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For Freedom
Co-Writer Danielle.*
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For Freedom

For Freedom


A beautiful princess named Elizabeth Snow, who was once a sight to behold, had been cast out of her castle after watching her father being butchered. She now has nothing, except a bodyguard who takes his job way too seriously. His name is Ace Teller, and he has secrets of his own, though they're rather insignificant as of right now.

Also, it turns out that the person who was responsible for this treacherous act had been someone Eli looked up to since childhood. Of course, she's been in denial since it had happened. However, when the princess and her loyal servant fled, they had been pursued by seemingly selfish people who had been planning to take the throne as their own for quite some time. This, in turn, made Eli upset.

Who is she to trust now that her home, title, and family had been striped away?

But as she fights her way through the life she has been thrust into, she realized something she never knew she had. She additionally learned that her father wasn't the man she thought he was. Was the person who killed him right for doing so? But, be that as it may, he still had the right to rule the way he wanted to. And she was going to take back her country.

Throughout the journey (she was forced to have) she met many people who were willing to fight by her side. Although it was hard for her to accept this as her fate.

Is she really cut out for this? Find out as you read on!


This book is rated PG-13, read at your own discretion. 

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes


- Love ittt.
1 year ago
Danielle. - Thank you, although I've been having a hard time starting it off. I do have a good idea of what I want to write though. I hope you have the patience to wait... I feel rather nervous.
1 year ago
- @Danielle.,☺️
1 year ago