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Spider-Woman: Origin
Writer Vanesss
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Spider-Woman: Origin
Spider-Woman: Origin

"You should have-" his voice trailed off as he placed a hand to Thor's armored chest. He continued through labored breaths, "you shoul- you should have gone for the head," Thanos finishes with Thor's hammer pierced into his chest. Despite the pain, the Titan snapped his fingers and immediately the universe bore the effects of the infinity stones. The Titan's idea of mercy was felt even within a small diner in New York City.

Jessica Drew sat eating with her family celebrating her 17th birthday when the young girl ceased to exist in their world with the only remnants of her being there was that of the dust particles that scattered around where she stood. Her family was left to bear the after-effects of Thanos's actions.

With all life now restored 5 years later thanks to the Avengers, Jessica Drew returns to the diner to find the building abandoned and others coming back in a state of confusion similar to herself. She arrives home with the idea of resuming the life she lived prior to "The Blip," but the bite from a radioactive spider has different plans for the young girl. She must now navigate life with her newfound abilities and decide whether to sit and watch as her hometown falls into the hands of a crew of drug dealers, or save the city she loves.

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 3 minutes


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