRuhGOBt

“Rita, sit tight!” Zack yelled. “We’ll be back in a bit.”copyright protection115PENANAo9BFm45kSL

“Where are you going?” she said.copyright protection115PENANAiOtC0QGMYo

“To get you an apology,” Zack said with a wink.copyright protection115PENANAm3RxUlOAaq

Rita opened her mouth to protest, but the three were already out the door.copyright protection115PENANA4zzFeWJjhC

***copyright protection115PENANA5ArydrpUeo

Danny drove an old pickup truck his dad found at an auction. The emergency brake didn’t work, the tires were far out of alignment, spidery cracks divided the windshield down the middle and the whole thing hadn’t been inspected in years… but it was wheels.copyright protection115PENANAiAra7lwWWH

Danny took the first corner so fast Zack thought the truck might flip.copyright protection115PENANAm1gWGvTqOa

“Think- If you were a Chesterfield brat, where would you go?” Danny said.copyright protection115PENANA3UKutYVSSa

“There’s nothing in Chesterfield,” Preston said. “They’re still in Redfall somewhere.”copyright protection115PENANAhaLIlT4RP1

“Cruise by the McDonald’s,” Zack said. “There’s only so many places open late, and gas is too expensive for them to just drive around all night.”copyright protection115PENANAyb2O8Jj198

Danny lightly punched Zack on the shoulder. “Great thinking, buddy! Let’s go.”copyright protection115PENANAcd2WHwVDoN

He made a U-turn and made for the restaurant, cruising fifteen miles over the speed limit.copyright protection115PENANANGYyojrtah

***copyright protection115PENANAuJtxyBgSDq

“They’ll find him, Rita, don’t worry about it,” Elaina said from the couch.copyright protection115PENANA0PD3MkzHXY

“That’s not what I’m worried about,” said Rita, planting herself next to Elaina. “They’re gonna find whoever did it and beat him up… it’s not worth it.”copyright protection115PENANAvLEtk3NMxX

Elaina shook her head. “Preston doesn’t have a violent bone in his body, but even if Danny eggs him on I don’t think Zack will let them kick anybody’s ass. They’ll probably get the cops involved, the kid’s dad will just write you a check for the damage or something.”copyright protection115PENANA31Hxyf8P7M

Rita crossed her arms tight against her body, lips pressed thin. Elaina put a hand on her shoulder.copyright protection115PENANAf8BScndM5a

“Rita, relax,” she said gently. “They’ll be fine. Here, let me make you a drink. You’ll feel better.”copyright protection115PENANAKAWp4htR30

Rita sighed, pained. She scowled at the ground. The class president wasn’t exactly supposed to go out drinking.copyright protection115PENANAP71wFAMNpT

“Fine,” she finally said, looking up. “But only one.”copyright protection115PENANAAE2bxezK0E

***copyright protection115PENANAVLfRaj9Dad

“That’s a Camry, alright,” said Zack.copyright protection115PENANADZkFvZgiNG

“Look, they have a Chesterfield sticker and everything!” Preston pointed.copyright protection115PENANAcnlezSt9Cu

There’s three of them? Bastards,” Danny said. “They don’t look too tough.” He parked the truck a few spaces away from the Camry. The rest of the lot seemed deserted; Zack supposed that some people had better things to do on Friday nights than spend time at fast food stores.copyright protection115PENANANyf3qqmz4x

“You two ready?” Danny said.copyright protection115PENANAMIw7o27EkU

“Let me talk,” said Zack.copyright protection115PENANAkwiFLSye1b

“I can talk fine,” said Danny.copyright protection115PENANAJPJYT9pfIt

“You get mad too easy,” said Zack. “And Preston doesn’t get mad enough.”copyright protection115PENANANuckBAnJeH

“I’m just here for the image, man,” said Preston, smirking. “And backup. I don’t wanna talk.”copyright protection115PENANADzeWf0PNfR

The three hopped out of the truck and walked over to the Camry.copyright protection115PENANAYYGIWzRmPz

***copyright protection115PENANAQD42XGCkpR

“This is a hell of a get-together,” Rita observed.copyright protection115PENANA23rh0GhQuw

“Yeah, there’s a lot more people here than I invited. Cleaning’s gonna be a pain.” Elaina shrugged.copyright protection115PENANAHtuobrY2NO

Rita furrowed her brow, and her eyes lost their focus. “Where do you think Zack and them are?” she said. She took a sip of her drink… it was mostly orange juice, but she could taste that it wasn’t all orange juice.copyright protection115PENANACDrHGooiJN

Elaina laughed. “Try not to look so disgusted,” she said, gesturing at the drink. Rita scrunched up her nose.copyright protection115PENANAaLRB3SikIM

“Besides, you gotta take it easy,” Elaina said. “They haven’t even been gone fifteen minutes. Finish the rest of that and then we’ll talk.” She sat back and stared at Rita.copyright protection115PENANARpflNqNLtB

Rita sighed, but she finished the drink in three big gulps. She shuddered, wiped her mouth and frowned at Elaina. “You’re a terrible influence, you know that?”copyright protection115PENANAz6f1NVqce9

Elaina laughed again. “And you’re a great influence, we cancel each other out. C’mon, I’ll get you another one.”copyright protection115PENANAZoVR0YJijs

***copyright protection115PENANA4aRkwFKjre

“Hey guys… hey! How’s it going? Enjoying the night?” Zack said, walking up to the trio from Chesterfield loitering around their car. Danny kicked a Big Mac wrapper balled up on the ground…  Chesterfield had a notorious lack of respect for other towns. The three Chesterfield boys looked over at Zack from where they were loitering.copyright protection115PENANAU1k9285skj

“Listen, we wanted to ask you guys a question,” Zack said. “See, we were just at a party, and a good friend of mine got her car keyed a little while ago. You guys hear anything about that?”copyright protection115PENANABkIxcIvW1O

One of the Chesterfield boys, the smallest of the three, spoke up. “Nah man, I dunno what you’re talking about. “copyright protection115PENANAo5ZfpvVaOm

His friend, a full foot taller, chimed in. “What makes you think we’d know anything about that anyway? Are you trying to say something?”copyright protection115PENANApJnJTpSYSd

Danny took a subtle step forward.copyright protection115PENANAity01LJwHK

“See, it’s funny,” said Zack, “cause we talked to a guy who saw it happen. He said that whoever did it was driving a black Camry.”copyright protection115PENANAl5QllgQgqE

Zack stared at the biggest of the three for a minute.copyright protection115PENANADPn1zgqsfj

“Yo, Zack,” Preston said. “There’s a blue flannel jacket in the front seat.” He tapped on the Camry’s window to demonstrate.copyright protection115PENANAGxNeyOZilH

“Oh, really?” said Zack. “See, that’s funny too. Our guy saw the one who did it, and he was wearing a blue flannel. Whose jacket is that?”copyright protection115PENANA3HMT289SpA

“It’s mine,” said the boy who had not yet spoken.copyright protection115PENANAx2qV30busr

“My friend is gonna need some money to pay for the damage, pal,” said Zack.copyright protection115PENANAN9ZAoxonPK

“You got no proof,” the kid said, stepping closer. “I never said I keyed any car. What are you gonna do, call the cops?” His two friends stepped up beside him, tense, alert.copyright protection115PENANA5TrRMtZWmp

“What the hell do we wanna call the cops for?” Zack said. “No, you’d have to get called in for questioning, we’d have to fill out forms… it’d be a big pain in our ass.”copyright protection115PENANAxTrXOvX0Zq

“We do need some kind of resolution, though,” Danny said, stepping forward.copyright protection115PENANArNzqnXYMlO

The trio of Chesterfield boys looked ready to begin throwing punches, but they stopped short. Too scared, Zack figured. Preston and Danny looked plenty tough, and even the biggest kid out of the trio couldn’t have weighed any more than Zack.copyright protection115PENANAxqHYiusiqO

“Our friend needs some cash, it was her mom’s car you messed with. You know? It doesn’t have to be a big deal,” said Zack.copyright protection115PENANAHXH9VwESwD

“I told you. We. Didn’t. Do it,” the smallest kid said, slowly.copyright protection115PENANAjYrSpOQnBc

“And what happens if we say you can’t have any cash? You know, if we have a problem with the way you’re trying to steal from us?” said the boy who had obviously keyed the car.copyright protection115PENANAc8CT7VnAdO

Before Zack could answer, Danny sighed. He rolled up his sleeve and punched the boy in the face. Preston pulled Danny backwards and Zack jumped in between the two groups, arms stretched to either side as the Chesterfield boys surged forward…copyright protection115PENANAoUM64HDIA9

***copyright protection115PENANAmT8NMxCCVd

“He just always used to… protect me, you know?” Rita said, slouching on an armchair.copyright protection115PENANAP8mr1ump4A

“You’re so worried about him but he’s tougher than Preston and Danny combined,” Elaina said. “What’s the matter?”copyright protection115PENANAetv0AzIdhi

Rita shrugged and emptied her drink. Was that three? Four? It didn’t matter.copyright protection115PENANAnDbvqY33BZ

“You guys go a lot further back than we do, right?” said Elaina, gently.copyright protection115PENANAgq7DR98ezc

Rita nodded, frowning into her empty glass. “I… We met back in the second grade,” she said. “I always had a hard time making friends so I spent a lot of time alone.” She cracked a wistful smile. “Zack must have felt bad for me, so he invited me over his house after school one day to watch wrestling videos.”copyright protection115PENANAPNGkOgUwtb

“Rita, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!” said Elaina.copyright protection115PENANAORP0mgZqjA

Rita laughed. “That’s Zack.”copyright protection115PENANApA0xeSGm7f

Elaina sighed, smiling. “I don’t think Danny’s been thoughtful a day in his life.” She blinked. “Say, your drink is empty.”copyright protection115PENANAzW3fgRwao0

***copyright protection115PENANAmcRcdescEM

“Danny, cut the shit!” Zack said. He took a step forward and shoved the two Chesterfield kids who were still standing and he turned to the one Danny had punched, who sat nursing a bloody nose on the ground.copyright protection115PENANAM4mNBAFhXM

“Kid, are you alright?”copyright protection115PENANAwxIANZrjaP

The kid stood up. “No I’m not alright! Your friend just broke my nose!”copyright protection115PENANAjx2bJgpbs4

Zack sighed. “Your nose isn’t broken pal, it’s bleeding. You’re fine. Can we all calm down?” He turned to look at Danny.copyright protection115PENANAXf8k3JVI0S

“What?” said Danny, his hands up in a gesture of innocence. “I’m calm.”copyright protection115PENANAvxpe7cdzwo

Zack nodded. “Preston, are you alright?”copyright protection115PENANAoQVr1EHrQa

Preston nodded. “Let’s get the money back and get gone.”copyright protection115PENANAvNqE8tn3co

“Are you serious?” the boy with the bloody nose said. “Your friend just assaulted me! You’re insane!”copyright protection115PENANAWHVmV3z9C6

Zack frowned. “He feels real bad that he hit you, and I’m sure he wants to apologize. But Preston’s right, my friend really needs some money. Preston, what do you think it’s gonna cost?”copyright protection115PENANAx1WssY7aqX

“My dad’s car got keyed a couple years ago, I think it cost him like $200 to fix,” said Preston.copyright protection115PENANAkWLKATeXXq

“There you have it, kid,” said Zack. “How much cash do you have?” He smiled apologetically.copyright protection115PENANAlU8hg4lQdX

The kid laughed in exasperation. “You people really are mental. That’s it, I’m calling the cops and telling them you’re trying to mug me.” He pulled out his phone.copyright protection115PENANAWLZTerRlCi

Zack ran a hand through his hair and Danny laughed quietly.copyright protection115PENANAiWe3HOWVMU

“Suit yourself, kid. But don’t say we didn’t try,” said Zack.copyright protection115PENANAm8Ovp5zKVM

“What’s that supposed to mean?” said the smallest of the three boys.copyright protection115PENANAIRyHLM9D7M

“He means I’m Redfall’s star quarterback, kid,” said Danny. “Go ahead, call Redfall PD. We just wiped the field with you, if you call the cops on me right now I can personally guarantee that all three of you will be doing community service until you graduate. We thought $200 was nice, there’s probably about $500 worth of damage.” Danny shrugged. “I’m an asshole, but Zack’s trying to help you. But hey, suit yourself.”copyright protection115PENANAVpI9tqYqmK

All three Chesterfield boys realized at the same time that Danny wasn’t lying. The boy with the bloody nose took out his wallet and counted a stack of bills. He handed the money to Zack.copyright protection115PENANAkIS8eieN39

“Just… just leave us alone,” he said before retreating.copyright protection115PENANAAL18tMUDp2

Zack counted the money and turned to shake his head at Danny, trying not to smile. “Dude, you played the ‘Do You Know Who I Am Card.’”copyright protection115PENANApls8vVyulU

Danny shrugged. “It could have been worse. I could have let them actually go through with it.”copyright protection115PENANAfGD7PRq3Ft

He unlocked the doors of his pickup and the three climbed in.copyright protection115PENANAcffeoJ1inq

Preston snorted as they pulled out of the lot. “Leave it to a Chesterfield brat to carry around $200 cash.copyright protection115PENANAlNMNWhIuL3

***copyright protection115PENANAp0K38zVzCA

Zack triumphantly held the $200 over his head as he swaggered back into Elaina’s house, Preston and Danny close behind. Some of the crowd had left, and Zack found it possible to move without shoving strangers out of the way.copyright protection115PENANA3OQj3e24xq

Zack found Rita in the living room, sprawled out on the couch with one hand hiding her face. Elaina looked up at Zack from beside her, looking thoroughly sheepish.copyright protection115PENANAvSehFaznFl

“Did you find them?” she said.copyright protection115PENANAr4lb8uL34n

Zack nodded and held up the money, then gestured at Rita. “Having a tough time over here?”copyright protection115PENANAE7cuqfItjf

Elaina laughed, and turned a little red. “So… I may have fucked up just a teeny bit.”copyright protection115PENANAUO786MiFaX

Preston entered the room barked out a sharp laugh when he saw Rita. “Damn, Elaina’s rubbing off! Rita, what do you weigh? Like a hundred pounds?”copyright protection115PENANA0C2mOaRzdV

“One fifteen,” Rita mumbled.copyright protection115PENANAWR29mto4WI

“Zack, it might be time to get her home,” Elaina said. “This is my fault, I’ll have Danny drive her and you can crash here if you want.”copyright protection115PENANAjRwrZCehio

“I can get home,” Rita murmured, still horizontal.copyright protection115PENANAfj1hFQrwpF

“I’ll drive her, it’s fine,” Zack said. “Rita, let me have your keys.”copyright protection115PENANAsmxuvTYUXV

“No, I’m fine,” Rita slurred. “I feel fine.”copyright protection115PENANAChM8ILLW34

“I know you’re fine, it’s just time to go home,” said Zack. “Can you stand up?”copyright protection115PENANAlinmA2c1zC

“Mmmh. No, I don’t think so,” said Rita.copyright protection115PENANAH1Zfwu8vp6

Zack bent down and got one arm under her legs and the other under her shoulders. He picked her up and held her close to his chest not unlike one holds a child; she didn’t weigh much.copyright protection115PENANAq1oca6YW32

He winked at Elaina. “Sorry I missed your party, pal.”copyright protection115PENANA0okoLUrYW0

She smiled. “There’ll be more.”copyright protection115PENANABE2ATz524u

Zack nodded at Preston as he passed. “Preston. Nice work tonight, pal.”copyright protection115PENANA8vvwIGDGCH

Preston clapped him on the back. “You did good tonight, Zack.”copyright protection115PENANAJC631RYsQV

He stopped as he passed Danny.copyright protection115PENANAsszv2t58v9

“Danny…”copyright protection115PENANADEF9bnPO4r

“Hey man,” Danny said, looking away. “Sorry about tonight. I stepped out of line a little bit.”copyright protection115PENANAwN4CR5uQxk

Zack laughed. “You did a good job, buddy. Thanks for your help.”copyright protection115PENANAL0NlwQPBYk

Danny grinned. “Get her home, cowboy.”copyright protection115PENANAKCYqL9NAYS

Zack stepped carefully over solo cups and supine partygoers all the way to Rita’s car, and he helped her into the passenger seat. He had to ease the drivers’ seat back in order to fit his knees, but despite the cosmetic damage Rita’s car drove fine.copyright protection115PENANA2uG66xcBnK

They rode quietly.copyright protection115PENANAW9KJvgzkRy

“Tonight was kinda fucked up, huh?” said Zack after a minute.copyright protection115PENANAECaD3VNRwM

Rita hesitated. “Zack… I’m sorry.”copyright protection115PENANAJyhqFoXSZl

Zack laughed. “Don’t be sorry. Remember my first time drinking? I fell asleep and peed on Danny’s couch.”copyright protection115PENANACVvnE0Eekw

Rita shook her head. “No, not that. I mean… you always end up looking out for me.”copyright protection115PENANAMZ9XDcTr3p

“Cause you’re always too busy looking out for everyone else,” said Zack. “I’m just returning the favor.”copyright protection115PENANAdNYudDSbvR

Rita sniffed. “Damn allergies,” she said quickly, embarrassed.copyright protection115PENANAw8N1vs29Gn

“Hey, don’t be getting all emotional on me now, partner!” Zack said cheerfully. He took her hand and squeezed it, and she squeezed back.copyright protection115PENANAGtnPr01kr5

The rest of the ride was silent.copyright protection115PENANAKESI96m2hR

Zack parked in her driveway, and they both got out of the car.copyright protection115PENANAUN0HPv9SFQ

“Can you make it inside?” he said.copyright protection115PENANAflkCaLDc64

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m alright. Really.”copyright protection115PENANAhQJayTgVVx

“This is why I don’t drink,” she added with a sigh.copyright protection115PENANAMPlNwbjG3Y

Zack laughed. “I’ll text you tomorrow,” he said. They hugged goodbye.copyright protection115PENANAxjkSWvEzHK

Before Zack could leave, Rita stopped him. “Zack…” she said, looking down. “Thanks.”copyright protection115PENANAEZBo9ahq5d

***copyright protection115PENANAYS2jFzvYgz

 Zack shoved his hands in his pockets and headed for home.copyright protection115PENANAXOThGPNkpv

Sure, home was a forty minute walk. Sure, home was uphill and on the other end of town, past a lousy neighborhood, and sure, he could see his breath. But Zack still couldn’t help whistling as he went.copyright protection115PENANA54uGtERL5W

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