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Famous Fishing Venues In Greece
Co-Writer Doreen Dendias*
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Famous Fishing Venues In Greece
Famous Fishing Venues In Greece

Greece, the country of rich culture and history is not only recognized as an ancient country in the world but at the same time also recognized as the birthplace of western civilization. In short, it is a cosmopolitan country that offers its visitors the privilege of visiting some great destinations of the historical relevance at one hand and on the other hand an opportunity shopping in some of the beautiful shopping malls in the world.

Interestingly, apart from this, it is also known as one of the best and the oldest fishing venues across the world, this mainly due to the presence of three biggest seas, namely the Mediterranean, Ionian and the Aegean covering the borders of the country.

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Moving ahead, an interesting fact about these three beautiful seas is that their water is regarded as the cleanest water in the world, which makes them the best place to enjoy the fun of different water sports. But, besides all these activities one more thing which enhances the relevance of these seas is an opportunity of enjoying the fun of fishing, which is quite different from the experience of fishing in any corner of the world.

It would not be wrong to say that if you are planning to visit Greece as a destination for celebrating your vacation, then undoubtedly you will not be able to control yourself from enjoying the fun hidden in different types of water sports including the fishing.

Destinations where you can enjoy the fun of Fishing:

For those who visit Greece only with an intention of fishing then they do not consider the presence of all the facilities and happily adjust with the facilities available at places which despite being located in the vulnerable areas are considered suitable for fishing. Some of the highly known places for the fishing are the village of Finikounda that is surrounded by three beautiful fascinating beaches and the beautiful village Methoni recognized for its beautiful cliffs. Visiting both these villages will offer you an ideal location for fishing and will not disappoint you.

Other places that are well known as the best fishing destinations in the Ionian Islands are:

  1. Corfu
  2. The west coast of Paxos island, and
  3. Atoko and Ithaca island in the southern part of the Ionian sea.

Nearby Staying facilities in these areas:

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Interestingly, going through the arrival of tourists from different corners of the world throughout the year, there is a huge fleet of villas located at such places, that satisfy the accommodation needs of the visitors according to their requirements. The worth mentioning feature of these villas is that most of them are equipped with contemporary furniture and located close to the beaches, thus offering an iconic view of that particular location.

Let us for instance talk about the Villas In Paxos, located in the arms of the Paxos island, these villas offer an opportunity of selecting the best villa from different types of sixteen villas provided by the owners of the villas. With an objective to provide all the facilities close to these villas, the management of these villas has developed two tavernas where you can enjoy the taste of local food, during the morning, lunch and dinner timings accordingly.

Finding equipment and boats for fishing:

It would be interesting to know that going through the interest of visitors towards the fishing there are lots of shops that are involved in the business of selling rods, lures and handheld lines. As far as boats are concerned, you find a plethora of operators offering boats for sailing and fishing to the visitors depending upon their requirements.

Laws related to Fishing in Greece:

Well, before you start fishing in Greece, it is imperative for you to understand these rules and regulations.

  1. You can go fishing with a net.
  2. You cannot make use of compressed gas and explosives for fishing.
  3. Spearfishing is illegal during the month of May.
  4. Also, you cannot go for spearfishing underwater light sources like torches and flashlights.

So, now if fishing is your hobby and you are searching for an ideal destination then undoubtedly visiting any of the beaches in Greece will not disappoint you at any cost.

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