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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Fun and Games
Dec 6, 2015
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bahtsIFZvZ4FR8lPVwgyposted on PENANA

"I'm going to fucking kill them!" Yang screamed.copyright protection45PENANAorUUwZHirI

Blake took another sniff of the coffee. It wasn't what she smelled, it's what she didn't. The coffee didn't smell as strong as it should have. Most espionage drugs were odorless, colorless, and tasteless. That made it about the same as water, and this coffee was definitely watered down. "Drugged," Blake said simply.copyright protection45PENANARCT85lQLkm

"Of course I was fucking drugged!" Yang screamed again along with an excessive, and creative, use of swear words.copyright protection45PENANALp2CyostVI

Blake waited it out. After about five minutes Blake felt safe to speak again as Yang's eyes returned to their natural color. "You knew it was going to happen eventually. At least she brought Weiss. She isn't alone."copyright protection45PENANA2j9WeGWWZn

Still breathing hard from all the yelling, Yang nodded. "Not sure who I should kill first: Ruby for leaving, or Weiss for going along with it." It was said calmly, or at least calmer than before.copyright protection45PENANAEQZyY5UPQe

"Weiss probably didn't have a choice in the matter. I was gone looking for more cells, and you were unconscious. She couldn't exactly yell for help."copyright protection45PENANAcBEfdcDFGy

"Yeah, I suppose. Guess I'll merely skin her." There was humor in that one. Not a lot, but enough.copyright protection45PENANAnISxF6dB2c

She waited a bit more before approaching Yang. It wasn't that she was insensitive to the fact Ruby had run away. It was that there was nothing that they could do. Yang was the one she could help. A distraction was needed for the day or she was going to do damage to something. First to set her idea up. "Any chance of finding her?"copyright protection45PENANAYH3Yg13aQT

"No. Nothing in either of these notes give a clue where she's going. No way of tracking her either. It's useless." She threw the papers away from her in annoyance.copyright protection45PENANAp3v4iIgVoX

Of course she already knew that. It was a good thing Yang was still frustrated or she'd know she was being steered. "So we wait?"copyright protection45PENANAuMGmjltxXw

With resignation Yang said "we wait."copyright protection45PENANAKWeNUuPYEG

Well, now to direct the conversation to something constructive. "I could use your help then while we wait."copyright protection45PENANAS3Jn726oYu

Yang's eyes looked at her with a hint of anger, and then deflated. "Sure, why not. Whatcha need?"copyright protection45PENANAmsh2OBnh9l

A slight smile crossed Blake's face. Seeing her friend in all of her phases in the span fifteen minutes was amusing. "Do you still have contacts on the bad side of town?"copyright protection45PENANAOUh2Icwxbb

"Junior's still scared shitless of me," she grinned "if that's what you mean. Why, what do you need?"copyright protection45PENANAd3eXqmZxLX

"Information, and he might have it," Blake stated. "I'm running out of places to find pieces of White Fang." That wasn't entirely true. Now that Thompson and Simon were on board they were giving her leads to other groups. The pieces of White Fang may not like each other, but that only gave them more incentive to keep tabs on each other. Junior might have information on groups that had hidden from everyone, even other cells, so this wasn't a complete waste of Yang's time.copyright protection45PENANA27qj9eUxw4

Yang nodded. "He might have something." A bright smile hit her face. "It will be fun to see the club again. It's been a few months. I'm sure he has some new goons who haven't learned to leave me alone, and I got some stress to get out of my system."copyright protection45PENANASlY9nGmUex

That was the Yang she wanted. She wasn't nearly as bloodthirsty as Nora. NO ONE was as blood thirsty as Nora, but the blonde brawler none the less took just as much pleasure in fighting. This could go well. Blake hoped so at least. At the very least her friend would destroy something outside of their room, and outside of Beacon for that matter.copyright protection45PENANA5sAjp1Gpzr

Yang weaved through traffic at a near breakneck speed that bordered on the insane on a normal day. The neck was well beyond broken on her ride that day. She had a lot of steam to blow off, and an adrenaline filled joyride seemed like a good start before the main event at Junior's.copyright protection45PENANAnByNUH2Pez

When the siren sounded behind her she chuckled and accelerated. She purposely made sure not to lose them, which she could have done at several points. They must be new, she thought. Most of the force knew her bike on sight. I might as well break them in then. The com in her helmet chirped to life after a couple minutes. "Answer," she said.copyright protection45PENANAU6USghzDbN

"Miss Long, I just got a report that a couple of my cruisers are chasing a yellow motorcycle. You wouldn't have any idea who that might be, would you?" a familiar voice asked.copyright protection45PENANAahfLAFNh5m

"Captain, I'm sure I have no idea!" she laughed, zinging around a corner, her knee less than an inch from the ground. This area was close to Junior's, which was fortunate. It meant there was little traffic, and even fewer pedestrians in this rough area of town. She could really let loose, to her pursuers dismay. "And It's Yang. I'm old enough to drink, not old enough to be called 'miss.'"copyright protection45PENANAIsXggSYiIc

Captain Jake Tapper was obviously enjoying this. His voice was almost laughing as much as Yang's. "Good to know. I think I can delay backup then and see how well they handle this."copyright protection45PENANASCjMvA44dg

Cracking a smile, she asked "rookies?"copyright protection45PENANASox8a8NXpS

"Just out of the academy last week," Jake said with amusement. "They still think they have been properly prepared for what's out there."copyright protection45PENANAk7lioCbnVU

She'd made three turns in rapid succession, managing at one point to end up behind them, and then passing them. "Hmmm, well maybe this little chase will be a good learning experience. Shame it's not me of course."copyright protection45PENANAANxUA2uE7I

"Of course," he said with obvious irony. "I won't interrupt your time any more. Have a safe drive."copyright protection45PENANAUZ7r8hzVfZ

"You know me better than that Jake."copyright protection45PENANAOA7aSwM4TI

"Yeah, I do."copyright protection45PENANAYtvvn5xSJF

She led them around the area for another twenty minutes. Her final act was letting them catch up to her. She reached out to place a hand on the front fender of the left car and weaved with it in perfect sync. Then she separated a couple of feet before hitting her breaks without warning. With a wide grin under the visor of her helmet she put her hands up and waited for them to come back to her. Their guns were out, and their hands were shaking from a combination of adrenaline and nerves.copyright protection45PENANAAEFH6NZGJe

It was time for the big reveal. Yang reached for her helmet, slowly to avoid itchy trigger fingers, and pulled it off. With one shake of her head her hair fell loose, and she smiled at the two police officers as if she was having the time of her life. This didn't come close to qualifying, but it had been fun. "Hello boys," she said cheerfully. They may not recognize the bike, but they had to recognize her. Everyone recognized her.copyright protection45PENANAFxPMIHivMc

Her team was heralded as "The best team in a generation," at Beacon, but for the rest of the known world they were the best team ever known. It helps that most people have short memories of course. She knew her history, and she knew what they had done to warrant that belief was nothing by comparison.copyright protection45PENANAdKFJg3OOVy

Ruby wasn't recognized much; her cloak was. Weiss was easily picked out but was better known for her connection with the SDC. Blake, of course, actively avoided the attention. That left Yang, and she basked in the spotlight. She pulled the attention off the rest of the team who preferred to be left in anonymity.copyright protection45PENANAtvd8djWdZF

The fame was unavoidable after curbing the worse grimm incursion in known history. Well, that's what they said anyways. There was a lot more to it, and most of it was Jaune's excellent attack strategies and six other teams. RWBY was the best at adapting to changes on the battle field though. So they were put to spearhead the operation, making them the ones who were seen by the cameras. That's all the newsies needed. Instant stardom followed. The fact that of the four her fighting style was, quite literally, the flashiest with her flaming attacks only helped her capture the attention.copyright protection45PENANAsFdhrVZKqL

"Yang Xaio Long!" one yelled, dropping his gun in shock.copyright protection45PENANAWEvCnLFbzA

The other was a bit more composed. He holstered his weapon before squeaking like a schoolgirl with excitement.copyright protection45PENANAK36Xckh8xg

Fame had its advantages. "Want an autograph boys?" she said with a wink and a winning smile. She led them around by the nose after that. At seventeen she had been hot. At twenty-one she was a rocket powered bombshell.copyright protection45PENANANZV0gnVg8m

She gave each one a kiss on the cheek before she left. She wondered how long it would be before they realized they were supposed to arrest her. Not that it would stick. Captain Tapper was a long time friend. Well, long time necessity when it came to dealing with gangs large enough to give the cops issues. Jobs she did for free in exchange for a few liberal interpretations of the law when it came to her.copyright protection45PENANA140xHnjmzT

"They're more of a guideline," she'd told him.copyright protection45PENANAXkW4h8pygX

The main event came into sight. Her mood was already improved from this morning. Getting information from Junior was just the whip cream on top of a delicious milkshake, complete with extra cherries.copyright protection45PENANAP4WL4d80tg

Pulling up front she looked at the door. She recognized the two bouncers. Getting off her bike she made sure to give them the best possible views before approaching them with an extra sway to her hips. She smiled at them and enjoyed their reactions. They weren't sure if they should be turned on or scared to death. They settled for both.copyright protection45PENANAnvln22Llpk

You know, in the right type of club that reaction is normal, even desired, she thought to herself. But I don't think I could ever see myself swinging around a whip. Her musings made her chuckle and both goons flinched. Well, her laughter was usually followed by an ass kicking in their experience. In this area of town fear and respect were one and the same, and she was the alpha dog here.copyright protection45PENANAfnFbrWkQvB

"Relax guys. I'm here to see Junior," she said easily.copyright protection45PENANANlFK6KYfLs

They did not relax. "Um, does he know you're coming?" the one on the left asked. He was supposed to stop anyone he thought was dangerous from getting in. He knew she was dangerous if she wanted to be. The self preservation gene was kicking in though which made him want to run. This was too much fun!copyright protection45PENANAw8XSw0Vhmk

"Does he ever?" she smirked. The other bouncer's hand was inching towards his sword. He either didn't think she would notice, or hadn't realized he was even doing it. "I wouldn't." The hand quickly dropped as sweat instantly formed on his forehead. "Now there's a good boy." She gave him the best come-hither smile, and kissed him on the cheek. She gave him a pat on the ass as she walked past both. They didn't try to stop her, breathing a sigh as the tension left their bodies.copyright protection45PENANACBHhN9e70K

The double doors into the club proper opened up automatically on her approach. Hmmm, more security than normal, she noted. A couple of the bouncers quickly made their way to Junior as soon as they saw her, pointing in her direction as she approached. Junior didn't turn around though. He ordered a shot of something from the bar and downed it, then had a second before she reached him. His personal bodyguards, the somewhat attractive Melanie and Miltia, eyed her. They were probably itchy for a rematch, but having had their buts whooped every single time in the past, to the destruction of the club, they smarty gave her plenty of room to get to their boss.copyright protection45PENANAJO5pyc9xsV

"Don't drink too much of that stuff," she said helpfully, "it'll make you do stupid things."copyright protection45PENANAZY3XRzXMQj

Junior shook his head. "I'm starting to think staying at the club at all is a stupid thing." He paused for a second, then with what could almost be called a sulk, "Sir."copyright protection45PENANA6tVOKIYYPY

It was good to have them trained early. "But if you did that who would I have to talk too?"copyright protection45PENANAIzMOYl08St

He chuckled nervously. "Exactly my point."copyright protection45PENANA3Sr6QiGN5x

"Oh, my feelings are hurt!"copyright protection45PENANA7c020LKZKA

"I doubt that," there was almost a growl in there, but he didn't let it out enough for her to call him on it. "What information are you here to squeeze out of me today?"copyright protection45PENANAXt9Kh76ifZ

"Straight to the point. Why Junior are you trying to get rid of me?" She was purposely needling him and hoping he'd bite.copyright protection45PENANALiRdpHw5vB

He almost did. "Stop toying with me already and spill it," he said with heat. Realizing that anger had slipped the "Sir" couldn't fly out of his mouth fast enough.copyright protection45PENANACCNCFOopO8

She cracked a smile that was filled with joy and menace. "Careful. I'll play it your way though. The White Fang. I know there are still parts of it out there. You wouldn't happen to have any idea where we could find some of them?"copyright protection45PENANAZLB9wSgCbw

"Do I look like I keep track of animals?"copyright protection45PENANABXPtaeaHkG

That was a dangerous thing to say, and she didn't think Junior even realized it. "No, but I think you keep track of anything that could affect your little slice of the kingdom."copyright protection45PENANAjWi6zYVXnJ

He nodded to the bartender who got him another shot. "Maybe. What's it to you anyways?" he asked, downing that shot right after.copyright protection45PENANA6nvHx2AOEL

"I'm asking, that's enough isn't it?" she stated coyly. "Just between friends, of course."copyright protection45PENANAkgJaJToUBI

He was a beaten man and she hadn't raised a finger. It was almost disappointing. Maybe it was time to work over a new club. "I'll send all the information to your scroll that I got. There's maybe ten that I know of, but I haven't counted. No point, they're all dying out. In a year there will be nothing left."copyright protection45PENANAAUFT1fRWcf

She turned and started to walk away. "Thanks." She paused as if thinking. "Oh, and I wouldn't count them out just yet." Let him simmer on that. They could become a threat, or she could be messing with him. He won't know for sure so he'll look deeper, and if he looked deeper that would just be more information for her. She wouldn't even have to come down here to get it. Now that he knew she was looking for it he'd send it to her just to avoid her being in his club. It was a win-win because she really did just like messing with him.copyright protection45PENANAGiDc0aeAYT

Passing the twins, she gave them a wink and a smile just to torque them as well. They were fun to mess with too. It was a shame she couldn't provoke them anymore to attack her. They were good enough to give her a small workout.copyright protection45PENANAmj95tSZSMA

Getting home, Blake met her at the door. "I have news, but I wanted to tell you in person."copyright protection45PENANAAmuggvv7sI

News could mean only one thing. "Ruby?"copyright protection45PENANAm90Zm1aBB8

"Yes," Blake nodded. "I spoke to Headmaster Ozpin to tell him that Ruby and Weiss had disappeared."copyright protection45PENANAuYrE3Vw3Nj

"And?" she asked impatiently.copyright protection45PENANADoG8EWE946

"He already knew. He told me not to worry, they would be back by Monday. That Ruby had gone to take care of some 'family business,' as he put it." She paused, obviously nervous that Yang was going to lose it again. "I thought you would want to know."copyright protection45PENANARrgSrCUBdv

She did feel the need to lose her temper again, but she throttled it. At least she's safe. The headmaster wouldn't let her leave without having a way to track her should she need help. It was more than she had this morning. Her confidence in Ozpin was such that she didn't give it a second thought that Ruby and Weiss could be in any kind of danger.49Please respect copyright.PENANAceiTnWQ16U
copyright protection45PENANAKIubmx6TAU

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